LXY Book 12: Chapter 5


Book 12: Chapter 5 – The Sorceror God’s Greatest Reliance

“Dong Bo, you little brat.” Xi Wei looked at Xue Ying and shook her head. “I’ll speak honestly. Your Xia Clan initially had no chance of victory at all! Now, however? There should be hope of your clan defending themselves in the Infernal World. This is due to your assistance; without your appearance, even the Infernal World cannot hold on.”

“Right, that Sorcerer God and Great Demonic God do not actually care about your Xia Clan. What they truly fear offending is the Temple of the Earth God.” Crimson Rock reasoned, “Otherwise, why else would they prepare for such a long period of time?”

Xue Ying’s expression changed slightly. “Senior Xi Wei, Senior Crimson Rock, even with the great increase in my current combat power, I still cannot block them off?”

“Do you know what the Sorcerer God and the Great Demonic God rely on the most?” Xi Wei asked.


“Their Deity Avatars?” Xue Ying replied.

Hmph, that might be something significant they rely on, but that isn’t really what the rely on the greatest.” Xi Wei elaborated, “The Temple of the Earth God, for example, could easily make a Deity Avatar. If the Bloodshed Tavern was willing, they could similarly have a Deity Avatar in your Xia Clan world. Why would they not dare to occupy the Xia Clan world and thus Crimson Rock Mountain themselves? Why would the Sorcerer God and Great Demonic God dare to do so?”

Xue Ying frowned.

“You have to know that the moment a Deity Avatar is awakened, it’ll be able to stay in the mortal world for three thousand years at most.” Xi Wei explained, “After three thousand years, the Deity Avatar will naturally die. Without a Deity Avatar, the Deity will not be able to secure the entire Xia Clan world any longer. Unless, he plans to procure a new Deity Avatar every three thousand years? That’s too costly.”

Xue Ying nodded.

That was right.

Occupying the Xia Clan world was easy, but occupying it forever was tough!

“Seniors, then what exactly is their greatest reliance?” Xue Ying asked anxiously.

“If I am correct, the greatest reliance they have is only of one type.” Xi Wei continued, “The Sorcerer God is the Lord of a material world, meaning he has completely refined a mortal world! That mortal world can be considered his backyard. He can enter it at absolutely any time or simply leave for the Deity world—there will not be any obstacles hindering his travels.”

Xue Ying nodded. He understood this point.

“Lords of material worlds usually have one single goal.” Xi Wei revealed, “To locate the closest mortal world so as to establish a stable spatial passage! After that, they will be able to send countless underlings to the other world to occupy it. These are usually the World Deity Lords, as they can easily bring resources back from the Deity world to their homeworld. After that, the resources can easily be used to stabilize a spatial passage, allowing them to invade another mortal world.”

Xue Ying vaguely understood her explanation, and, inadvertently, his expression changed.

“Even though their true bodies cannot enter other mortal worlds, their underlings can do so and attack other mortal worlds. After completely occupying that world, they can then spread their religion.” Xi Wei said, “The only issue to this is building a stable spatial passage.

“Because the distance between any two mortal worlds…is quite far, and since a world’s spatial positioning is not fixed, actually building a stable spatial passage is quite difficult.”

“Crimson Rock Mountain has resided on the Xia Clan world for more than a million years! That Sorcerer God should have started planning a long time ago. During this million year period, he should have gained occupance of the nearby two mortal worlds as well as the mortal world nearest to your Xia Clan world. After which, he’ll use that mortal world as his springboard to build a stable passage directly into your Xia Clan world before occupying it.

“As such.

“All is well as long as the space passage is built! The resources he must have prepared, like a large quantity of war castles, will be transmitted continuously through the stable spatial passage directly into your Xia Clan world, allowing him to easily build a stable foundation!” Xi Wei inferred, “Thereafter, he will spread his roots to occupy the entire Xia Clan world, sweeping away all opposition.”

“His resources do not have to be transmitted through the Temporal Temple since he is the Lord of a material world; he can directly bring resources from the Deity world into the material world. Sending it through the various spatial passages, he’ll be able to send them into the Xia Clan world via the mortal world he has occupied.”

“He has planned patiently for such a long period of time…all for the sake of this single day.”

“He spread his religion through the Beast Clan for the sake of having the Beast Clan secure enough equipment and materials to build a stable passage. As long as he could temporarily build the passage, the resources he sent over will enable him to completely stabilize the passage.” Xi Wei elaborated further, “Without the suppression by the Temporal Temple, he and the Great Demonic God could flood the world with all their resources! A Lord of a material world isn’t afraid of taking the risks since his Avatar is the one risking it in the Deity world, and even if it dies, he could still refine another one. Thus, the Lords of a material world are usually very wealthy.”

“He can send countless weapons, equipment, and soldiers, as much as he desires.”

“The Deity Avatar can display an even more terrifying combat power under the aid of certain precious equipment.” Xi Wei concluded, “As long as they are willing, they can operate the entire Xia Clan world as a huge castle! Nobody will be able to enter.”

Xi Wei finished, “This is the only method I can think of by which they can absolutely occupy the Xia Clan world for all eternity.”

After hearing that, Xue Ying’s heart grew cold.


He did not dare imagine a day when the spatial passage was stabilized, connecting the Xia Clan world to another mortal world. With endless resources being sent in, there would be hundreds or thousands of Deity world battleships invading their world with even more terrifying war equipment accompanying them.

“Do you understand now? Their own worry is the Temple of the Earth God.” Xi Wei laughed. “The belief of your Xia Clan world belongs to the Temple of the Earth God, and for them to occupy this place is akin to stealing the meat of the Temple of the Earth God! How would the Temple of the Earth God agree to that so easily? The Temple of the Earth God should have a fleshy body prepared for a certain World Deity to descend into at any time! This should be a formidable World Deity—possibly a stage three realm World Deity. Such a Deity Avatar could possibly destroy the stable spatial passage within moments.

“Thus, the Sorcerer God and the Great Demonic God have to make preparations.

“They have to ensure everything is amply prepared! All this to suppress everything in one fell swoop.” Xi Wei added, “And for the sake of prevention, they might have made an agreement with the Temple of the Earth God.”

Xue Ying could not help but blurt out, “Will the Temple of the Earth God help them?”

“That isn’t very likely.” Xi Wei shook her head. “The Temple of the Earth God is, after all, spreading their religion in your Xia Clan world. They wouldn’t dare to betray the strong faith people have in them, but watching from the sidelines as a bystander…is highly plausible.”

“Then what should my Xia Clan do?” Xue Ying asked.

“They would never have imagined that at the most crucial moment, the Xia Clan will have a Transcendent like you emerging.” Xi Wei shook her head again. “If they fail, the biggest reason will because they let you off.”

Xue Ying felt helpless.

They had already paid a huge price in dealing with him when they had inflicted him with the Six Ghosts Resentment hex poison.

Prior to building a stable spatial passage, the Sorcerer God and the Great Demonic God would not have any decent methods of dealing with him. Sending down powerful treasures was, after all, something governed strictly by the Temporal Temple.

“Your Xia Clan can continue defending from the Infernal World.” Xi Wei articulated, “Give up the Xia Clan world and hide in the Infernal World; strongly defend it against outsiders! This way, there will be a greater chance of survival. You could exchange the 100,000 Deity crystals stipulated on the list. With this amount of Deity crystals, you could purchase a huge amount of treasures, stabilizing the Infernal Palace even further. In addition, with your help…even if the Sorcerer God and the Great Demonic God staked everything in assaulting the Infernal World, you will still have a huge chance of successfully defending it.

“By defending the Infernal World, you can cultivate peacefully till you become a Deity, or even reach a realm that is more powerful! You are a native of the Xia Clan. Therefore, when you become a Deity, you can still enter the Xia Clan world within the next ten thousand years…allowing you to completely destroy them in one swipe!”

“Even if they fortified the Xia Clan world, as long as you refine the Realm Heart of the Xia Clan world and become its Lord, they will still fail!” Xi Wei determined.

Xue Ying frowned.

Giving up the entire Xia Clan world?

Wait until his own combat power became strong enough before retaliating?

If he truly had no other choices, he could only walk down this path. In the history of the Xia Clan, there were cases of enemies that forced the Xia Clan to retreat and stay within the Infernal World.

“There isn’t an absolute certainty of defending the Infernal World, right?” Xue Ying questioned.

“There are no absolutes in war. After all, your opponents have resources at hand that far surpasses yours.” Xi Wei explained, “Your Xia Clan’s only way of succeeding is through you alone.”

Xue Ying nodded.

He understood the predicament they were in now.

“But there are countless of humans living in the entire Xia Clan world; how can we let them be massacred? Is there any way for us to defend them; perhaps by forcing the enemies to retreat?” Xue Ying asked.

“Defending the Infernal World will require you to gamble your life already. Wanting to force them to retreat? That’s even harder.” Xi Wei surmised, “You must become stronger! And acquire more resources!”

“Is there any way?” Xue Ying’s eyes brightened.

“Become an inner disciple of Crimson Rock Mountain,” Xi Wei answered.


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