LXY Book 12: Chapter 7


Book 12: Chapter 7 – The Couple’s Communication

Jing Qiu left her abode and walked into Snowrock Castle. The many descendants of the Dong Bo clan within the castle all treated her with respect, bowing to greet her even when they were far from her. As for the servants and guards, they did not even dare approach her. At that point in time, Jing Qiu’s status within Snowrock Castle was the most unique, as both Xue Ying’s partner and the most formidable Transcendent within the castle.

“These children.” Jing Qiu could not help but grin when looking at the still young descendants of the Dong Bo clan. “Xue Ying, you told me we would certainly have our own children…”

Not too long passed before she was outside the castle and walking toward the peak of the mountain.

“Mn?” An expectant feeling filled Jing Qiu as she looked toward the sky. Distantly, a crack formed in space, out of which a lovable young girl flew. Her skin was red, and she seemed to be covered from head to toe with green leaves and red flowers.


“Who is this?” Jing Qiu was puzzled.

“This is Snowrock Castle. No outsiders may enter without permission!” White fog condensed into the form of an ape which stood there, obstructing the path of the girl. The White Fog Ape was on full alert, knowing that the girl before him was not normal.

“Haha!” The girl immediately revealed a look of excitement. “I’ve indeed found Snowrock Castle. I, Xue Man, am very intelligent to find it so quickly! By the way, where is Mage Yu Jing Qiu? I am here to find her!”

“Who are you?” The White Fog Ape frowned. The girl, being able to easily tear through space, should have the combat power of a Demigod. How could it just let her enter like that?

“Dong Bo Xue Ying is my master, and I’ve come here according to his orders,” the girl explained.

The White Fog Ape was startled!

Xue Ying?

“You’re here on Xue Ying’s orders?” A figure appeared in mid-air to the girl’s side; it was none other than Jing Qiu. Her true body remained at the peak of the mountain, while she merely borrowed the clan protection arrays to condense an energy body.

Xue Man glanced at Jing Qiu before kneeling down in mid-air with a joyful look. “Xue Man greets master’s wife!”

“Do you have any proof?” Jing Qiu did not believe her immediately.

“Mistress, please have a look.” A fiery-red spear appeared in Xue Man’s extended hand.

Jing Qiu immediately snatched the spear from her hand. As she caressed it, she mumbled, “The Stellar Fire Cloud Spear? Why would his spear be here? Did something happen to Xue Ying?”

How important was a weapon to an expert?

After Xue Ying was cured of the hex poison, his Dantian Qi sea had long since filled back up with Demigod Qi. He could now use Deity weapons, so he naturally found a better weapon on Crimson Dust Island. This Stellar Fire-Cloud Spear was temporarily being used as a form of identification.

“You will understand the moment you refine this,” Xue Man said, as she threw over a truly beautiful red ring.


The ring soon reached Jing Qiu’s true body at the distant mountain peak. She extended her fine finger and easily refined it.

Using her spiritual energy, she could immediately sense an image imprinted within the ring.

“Jing Qiu.” A white-robed Xue Ying smiled at her.

“Xue Ying, this is…is this an image you left behind, or are you really talking to me?” Jing Qiu felt her heart palpitating in disbelief. She was afraid, afraid that Xue Ying had already died and left behind a scene of himself.

“Of course I’m really speaking to you,” Xue Ying replied.

As soon as she heard his reply, Jing Qiu’s tears began gushing down.

“Don’t cry,” Xue Ying murmured.

“Mn.” Jing Qiu immediately nodded. “How’s the situation like for you right now?”

“I have succeeded!” Xue Ying revealed a grin. “I passed the Sky-Reaching Vine trials and am now an honorary disciple of Crimson Rock Mountain! I’ve already cured the Six Ghosts Resentment. I was also the first to become an honorary disciple, though the Meishan Clan Master is on course to also become one, should no accidents happen.”

Jing Qiu was overcome with immense joy. She had been plagued for quite a while with worry, and Palace Head Chen had been the same. Though none of them dared to say it aloud, deep down in their hearts, they had a vague feeling that Xue Ying was quite possibly already dead, since he had left for far too long!

“Let Xue Man pass the storage treasure over to you,” Xue Ying said.

“Alright.” Jing Qiu immediately went over as requested..

Xue Man had flown over to the peak a while ago, and she respectfully passed over a jadeite wristband. Jing Qiu could immediately sense how big the storage space was within the treasure after she refined it.

“Jing Qiu I have a very important matter to discuss, so you should listen carefully to what I say next…” Xue Ying began telling her about the various matters of importance, so she could handle them. As a Transcendent mage, she immediately memorized and understood his words despite him explaining them only once.

“Mn, I understand.”

“Fifteen years?”

“Alright, understand.”

“These treasures, they are worth eight thousand Deity crystals?”

“This Blood Creeping Flower is so formidable? You have bought so many Deity corpses for her?”


Jing Qiu interjected every now and then as he spoke. Her heart was truly filled with joy, for she knew her husband was alive. This, in and of itself, was already a great source of happiness, but he had even successfully gotten his poison cured. Now, they could truly accompany each other for a very long time.

After half an hour of proper business discussions…

“Xue Ying, I see now that you’ve become very naggy,” Jing Qiu teased.

“This is a matter of utmost importance for the Xia Clan, so I can never be too careful,” he replied.

She smiled back. “Rest assured. I’ll definitely do these things you asked of me properly. I’ll report to you after I’ve finished each of them.”

“Of course I’d trust you, my wife! You’re the most formidable Transcendent mage in the past thousand years!” Xue Ying praised her, though his words rang true. Jing Qiu might have become a Transcendent later than Xue YIng and Yuan Qing, but she was still quite young. And even then, mages were, by nature, very reliant on getting experience. Thus, with her being a mage, Jing Qiu’s cultivation speed was actually truly formidable.

“So much time has passed since we last met, yet when you finally contact me through this communication wristband, all you’re saying is some pitter-patter and a huge load of business talk. Don’t you have something…that you truly want to tell me?” Jing Qiu asked.

“Err…” Xue Ying immediately racked his brain to find an answer before finally smiling. “Since I’ve already gotten the poison cured, just wait until I leave the place. We’ll make a kid. Wait, no, we’ll have a bunch of children!”

Jing Qiu’s face turned bright red. “A bunch of them!?”

“Rest assured. Our children will certainly have the most formidable bloodline in the history of Xia Clan.” Despite his joking about, Xue Ying was fully confident in those words. As someone who succeeded in cultivating the Time Immemorial body, his bloodline now was absolutely above other Primordial Bloodlines and Demonic Bloodlines.

The same day, Jing Qiu left for the Infernal Palace, where she met Palace Head Chen.

“Jing Qiu, why have you come?” Palace Head Chen was relatively startled. “Are there news?”

“I’ve been tasked by Xue Ying to inform you,” Jing Qiu began, “that the war with the Sorcerer God and the Great Demonic God will likely begin in fifteen years!”

Palace Head Chen was momentarily shocked. “Xue Ying is back?”

“He has not returned from Crimson Rock Mountain. Instead, he asked one of the other life forms to send this information over,” Jing Qiu explained.

“Is he alive or dead?” Palace Head Chen asked.

“I am not sure of that either,” she answered.

This was also among the matters Xue Ying had asked of her. The news regarding his becoming an honorary disciple could not be leaked to any people except for her!

“Inside the mountain, Xue Ying gained some other information, including the news that the Sorcerer God is the Lord of a mortal world…” Jing Qiu passed on everything Xue Ying told her, and Palace Head Chen’s expression changed drastically in response. “Xue Ying has also obtained some treasures which he sent over. Amongst them are some which can help cultivation. Palace Head Chen, you should decide how to split and let the strongest Demigods of our Xia Clan use. Who knows, we might even see a new Deity emerge.”

“Mn.” Palace Head Chen nodded. He immediately received the storage treasure.

Xue Ying had exchanged for quite a large amount of spirit liquid and spirit fruit, as well as other precious resources which were all meant to aid in cultivation.

He hoped the Xia Clan would see one or two more Deities emerge.

Of them, a small part had been left to Jing Qiu, while all of the others were to be given to Palace Head Chen for him to arrange.

Palace Head Chen very soon decided on whom should receive the resources.

Having previously been secretly migrating people only, the Xia Clan finally started moving with purpose now that they gained more information and understood that the war would be much more cruel than they expected! Furthermore, they even knew an approximate time for when the war might erupt.

None of them dared put their hopes on wishful thinking any longer.

The Transcendent clans were moving their people, which consisted of mostly Legend rankers and talents from other aspects.

After all, the Infernal World was only so big. It seemed unfair, but they had to first ensure the survival of the most talented.

This sort of exodus would always be cruel. The entire Xia Clan world became chaotic as all those who received the information tried to move their families and clans into the Infernal World.


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