LXY Book 12: Chapter 8


Book 12: Chapter 8 – Cultivation Eden

Crimson Dust Island.

Inside the Cultivation Eden lay a cultivation room reserved for honorary disciples; other than the them, nobody was allowed to enter this pocket of space.

The room was octagonal in shape with a conical roof. Above it were countless golden Deity seals, eighteen Bluish Jade Cores, nine Dragon Essence Pearls glowing a faint gold, and a bloody-red Blood Jade placed right at the center of the room. The Bluish Jade Core was a very special type of treasure that could only be found in certain deep underground regions of icy planets in the Deity world. The Dragon Essence Pearls, faintly glowing gold, were only obtainable from Divine Dragons that were at the peak of the Deity realm. The most precious item, the Blood Jade…could only be procured as a very small fragment from the depths of the legendary Blood Sea Abyss in the Dark Abyss. That small piece alone was worth more than five hundred thousand Deity crystals.

The value of this single cultivation room breached three million Deity crystals; that was enough to empty the pockets of most ordinary World Deities.


Naturally, Xue Ying alone had the rights to use it!

“Truly comfortable.”

As he sat cross-legged within the cultivation room, he felt more comfortable than ever before as unseen energy endlessly filled his body and permeated his soul. Such a feeling was very similar to eating those spirit fruits and precious resources. Furthermore, the surrounding World Energy formed a vague fog which could be easily absorbed at a rate not any worse than absorbing Origin Stones. It was quite clear that, to an honorary disciple, Origin Stones were no longer a luxury.

“It’s no wonder Faction Head Chao Qing could open his inner Deity sea after cultivating in this Cultivation Eden.” Xue Ying looked around him, praising the place. “Truly amazing. This totally transcends my imagination.”

“Time acceleration, increase by tenfold,” Xue Ying said.


Time immediately began accelerating within the cultivation room. With every ten days that passed inside the cultivation room, a single day would pass outside.

“A hundredfold.” Xue Ying was trying to grasp the situation properly. He had already experienced the feeling of a hundred times time acceleration within the second vine leaf’s canyon.

“Time acceleration, a thousandfold!” Xue Ying said, causing the time acceleration in the cultivation room to further increase.

Xue Ying’s expression changed slightly.

He felt the surrounding space vaguely distort and the Laws of the World be altered.

“Time acceleration, ten-thousandfold!” Xue Ying shouted out the maximum time acceleration available to honorary disciples.


It seemed as if the space in the entire cultivation room froze.

The Laws had all been somehow messed up. The powerful time force would constantly destroy the balance the Laws of the World had.

No wonder. Xue Ying shook his head. It seems that what Senior Xi Wei and the others told me was true. The effect of time acceleration isn’t some incredible shortcut. As soon as I increased the acceleration by ten thousand, it destroyed the inherent balance of the Laws of the World.

Xi Wei and the others had already explained, “To use time acceleration to hasten up your cultivation? What a joke! Any powerful existence in the Deity world can easily increase the speed at which time passes by ten thousand or even ten million, while those from the Temporal Island are even more formidable than that. If if one could easily enhance their combat power in the environment of time acceleration, the Temporal Island could have easily groomed underlings on a rapid basis!

“If you ride a battleship moving at high speed, the scenery outside will blur.

“By that same principle, in a time-accelerated space, the originally stable Laws of the World will warp and blur.

“From ancient times and until this point, I have yet to hear of a single person whose comprehension broke through under the environment of time acceleration.”

Xue Ying finally understood those words.

It was no wonder…no wonder that Chen Jiu still failed to break through his bottleneck despite having cultivated for such a lengthy amount of time back in the second vine leaf world. It was the same in the case of Meishan Clan Master and the others! Even his own improvements with his the three True Meanings were negligible. What he instead accomplished was to consolidate and improve his secret skill.

Within the cultivation room where time was accelerated by ten-thousandfold, Xue Ying was currently feeling really intense! The balance of Laws of the World was so distorted that he could no longer feel them clearly. Whenever time was sped up to such an extent, it could only be used for combat or ordinary living, while cultivation was entirely impossible.

It only makes sense that the time acceleration in the second vine leaf world only goes up to a hundred times at most. Xue Ying nodded. At a hundred times the normal speed, the Laws of the World are still relatively clear, or at least I wasn’t affected at all when it came to studying and improving my secret skill! However, anyone seeking to break through a bottleneck or hoping to truly feel the Laws of Profound Mysteries have to do so at the standard flow of time, while contemplating the clearest version of the laws.

Even then, it’s already done a lot for me.

Xue Ying revealed a grin. I was able to improve my secret skill, Star Meteor Annihilation, but how could a single move be considered a spear technique! I absolutely have to continue researching and see if I can’t come up with others.

He would bump the acceleration up by a hundredfold and continue researching for more secret skills, while a normal time flow was reserved for pondering his True Meanings!


He closed his eyes and immediately began meditating. He could not be bothered to care about what happened in the Xia Clan world after he passed down the information. For the moment, he had to reserve his undivided focus for increasing his combat power. The best case scenario would see him becoming an inner disciple.

“This is truly different.”

Curing his poison had an effect similar to his soul being released from shackles.

His cultivating of the Time Immemorial body had brought about a nourishing effect to his soul, alongside the strengthening of his body.

On top of that, cultivating within the special room had an even more wonderful outcome!

Due to these three aspects working together, Xue Ying’s cultivation process felt incomparably smooth. As he pondered over the Profound Mysteries behind his True Meanings, he found answers to all of those questions plaguing him at a frantic pace. He was breaking through and comprehending other things before he knew it! Previously, he had been training primarily his spear techniques and had not been able to fully concentrate on his comprehension, but right now, he could properly focus while only occasionally bringing out his black spear to test his various theories.

The weapon he currently used was a low grade Deity-ranked spear with a pitch-black body. He was limited in what he could use, since most Demigods could only unleash the power of a low grade Deity rank weapon at the very most! Except for the Blood-Refined Deity warriors, which could resonate with his own soul, that is. Only by using one of them could he hope to unleash the power of a top grade Deity rank weapon.

Elder Ao Lan, for example, could use the Sorcerer God Sword, and Jing Qiu resonated with Ancestor Snow!

Both the Sorcerer God Sword and Ancestor Snow were top grade Deity rank weapons!

Xue Ying, however, had no such coincidental luck to find a weapon which his soul resonated with. He was therefore forced to choose this low grade Deity-ranked spear made from superior materials, called the Black Crow Spear. It was said that the spear had been refined from the bones of an organism by the name of Black Crow, which was famed for its great toughness.

Xue Ying remained alone on Crimson Dust Island. All of the other disciples who were cultivating on Crimson Rock Mountain had, when the sacred master died, long since left for the lower world. Strictly speaking, there was another person on the island—the treasure spirit, Senior Crimson Rock.

The Path of Reflection.

Xue Ying stopped. He looked up ahead to see a long road covered in stone steps stretching before him. The road extended all the way to the peak of the distant mountain.

If I’m to become an inner disciple, I must cross the first section of the Path of Reflection and pass the sixth floor of the Soaring Cloud Pagoda. Xue Ying thought as he took the first step.

As soon as his right foot touched that first stone step, he could already feel his body sinking.

A feeling of weakness enveloped his entire body and shrouded even his soul. He felt incredibly tired, as if taking even a single more step would be too arduous a task.

Interesting. Xue Ying’s inner heart was so powerful that he could talk cheerfully and wittily even under the torture of the hexing poison. This simple sort of weary spell he could still easily overcome.


He kept moving, step after step…

The further he walked, the greater that feeling of weakness and fatigue became. That feeling extended not only to his body, but even to his soul! Endless waves of weariness surged in his direction, and he felt as if he might lose his consciousness at any time! He had not thought he would feel such fatigue even after cultivating the Time Immemorial Body. He was unaware, however, that what the Path of Reflection truly targeted was the soul and inner heart.

Even the most tyrannical body in existence would be useless here.

“Walk… I’ve got to keep walking. It’s still very early.” Xue Ying was doing his best to maintain consciousness.

He took step after step…

But with every one of those steps he took, he would start swaying even harder, and the feeling seemed to become really taxing on him. After each step he took, he had to summon all of his effort just to maintain his consciousness and to extend his foot forward once more.

Peng! Finally, the endless waves of fatigue completely submerged Xue Ying’s consciousness! Even his powerful inner heart could no longer take the pressure.

He fainted and immediately fell down the stone steps, toward the plain air below. Xue Ying was, for the moment, in a deep sleep with his eyes closed. Clearly, the weariness caused him to fall into the deepest sleep. With a pu tong sound, he slammed into the ground from a height of eight hundred meters, pressing down onto the flowers and grass.

Wuu. The impact finally woke him up. He slowly blinked and looked upward, only to finally realize his situation. Did I fall asleep just now?


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