LXY Book 13: Chapter 1


Book 13: Chapter 1 – Xue Ying Emerges

With its high speed, the Battleship D9 rushed toward a desert in the western parts of the Xia Clan World.

The Battleship D9 was currently being steered by Chao Qing. Powered by his Deity energy, Chao Qing could manage and handle the battleship better than Mountain Lord He and the others. But even as a Deity, Chao Qing could only unleash part of its might. As a newly emerged Deity, his comprehension of the realms was still not high enough, so he couldn’t fully utilize all of the arrays and functions of the battleship. Thankfully, the ship was only a grade D9, so a newly emerged Deity like him could still operate it alone. If the ship were of a higher grade one, it would need hundreds of peak stage Deities or even a legion of Deities to operate it.

Hu. A ripple formed in the space above a certain desert, a black Deity battleship emerging from the rift.

“That is…” Palace Head Chen, Mountain Lord He, Grand Elder Palace Head, City Lady Bu, Chi Qiu Bai, Si Kong Yang and the others, who were all still surprised over the fact that Chao Qing had become a Deity, received another shock.


In the distance, an enormous grey hexagram fort stood, a conical-shape tower within its midst emitting an intense undulation into the space above. Evidently, the spatial passage was contained inside this structure.

“So huge!” This grey fort covered an area of five thousand kilometers. What did this five thousand kilometers indicate? The boundaries of such an area was beyond the scope of an ordinary mortal’s vision. Even Xia Clan demigods felt the immensity of such a structure fill their entire vision. The fort seemed to touch the sky with its five hundred kilometer height, making it higher than any mountain peak on the Xia Clan world. Compared to the fort, the Battleship D9 was akin to a worm.

“Quick look at the outer layer of the fortress.”

Several openings began appearing on the outer layer of the fortress, revealing battleships primed for departure. Each battleship was a thousand kilometers in length and colored a dark green. Inscribed all over the battleships, the complex runes in the Deity world language, when translated into the Xia Clan world language, read as ‘C9.’

“C9? These are Battleship C9’s?” Palace Head Chen exclaimed in shock.

Deity world battleships also had a grade C9, a grade higher than the Battleship D9 series. Price-wise, a Battleship C9 was worth more than hundreds of Battleship D9’s combined.

Hong long long~~~

One after another, oceanic illusions materialized above the desert, with each illusion layering over the precious.

The Xia Clan Demigods were astonished. “The opening of the Deity Sea? This many people are becoming Deities all at the same time?”


Inside the huge fortress, the gold-robed Sorcerer God avatar and the Great Demonic God avatar calmly watched the proceedings.

“The spatial passage has already been established, and the fort is stable.” The Sorcerer God avatar happily exclaimed, “We did it. Right now, we’re safe even if an enemy Deity avatar emerges. Not to mention a stage three World Deity, even if a powerful existence from the Deity world were to descend, they can do nothing to our fort with their suppressed Demigod-level power.”

“Sorcerer God, don’t be too arrogant. If any powerful existence wants to kill you, do they need to descend?” quipped the Great Demonic God.

“Hahaha….” The Sorcerer God laughed. “I have no qualifications for a powerful existence to spare their time to deal with me. I was just too happy a moment ago and spoke casually.”

Great Demonic God also laughed. As his whole body was bathed in flame, even when he laughed, one could only see, on the flame projection of his face, a mouth curling up.

“With the fortress as protection, we have successfully established the spatial passage. Next, we just need to turn the entire Xia Clan world into our stronghold. This will take some time,” the gold-robed Sorcerer God mused.

“Mn.” The Great Demonic God concurred, “It seems like our preparations for any disturbances from the Xia Clan are useless.”

They had brought along a large number of Demigods, several on the verge of becoming a Deity and who had become one as soon as they came to the Xia Clan world!

“Great Sorcerer God, the first part of the fort has been set.”

“Great Sorcerer God, the second part of the fort has been set.”

Other than the central tower of the huge hexagram fortress, there were six auxiliary outer sections that supported the tower in protecting the spatial passage. Only the central tower, being the most important part, was constructed by the Sorcerer God and Great Demonic God, while the six auxiliary parts were left to their subordinates. After all, there was no need to rush the construction of those six sections.

“There’s a space undulation.” The Great Demonic God looked at a spot in the distance.

“Does the Xia Clan have any trump card other than this Battleship D9?” The Sorcerer God also followed the other’s gaze. “Is that Dong Bo Xue Ying?”

“It must be! After hiding himself for so long, this Dong Bo Xue Ying has finally appeared. But even if he has appeared, what’s the use?” The Great Demonic God coldly laughed.

They both had a lot of confidence in their stratagem.


The Xia Clan’s Battleship D9 stopped in mid-air.

Looking at the oceanic illusions appearing one after another, they could determine, with a glance, the number of oceanic illusions to be eighteen.

Eighteen Deities emerging at the same time?

When did the Xia Clan have a scene like this occur?

That towering fort that covered half the world, those layered oceanic illusions, those clearly extraordinary Battleship C9’s——evidently with the establishment of a stable spatial passage, the Sorcerer God and Great Demonic God could easily send their large-scale forces into the Xia Clan world. Any of these forces casually being sent over could easily stun the Xia Clan.

Too formidable!

How would they defend against those forces?

In this situation, they would still be powerless even if several Deities from their side were to descend.


Dark cracks appeared in the spatial dimension.

Chao Qing, Mountain Lord He, Chi Qiu Bai, and the others inside D9 Battleship, as well as the Sorcerer God, Great Demonic God, and their newly ascended Deities and Demigods underlings, all stared up at those dark cracks.

They saw two figures fly out together from those dark cracks—a youngster clothed in white and a woman robed in light blue.

“Xue Ying!” exclaimed Palace Head Chen.

“It’s Xue Ying!” Si Kong Yang also felt excited. “He came back! He didn’t die!”

“Hahaha, its Xue Ying. Xue Ying come back from Crimson Rock Mountain. I know he not died.” said Chao Qing happily.

Chi Qiu Bai, Grand Elder Palace Head, City Lady Bu, Gong Yu, Yuan Qing and the other demigods also felt extremely excited.

“Its really him!”

“He really came.” Inside the huge fortress, the Sorcerer God and Great Demonic God were still calm. They felt everything fell within their calculations.


Having torn through space to arrive, Xue Ying surveyed his surroundings and spotted the humongous fortress and those dissipating oceanic illusions.

“As expected, a Lord of a material world is not someone you want to trifle with,” murmured Xue Ying softly before he waved his hand.


A colossus construction descended.

This huge, dazzling gold pyramid construct occupied an area of five thousand kilometers, with a height to match its base. It felt even more grandiose than their enemy’s huge fortress.

Xue Ying and Jing Qiu instantly entered the huge pyramid.


A misty light shone from the peak of the pyramid, enveloping a territory of fifty thousand kilometers.

This misty light shone upon everything around it, including the huge fortress in the distance. World Energy in this fifty thousand kilometer radius was forcibly bound. This area felt like a standalone small world, with the pyramid as its core.

“Star Pagoda!

Inside the fortress, the Sorcerer God and Great Demonic God’s eyes bulged out, both finding it hard to believe their eyes. It felt like they had seen ghost.

“To forcefully control and make a part of mortal world into a separate world? A Star Pagoda—moreover, it’s a legendary Level 12 Star Pagoda!” The gold-robed Sorcerer God stared in disbelief. “How…how could…”

Star Pagoda…a common war weapon in the Deity world. The area illuminated by its light would become its own domain. As for a Level 12 Star Pagoda, it created not a domain, but its own world!


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