LXY Book 13: Chapter 10


Book 13: Chapter 10 – Battling the Sorcerer God

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Battling the Sorcerer God

“Your tone is quite arrogant.” Not bothering to waste any more words, Xue Ying moved at once, his Blood-Drinking Spear slashing over without warning.



The spear’s handle was somewhat bent, and surrounding it were images of enormous dark stars slowly rotating. His Chaotic Suppression was once more put to use, which caused even the space in that area to shatter. Everywhere it passed, everything was crushed into boiling ten thousand meters or more as it hacked toward the Sorcerer God in front of him.

Xue Ying had intentionally chosen to attack over such an enormous area!

After all, it only needed to touch the gold-robed Sorcerer God, whose power was limited to that of a Demigod, to kill him within moments!

In truth, the Star Pagoda world was also manipulating the power of heaven and earth to attack the Sorcerer God, but he simply stood there in that ephemeral state of existence. The power of heaven and earth could do nothing to affect him.

What incredible power. The gold-robed Sorcerer God frowned. He did not mind competing in techniques or comprehension of the realms with Xue Ying. In his eyes, a spear technique of that level looked like a kid playing house. But if he were to rely on his terrifying might? The Sorcerer God’s head was beginning to ache.

“Hmph.” The Sorcerer God coldly snorted and then took a step forward


The entirety of his surroundings began to become indistinct. Time and space began to blur, and even the energy of heaven and earth in front of him became blurry. Be it the shadows or the Mirage, all became muddled and distorted. It seemed as if every living being between the heavens and earth no longer had a clear shape, while the golden-robed Sorcerer God remained the only unaffected being. As he walked over, Xue Ying’s spear spiraled toward him, but it simply seemed to exist in a different plane.

The spear quickly swept over him, its power still indistinct, but he remained as real and clear as ever.

“This, this…”

Xue Ying found this feeling incredibly uncomfortable.

It felt as if everything he had comprehended was a joke.

Time, Space, Mirage, Gravity, the energy of heaven and earth…everything he could normally perceive was, in front of the golden-robed Sorcerer God, seemingly blurry and ineffective. It made him feel as if everything he had so arduously worked to comprehend was in vain.

No. This is just an illusion! It doesn’t matter how strong that feeling he exudes seems, he’s still limited to the power of a Demigod. As long as a single one of my spear techniques touches him even by a strand, he will die. Xue Ying tried his best to persuade himself.

Even then, everything he was capable of sensing, down to his own body, all seemed to become blurry. Even his ears were unable to hear sound.


The only real and distinct living thing between the heavens and earth, the gold-robed Sorcerer God, had already arrived in front of him and smacked toward him with his palm. It was skinny and shriveled, but it could directly ignore the Deity armor and directly pierce into the insides of Xue Ying’s body.


A terrifying attack erupted from within Xue Ying’s body while the gold-robed Sorcerer God stopped and then rapidly retreated.

Xue Ying could feel a bizarre vortex within his body that seemed as if it would twist, smash, and then easily destroy anything. However, the vortex suffered from an even more terrifying suppression from the Laws—that was, the Laws of the entire material world! These Laws could not be defied even by powerful existences. Therefore, no matter how terrifying the Laws and Profound Mysteries contained by the vortex were, its power could not breach the Demigod limit.

One could think of a needle—even a child holding one could pierce the skin of an adult. But if an ant were to carry the needle, its strength would still be insufficient, and it would find it difficult even to pierce skin. There was no need to even discuss anything more severe.

By that same principle, Xue Ying’s Time Immemorial Body was like a towering mountain that would not shake. The terrifying grey vortex simply didn’t have the power to cause even a hair of Xue Ying’s body to fall.

“Eh?” Having retreated into the distance, the Sorcerer God turned to look at Xue Ying and frowned.

That…that really was… Xue Ying brandished his spear instead of withdrawing it, and his vision finally returned to normal. The scene of the heavens and earth was once again real, which served to leave Xue Ying in great shock. Is this the might of a grade one Deity Heart?

The disparity in cultivation was too big.

His offense and defense were clearly more powerful than his opponent’s, but he couldn’t even touch his shadow.

Just a while ago, when he fought the Transcendent with a grade two Deity Heart, he didn’t find the discrepancy to be so large and was even able to win.

In front of a grade one Deity Heart, however, he seemed like nothing more than a joke.

“Let’s try it again.” The golden-robed Sorcerer God was unreconciled.


This time, everything between the heavens and earth remained still felt incomparably real, but the gold-robed Sorcerer God became completely blurry. He looked as if he was above the world.


The blurry figure turned into a ray of light which Xue Ying could no longer detect with the naked eye. It was only though the probing of the Star Pagoda world that he discovered that the gold-robed Sorcerer God had arrived in front of him in an instant. Xue Ying used his most power-oriented spear skill, the Chaotic Suppression, once more, and his surroundings all began to immediately shatter.

The Sorcerer God once more easily drilled into Xue Ying’s body and lightly tapped his insides. Within moments, his blurry figure had then already fled more than ten thousand meters away.

“What?” Xue Ying easily discovered that, within his body, the point of a needle had pricked into his heart and wanted to pierce it. That tiny needle contained even more endless Laws and Profound Mysteries, which represented the logic of the heavens and the earth.

Even so…it nonetheless failed to stab through and dissipated.

The gold-robed Sorcerer God was so furious that he ground his teeth. I’ve cultivated for countless years to comprehend a grade one Deity Heart, and I’ve truly honed in on the most natural, core laws of the heaven and earth! A tiny Transcendent should be nothing more than an ant before me, but these damned material world Laws stubbornly suppress my strength to the Demigod realm. At the same time, Xue Ying’s body is uncommonly strong, and I can’t seem to shake him at all!

If one’s cultivation was too low, forcing them to only rely on pure power and might, they would find themselves in a situation like Xue Ying’s—he simply could not touch his enemy.

Conversely, if one was lacking in power and only had a high cultivation, they would be like the Sorcerer God, who was also powerless before Xue Ying.

Of course…

Under ordinary circumstances, a high cultivation would cause the Laws and Profound Mysteries to draw out the power of the heaven and earth. It was therefore reasonable to say that those with high cultivations were also exceedingly powerful. But the material world had its own Laws in place to protect mortals. For one, Deities were incapable of forcefully entering it, and even a World Deity or a powerful existence would have to descend through a Deity that was limited to the power of a Demigod.

This bit of strength was enough to deal with ordinary Transcendents and even weaker, newly ascended Deities. But before an apex Transcendent like Xue Ying, it immediately proved useless.

My cultivation is still too low. From just those two short moves, Xue Ying was already feeling inwardly provoked. Had the suppression of the material world’s Laws not existed, I’m afraid I would have died from one move from either the Sorcerer God or Great Demonic God.

This won’t do. The Sorcerer God was feeling quite dejected due to the suppression. The power I can unleash is simply too weak; it seems I’ll still have to rely on hex poisons. This Xue Ying is attacking wantonly every single time, making it so even the surrounding Mirage shatters. Even if I turn into primal chaos and bore through, there’ll still be danger on every side. I can’t act too many times; I will very likely get hit by one of his moves sooner or later.

After becoming a World Deity, I’ve been training in two of the most formidable types of hex poisons. One can only be given birth inside blood-refined Deity soldiers, while the other needs World Deity energy to control. The golden-robed Sorcerer God frowned.

The path of hex poisons was among the more vast and strange. Stronger hex poisons would also impose harsher chances of survival. It was similar to how more powerful blood vessels would cause one to have fewer offspring. The heavens and the earth had their own Laws that were put in place to guide all living things in a natural manner. That was why the stronger a hex poison was, the harder it would be to control.

The gold-robed Sorcerer God, whose body was limited to the Demigod realm, could, at most, barely control the many Deity grade hex poisons.

In any case, I’ll just have to give it a try. Just because he could deal with the Six Ghosts Resentment doesn’t mean he can break up the other hex poisons just as easily. He extended his right hand, and three colors faintly appeared on three different fingers. One of these fingers was flooded with green light, another with black gas, and purple wrinkles twisted around the last finger. The Sorcerer God’s control over hex poisons was clearly superb.

Turning into primal chaos and boring through was quite a bit more dangerous. The result of returning all living things to the void seems better… The Sorcerer God moved once again.

All living things between the heavens and earth once more became blurry, together with all the Laws.

Only the Sorcerer God remained real as he strode toward Xue Ying.

In response, Xue Ying gritted his teeth, ignoring the feeling of everything blurring, and hacked his Blood-Drinking Spear outward through sheer willpower. Of course, he still used his Chaotic Suppression to forcefully destroy everything in his path. The only issue was that everything he destroyed seemed to also have become muddy and unclear.

The gold-robed Sorcerer God immediately arrived in front of Xue Ying, his vision fixed on the latter’s eyes.

For an instant, the two stared into each other’s eyes.

The gold-robed Sorcerer God’s right hand then thrust into Xue Ying’s chest, whose Deity armor had already become blurry and ephemeral to where it provided no obstruction at all. Xue Ying’s protective True Meaning secret skill was also completely unable to defend him in any way.

The gold-robed Sorcerer God rapidly retreated afterward, nervously looking at Xue Ying upon creating some distance.

Everything between the heavens and earth returned to reality, but Xue Ying immediately became aware of the hex poison now inside of him!

Hex poison! And three different types of it! Xue Ying’s complexion slightly paled.

It has to succeed. It has to! The gold-robed Sorcerer God anxiously waited. He believed that, even if the Great Demonic God had also acted in the course of that battle, their hopes would still have been relatively uncertain. Truly, a strength limited to the Demigod realm was too low to deal with Xue Ying. That was why his hopes for the hex poison were relatively high. If the hex poison were to also fail, the Sorcerer God no longer had any further plans of action.

Just a few seconds later.


Xue Ying opened his mouth to spit out three auras of hex poisons—one black, one green, one purple.


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