LXY Book 13: Chapter 11


Book 13: Chapter 11 – Abyss Sovereign

It failed? The gold-robed Sorcerer God was unable to deal with his anxiety; he immediately turned blurry and retreated back to the fortress.

You’re pretty fast to flee. Xue Ying snorted. In his heart, however, he was getting happier and happier.

An apex Transcendent from the Deity world had come over before becoming a Deity, but Xue Ying had defeated him, forcing the other to leave.

And now, he had also defeated the Sorcerer God’s avatar.


What other tactics can they still have? Perhaps my Xia Clan will really win this war. Xue Ying felt his confidence in winning the war rise.


Xue Ying turned into a stream of particles without hesitation and began moving toward that black fortress again.

Within the pavilion of the Star Pagoda.

The group of Xia Clan Transcendents held onto their hearts as they nervously watched the spectacle. This was especially true after the golden-robed Sorcerer God displayed his attack. Such a strike was very mysterious, so much so that they could not see through it at all. They could one see the gold-robed Sorcerer God pierce Xue Ying’s chest using his palm time after time! Such a scene made them feel so nervous, they could not breathe.

Still, the end result was the gold-robed Sorcerer God fleeing and Xue Ying remaining as well as before.

“The Sorcerer God’s Deity avatar has been defeated and has subsequently escaped,” Xue Ying’s voice reverberated within the palace hall. “The Great Demonic God’s avatar should also be unable to pose any threat to me. As long as I destroy that fortress alongside the stable spatial passage, the Sorcerer God and Great Demonic God should not be able to send their army over. Since their two Deity avatars cannot escape the Star Pagoda, they will eventually die at my hands in time.”

“We can win?”

“We are going to win?”

Blood vigorously coursed through the veins of Palace Head Chen and the others. They had initially thought that the Xia Clan would not be able to resist the Sorcerer God and Great Demonic God’s army and war weapons.

But in reality…as soon as Xue Ying acted, he swept through all those with ease! Nobody at the peak of the Demigod realm, Deity avatars included, could pose any threat to Xue Ying. Meanwhile, ordinary Demigods would simply be suppressed and killed by the Star Pagoda’s World Energy. It must be stated that the Star Pagoda world could even cause Elder You Ping and his battleship from the Deity world to suffer a huge loss of combat power.

As for ordinary Demigods? They would be compressed into nothingness by the vast World Energy.

The biggest threat—Elder You Ping—had already been dealt with. The gold-robed Sorcerer God’s hex poison also proved useless. Xue Ying had depended on himself alone to give the Xia Clan an incredible chance of victory.

“If we win this war, with Xue Ying’s talent, he might even be able to refine the Realm Heart.” Si Kong Yang laughed voraciously. “At that point, after our Xia Clan world is refined, we would be absolutely safe. No demons would dare to invade, and no any outsiders would dare come to kill us. Not even Deity avatars would be qualified to descend. Our Xia Clan will truly enter a period of richness and power.”

The eyes of Palace Head Chen were filled with similar expectations. “That would simply be the dawn of a new era.”

“Faction Head Si Kong Yang,” City Lady Bu teased from the side, “weren’t you the one who tried to force Xue Ying to cultivate the True Meaning of Water and Fire back then?”

“Don’t talk about it anymore. I get it, alright?” Si Kong Yang hurriedly replied.


It was only on rare occasions that the Xia Clan Transcendents would all be laughing.

Too long a time had passed since they last felt so happy! For the first time, they felt that they held the advantage, despite facing the Sorcerer God and Great Demonic God!

“My Xia Clan…” Chao Qing also revealed a grin. He had somehow managed to witness the future—a bright new era that the Xia Clan would be entering, and one which all Xia Clan Transcendents were looking forward to!

“Xue Ying, everything depends on you.” Chao Qing looked toward the white-robed teenager flying through the space outside the Star Pagoda. This was the apex Transcendent who would bring about the dawn of a new era—the strongest Transcendent the Xia Clan ever had in its entire history. He was also bound to become the strongest Deity. This war…was the one which would determine the future of the Xia Clan.

“We must succeed.”

Everyone was praying for it.

“The Xia Clan will certainly rise.” Chi Qiu Bai, Gong Yu and the others were looking forward to winning the war.

In terms of pure speed, the gold-robed Sorcerer God was not very fast, but by relying on the Laws and Profound Mysteries of a grade one Deity Heart, the obstacle wrought by space became very minute. His original flying speed, which should have been only two hundred fifty kilometers per second, had actually increased by ten or a hundred times, as if space itself folded. Naturally, he could fly at a speed of many thousands of kilometers every second. That was also due to the gap in their realms…

This difference in speed allowed the gold-robed Sorcerer God to very quickly flee back into the fortress, while Xue Ying was still on his way over.

Within the fortress.

“Damn!” The gold-robed Sorcerer God roared while gritting his teeth.

The Great Demonic God, who was bathed in flames, did not say anything.

The one to pay the greatest price in this war had been the Sorcerer God! Therefore, according to their previous agreement, the Sorcerer God would also be the one to receive the majority of the benefits.

“A million years I’ve plotted; I’ve paid a great price to occupy the nearby mortal worlds and then finally used the nearest world as a springboard to build a passage connected to the Xia Clan world. Together, I’ve had to use a total of one million years of my life, as well as countless of treasures,” the Sorcerer God growled. “I was even worried that all those treasures would not be enough, so I’ve even pulled you, Da Er Hao, into the team. But now, we are being forced into this sorry state by a little Transcendent.”

It was truly hard to build a spatial passage to occupy another mortal world.

Unless they were close in distance, most material world realm lords would not be willing to do so, mostly since the benefits would not be so impressive.

But for the sake of Crimson Rock Mountain…the Sorcerer God had forced his way into making other nearby mortal worlds into springboards without minding the price and had even spent a million years to prepare before finally reaching out for the Xia Clan world. If the preparations had been ready before, he would have started the war long ago.

“Sorcerer God, we have not yet lost,” the Great Demonic God reprimanded him in a deep tone. “Are you so easily giving up? You, as a Lord of a mortal world, have simply not suffered enough losses until now. In the Dark Abyss, we bathe in slaughter and massacre from the very day we are born. I’ve faced harder and more despondent crises…how much could a little Transcendent matter to me?”

“It’s not a big deal? Then how do you propose we win?” The Sorcerer God looked toward him.

“I am currently in the process of meeting his magnificent majesty, the Sovereign,” the Great Demonic God replied.

“Sovereign?” Sorcerer God was startled.

A Sovereign represented one of the highest statuses.

The Dark Abyss constituted of many layers of worlds. The highest commander of a world was given the title of Sovereign.

The status of a Sovereign was very high, as was his combat power. Most of them were stage four World Deities, while some were actually powerful existences! World Deities were also separated into a total of four stages, and a stage four World Deity could be said to have reached an unfathomable level of comprehension, making them very few in number. Most of them would preside over a huge area, while some were not any weaker than powerful existences. The Great Demonic God, for instance, was merely the subordinate of an Abyss Sovereign!

“My true body has already went over to greet him and is currently waiting to be summoned,” the Great Demonic God continued. “Both of us have paid a huge price this time around, for the sake of this war. The price of losing would simply be too big. I’ve previously led a four-directional military campaign for the Sovereign, so he currently has great trust in me. There should be no issue in asking him for a simple suggestion.”

“Mn, indeed, there has to be some hope remaining.” The Sorcerer God could practically sense his chances rising.

It was an Abyss Sovereign they were talking about!

What kind of existences were they? He had heard that the Sovereign whom the Great Demonic God, Da Er Hao, was loyal to was actually an ancient stage four World Deity! While not exactly a powerful existence, the gap to becoming one was very small. Those who could reach the stage four World Deity realm would essentially be at the gates of becoming a powerful existence, while some of them actually had a combat power which rivaled theirs.

“The Sovereign has summoned me!” The Great Demonic God was getting eager. “He must know of some way.”

“It’s up to you now.” At that point, the Sorcerer God could no longer think of any tactic that could prove effective. Even as the territory Lord of a mortal world, he was just a stage one World Deity and had cultivated for a very short period of time. Therefore, his knowledge and foundation were both much weaker than the Great Demonic God’s.

The Sorcerer God suddenly turned to look outside.

He could now see Xue Ying.

Xue Ying had stopped outside the fortress; after contemplating for a while, he finally brandished his spear.

Hong~ It elongated to become five hundred kilometers long and then followed an arc through space, with enormous illusions of black stars revolving around it. The threat of destruction followed alongside it as it lashed out directly at the fortress.


A low sound of clashing reverberated, and the entire fortress could be seen trembling.

The Sorcerer God felt his heart tightening.

I don’t believe I won’t be able to bombard this fortress away! Xue Ying felt quite confident. The fortress inside the Oceanic Forest World had already refined the entire Transcendent world and had become one with it, making it so that, no matter how he attacked, the impact would be transferred to Xia Clan world. That was the only reason he could not deal with it.

But…this current fortress could not refine an entire Transcendent world, despite being more rigid.

It was like kicking a ball—it might not be damaged afterwards, but it would still be launched away from its position!

Xue Ying’s secret skill, the Chaotic Suppression, had great power, and under its wanton lashes…even if the fortress would not be destroyed, it would still be forced away. He would still consider that a success, since moving the fortress away would mean revealing the stable spatial passage behind it. After all, the spatial passage could not be moved. That would mean he could simply move on to destroying the passage instead.

Break for me. Xue Ying unleashed all his spear techniques, his every move powered by his full strength. Peng peng peng peng peng peng peng! The non-stop sound of lashing could be heard from him hitting the fortress. The Sorcerer God and Great Demonic God were incredibly anxious and felt instead as if he were lashing against their hearts.


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