LXY Book 13: Chapter 14


Book 13: Chapter 14 – Sacred Sorcerer Camellia

The Sorcerer God and Great Demonic God quickly decided how much each should pay. After all, with the war having already reached this point, neither was willing to retreat. As long as they succeeded in occupying the Xia Clan world, the Sorcerer God would be able to look for powerful Transcendents from the Deity world to send into Crimson Rock Mountain whenever he wished. Before sending them in, however, they would have to agree to an oath, so that just a while later, an entirely enormous amount of treasure would just fall into their hands.

World Deity grade secret techniques? Precious treasures? They would be getting it all, increasing their strength and solidifying their foundation at the same time.

“Dong Bo Xue Ying remains the final obstacle.” A serene light shone in the Sorcerer God’s eyes. “We still have to wait for ten or so days.”

“We only need to last this final stretch of time. As soon as the treasure arrives, we can trap Xue Ying so that he will no longer obstruct us,” the Great Demonic God reminded him.


The Sorcerer God looked through the wall to gaze at the white-robed youngster floating in the air.

Never before had he wished to kill a Transcendent so much!

“You can try blocking my path, little Transcendent, but no matter how much you struggle, you will still lose. When the time comes, I will be sure to extinguish your entire Xia Clan.” The Sorcerer God coldly smiled. His plan was to let the Beast Clan reproduce and eventually cover the entire Xia Clan world. Of course, this world’s beasts would have their faith in the Temple of the Earth God, not the Sorcerer God! He had already agreed on that matter with the other party.

“Yuan Qing was a beast?” Inside the Star Pagoda, Jing Qiu, who was in the middle of resting, found the news hard to believe.

“Pei Shan, how could he dare!” Palace Head Chen’s Qi Avatar also angrily roared. In the past, he disliked the Xia Clan Transcendents who joined the beast faction, but that was only due to their selfishness. But now they actually got involved in the existence of the Xia Clan, and Pei Shan had acted like this. Such behaviour greatly aggravated Palace Head Chen! That was, he was mad at himself for having misread the person.

“Even in my Xia Clan, Yuan Qing’s talent has always been extremely high, perhaps second only to Xue Ying. To think that he was actually a beast… Their perception has always been lower than that of humans, so he is definitely the best or second best Transcendent in the entire history of the Beast Clan.” The two Transcendents of the Temple of the Earth God inside the Star Pagoda sighed.

It wasn’t so difficult to guess that traitors had infiltrated the Xia Clan, but Yuan Qing’s actual beastial nature was somewhat shocking to everyone.



A chaotic scene of war was undergoing far away, in the air next to the humongous fortress. The Nine-Headed Serpent Battleship, alongside a different blazing ship, had also just showed up. The former sent out serpent pikes over and over again, to strike the Xia Clan’s spindle-shaped battleships. At the same time, the fiery warship would launch fiery dragons out again and again, until no less than a hundred fiery dragons were wantonly roaring and attacking the ships of the Xia Clan.

Xue Ying wanted to intercept them, but the Nine-Headed Serpent Battleship and the fiery battleship moved at speeds which far exceeded his and could thus easily throw him off their trail.

In an instant, the Xia Clan’s thirteen shuttle battleships were temporarily restricted.

Peng peng peng peng peng peng!

Xue Ying brandished his over-a-kilometer-long Blood-Drinking Spear to sweep across the sky, summoning those images of black stars slowly revolving, and ferociously lash at the fortress. One of the six supportive forts was already destroyed, and it was in the direction of that destroyed fort that Xue Ying attacked as he wished. Hong long long~ The entire fort trembled again and again, unceasingly receiving the attack’s strength with great effort.

“The third space pillar array has shattered.”

“Quick, quick, quick.”

The group of Transcendents charged with looking over the space pillars were either replacing them with new ones or repairing the existing ones. The Sorcerer God and Great Demonic God spared no cost to make sure they’d last for those ten or so required days.

Time passed by, day after day.

In the blink of an eye, sixteen days already expired.

“It’s here.” The Sorcerer God’s original body had personally brought back the treasure and then ordered a Deity stage warrior to deliver it through the spatial passage. He didn’t even dare let any of his underlings touch it from fear that some mishap would occur. He really couldn’t afford to lose it. In the case a problem did occur, they really had no way to get another treasure like it.

The outside world was an expanse of calmness.

The Xia Clan’s battleships had all returned to replenish their energy. After all, their Deity Crystals were limited, so thirteen battleships couldn’t just attack without pause. Xue Ying was also resting, sitting cross-legged in the midst of a distant desert. Continuous use of the Blood-Drinking Spear truly put a great burden on his soul.

“We have it now.” The Sorcerer God extended his right hand, a sparkling, translucent black seed now resting in his palm.

In spite of its black color, the seed was nearly transparent, with countless Deity runes flowing all over its surface.

“It cost us quite a lot to get our hands on this,” the Great Demonic God muttered. “Truthfully, if the Sovereign didn’t tell me about it, even I wouldn’t be aware that such a treasure existed.”

“Sacred Sorcerer Camellia…what a beautiful name,” the Sorcerer God praised.

“Now that we have it, our victory is certain,” the Great Demonic God voiced. “We’ll use it to trap Xue Ying, and then we can begin take over the entire Xia Clan world and reconstruct it into a titanic fort! At that point, it won’t matter how strong Xue Ying is, it will still be impossible for him to shake it. We could also immediately begin breeding some plant creatures, insects, beasts, and so forth—even a few extremely sinister poisonous insects which can be quite quickly trained to the peak of the Deity stage.”

“En.” The Sorcerer God nodded.

Since Deities were incapable of directly entering the Xia Clan world, even poison insects would have to be at most under the Demigod limit to be sent over. But they could then continue to train the insects to enter the Deity realm and then raise them to the peak stage.

“Within a year, we can rebuild the entire Xia Clan world into a huge fortress!” The Great Demonic God smiled. “As for poison insects, two to three hundred years should be enough for them to reach the peak of the Deity realm. Once we have ten or so of them, they can go surround Xue Ying; I’d quite like to see how he makes it out alive!”

“A pity about this Star Pagoda blocking us…” The Sorcerer God frowned.

The Star Pagoda world was very mighty! For instance, an ordinary Demigod who dared approach would be directly crushed into dregs by its power!

Even ordinary battleships, or experts like Elder You Ping, would see their strength shaved in half! Under the might of the vast Star Pagoda world, they simply couldn’t continue to build on a large scale, to spread their structures everywhere and arrange the countless arrays. The main fort which they now used had naturally been refined in advance; with a single thought, it would be ready as soon as it was placed. However, the cost of this sort of moveable fort of such an exceedingly large size would be incredible.

A fort large enough to envelop the entire Xia Clan world simply could not have this portable aspect to it.

“As long as Xue Ying is restricted, who cares about the Star Pagoda? Think about how ferociously a Level 12 Star Pagoda wastes deity crystals—they won’t last long,” the Great Demonic God confidently said.

“Indeed, once the Star Pagoda’s barrier is broken, and after the huge fort is built, we’ll have plenty of ways to deal with Xue Ying.” The Sorcerer God coldly snorted. “If we use that time to continuously attack him, he won’t even have the tranquility necessary to cultivate. How could he hope to improve at that point? There’s no way for him but death. We both have paid too large a price to kill him, a puny Transcendent. He really should be quite proud of himself.”

“Remember not to kill him so easily. I still want to take away his soul and torture him properly for a bit. The losses he caused me were truly big,” the Great Demonic God reminded him.

“A minor matter.” The Sorcerer God nodded. “Let’s make our move.”

“I truly look forward to it.”

The Great Demonic God took the seed and immediately disappeared in a stride.

It was currently nighttime.

The full moon outside was easily visible through the Star Pagoda’s barrier, shining its moonlight onto the vast desert. Xue Ying sat cross-legged, letting his soul properly rest and relax. The pressure put on a Transcendent who used high quality Deity grade weapons was truly big. Thankfully, it was a blood-refined Deity warrior, or else he wouldn’t even have been able to use it.

“Eh?” Xue Ying turned his head to look toward a place in the distance.

A figure suddenly appeared in front of the fort. He wore a malevolent black set of armor which covered his entire body, and his head was adorned with a pair of curved horns! Other than the black armor, his whole body was also covered in blood-red hot flames. On top of that, his armor was riddled with incomparably sharp weapons all over. Even his eyes were blazing with flames as he stared at the distant Xue Ying.

“Great Demonic God?” The cross-legged Xue Ying stood up, extending his hand in which his Blood-Drinking Spear suddenly appeared. “Haha, what a rare occasion. In all the fights until now, you, Great Demonic God, have not once fought me.”

While laughing on the surface, Xue Ying actually was extremely cautious. Now that the Great Demonic God had also appeared, he definitely couldn’t be careless.

“The Sorcerer God fought you, but his cultivation is unfortunately still a little bit too low. He was thus unable to kill you.” The Great Demonic God’s entire body burned with blood-red flames as he came over, treading the empty air. Surrounding the blood-red flames was an expanse of pitch-black void, black like the darkness inside a black hole. “I’ve prepared this special armor for the sake of dealing with you, and it contains the most terrifying curse of the Dark Abyss. This time, you will undoubtedly die.”

“Is that so?” Xue Ying coldly snorted. A curse? According to Senior Brother Ge Bai and Fei Yun, none of those devious paths could do anything to threaten him. Only by relying on true strength could they deal with him. Take, for instance, those truly heaven-defying Transcendents—could even extremely strong Deities defeat them? As for curses? Hex poisons? None of that would do any good.

“Die!” The Great Demonic God’s voice firmly resounded throughout the heavens and the earth. Alongside the sound of his voice, that pitch-black darkness which surrounded those blood-red flames burning on the surface of his body began to spread in every direction, quickly turning the surrounding heaven and earth into an expanse of darkness….

The Great Demonic God was the only figure visible within that endless expanse of darkness, with the blood-red flames covering the surface of his body.


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