LXY Book 13: Chapter 16


Book 13: Chapter 16 – The Only Way

Within the ginormous black flower, Xue Ying ceased his attacks and simply stared at the countless large petals trapping him. Petal after petal overlapped one another, layer after layer, as endless Deity seals glimmered on the surface.

Its complexity and profoundness exceeded the Star Pagoda!

“This time, it’s really troublesome.” This was the first time since the war broke out that Xue Ying discovered the situation to have broken away from his control. Before the war, he had believed the war to only have two outcomes: victory—or a loss and forced retreat by the Xia Clan to the Infernal World. If it was the latter, he would have fled to Crimson Rock Mountain to cultivate, trying to refine the Realm Heart within the bounds of his ten thousand year lifespan.

But now a third outcome had occurred…


He had been trapped!

Incapable of entering Crimson Rock Mountain!

“Even an idiot can confer that the Great Demonic God surely won’t allow me to peacefully cultivate.” Xue Ying muttered, “They surely will think of all kinds of methods to deal with me, making me incapable of meditating and cultivating. After a hundred years, they certainly will have trained a peak stage Deity insect, animal, or plant creature as well.”

Increasing one’s cultivation realm was very difficult. Even reaching the pinnacle of the Deity realm within ten thousand years was a monumental challenge.

Increasing one’s strength, however, was relatively easier!

This was because strength was comprised of several different aspects. For example, Xue Ying had yet to reach the Deity Heart stage, but he could still display the combat power of a peak stage Deity due to his secret skills, Blood-Drinking Spear, and World Deity ranked secret technique. Another example would be certain insect beasts that, if trained solely to slaughter, would mature very fast when countless arrays are engraved on their bodies.

Several of such beasts weren’t needed; if simply eight to ten peak stage Deity insects were to enter the flower and continuously attack him, he would be completely unable to cultivate even if he did not die from the attacks.


Approaching closer from a far location, the Nine-Headed Serpent Battleship flew over and entered the middle of a red leaf.

The Great Demonic God, the Sorcerer God, and a few other underlings appeared within the inner space of the red leaf.

The gold-robed Sorcerer God wore a smile on his face and withdrew a bizarre, giant-skulled instrument. He brought it up to the edge of his mouth and began to play it. The demonic power within him surged and danced with his playing.

Wu wu wu~~~ The sound reverberated throughout the black flower along the flower stem.

Xue Ying frowned and instantly cut off his hearing.

But—that was useless.

The sound waves stubbornly bore into his body, drilling deep into his soul.

“Damn it,” Xue Ying softly cursed. These waves unceasingly transmitted into his soul, making Xue Ying feel extremely uncomfortable. “I thought that only when the Star Pagoda’s Deity Crystals had been nearly used up, making it no longer capable of suppressing them, would they think of ways to handle me. I had not expected that right after trapping me, they would begin to disturb me, preventing me from peacefully cultivating.”

“This is soul sound.” The Great Demonic God’s voice also echoed throughout the black flower. “You simply cannot stop it. To force the Sorcerer God to personally play soul sound, Xue Ying…amongst transcendents, you are the first.”

“Aren’t you guys pleased too early?!” Xue Ying coldly shouted.

“Ha ha ha, early? It’s not early at all.” The Great Demonic God’s entire body burned with blood-red flames. He was somewhat excited. “In the Xia Clan, only you qualify to be an obstacle in our paths. As for the rest of the Xia Clan? They’re not a danger at all! As long as we’ve restricted you, and even make it hard for you to meditate and cultivate, ze ze— Right now, you haven’t even reached the Deity Heart stage. If you want to cultivate up to the peak of the Deity realm, to practically the World Deity stage, to refine the Realm Heart—the gap is very, very far… Don’t worry; soon, some insect beasts will come keep you company!”


Xue Ying coldly snorted and no longer paid his opponents any attention.

Meanwhile, he withdrew a transmission treasure and contacted Crimson Rock Mountain. While within Crimson Rock Mountain, he had been able to contact his wife Jing Qiu, so he naturally had ways of contacting his senior disciples upon leaving Crimson Rock Mountain.

Within Crimson Rock Mountain.

The thick-gowned youth, Ge Bai, the scarlet-cloaked youth, He Fei Yun, senior Xi Wei, and the treasure spirit, Senior Crimson Rock, all assembled together.

“I didn’t think Xue Ying would be trapped.” Crimson Rock was a bit anxious. “Does anyone have any ideas?

“Despite little junior disciple’s strength, there’s actually a war weapon in the mortal world that can trap him?” The scarlet-cloaked youth frowned. “Furthermore, it wasn’t a trap that had to be prepared in advance, but a black flower that was instantly activated? Second senior disciple, you’re good at refining all kinds of playthings; do you know what was used?”

The thick-gowned youth softly shook his head. “From little junior disciple’s description, that flower seems to belong to the Dark Abyss. This vast Deity world and the Dark Abyss…the refining experts within both cannot be counted; all kinds of treasures exist. How can I dare to say that I know everything? Little junior disciple has been trapped now, ai…”

“Ge Bai, do you have an idea?” Xi Wei looked at him.

At present, Ge Bai was the most proficient in refining.

“What method can I have?” Ge Bai shook his head. “At the moment, there are only two ways to break open this flower.”

“The first method—is to attack externally! However, the rest of the Xia Clan’s strength is too weak; the possibility of this being successful is extremely low.”

“The other method—is for little junior disciple to break open this black flower himself.” Ge Bai explained, “Although this black flower appears to be very tough and durable, this is, after all, a mortal world. It most likely uses Deity Crystals to replace Deity energy in powering the arrays; so no matter how profound this flower’s arrays are…it is still being powered by Deity Crystals. This profundity has a limit! Meaning, it’s defense is also limited!”

Everyone present nodded their heads.

Arrays powered by Deity Crystals, similar to the Sorcerer God and Great Demonic God’s battleships, had limited power. Obtaining better arrays…was possible, but the price might increase by tenfold, perhaps a hundredfold! Because, the further the power increases, the closer it approached the limit.

“As long as little junior disciple’s strength increase, here has a hope in breaking it open,” Ge Bai reasoned.

“And if he can’t break it open?” the treasure spirit Crimson Rock anxiously voiced.

“Then he can only continue to improve!” Ge Bai admitted, “We don’t have any other methods.”


A red-robed figure rushed over from the outside world and instantly flew in through the Star Pagoda’s roof. Xue Ying’s Qi Avatar had rushed over from within the Infernal World.

“Xue Ying.”

“Xue Ying.”

Palace Head Chen and the others had assembled within the palace hall. Upon seeing the red-robed Xue Ying arrive, their anxiety increased exponentially.

“Right now, the situation is critical.” Palace Head Chen stated, “Xue Ying, your original body is trapped and must be saved. If you cannot escape, then my Xia Clan has no other way to counter the Sorcerer God and Great Demonic God.”

Jing Qiu stood to the side, incomparably anxious. She interjected, “If you cannot escape, even if the Xia Clan can live on, it will forever be incapable of making a comeback. When the Great Demonic God and Sorcerer God foster a material Realm Lord, the entire Xia clan will be extinguished.”

The red-robed Xue Ying nodded: “Don’t worry, I understand. Inside each of the battleships I gave everyone, there is a limit-extinguishing grade God Thunderfire installed in case of traitors. Two of them have already exploded, but there’s still thirteen left… I will gather these thirteen God Thunderfires and use them to collectively attack that black flower; let’s see whether or not I can break it open.


“The power of a God Thunderfire is tremendous. Two of them had previously exploded and shut down part of the fortress. If thirteen of them were to join together in an attack, there is certainly hope.” Everyone present felt anticipation well up as the red-robed Xue Ying personally took command of a spindle-shaped battleship out of the Star Pagoda an instant later. After placing all thirteen God Thunderfires inside this battleship, he immediately set off.


A terrifying explosion broke out.

Xue Ying carefully watched from within the black flower and witnessed countless translucent petals ripple faintly as countless Deity seals on the surface of the petals revolve. The flower was somewhat visible. Practically ninety-nine percent of the explosion’s power had been negated, so the ginormous black flower wasn’t even slightly damaged.

Xue Ying shook his head after seeing this.

“Ai, I knew it wouldn’t work.” Xue Ying was a bit reluctant to accept this.

Regardless of whether it was senior disciple Ge Bai or Xue Ying, both of them had faintly concluded…that the thirteen God Thunderfires would probably be useless.

This was because God Thunderfire attacked by releasing a surge of pure energy. The Laws and Profound Mysteries contained within were extremely, exceedingly low. Meanwhile, the Sacred Sorcerer Camellia had all kinds of profound defenses; a lot of the power exerted couldn’t even touch this flower! There was a huge disparity in cultivation.

Having solely strength while ignoring cultivation was a useless endeavor.

“Xue Ying, this type of toy, this God Thunderfire, wants to break this sacred flower?” The Great Demonic God’s laughter entered and reverberated inside the black flower’s spatial dimension.


Xue Ying only snorted coldly and paid him no mind.

A heaviness dwelled in his heart…

To attack with external force—other than through using God Thunderfire or the battleships, Xue Ying could think of no other methods of attack. Using the Blood-Drinking Spear? Its threat was even lower than the battleships!

“It seems that I can only think of ways to increase my strength as quickly as possible. The greater my strength, the greater my hopes of breaking this trap open.” Xue Ying carefully examined the innumerable, large translucent petals. “What second senior disciple said isn’t wrong; this is only a treasure maintained by Deity Crystals. In the end, its defense is limited.”


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