LXY Book 13: Chapter 17


Book 13: Chapter 17 – Chi Qiu Bai’s Death

Within the Star Pagoda.

The red-robed Xue Ying, Chao Qing, Mountain Lord He, Chi Qiu Bai, City Lady Bu, and Jing Qiu were currently all present.

“We don’t have any other options.” Xue Ying muttered, “The only way to destroy this black flower is for me to improve myself. All three of my True Meanings have reached the peak of the stage three realm and are just a step away from reaching the Deity Heart realm… As long as I manage to break through, my combat power will increase tremendously, and I’ll have a chance at breaking free from this flower. What I need right now is time!

“Without anyone supporting it, the Star Pagoda needs a total of 200,000 Deity crystals every year that it’s active, but I’ve only placed 600,000 Deity crystals within it. As such, the shortest period that it can be maintained for is three years.” Xue Ying continued musing, “Operating the Star Pagoda has a huge burden on the soul. For now, Jing Qiu and Mountain Lord He will be the ones in charge of operating it, as they can both take turns between operating it and resting. Despite this however, fully utilizing the entire Star Pagoda places an enormous burden on the soul, and neither of them have any way to truly operate it… As such, I hope that Senior Chao Qing and Big Brother Eternal Wind can also start pondering over the arrays of the Star Pagoda, in order to help share their burden.”


The arrays of the Star Pagoda were truly complex.

The more effort they put into controlling the Star Pagoda, the more arrays they would be able to control and, at the same time, the greater the burden on their souls.

Thus, they had to rest.

Even when they were controlling it, it wasn’t as if they needed to risk their lives to do so; it was fine for them to only maintain light control over the treasure.

“Alright.” Chao Qing nodded. “I’m just afraid that this old man’s strength isn’t enough.”

“I’ll try my best too,” Chi Qiu Bai said.

“Mn, trying your best will be good enough.” The red-robed Xue Ying nodded. Even though his realm was quite high, this Qi Avatar only contained a single strand of his soul. Many complex arrays would still require his true body to operate them. Furthermore, as his true body focusing entirely on breaking through, this Qi Avatar naturally couldn’t do something that would affect his true body.

As such, Jing Qiu and Mountain Lord He were to be the two main operators of the Star Pagoda. As for Chi Qiu Bai and Chao Qing, even though neither of them were mages, they also began to ponder over the Star Pagoda! Right now, choosing the tallest ones amongst the shorties was the best that he could do, if he was to make full use of the current situation. The two of them might not be mages, but their realms were still quite high.

Weng weng weng— A huge number of arrays were currently revolving within the Star Pagoda. All of them worked in conjunction with one another, which occasionally caused a cycle of circulation to form amidst the energy emitted from the Deity crystals powering it, which in turn made the arrays more efficient at operating the Star Pagoda.

“This is truly…” Chi Qiu Bai felt startled.

“I’ve never pondered over arrays.” Chao Qing gritted his teeth and then walked over to begin his attempt at comprehending the arrays.

Day after day passed.

The war had reached an impasse. With the Star Pagoda’s World Energy suppressing them, the Sorcerer God and the Great Demonic God couldn’t continue with their construction! Their only choice right now was to delay. After all, they knew full well the frightening consumption rate of the Level 12 Star Pagoda. Most likely, it wouldn’t be too long until the Star Pagoda ran out of energy. Thus, the pair were waiting extremely patiently.

Currently, the Sorcerer God was playing some musical instruments, as he didn’t wish to give Xue Ying even the slightest amount of peace while cultivating.

“We’ve had Dong Bo Xue Ying entrapped for half a year already.” The Great Demonic God waved his hand, causing the space surrounding the green leaves to be sealed; the outside world could no longer see through them. “It’s time for us to enact another plan.”

“Another plan?” The Sorcerer God stopped playing music and turned toward the Great Demonic God.

“A plan to accelerate how fast the Star Pagoda world crumbles.” The Great Demonic God smiled. “Sorcerer God, let me introduce you to another one of my subordinates.”

However, the only thing that the Sorcerer God saw was a mysterious, crimson-armored man wearing a bull horn helmet step forward.

“Child, let the Sorcerer God see who you are,” the Great Demonic God said with delight.

The mysterious man immediately took off his helmet, revealing a handsome appearance.

“Chi Qiu Bai?” The Sorcerer God was startled when he saw who the mysterious man was.

Prior to Xue Ying and Yuan Qing, he’d been the Xia Clan’s number one genius!

This familiar face belonged to none other than Chi Qiu Bai!

“Isn’t Chi Qiu Bai in the Star Pagoda?” The Sorcerer God couldn’t help but ask.

“Have you forgotten about the avatar technique?” The Great Demonic God laughed.

“You had him cultivate the avatar technique?!” The Sorcerer God was truly shocked when he heard this. “When did he cultivate it? Cultivating the avatar technique would’ve caused his soul to be split in two, which means that his comprehensive ability was drastically decreased!””

The Great Demonic God nodded. “This child, Eternal Wind, has relatively high comprehensive skills. If it wasn’t for the avatar technique, he probably would’ve had even greater accomplishments in his cultivation.”

Chi Qiu Bai continued to stand there silently in his crimson armor.

“This child’s true love died in the past, which caused him to go crazy and actually comprehend the embryonic form of the grade two ‘True Meaning of Annihilation’. Considering his talent, he’s certainly someone that I’ve come to like quite a bit; thus, I decided to help him out a little.” The Great Demonic God laughed. “This child’s wife has quite a great deal of talent as well. I had pulled her soul into the Dark Abyss. She’s temporarily living in my world in a soul-state, so as to prevent her from dissipating.”

“The True Meaning of Annihilation? The Sorcerer God felt somewhat strange. “Then, his True Meaning of Void Cleavage that was deliberately publicized…was merely a portion of his true power?”

“The True Meaning of Void Cleavage is merely part of a branch from the True Meaning of Annihilation.” The Great Demonic God nodded in confirmation. “For the sake of embedding him even deeper with the Xia Clan, I decided to have him cultivate the avatar technique. His other body doesn’t have a single strand of demonic energy, preventing the deception from being revealed in such a manner.”

“Mn.” The Sorcerer God nodded. “Then, are you prepared for him to act now?”

“Haha, this war shall end soon. The Xia Clan has no value any more. The Great Demonic God nodded. “It is indeed time for this child to act.”

“How will he act?” The Sorcerer God asked. “The Xia Clan is quite vigilant. If I’m not wrong, the Xia Clan will certainly be doing their best to operate the Star Pagoda as efficiently as possible, so as to delay for as much time as possible.”

The Great Demonic God replied, “This child’s realm is quite high. As long as he publicizes that he’s broken through and managed to grasp a grade three Deity Heart, Dong Bo Xue Ying’s side will certainly let Eternal Wind operate the Star Pagoda…”

“Dong Bo Xue Ying won’t give him have the opportunity to break through the Star Pagoda’s array though,” the Sorcerer God refuted.

“As long as he manages to gain control of it, Eternal Wind should be able to get a clear understanding of what’s going on within the Star Pagoda. Just like before, when Dong Bo Xue Ying’s God Thunderfire easily destroyed part of our castle, the Star Pagoda has a nigh invulnerable external protective membrane. However, as long we can learn about its interior structure and have Eternal Wind destroy the more structurally weak areas, we’ll be sure to succeed.” The Great Demonic God laughed. “Besides, even if this fails, we won’t have incurred any losses.”

The Sorcerer God nodded.

Based on his understanding, the interior of the Star Pagoda had several crucial parts, like the area where the Deity crystals were placed and the intersection that the many arrays revolved around.


The Great Demonic God, whose face was full of flames, looked toward Chi Qiu Bai, and his lips curled up. “It’s merely sacrificing that avatar of yours. I believe that, with your wisdom, you’ll certainly bring me a great surprise! Go tell Dong Bo Xue Ying and the others that you’ve attained a grade three Deity Heart. Dong Bo Xue Ying will definitely take the initiative to ask you to control the Star Pagoda; he doesn’t have any other good helpers at the moment.”

“Respectable Great Demonic God,” Chi Qiu Bai respectfully said, “Dong Bo Xue Ying asked me to attempt to control the arrays half a year ago.”


The flames shrouding the Great Demonic God’s body rose as he laughed. He then turned toward the Sorcerer God. “Sorcerer God, look, my plan isn’t bad, right? We don’t even need Eternal Wind to publicize that he’s condensed a grade three Deity Heart realm! Dong Bo Xue Ying has already asked him to control the arrays! Haha, the heavens are truly helping me—”


Chi Qiu Bai, who’d been respectfully posturing, suddenly thrust his right hand toward the Great Demonic God without warning. He, who wore back armor and whose palm was akin to a sharpened blade, suddenly burst forth with an undulation of destruction as his hand shot toward the Great Demonic God.

Yet, the Great Demonic God’s figure felt like it was filled with endless darkness.

Chi Qiu Bai’s palm pierced through the Great Demonic God’s chest, yet the Great Demonic God seemed to be just like a dark, illusory figure as he turned to face him; his eyes had turned blood red, and the flames surrounding his body surged. The Great Demonic God furiously roared, “Chi Qiu Bai, you actually dared to betray me!”

The Great Demonic Good immediately extended his hand toward Chi Qiu Bai, whose soul instantly left his body. The flame-filled palm of the Great Demonic God then grasped hold of Chi Qiu Bai’s soul, causing a ‘chi chi chi’ noise to resound. Chi Qiu Bai’s expression became savage when this happened.

“Do you not want to reunite with your wife?

“She’s currently waiting for you in the Dark Abyss. I’ve long since promised you, and have helped you set down an Abyss agreement, that in the future, you will certainly live together with your wife. How much trust have I placed in you? Why did you betray me?” The Great Demonic God was beyond furious, while the Sorcerer God was sneering at him from the side.

Chi Qiu Bai’s soul currently had a savage look on his face. He roared angrily at the Great Demonic God, his words reverberating throughout the red-leaf space around them due to the strength of his soul. “Great Demonic God, I’ve been loyal to you in the past for the sake of living with my wife for eternity. Even if you’d asked me to kill several of the Xia Clan’s Transcendents, I wouldn’t have rejected you! But…you actually asked me to betray the entire Xia Clan and wanted me to personally cause the extinction of the entire Xia Clan! The day I realized what your plan was, I also understood that I couldn’t ever be with my wife anymore.”

For many years, Chi Qiu Bai had been feeling a thread of grief. Si Kong Yang, Xue Ying, and the others had all thought that it was merely because of his broken feelings from that year. Who would’ve thought that it was because of the self-blame he felt for being a member of the Demonic Faction.

“You’ve always been on alert against me; you didn’t even tell me any news regarding your avatar’s fleshy body.” Chi Qiu Bai mumbled.

“I wasn’t concealing it from you; I was merely being vigilant toward my subordinates,” the Great Demonic God coldly replied.

“Haha, I’ve been waiting and waiting for an opportunity… It’s a pity that there was never a good chance for me to act. I’ve even been trying to find the core to the Sacred Sorcerer Camellia, yet it’s been to no avail.” Chi Qui Bai angrily retorted, “Great Demonic God, even though I never found an opportunity to act, you can’t win either. I believe that Xue Ying will definitely have a solution and that my Xia Clan will be the one standing victorious in the end.

“I am sorry to my wife.

“However, she’s been dead since that time! I’ve treated her as dead ever since that moment! What I hate the most…was that I couldn’t find an opportunity.” Chi Qiu Bai grit his teeth.

“I will never, ever fully trust subordinates like you.” The Great Demonic God coldly said, “Rest assured, going against the agreement means that your soul will forever be under my control. However, I won’t ever kill you. Instead, I shall torture your soul…and not just yours, but your wife’s as well. This is the result of your foolishness today.”

The Great Demonic God held onto Chi Qiu Bai’s soul. Because of their agreement, Chi Qiu Bai didn’t even get the chance to destroy his own soul.

“Great Demonic God, it seems that you’ve overestimated the loyalty of your subordinates.” The Sorcerer God laughed from the side.

“For the sake of the Xia Clan, he actually disregarded everything else.”

The Great Demonic God grit his teeth. “The Xia Clan? Damn that Xia Clan!”

This matter had truly humiliated him!

The red-robed Xue Ying was currently gazing at the distantly swaying gigantic black flower from within the Star Pagoda; his true body was currently trapped within it.

As time flowed on, his Qi was also slowly being used up.

The combat power of a Qi Avatar was limited. Furthermore, he didn’t have his Blood Drinking Spear, which meant that he couldn’t achieve anything at all.

“Ai.” Xue Ying lightly sighed.

Suddenly, a voice was transmitted through his communication wristband.

“Xue Ying, I am Eternal Wind and also the Third Priest of the Demonic Faction. My hands are stained with blood; stained with so much fresh blood of the people from my Xia Clan. I am guilty of betraying the Xia Clan…” This was a letter that Eternal Wind had sent him. After a slight pause, Xue Ying immediately flashed away.


Xue Ying’s Qi Avatar flickered into existence in front of the palace that Chi Qiu Bai was staying in.

Chi Qiu Bai was seated there with a peaceful expression, his thick white robes fluttering about. However, his soul had already dissipated; all that was left was his fleshy body.

“Eternal Wind!” Xue Ying’s fists tightened and his body began to lightly tremble. “Why…why would it be…why…”



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