LXY Book 13: Chapter 20


Book 13: Chapter 20 – Breaking Through Consecutively

At this moment, Xue Ying’s mind was blank. A tremendous amount of past experience he had accumulated regarding the True Meaning of Star now fused together as one. The individual realms, from stage one up to stage three, were just like the foundation used to build a tower. After establishing the external framework, the floor, and the bricks…they finally came together as one upon reaching the Deity Heart realm.

It was like the countless edges of a tower coming together as a whole, seamlessly with all sorts of delicate carvings to make it look matchless.

“Star?” Xue Ying could feel himself become akin to a dark star amidst the vast oceanic Laws of the World, with countless more Laws of Profound Mysteries being as mysterious and boundless as ever. He could only sense, at this moment, a small portion of the Profound Mysteries of Mirage and of Extreme Piercing…

“The Star is truly mysterious. My secret skill truly does have several areas of improvement.” After reaching the Star Deity Heart realm, Xue Ying felt that the secret skills he had crafted, the Star Meteor Annihilation and the Chaotic Suppression, both had several areas that could be improved on. His eyes opened wide all of a sudden, and he began executing the Chaotic Suppression with the Blood-Drinking Spear.



The might of the spear was vast. The dark star slowly revolving around the spear as it furiously thrusted downward at the tall towering black petal. Nevertheless, with the countless Deity seals flowing on it and despite swaying even more vigorously, the petals remained undamaged.

“Break for me.” Xue Ying did not feel discouraged. He struck with his spear time after time. Each time, he would use the Chaotic Suppression skill, causing it to become increasingly mystical as well. After all, it would take time to perfect his secret skill again after reaching the Star Deity Heart realm moments ago.

Anyone could sense the power of this secret skill rise rapidly.

The spear lashed out frantically at the Sacred Sorcerer Camellia, causing the petals to sway vigorously…

Within the red leaf’s spatial dimension, the Sorcerer God and Great Demonic God both watched this the scene anxiously. They observed Xue Ying’s spear technique become more formidable, its power continuously increasing. With the rise of his realm, the amount of force being dissipated by the Deity seals on the Sacred Sorcerer Camellia lessened, causing the flower to withstand a greater portion of the damage. Only once night turned to day did Xue Ying finally stop his assault.

“Hahaha…” The Great Demonic God burst into laughter upon seeing the assault end. The blood-red flames of his avatar surged. “I knew the Sacred Sorcerer Camellia isn’t something that can be broken so easily. He merely reached the Deity Heart realm, a mere grade two Deity Heart realm too. Even with a secret skill, there’s still quite a distance to cross before he can break the Sacred Sorcerer Camellia.”

The gold-robed Sorcerer God nodded with a smile. “He has broken through to the Deity Heart realm, and his secret skill has become more perfected. It is even a secret skill that specializes in offense, yet he remains unable to break apart the Sacred Sorcerer Camellia… Most likely, Dong Bo Xue Ying will not even break apart the flower even after his combat power increases severalfold.”

“Mn, we are going to win this for certain.” The Great Demonic God had been relatively anxious, but he now became significantly more relaxed.

“It truly is amazing for that Star Pagoda to be able to last until now.” The gold-robed Sorcerer God cast his gaze toward the Star Pagoda, which was still releasing endless light. “According to my knowledge, a Level 12 Star Pagoda uses an immense amount of Deity Crystals. With no one operating it, it’ll require at least 200,000 Deity Crystals annually. Even if the Xia Clan controlled it, their realms are significantly lower and will not be able to conserve much energy. How many Deity Crystals has this Dong Bo Xue Ying left behind for it to last until now?”

“It’s already five years. It probably won’t last for much longer.” The Great Demonic God laughed in ecstasy. “Dong Bo Xue Ying has attained a grade two Deity Heart, yet he can’t break apart the Sacred Flower. From how I see, it is impossible for him to break through anymore, at least before the Star Pagoda is destroyed! The moment the Star Pagoda world’s membrane disappears, we can begin building our fortress on a large scale without any suppression.”

The light of the Star Pagoda was dazzling. Furthermore, World Energy radiated off of it. The vastness of this gathered World Energy could suppress even peak Demigods to their death by its sheer presence. Several materials recently placed by the fortress had been swept away by the World Energy. By simply entering the range of the Star Pagoda, their construction efforts were brought to a stop.

“It’s actually not enough.” Xue Ying felt relatively disappointed. Even though he had reached the grade two Deity Heart realm, he was not in a rush to become a Deity.

Because to him, becoming a Deity would be useless.

Deity energy? He had the Great Chaotic True Force! That was vastly stronger than Deity energy.

Deity body? His Time Immemorial Body far transcended any ordinary Deity body.

Deity Domain? He had the help of the Star Pagoda’s World Energy,which far exceeded a Deity Domain.

The second level of the Great Chaotic True Force》 is truly too complex. I cannot succeed in cultivating it at all. Xue Ying inwardly shook his head. Under ordinary circumstances, attaining the Star Deity Heart signified one’s ability to begin cultivating the 《Great Chaotic True Force》. Previously, Xue Ying had only reached the peak of the stage three realm before creating his own secret skill. He had cultivated the 《Great Chaotic True Force》 for a very long time before barely succeeding in cultivating it. Now that he had reached the Deity Heart realm, he wanted to break through even further, but it truly proved to be too difficult.

This World Deity rank secret technique had a total of six levels.

At the Deity realm, most would only be able to successfully cultivate the first and second level. The third level onward would require one to be a World Deity before having any chances of succeeding. At the moment, his realm wasn’t high enough.

“Since that’s the case, I should just continue cultivating and try to make my True Meaning of Extreme Piercing and True Meaning of Mirage reach the Deity Heart realm.” Xue Ying wasn’t discouraged. He knew that his three True Meanings mutually built off of one another. Back when he had first started cultivating, the complementary Profound Mysteries of Fire, Water, Wind, and Earth had fused together into these three different True Meanings.

Thus, during this process of cultivating, he had been absorbing countless Profound Mysteries of Earth, Fire, Water and Wind to deepen his understanding. Xue Ying had always been pondering these three True Meanings conjunctively together, allowing the revelations of those three True Meanings to occur near consecutively. As he was currently trapped within the Sacred Sorcerer Camellia, and because he felt that the Chaotic Suppression skill was the most effective method of breaking free, he had spent a greater amount of time and effort on the True Meaning of Star and less on the other two.

According to Xue Ying’s experiences in cultivating, however, after he had grasped hold of the Star Deity Heart, he would have gained quite a lot of enlightenment on the True Meaning of Extreme Piercing and of Mirage… He believed that he would be breaking through soon.

“It’s a miracle that Jing Qiu can withstand until now. I must hurry up.” Xue Ying did not dare to delay any longer.

Within the Star Pagoda.

Jing Qiu, garbed in a light blue robe, had a calm facial expression. She was completely immersed in the arrays and was doing her best to control the Star Pagoda, bringing about a huge burden on her soul. Five years down the road, more than half her soul had already suffered from injuries, with numerous strands of spiritual energy starting to dissipate away. The more her spiritual energy dispelled, however, the more Jing Qiu felt her spirit becoming vacant and the greater the efficiency in comprehending the arrays.

From the very start, Jing Qiu operated the Star Pagoda without pause for an entire year to reduce the consumption to just a hundred twenty thousand Deity Crystals. In reality, though, such a feat was unrepeatable; she had to rest for a moment or two from then on.

But six hundred thousand Deity crystals had lasted them for five years now, and there were quite a lot left behind.

This had been all due to Jing Qiu’s efforts.

She had completely immersed herself in the world of arrays, continuously comprehending and continuously chasing after a greater efficiency. Until the day Xue Ying no longer remained trapped inside, she would persevere onward. Unless her soul reached the stage of unconsciousness, she would never stop!

Within the desert enclosed by black Sacred Sorcerer Camellia, Xue Ying did not pay attention to the music blown by the Sorcerer God. He continued training in his spear techniques, comprehending the other two True Meanings. He felt that a breakthrough was near. The True Meaning of Star had reached the Deity Heart realm, inciting his understanding toward the other two True Meanings. He had been comprehending them ever since then.

As the sun rose and fell, he remained trapped within this black flower for another five months.


The Profound Mysteries behind the Laws of the World began moving. A dark void faintly materialized around Xue Ying’s figure. Within the dark void, a huge sphere resided. It was so spherical, it felt perfect. At this moment, this sphere revolved right in front of his eyes, suppressing and penetrating through everything—both time and space included. Even other Laws of Profound Mysteries were unable to obstruct its motion.

This startled the distant Sorcerer God and Great Demonic God. He grasped hold of another grade two True Meaning already? The Extreme Piercing Deity Heart?


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