LXY Book 13: Chapter 24


Book 13: Chapter 24 – The Soul Dispelled

Xue Ying looked at his wife and said, “The war is over. We can leave it behind and genuinely relax now. Recuperate well, I’ll stay with you. My Mirage Deity Heart will be very helpful toward condensing a Realm Heart. I trust it won’t be too long until I manage to refine the Xia Clan World and become the Lord of this mortal world. At that point, nobody will be able to threaten the Xia Clan. Haha, my heart can also be at ease while I’m with you. We have enough time, so let’s have a proper attempt at making a child. I know you’ve always wanted your own.”

“A child?” There was a trace of expectation within Jing Qiu’s eyes.

“Xue Ying.” Jing Qiu gazed at Xue Ying with a somewhat hazy look in her eyes. “My biggest fear during this war was that I would fail to hold on and save you.”

Xue Ying replied, a smile plastered on his face, “You’ve held on—you’ve saved me. Not only are you a great savior to the Xia Clan, you are also my life-saving benefactor.”


“Even if I couldn’t hold on for longer, you could’ve become a Deity in just a few more years. Even if there had been no more hope to win the war, you could’ve left for the Deity world through the world’s repulsion,” Jing Qiu said. “You can’t truly say I’ve saved your life. But if you had really gone to the Deity world, we would have remained forever separated. The thought of that alone gave me the strength to keep holding on!”

“It’s alright; we’ve won.” Xue Ying’s heart ached for his wife.

“Speaking of it…I find it quite strange,” Jing Qiu began, shaking her head, “that despite my soul having suffered damage and the pain being extremely violent, my consciousness became clearer than ever, and my efficiency in comprehending the arrays actually rose to new heights. That way, I was actually able to save more and more Deity Crystals. Is it, perhaps, that my desire was so large that I instead detached myself from the pain’s disturbance?”

“That’s a possibility,” Xue Ying replied. “Rest well now. Your soul will need a lot of rest with all the damage it accumulated.”

“Alright. A while ago, I was immersed in controlling and comprehending the arrays, but now that I’ve stopped, I actually very, very tired all of a sudden.” Jing Qiu looked at Xue Ying. “I’ll go get a little sleep first. Once I wake up, I’ll accompany you to the celebratory feast.”

“Alright.” Xue Ying nodded.

Jing Qiu smiled, and a feeling of endless weariness washed over her. As soon as her eyelids dropped, her consciousness rapidly fell, sinking into inexhaustible darkness.

“She just immediately fell asleep as soon as she finished speaking.” Xue Ying took a hold of his wife. A bed appeared beside him, upon which he carefully placed her.

“Sleep well.”

He understood that sleep was the best recovery method in this situation. Jing Qiu’s current soul injury was likely to be relatively serious, with her Demigod body alone allowing her to hold on. However, it also meant that she would have to sleep a lot more afterward.

“I’ll first go deal with some trifling matters.” Xue Ying had just turned around to leave when his expression suddenly changed.

His eyes allowed him to see minute changes in the countless rays of light, in temperature, and so on, while his hearing had also become much sharper.

That allowed him to clearly notice Jing Qiu’s breath rapidly become faint as she was laying on the bed. Such an event was very much outside the norm.

“What’s going on?” He immediately moved to the bed’s side while a thread of his soul force permeated with ease into his wife’s body, where it entered her knowledge sea.

Jing Qiu’s current knowledge sea couldn’t pose the slightest bit of resistance.

Inside the knowledge sea was the hazy image of a soul with Jing Qiu’s appearance—except her eyes were closed, and the soul’s form was illusory. Furthermore, a large portion of her soul’s force was unceasingly dissipating at a very rapid pace.

How could this be happening? For a moment, Xue Ying froze.

Normally, while recuperating, the soul should be simply recovering without obstacle. However, under the same conditions, not only was his wife’s soul not recovering, it was actually dissipating! Furthermore, her soul was simply too weak—so weak that it seemed like it might dissipate altogether at any moment. Just how strong would the soul of a Demigod mage normally be? It didn’t make sense for it would be so illusory.

Not good.

Xue Ying immediately picked up his wife and, without any other care, instantly flew outside of the Star Pagoda.

“Palace Head Chen, Jing Qiu is injured. I’m taking her to Crimson Rock Mountain. You can handle any follow up to the war,” he transmitted.

Hong! Hong! Hong!

After grasping the Extreme Piercing Deity Heart, Xue Ying’s ability to pierce through space had clearly also greatly risen. Nowadays, with a single pierce, he could cross a thousand kilometers! After a few consecutive pierces, in a wink of time, Xue Ying had already arrived at Crimson Rock Mountain, hundreds of thousands of meters underneath the ground. There, Crimson Rock Mountain appeared as a very, very small point, but upon careful inspection, it also seemed endlessly enormous.

From a glance, there also seemed to be a meter-wide dark void surrounding it.

Carrying his wife, Xue Ying quickly entered the dark void, upon which their two bodies suddenly shrunk in size.

“Senior Crimson Rock, bring me inside,” Xue Ying consequently yelled. The area of dark void was already within the radiation range of Crimson Rock Mountain’s Laws and Profound Mysteries.


With his wife in his arms, Xue Ying instantaneously disappeared, having already been shifted into Crimson Rock Mountain.

Back in the Star Pagoda, the originally joyful-beyond-words Palace Head Chen, Mountain Lord He, and the others waited. They had even begun summoning and arranging for people to handle the post-war matters. Although the remnants of the forts and the Sacred Sorcerer Camellia left behind by the Sorcerer God and Great Demonic God had already shattered, they were considered treasures. Over in the Xia Clan capital city, all those Xia Clan Transcendents who found out that the war had been won were emotionally moved and were cheering their hearts out.

Many of them had already rushed over.

However, without warning, Palace Head Chen received a transmission. “Palace Head Chen, Jing Qiu is injured. I’m taking her to Crimson Rock Mountain. You can handle any follow up to the war.” Those words left Palace Head Chen pale from shock.

“Mage Jing Qiu has been injured?” Palace Head Chen cried out in alarm.

“What’s wrong?” To the side, Mountain Lord He, Si Kong Yang, Chao Qing, and the others turned to look at him.

“While controlling the arrays, mage Jing Qiu has surely suffered grave damage to her soul. Xue Ying has already taken her over to Crimson Rock Mountain,” Palace Head Chen anxiously said. “Xue Ying could save the entire Xia Clan; he’ll surely think of some way to cure her wounds. I…I’ll rush over to find the Purple Thunder Emperor. His specialty is in treating wounds, and he’s currently a member of the Bloodshed God Palace. He’ll probably have a solution.”

“En en. There must be a way to save mage Jing Qiu.” Si Kong Yang also nodded.

Xia Clan had just achieved a great victory, and such a happy occasion could only exist through Xue Ying’s efforts. He had practically saved the entire Xia Clan. Naturally, on this matter, they also had to put in all the effort to help.

In truth, the news of the war having been won was naturally going to be transmitted to the Xia Clan’s ancestral Deities. It just so happened they could ask the Purple Thunder Emperor to help.

Crimson Rock Mountain, Crimson Dust Island.

Still carrying his wife, Xue Ying immediately appeared on top of the island. Beside him were now Senior Crimson Rock together with Senior Xi Wei. Just moments later, sou sou, two more figures came over, tunneling through space. They were the second senior disciple, Ge Bai, and the seventh senior disciple, He Fei Yun.

“Senior Crimson Rock, Senior Xi Wei, senior disciples, the damage to my wife’s soul is extremely serious.” Xue Ying’s didn’t even finish speaking, but the nearby Senior Crimson Rock’s brows already furrowed. All of a sudden, the time flow surrounding Jing Qiu’s body’s rapidly slowed down to a crawl.

“First of all, you should place her down,” Crimson Rock said as he simultaneously waved his hand, a recliner appearing beside him. Xue Ying immediately placed his wife on top of it.

Crimson Rock, Senior Xi Wei, the thick-robed youth Ge Bai, and the scarlet-cloaked youth He Fei Yun all stared at her, all of them with brows tightly knit. “How could this happen?” The green-haired lady, Xi Wei, frowned. “Xue Ying, how could your wife accrue such heavy damage to her soul? The last time I saw her, her soul was still very normal—on an ordinary level of power for a Demigod mage. How could it become so weak that it doesn’t even have a tenth of its past power? Her soul is now so illusory, it’s very close to collapsing.”

“What?” Xue Ying was shocked. “Not even a tenth? She has been forcefully controlling the Star Pagoda. In fact, she has been controlling it for nearly six years. I thought that if the damage to her soul became too serious, she would simply fall into a coma, so how is it that her injury…”

The nearby scarlet-cloaked youth nodded in response. “In the case of Demigod mages, when the soul’s power reaches half of the usual, they would become unable to control the arrays any further and fall into a coma. Yet your wife’s injury has actually gotten so serious to where she only now lost consciousness.”

“She was tired, but only after going to sleep of her own accord did she actually lose consciousness,” Xue Ying explained.

“This is the soul we’re talking about—the origin of life,” the nearby Ge Bai added. “Once a wound becomes too serious, even if she did want to stay awake, it should be impossible; she would naturally fall unconscious. That’s a rule of self-preservation. However, your wife’s willpower might be simply too powerful; she could stubbornly resist her soul’s attempt at self-preservation and instead hold up until now. Such willpower truly goes beyond my expectations.”

“She did this to save me. I was still trapped at that point.” Xue Ying gritted his teeth.

“The power of emotion can sometimes bring about miracles.” The thick-robed youth Ge Bai shook his head. “However, with her soul weakened to such a degree, it is already incapable of recovering by itself. Being this weak, her soul has begun dispersing without stop.”

Xue Ying understood that this type of situation was very dangerous. After all, when it came to the dispersion of one’s soul, Transcendents simply had no way to resolve it. That was why he had decided, without the slightest hesitation, to carry his wife over to Crimson Rock Mountain, and request aid of his the two senior disciples and the others.

Xue Ying then implored, “Senior Disciple Ge Bai, Senior Disciple Fei Yun, Senior Xi Wei, Senior Crimson Rock, I beg of you to think of a solution.”


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