LXY Book 13: Chapter 25


Book 13: Chapter 25 – Treatment

The thick-gowned youth, Ge Bai, said in a grave tone, “Junior disciple brother, the soul is the root of one’s life, the most mysterious part of life. You can say that reconstructing the fleshy body is simple, but anything having to do with the soul is much more troublesome. Minor injuries…we might be able fix, but Jing Qiu’s soul has practically been consumed. Only a trace of it remains, and even that has begun dissipating. Under such circumstances, only two ways to save her remain.”

“What are they?” Xue Ying anxiously asked.

“The first… is to invite a powerful existence over! All of them have transcended even that final level. In fact, even someone who has physically perished can be brought back from the river of time by a powerful existence and subsequently revived! As long as a powerful existence is willing to act, it will certainly succeed,” Senior Ge Bai explained. “The second method would be to find some kind of miraculous treasure which can aid the soul in recovering! Any ordinary nourishments for the soul have already become useless considering the state your wife is in. At this stage, nourishment alone is worthless. What you need is some sort of treasure that can reconstruct the soul.”

“Reconstruct the soul?” Xue Ying asked hurriedly.


“As long as there is a strand of soul remaining, it can also rapidly recover.” Ge Bai said, “Usually when the World Deities are battling each other, there are some with extremely venomous methods that can cause the opponent’s True Deity Heart to practically dissipate away. At that moment, there is no way of recovering. One can only find some miraculous treasure to reconstruct the soul, allowing the True Deity Heart to recover. However, such miraculous treasures are extremely precious.”

Xue Ying replied, “I can’t possibly hope to arrange a meeting with a powerful existence, but where can I buy such a miraculous treasure able to reconstruct the soul? What’s the price?”

Powerful existences…

Their methods were unfathomable.

To ask for the aid of a powerful existence to revive an individual, to save someone, or to become their personal disciple… Throughout the Deity World and the Dark Abyss, there were countless people who wished to invite powerful existences for help. After all, a tremendous number of cultivators gathered various regrets over their long lives, while those powerful existences could actually solve some of those regrets of theirs. However, that did not mean powerful existences would so easily give a helping hand to anyone who asked. After all, the cost of going against the natural order of things would certainly not be light.

“They are extremely rare—essentially unpurchasable,” the scarlet-cloaked teenager replied from nearby. “Throughout the vast Deity world, there would be occasions when a single such treasure would be found, but the moment it enters the hands of a powerful existence, it will never surface again. Even stage four World Deities would not necessarily have any of such treasures. As for the price? While practically priceless to those who need them, those who don’t would naturally sell it for a price. But because of its rarity, it is only rarely traded, and in the cases it is up for trade, it will very likely reach a unsurmountable price! On top of that, a seller would be nigh impossible to find in most situations.”

“Such a miraculous treasure which cannot be easily acquired even by stage four World Deities… Dong Bo, neither you, nor we, can possibly afford it.” Ge Bai sighed from the side.

“What can we do then?” Xue Ying was very anxious. Sparing a single glance at Jing Qiu sleeping to his side, he hurriedly continued, “Oh! Is it not possible to completely stop time somewhere within Crimson Rock Mountain, so that Jing Qiu’s damage will not worsen?”

“Dong Bo, such an ability is usually a technique for combat,” Senior Crimson Rock explained. “I’ve never heard of anyone who could stop time for even a period of time. When it comes to eternally stopping time in an area…that is something even powerful existences cannot accomplish. I’ve modified the time flow around Jing Qiu from the very moment she arrived. At about a millionth of that in the external world, it is the slowest I can make it.”

“A millionth of the normal time flow?” Xue Ying felt his heart relaxing a bit.

“Your wife’s situation is very complicated.” The scarlet-cloaked teenager frowned. “She is still a Demigod mage, and even with only a small part of her soul remaining, there should still be some hope for her to hang on for a year and a half. Should the situation get any worse, her soul might even dissipate with a day or two. Naturally, the case I’m discussing is with the time flow is normal. With it slowed down to the millionth part of the normal flow, she should be able to hold on for a million years if she’s lucky, but her soul could collapse within a thousand years otherwise.”

Xue Ying felt his heart tighten. He crouched next to the recliner to gaze at his wife lying on it.

“Jing Qiu,” he muttered.

The war had ended, and he had been very happy at first. By this point, he should have been celebrating together with his wife and all the others.

So how could it end up like this?

“Senior brothers.” Xue Ying looked up. “Senior Xi Wei, Senior Crimson Rock. For the sake of saving Jing Qiu, I am willing to do anything. I can only ask everyone here to help think of a way to help her,” he finished in a low voice. The thick-gowned youth, the scarlet-cloaked young man, Xi Wei, Crimson Rock…all of them inwardly lamented his fate.

“Your combat power is simply too weak. Had you been a grade one True Meaning Transcendent instead, things would have been simpler.” The scarlet-cloaked teenager shook his head. “Since you’re looking for the sole way to solve this issue, you can only resort to asking the Temporal Temple.”

“The Temporal Temple?” Xue Ying was stunned.

Ge Bai nodded accompanied by a sigh. “The Temporal Temple usually observes the many places on the material world, the Deity World, and the Dark Abyss. It doesn’t know what is fatigue and will continue searching for eternity; it is truly the best at finding treasures. If one says that the miraculous treasure of reconstructing the soul is rare, and then who has the most of such treasure? That will certainly be the Temporal Temple. You will have the greatest hope in asking the Temporal Temple.”

“Alright.” Xue Ying nodded.

“This time, however, you might really end up restricted.” Senior Ge Bai and Senior Fei Yun both sent Xue Ying a meaningful look.

While he disliked the idea of being restricted, he found it more than worth the price of being able to save his wife.

“It’s alright. The Temporal Island is still one of the three superpowers of the Deity world, while the Temporal Temple Reincarnators number in the billions. Joining such a organization can’t be a big deal in their eyes,” Xue Ying said.

“I have this talisman on me. Leave it on Jing Qiu’s person at all times.” He Fei Yun took out a black talisman and handed it over. “Using it, the time flow can be maintained at a millionth of the normal time flow even if she leaves Crimson Rock Mountain. However, the talisman can only last three years. My guess is that, once you go finding the Temporal Temple for help, they will send a conscient down to check on Jing Qiu’s situation. You will surely have to bring her out at that point.”

“Mn.” Xue Ying nodded. The Temporal Temple was unable to investigate matters within Crimson Rock Mountain.

“I’ll be taking my leave now.”

Xue Ying placed the talisman on Jing Qiu and gave her a hug.


Senior Crimson Rock then sent him out, back into the Xia Clan world.

In truth, a huge pressure weighed down on Xue Ying after he hugged his wife and left the mountain.

Until that last moment, he had harbored hope that, upon asking for help from Crimson Rock Mountain from his senior brothers, they would be able to find a solution! It was now clear to him that he had greatly underestimated how mysterious the soul truly was.

“The Temporal Temple,” Xue Ying mumbled.

“Xue Ying, we’ve reached the surface directly above Crimson Rock Mountain. Senior Purple Thunder has also arrived.” As soon as he left, Xue Ying immediately received a message from Palace Head Chen, Chao Qing, and Mountain Lord He.

Senior Purple Thunder? Xue Ying held his wife in an embrace.


Extreme Piercing allowed him to quickly reach the surface from that underground space over fifty thousand kilometers deep.

At a certain peaceful prairie, the sun had already set, and the sky was only dimly lit. Several figures were waiting there; they were, of course, Palace Head Chen and the others, as well as a friendly old man in green garb. This man was no other than Emperor Purple Thunder who sent over a World Projection. He entered quite a joyous mood upon hearing of the Xia Clan’s victory and was also made aware of the details of what happened during the war. Hearing about such an apex Transcendent emerging in from within the Xia Clan had left him very startled. Afterward, upon finding out about Jing Qiu’s injuries, he immediately sent a projection down into the world.

Xue Ying appeared at the prairie holding his wife tightly. He recognized Emperor Purple Thunder from a single glance. This ancestor of his seemed to be an ordinary but amiable person, and his temperament was truly extraordinary.

Hua. A recliner appeared on the prairie, and Xue Ying gently placed Jing Qiu down on top of it.

“Dong Bo Xue Ying.” The Purple Thunder Emperor walked over.

“Greetings, Senior Purple Thunder.” Xue Ying immediately bowed.

“There’s no need to be so polite; all of us Deities from the Xia Clan treat each other on equal grounds. After all, the age gap between our generations is not that large, which means there isn’t much meaning in delegating seniors and juniors. You becoming a Deity is a certain thing, so you don’t have to be too polite.” The Purple Thunder Emperor immediately walked over to Jing Qiu’s side to give her a thorough investigation. Using a strand of his force, he was able to scrutinize the details of her soul.

“Such an incredibly slow time flow.” The Purple Thunder Emperor was initially startled, but he then frowned and shook his head. “The injury to her soul has already reached such a level. I thought she would have only lost half of it at the very most. How could it already begin dissipating and be so close to a full collapse? This matter…is not something I have the power to help with. It is very likely that only powerful existences can aid her now.”

As soon as those words left his mouth, Palace Head Chen, Mountain Lord He, Chao Qing, City Lady Bu, Si Kong Yang and the others all began to feel uneasy.

“Senior Purple Thunder, are there really no other ways?” None of them wanted to believe such a thing.

“There aren’t.” The Purple Thunder Emperor shook his head.

Xue Ying did not find the answer strange. After all, he had already asked his two senior disciple brothers to have a look, and they were both World Deities. He immediately said, “Senior Purple Thunder, I’ll have to trouble you with a certain matter.”

“Pray tell,“ the Purple Thunder Emperor urged. Originally, he had wanted to try his best to save Jing Qiu, to the point that he would have even requested his superiors to help her. However, knowing the situation, he understood that there was no hope to be found in that venture.

“My request is for you to help me contact the Temporal Temple. I have no venue of contacting them from the mortal world,” Xue Ying explained. “I have hope that the Temporal Temple will find some way to save my wife. I would pay any price, should they be willing to do so.”

“That is…” The Purple Thunder Emperor was once again startled. “Dong Bo Xue Ying, your innate talent is incredible, and you should be at the very peak when it comes to Transcendents even in the Deity world. Most likely, only those legendary Transcendents able to grasp hold of a grade one True Meaning would be more formidable than you. If you truly do ask them…even if they agree, the Temporal Temple will likely impose very harsh conditions.”

“I understand. I’ll have to trouble you, Senior Purple Thunder, to help me pass on this request,” Xue Ying replied.

“Alright!” The Purple Thunder Emperor gave a slight nod. “Youngster, you truly hold your relationships in very high regard. Don’t worry, I’ll immediately direct your request. However, my abode is very far from the Temporal Temple, so I’ll have to think of a way to get there as well. Most likely, this matter will take a day to settle.”

Many people in the comments section say that is was cliche of Mage Jing Qiu to fall into a coma and for the male lead to struggle to save his wife. Tomato can only say that everyone’s conclusions are wrong. None of the guesses were right. Actually, this storyline had been developed and hinted long ago in the novel. From now on, you all can only watch and learn.


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