LXY Book 13: Chapter 26


Book 13: Chapter 26 – Pulling Up the Roots

The evening wind howled with the darkening of the sky.

On the prairie, Xue Ying stood beside his wife, with the surrounding hundred meters remaining as warm as a spring day.

“Jing Qiu, you’ll definitely recover.” Xue Ying gazed at his wife.

Palace Head Chen and the others who were accompanying him stood silently to the side. They could only inwardly sigh. The moment they won the war, the threat from the Sorcerer God and Great Demonic God was completely destroyed by Xue Ying. Now, however, such a situation descended upon them; Palace Head Chen and the others wanted to help, yet they were helpless.


This night was long. The sun soon rose in the east, meaning the warm rays of sunlight once again began shining across the earth.

Palace Head Chen suddenly walked over to Xue Ying’s side.

“Palace Head Chen?” Xue Ying turned toward Palace Head Chen.

“My true body has already told the news regarding this war to the many descendents of our XIa Clan.” Palace Head Chen said, “The descendents are all feeling extremely excited and happy, though many descendants are truly unpleased with the Temple of the Earth God! Countless members of our Xia Clan have actually greatly believed in the Temple of the Earth God, and according to logic, when facing the invasion by other Deities, they believed that the Temple of the Earth God, which many believed in, would come out and help us. However, during the most crucial moment, the Temple of the Earth God did not do so, and according to Xue Ying’s words, the Temple of the Earth God had most likely made a secret agreement.”

Xue Ying nodded.

“Many descendents of my Xia Clan are truly furious at this, and they all feel that they will not let the Temple of the Earth God continue spreading their religion in our Xia Clan anymore. Since it can’t protect us, then it should scram! There are countless World Deities who wish to spread their religion in our Xia Clan, and with your combat power, you can most likely refine the Realm Heart.” Palace Head Chen said.

Xue Ying lightly nodded.

That was right.

They believed in the Temple of the Earth God for countless of years, contributing a huge amount of belief to them, yet what did they do during this most pivotal moment? Other than the original Xia Clan Demigods who took the initiative to help out, the true Deities from the Temple of the Earth God did not descend at all!

“If the World Deity from the Temple of the Earth God had sent an avatar down, even if only to operate the Star Pagoda, the efficiency would have increased significantly; there would have been no need for Jing Qiu to try so hard.

“Even if they didn’t operate the Star Pagoda to instead teamup with us together, the Sorcerer God and Great Demonic God’s avatars would not have been able to tease us! They would not have been able to trap me in that black flower!” Xue Ying clearly knew who the benefactor of the Temple of the Earth God was and how much stronger his combat power was when compared to the Great Demonic God! He could even suppress them. Even if the Great Demonic God used that black flower, that person from the Temple of the Earth God should easily be able to dodge it.


Everything was a conjecture!

That person from the Temple of the Earth God did not do anything. He let everything happen as it did.

“Then we shall expel them!” Xue Ying’s voice was cold. “They enjoyed the beliefs from countless of our Xia Clan members, and yet, they actually looked on as the Xia Clan faced the danger of extinction!”

“The only point of worry is that the Temple of the Earth God will certainly have a Deity Avatar fleshy body hiding in the world. The moment we act, the Deity Avatar will possibly descend,” Palace Head Chen said.

“No worries. It is useless even if he descends.” Xue Ying said, “Let me handle this matter.”

What a joke.

His Mirage was able to reflect the entire Xia Clan world, allowing him to reflect every single part of it! He could even lightly control the World Energy. As long as one was within the Xia Clan world, the Deity Avatar would not be able to escape from him. Anyone he wanted to kill would be easily annihilated, just like how he had easily destroyed the avatars of the Great Demonic God and Sorcerer God.

“Alright, as long as you, Xue Ying, are confident.” Xue Ying nodded. He was also suppressing his anger. He could no longer watch his clan members continue believing in such a Temple of the Earth God.

Actually, Mountain Lord He, Chao Qing and the others had previously discussed and agreed on this point with even the Xia Clan ancestors. They were merely afraid of the Deity Avatar! Since Xue Ying had given an answer just moments ago, Palace Head Chen began acting.

He passed a letter to every single Transcendent from the Xia Clan! Including those Transcendents from the Temple of the Earth God!

“The Temple of the Earth God has received thirty million years of beliefs from my Xia Clan, and yet the Temple of the Earth God’s magnificent Deity has actually watched as the Sorcerer God and Great Demonic God tried to annihilate our Xia Clan. Such Deities aren’t worth our beliefs!

“All Ancestor Deities and all elders from our Xia Clan have made a decision.

“From today onwards, we will destroy everything related to the Temple of the Earth God!

“The Temple of the Earth God will forever be unable to spread their religion in our Xia Clan.”

This letter was publicized.

It had also announced the start of a new era with regards to the religion. Henceforth, the Temple of the Earth God was dropped from all altars just like the many demon gods, to the extent where their status was lower than even the demon gods! This was because the Xia Clan would hunt down and destroy them.

At the same time…

Many laws were being arranged and imposed.

“Begin announcing how the Temple of the Earth God’s benefactor had actually worked together with the Sorcerer God and Great Demonic God in their desire to exterminate our Xia Clan.

“Especially to those who believe in the Temple of the Earth God. We must make them understand that the Temple of the Earth God has betrayed our Xia Clan!”

“The Dragon Mountain Manor is to act and destroy all the Temple of the Earth God altars and capture every single member from the temple. Those religion fanatics must be captured for eternity!”

The Xia Clan set down a fierce resolution.

The moment the humans garnered a huge amount of hatred for those they previously believed in, the Deities who had been accepting those beliefs would receive a heavy penance. Thus, that stage three World Deity from the Temple of the Earth God could only watch as this happened. He did not dare to step out in public, for he was afraid that he would create more resentment toward him.

Those beliefs in the past would produce a backlash should they turn into resentment.

“Our Xia Clan must let that World Deity existence from the Temple of the Earth God understand that he, who had actually watched our Xia Clan coldly from the side as we faced extermination despite accepting our beliefs, must pay a price.” The Xia Clan Transcendents funnelled all their efforts into this venture. Chao Qing had even personally acted in grabbing those Transcendents who were stubbornly attached to the Temple of the Earth God. Naturally, the majority of the Transcendents from the Temple of the Earth God converted very quickly to the Xia Clan.

Of those who could become Transcendents? How many were actually fanatics? In their hearts, what they practiced and cultivated were still the Laws of the World.

Within the headquarters of the Temple of the Earth God.

Deep underground, there was a sealed room. A mighty and majesty fleshy body was currently sealed here in ice. His body was a full twenty meters long and was bald with an ordinary human face.


A maelstrom suddenly began brewing above the ice-sealed fleshy body, an unfathomable vortex connected to a distant place in the Deity world to be precise. It connected to an ordinary planet located within the Wave Feather Empire, the adobe where a magnificent stage three World Deity, Wo Hao, stayed.

Hua. A humanoid figure came flying out and tunneled into the ice-sealed fleshy body.

Ka ka ka~ At this moment, the ice, which had been frozen for a very long time, started to shatter. That enormous, towering fleshy body slowly stood up, and ordinary-looking clothes materialized on his body. He extended his right hand, causing an axe previously placed in this sealed room to immediately fly into his hand. He repositioned it to rest on his back.

“You actually dare to take away my beliefs in this mortal world and even spread the news that I have betrayed these mortals? Xia Clan, you are truly seeking death!” The World Deity Wo Hai’s eyes were filled with fury. “Let’s see how powerful that apex Transcendent, Dong Bo Xue Ying, truly is.”

World Deity Wo Hai was full of confident. Even though he was merely a Deity Avatar, he felt that his realm was high enough that a little Transcendent would not be able to match him.


World Deity Wo Hai took a step forward before disappearing into nothingness.

On the prairie.

The Xia Clan might have undergone many changes, but the strongest expert, Xue Ying, was still beside his wife on the prairie.

“Jing QIu.” Xue Ying lightly carressed through the hair of his wife.


A familiar undulation descended. This undulation, like before, was vast and majestic, causing Xue Ying to anxiously feel excited. It was the Temporal Temple! The Temporal Temple had descended.

“Dong Bo Xue Ying, who would have thought that you will take the initiative in requesting to join us for the sake of saving your wife. Even though you have rejected us twice, our Temporal Temple will not invite you, but since you took the initiative in requesting to join…our Temporal Temple will naturally not reject,” that majestic and emotionless voice said. The Temporal Temple actually did not forbid anyone from joining it. In the Deity World, after having no further roads to traverse, several Transcendents would rather join the Temporal Temple and be a Reincarnator.

“I wish for you to save my wife,” Xue Ying voiced.


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