LXY Book 13: Chapter 29


Book 13: Chapter 29 – Giving Birth to a Group of Babies

“Thank you, senior. Thank you!” Xue Ying was truly excited. He himself could control a small portion of the World Energy, but for one to avoid probes of World Energy, they must stand above the Laws of the World. This person was quite possibly one of the rumored powerful existences! With such existence beyond any other before him, Xue Ying was rather suspicious as to why this expert would take notice of him and appear here. After all, he was merely an inner disciple of the Sacred Master, Crimson Dust, and even the Temporal Island had already refused to help his wife. He was now quite clear that his innate talent wasn’t high enough to attract powerful existences.

However, regardless of reason or motive, as long as he could save Jing Qiu, Xue Ying would be eternally grateful to him.

“Don’t be in such a hurry to thank me. I must make something clear before you decide on whether you really want to save your wife. Only then will I act,” the white-haired, youthful-faced old man said.

“Please explain, senior,” Xue Ying hurriedly replied.


“First of all, the technique I can employ to save your wife will require you to sacrifice half your soul to your wife,” the old man continued. “I trust you understand by now just how important the soul is. To lose half of it will cause your comprehension ability to greatly decrease, which will affect your future prospects. You must first consider whether you can accept this condition or not.”

“Of course I accept,” Xue Ying agreed without a moment’s thought. “So what if I have to use up half my soul? Having cultivated the Time Immemorial Scripture, my soul is already much stronger than it used to be.”

As soon as he reached the second level of his Time Immemorial Body, his soul was also nourished by the body and strengthened a few times over.

Losing even half of it would not necessarily leave him any weaker than he was in the past.

How could this loss be too much?

“Unless you become a World Deity or comprehend a grade one True Meaning, you will find it truly difficult to regain that half of your soul. That means the time it will take you to become a World Deity will be delayed by tenfold or maybe a hundredfold. There’s even the chance you will fail to become a World Deity,” the white-haired old man with a child’s countenance gazed at Xue Ying. “The road of cultivation is such that to take even a step forward becomes increasingly difficult over time. Meanwhile, you would be losing half of the original source of your soul; have you truly considered your options? You can’t blame me for your choice in the future.”

“This junior clearly understands,” Xue Ying replied.

“That’s good.” The white-haired, youthful-faced old man nodded. “Even so, I can’t simply help you for nothing. In the future, I want your help with completing a task.”

Xue Ying knew quite well that the person before him had an extremely high status—higher than even the status of a stage four World Deity—and was likely to be a powerful existence. And such a person had come over to help him. Of course he would be willing to pay any price for his assistance. The Temporal Temple had already refused his plea by saying that any method to save his wife would come at too high a price, so he had no way but to agree to any request that this old man demanded of him.

“Pray tell, Senior. This Dong Bo Xue Ying would not hesitate even if I had to gamble my life away,” Xue Ying added.

“It won’t be some treacherous or evil matter.” The white-haired old man then waved his hand, and a gold seal, ordinary by any definition, appeared and flew toward Xue Ying. “Take this token. In the future, a person carrying a similar token on their person might come to find you. That will mark the time for you to return the payment.”

“Junior understands.” Xue Ying immediately received the golden seal.

He would repay the grace he’d been given even if it took shattering his own body in the process.

He had been prepared to pay any price from the very beginning, but the Temporal Temple had still refused to give way to his request.

“No need to overthink it, young’un. Your current combat power is still too weak for you to assist me in any way.” The old man laughed. “Once you save your wife, you must cultivate properly. Oh, right; in a thousand years or so, the Bloodshed God Palace will be hosting a grand feast. You should go ahead and participate as well. Through that opportunity, you might even get the chance to become the disciple of a powerful existence. After all, you might be an inner disciple under Crimson Dust, but he has already perished, so he can’t offer you any pointers. You must understand that the biggest difference between honorary disciples, inner disciples, and personal disciples…is the chance to be personally taught by the powerful existence. Such existences are able to transcend the Laws of the World and have grasped hold of the entirety of the Laws of the World. Their help will point you directly to the core and allow your cultivation to improve tremendously.”

Xue Ying did not find it strange that the old man was aware of him being an inner disciple under the Sacred Master, Crimson Dust. He immediately replied, “Am I allowed to take on others as teachers despite having already taken the Sacred Master as one?”

“Certainly—as long as your first teacher agrees. With Crimson Dust having died, he will naturally not decline.” The white-haired, youthful-faced old man smiled.

“Oh.” Xue Ying nodded.

The road of cultivation was not something anyone could casually give pointers for from the sidelines.

However, powerful existences truly transcended the Laws of the World, and their pointers were such that one could only hope for.

“Naturally, this is merely a suggestion which might allow your future path to become smoother and let you to walk further down this road of cultivation. As for what you end up choosing in the end, it is still up to you,” the white-haired, youthful-faced old man clarified. “If you’ve finished preparing, I’ll act now.”

“Please, senior,” said Xue Ying.

The face of this white-haired senior with a child’s countenance turned solemn as he walked over to the side and waved his hand.

A huge crack appeared in between the earth and the heavens.

Hong! Xue Ying could feel the entire mortal world and the World Energy rumble vaguely. There seemed to be some conflicts happening.

This old man was clearly there in the form of a World Projection, so he seemed weak despite the World Energy seemingly being unable to harm even a hair on his head.

He continued waving his hand, and countless golden Deity seals began appearing throughout the sky, all of them dense and dazzling and seemingly carrying some sort of ancient, mystical aura. Xue Ying looked upward and sensed some kind of strength in those seals that was sticking toward the body of that old man. What he did not know…was that the old man was actually reversing the Laws of the World!

Of course, this matter was obstructed by the true body of that old man.

“Remember—you must not resist it. If you do so even for a moment, everything will go to waste!” the old man reminded Xue Ying.

“Yes.” Xue Ying nodded.


Those countless seals gathered to form a huge golden door, which in turn condensed two golden rays. One flew toward Xue Ying’s direction, while the other headed toward the unconscious Jing Qiu.

Once the rays touched both their bodies…

Xue Ying could feel his soul suddenly begin to float. At first, it felt very comfortable, but soon he began to realize that his soul was starting to become weaker. Even so, he could clearly sense his spiritual energy move along the golden ray and toward the door before finally turning into some sort of mystical strength which entered his wife’s body.

The old man simply directed the process with a solemn expression.

This lasted for a total of half an hour.

The reverse flow of the Laws of the World had also been obstructed by the true body of the old man for that half an hour.

He then immediately roared, “Mend!”

By that point, the golden door had soundlessly dissipated into nothingness without leaving a trace behind.

The feeling of Xue Ying’s soul floating away also disappeared as he returned to normal.

“Alright, this matter is now finished. I’ll be taking my leave now.” The white-haired old man pointed toward Jing Qiu, causing the time acceleration seal placed on her body to land on the ground next to her. “Brat, don’t forget your promise.”

“Senior, rest easy,” Xue Ying began, but then he could not help but ask, “When will my wife wake up?”

“Very soon.” The old man replied as his figure began to disappear.


With that, he completely dissipated from the world.

On that mountain peak atop the Snowrock Mountain, only Xue Ying and his wife now remained.

“Jing Qiu.” Xue Ying immediately went over to his wife’s side, squatting there to carefully observe her face. He couldn’t help but be nervous as he waited.

Would she wake up?

Was that old man perhaps just making a fool out of him? Or was he planning something sinister?

Would Jing Qiu wake up or not?

While his intuition told him that an existence of that level would not stoop so low as to make a fool out of him, Xue Ying’s concern for his wife left him in a state of confusion. He gazed at Jing Qiu with a perturbed expression; he was so anxious that his heart began beating erratically.

Wake up. Please, wake up quickly. Xue Ying could only look forward to that moment. Losing half of his original soul so abruptly left Xue Ying absent-minded.

Jing Qiu simply lay on the ground, in deep sleep, with a peaceful expression on her face. Her skin glittered like white jade, and her entire body remained as beautiful as ever.

All of a sudden, her eyelashes moved, followed by her eyes slowly opening.

Seeing the eyes of his wife…

“Xue Ying?” Jing Qiu was relatively perplexed. “This…what is…”

Xue Ying was so excited that he let out a hearty laugh. At that moment, he felt like color had returned to his world. Even the white clouds in the distant sky left a warm feeling in his heart. The slightly dirty snow from being stepped by others somehow seemed like it contained the fragrance of the earth. The sight of Jing Qiu waking up left his entire world feeling completely different.

Jing Qiu extended her hand to wipe the tears off of her husband’s face. “You’re crying and laughing again.”

“It’s no big deal. What, am I not allowed to be happy?” Xue Ying hugged Jing Qiu tightly.

“How come I did not die? I remember…” Jing Qiu was still in a daze.

“Die? What are you talking about? Did you not say you’d have a group of babies with me?!”


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