LXY Book 13: Chapter 3


Book 13: Chapter 3 – Confrontation

“The eighteen of you, go and control a Battleship C9 each. Test this Blood Creeping Flower,” the gold-robed Sorcerer God commanded.


The eighteen new Deities all respectfully acknowledged his command.

Being a World Deity, the Sorcerer God had quite a lot of power. He could easily find these eighteen Demigods within his own scope of influence, all of whom were able to break through to become a Deity at the same time. These eighteen cultivators were more than happy to serve the magnificent Sorcerer God since, after all, they would merely become one of the billions of mediocre Deities in the Deity world upon ascending.


But if they were to contribute something great, their statuses would not be the same.

Sou sou sou!

Very soon, many Battleship C9’s came flying out from above the huge black fortress. Every single one of them was being controlled by a first stage Deity expert.

“A Battleship C9 should be something ordinary peak Deities can’t even afford, right?” The eighteen of them were truly excited as they immediately began investigating the many arrays situated within the battleship, trying their best to unleashing more of its power.

“Come, let’s go and have fun with this Blood Creeping Flower.”

“It’s just a plant life form, yet it wishes to fight with us?”

The eighteen Deities were truly confident.

Even though they were very ordinary in the Deity world, they could be considered as apex predators in the mortal worlds.

Not only the Sorcerer God, the Great Demonic God and those inside Star Pagoda like Xue Ying and the rest were all currently viewing this spectacle.

Within the Star Pagoda.

“Mountain Lord He.” Even though Xue YIng was focused on observing the happenings outside, he still came over to Mountain Lord He’s quarters and walked with him inside the Star Pagoda. “There’s a matter which I will have to trouble you for.”

“Xue Ying, go ahead and tell me,” Mountain Lord He replied. At this moment, he felt anxious to contribute a little of his strength for the Xia Clan. After seeing the huge castle in front of them and the many Battleship C9’s…he could already feel the pressure.

“The greatest reliance we have for this war is this Star Pagoda.” Xue Ying said, “This is a Level 12 Star Pagoda, and it can control the surrounding space, isolating it into another world! In this world, every single action of ours will be able to garner more strength, and the side of the Sorcerer God will be suppressed. Their combat power will drop drastically, whereas our combat power will increase tremendously. Other than this, the Star Pagoda has formed a stable world membrane. This membrane is truly tough, and the Sorcerer God and the rest will not be able to break through it.”

Mountain Lord He was in overjoyed after hearing this. “Xue Ying, do you mean the Sorcerer God and the others are unable to rush out of this Star Pagoda territory?”

“Mn.” Xue Ying nodded. “They are trapped here and can’t exit.”

“Then shouldn’t we will assuredly win?” Mountain Lord He was truly elated.

As long as they could trap the enemies for a long period of time…

Would that not mean their victory?

“Any sort of war weapon will consume a huge amount of energy.” Xue Ying shook his head. “The Level 12 Star Pagoda consumes an even more terrifying amount of energy. If we do not have anyone who is good with arrays controlling it, the Star Pagoda will operate extravagantly; a year will require the usage of two hundred thousand Deity crystals.”

“Two…two hundred thousand Deity crystals?” Mountain Lord He was startled.

Xue Ying felt helpless. “To trap the Sorcerer God and the others and still create an absolutely favorable situation, how could it be that easy? I’ve placed six hundred thousand Deity crystals within the Star Pagoda, but if we were to use it extravagantly, we could only maintain it for three years at most.”

“Xue Ying, you are here to find me…” Mountain Lord He realized, “to control the Star Pagoda?”

“There are many arrays within the Star Pagoda, and its operation is truly complex.” Xue Ying said, “It is a thousand, no a thousand times more complex than the Battleship D9! If you could comprehend part of the arrays, allowing us to use the Deity crystals more efficiently, then we can reduce the amount of consumption. One year will only require a hundred fifty thousand Deity crystals at most, maybe even less!”

Mountain Lord He nodded.

He understood this point.

Like the Battleship D9, it would require a single Deity crystal for every single powerful attack when controlled by the Demigods of the Xia Clan. But if a powerful Deity was controlling it, then a Deity crystal’s strength could fire more than a thousand times! A thousand times difference… meant that more than 99% of the amount of energy was being wasted when controlled poorly.

The Star Pagoda was clearly more complex.

The energy consumption was even greater. The Deity energy from eighteen Deities was not enough, and it required an exorbitant amount of Deity crystals to maintain it!

“Jing Qiu has been researching on these arrays for eight hundred years in Crimson Rock Mountain,” Xue Ying explained. “Furthermore, her innate talent was always very high. At this moment, she is quite apt in controlling the Star Pagoda. It’s just that the demand on one’s spirit is huge when controlling the arrays. It is exceedingly more taxing than even unleashing the power of a top grade Deity rank blood-refined Deity warrior. Jing Qiu is unable to control the Star Pagoda forever, so I’ve come with hopes that you could take turns with Jing Qiu.”

“Alright.” Mountain Lord He laughed. “Mage Jing Qiu’s innate talent is truly high. Your generation—Eternal Wind, you, Mage Jing Qiu, Yuan Qing—all have great innate talents. Maybe the Will of the World also understood that our Xia Clan would be facing a huge trial and decided to help out our clan by allowing our Xia Clan to see so many geniuses emerging.”

Xue Ying laughed. “Maybe that’s the case. Mountain Lord He, I still have to ask you to quickly research on the Star Pagoda. This is your room; you can control it from over here.”

Within a cultivation room.

After entering it, Mountain Lord He could clearly feel the operation of the entire Star Pagoda. Upon using World Energy, he soon discovered the countless arrays being operated within the Star Pagoda.

It was truly too complex.

The vast and mighty Deity energy ran rampant within. Many arrays had been forcibly activated by using Deity energy, and countless energy was being wasted. But there was no choice; regardless of whether it was Jing Qiu or Mountain Lord He, their realm was too low and could only reduce the consumption slightly. Even if a peak Deity expert was here, only a select few could completely operate this Star Pagoda. By then, the amount of energy consumption would be reduced a hundredfold, with only two thousand Deity crystals being used every single year.

Unfortunately, no such existence was present.


Xue Ying took a step, piercing through the space before arriving at the hall his wife was located at.

Jing Qiu was currently seated cross-legged and controlling the Star Pagoda. On Crimson Dust Island, she had already been pondering over the Star Pagoda operation for over five hundred years! The second senior disciple brother, Ge Bai, had even taught her several times, increasing the capability of Jing Qiu in controlling it. Thus, when controlling the Star Pagoda, Jing Qiu was the most formidable. Using all her effort, the Star Pagoda would only require a hundred twenty thousand Deity crystals every year.

Xue Ying’s request for Mountain Lord He was not that high. First, he should reach a hundred fifty thousand Deity crystals every year and begin reducing it slowly thereafter…

The longer the Star Pagoda could be maintained, the greater the chance of victory for their side.


Xue Ying’s vision permeated through the Star Pagoda toward the world outside.

On the vast and empty desert.

The enormous Blood Creeping Flower, black-colored and swaying, had already started fighting with the eighteen Battleship C9s.


Countless raindrops started condensing in mid-air, on the verge of attacking the Blood Creeping Flower.

A dazzling, illusory large sword was fiercely hacking away at the Blood Creeping Flower.

Countless strands of white silk formed a net, entangling the Blood Creeping Flower.

The eighteen Deity world battleships were located far above in the sky. They were not getting close to the Blood Creeping Flower at all; they were attacking from afar.

The Blood Creeping Flower remained incomparably rampant. Every single sway of its vines would induce a huge surge of energy from the world. With the Star Pagoda aiding it, its combat power had increased tremendously and especially so when the pitch-black unique war weapon was equipped to its body, causing it to be even more pleased. It was clearly at the middle stage of the Deity realm, yet under the aid of those two factors, it was able to unleash the power of a late stage Deity.

The combat strength of the battleships was being suppressed by the Star Pagoda, causing them to be even weaker than a single brandish by a vine.

“Master, their speed is truly too fast; I can’t catch them at all.” The Blood Creeping Flower felt anxious and decided to communicate with Xue Ying mentally.

Within the Star Pagoda.

“Xue Ying, these Deity world battleships can’t cope with the Blood Creeping Flower, but neither can the Blood Creeping Flower touch them,” Palace Head Chen observed.

“Mn.” Xue Ying nodded. “The Blood Creeping Flower is indeed weaker in terms of speed.”

“Xue Man, go on and attack the fortress,” Xue Ying ordered.

“Yes, master.” Blood Creeping Flower immediately revealed a trace of excitement.

Xue Ying looked at that huge fortress from afar. He was thinking that in order to destroy that spatial passage, he had to first destroy that fortress!

Let’s see how strong this fortress is, Xue Ying thought.

“The situation is not good.” The Sorcerer God and Great Demonic God both looked through the fortress wall to view the battle occurring. The Sorcerer God said, “The Battleship C9’s are suppressed by the Star Pagoda and can barely reach the prowess of a late stage Deity. As for the Blood Creeping Flower, it is able to truly reach the late stage Deity realm. Furthermore, with its huge body and countless vines…the eighteen battleships cannot touch the Blood Creeping Flower at all.”

“This little strength isn’t enough. Bring more strength out and force Dong Bo Xue Ying’s killing move into play. For him to be able to bring out the Level 12 Star Pagoda, he must have surely prepared some other offensive methods in destroying our fortress. This Blood Creeping Flower’s strength is not bad, but its realm is truly too low and cannot threaten us at all.”

“Right.” The Sorcerer God nodded.

Both sides were on alert.

Xue Ying, the Sorcerer God, and the Great Demonic God were all trying to get a feel of their opponent’s methods. This war was truly too important to them.


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