LXY Book 13: Chapter 4


Book 13: Chapter 4 – Apex Transcendent

Deep in the castle, the spatial passage rippled.


A figure walked out of the spatial passage—a male with a silver mask hiding his face. Standing there alone, a terrifying aura could be felt emitting from him, causing the surrounding space to start collapsing slightly. Even though he knew this to be the territory of both the Sorcerer God and the Great Demonic God, he did not restrain his aura at all.

“Elder You Ping, the Sorcerer God and the Great Demonic God are waiting for you ahead. Please follow me,” a tall, sturdy Demigod respectfully directed.


“Mn,” The male with a silver mask coldly replied.

Under the lead of that Demigod, he soon arrived at a palace hall, where both the gold-robed Sorcerer God’s avatar and the Great Demonic God’s flame-covered avatar were.

“Greetings Sorcerer God, Great Demonic God,” the silver-masked male respectfully greeted before straightening.

“Elder You Ping.” The Sorcerer God smiled.

“It seems, Sorcerer God, that you have met with some trouble and have to finally sign an oath with me,” the silver-masked male coldly stated.

The oath had just been signed.

If not for the trouble, the Sorcerer God would not invite Elder You Ping to act.

“Indeed, there’s trouble. Your opponent is that Dong Bo Xue Ying.” The Sorcerer God began describing the situation to him. Elder You Ping, though, remained cold and aloof as he looked outside. The eyes underneath his mask did not show the slightest change. He looked outside the wall at the desert—at that tall and towering Star Pagoda—before mentally starting to form some plans.

“Alright, I understand. Just leave this Dong Bo Xue Ying to me. I’ll kill him.” You Ping coldly said, “Give me some time. Let me open my Deity Sea first.”

“Anytime.” The Sorcerer God smiled.

You Ping turned around and walked off.

Both the Sorcerer God and the Great Demonic God silently observed the outside world.

“That brat is truly insolent,” the Great Demonic God said.

“He grasps a grade two Deity Heart, has even created a secret skill, and is received as a personal disciple by the Qi Lan Monarch. If not I had not used a total of 1.5 million Deity crystals and a Battleship B9 to invite him over, he would have long become a Deity. For the sake of the agreement, I’ve delayed him for close to a hundred years.” The Sorcerer God smiled. “I’ve heard that he has even learned a World Deity rank secret technique! He is now precisely at his most impressive, so how could he not be overbearing?”

Creating his own secret skill represented the fact that he was an apex Transcendent. Usually, such Transcendents would have the qualifications to be received as a personal disciple by some powerful existences.

After all, a ‘Transcendent with grade one True Meaning’ was truly too rare, and any appearance of one would be someone the powerful existences would try to snatch away. Those who were fast would get them, and those who were slow would return empty-handed.

“The Qi Lan Monarch isn’t a powerful existence either, and he has actually casually handed a World Deity rank secret technique to his disciple?” The Great Demonic God was startled.

Learning a World Deity rank secret technique himself and receiving an inheritance of the World Deity rank secret technique were two different things. Powerful existences were very strict in their control over World Deity rank secret techniques. Even World Deities had a hard time in trying to learn any single World Deity rank secret technique.

The Sacred Master Crimson Dust was a so-called powerful existence, and he had only a total of eighteen World Deity rank secret technique inheritances.

But Monarch Qi Lan was not a powerful existence…for him to be able to send an inheritance down, that meant he had become quite formidable already.

“For one to occupy a huge territory in the Deity world and to build an empire himself, how could he be someone we can compare to?” The Sorcerer God shook his head.

“But still, Sorcerer God, your information is quite good to be able to get such a Demigod.” The Great Demonic God praised, “To grasp hold of two grade two Deity Hearts is a really rare occurrence. And for one to create his own secret skill…most likely, such a person cannot be found easily even in an entire starfield, much less someone who grasps hold of two grade two Deity Hearts and has yet to become a Deity. Such an individual can hardly be found even across hundreds, possible a thousand starfields.”

“Luck.” Sorcerer God laughed. The apex Transcendent he wanted to find was precisely of such unique prowess.

Hua hua hua~

In the space above the desert…

An enormous oceanic illusion began blurring into existence. This oceanic illusion encompassed a huge territory and was significantly vaster than the previous few; it had almost surged out to cover the entire Star Pagoda’s isolated area.

“This is…”

Xue Ying’s pupil contracted.

“Opening a Deity Sea, such a big Deity Sea at that.” Xue Ying felt slightly pressured.

“Close to five thousand square kilometers?” Palace Head Chen cried out in alarm. “I’ve heard that the higher the realm of the Transcendent, the bigger the Deity Sea. Right now, that person ascending to Deity-hood has a combat power that is absolutely beyond any ordinary Deity.”

City Lady Bu frowned. “Has the Sorcerer God and the Great Demonic God actually invited some powerful Transcendent from the Deity world over to become a Deity?”

Even if one was more formidable, any outsiders who became a Deity would be suppressed by the Will of the World and could not refine the world.

But if the enemy was too strong, it would be difficult handling him.

“Let’s see before speaking,” Xue Ying decided. No wonder Senior Ge Bai and Senior Fei Yun had told him that there were no certainties in war.

The eighteen azure battleships stopped tangling themselves with the Blood Creeping Flower and returned back to the castle.

At this moment, another battleship came flying out.

It was a dazzling fiery-red battleship and was similarly a thousand meters long. The battleship had two Deity world seals imprinted on it. At the moment it flew out, an endless burning aura surged from it, causing the surrounding space to start distorting. Flames flared from its surface. At this moment, it was more dazzling than the sun in the sky by a hundred—no—a thousand times.

Any ordinary Transcendent looking over could only see a ball of flame covering the battleship and could not see the seals imprinted on the battleship.

Xue Ying had the Time Immemorial Body and could clearly see with his naked eyes this battleship.

“Battleship B9?” Xue Ying frowned.

In the Deity world, the most frequent classifications of the battleships were separated into grades A, B, C or D.

A1, A2, A3…up to A9! Battleships in this order represented how big they were. Battleship A1 was an ultra huge battleship that could cover the sky and was even bigger than ordinary planets. A2, A3…would decrease in size, all the way to A9 which was the smallest—just at a length of a thousand meters. Being small had an advantage, though—just a single powerful Deity could control it easily.

A Battleship A1 required an ultra big army to control it!


B1 to B9, C1 to C9, D1 to D9.

Battleship D9’s might be ranked the lowest and the smallest Deity world battleship, but under the exploitation by the Temporal Temple, the ancestral Deities of the Xia Clan had a hard time even sending this down.

“A Battleship B9 has a lot of firepower. I truly do not know who is the one driving it. Is it the person who just became a Deity?” Xue Ying thought of that Deity Sea illusion, which spanned a full five thousand square kilometers, and knew that something was amiss. In the history of the Xia Clan, there had never been such a terrifying Deity emerging before.

Within the Battleship B9 currently blazing with dazzling flames, the silver-masked male was eyeing everything outside with a cold veneer.

“Mortal world?” He sneered.

He was an apex Transcendent who had just become a Deity and was also a personal disciple of the Qi Lan Monarch. How could he place such a world in his eyes?

“One ugly swaying plant life form that has a low realm.” Elder You Ping coldly looked at the huge Blood Creeping Flower, which was currently swaying outside and occupying an area of five thousand kilometers in range. He approached closer. “It will not last a single hit. Die for me!”

This Battleship B9 flew forward at high speed.


It disappeared from sight.

“Mn? Where is it? Where?” The Blood Creeping Flower was startled, as it could not locate the enemy.

“Xue Man, he is already getting closer to you.” Xue Ying immediately transmitted a message via their spirit. He had borrowed on the Star Pagoda’s strength in order to discover traces of that Battleship B9. Even though the Star Pagoda was being operated by Jing Qiu and Mountain Lord He, this Star Pagoda was one that Xue Ying had refined personally, and the two could only operate it after Xue Ying permitted them to do so.

After all, Xue Ying had to be vigilant. Even though he trusted Mountain Lord He, who knew if he was a traitor or not? One must always be wary of another person’s motive, especially when this relate to the entire destiny of the Xia Clan.

“Idiot, haven’t you found out where I am?”

The Battleship B9 suddenly appeared, appearing right in front of the Blood Creeping Flower as a cold voice reverberated through the air.

Closely following which—


Underneath the Battleship B9, a huge array materialized. From this array, countless dazzling flames erupted; its flaring brightness prevented one from being able to look at it directly for a period of time. That region of more than five thousand kilometers in range transformed into a sea of fire. The entire Blood Creeping Flower was enveloped. This sea of fire had a power that could cause the surrounding grit to transform into streams of particles, and soon enough, the particles were also starting to dissipate.

Not just the real world, even the Mirage was being distorted under this flame.

The terrifying temperature was truly horrific.

“Master, the temperature of the flames is too high, and it is enormously impactful. I am being suppressed on land,” the Blood Creeping Flower admitted helplessly.

Xue Ying was also watching this scene from within the Star Pagoda.

The Sorcerer God and the Great Demonic God’s undisclosed card was indeed much greater than what he expected. Excluding the contribution of the battleship’s innate power, for such a powerful force to be released via Battleship B9 required an operator who was extremely familiar with the arrays.

Fortunately, Xue Man has a Deity warrior protecting it, allowing it to survive. Xue Ying mused, It seems that I’ll have to act.


Taking a step, he disappeared, leaving the Star Pagoda and appearing above the desert in the external world.


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