LXY Book 13: Chapter 5


Book 13: Chapter 5 – Xue Ying’s Initial Display of Strength

“It’s Xue Ying!”

Everyone within the Star Pagoda, be it Palace Head Chen, Faction Head Si Kong Yang, Chi Qiu Bai, Grand Elder Palace Head or any of the others, were all watching in shock. They had all clearly witnessed the Battleship B9’s previous show of power. Even the Blood Creeping Flower, which had initially seemed able to destroy the heaven and annihilate the earth, had been wholly suppressed in a face-off.

“Why did Dong Bo leave just like that? Does he plan on fighting bare-handed?”

“How can it be possible that he has no war weapons?”


The Transcendents of the Xia Clan were all worried; the opposite side was using a battleship.

“He finally came out.” From inside the towering castle, the Great Demonic God and Sorcerer God watched the white-robed teenager’s figure appear above the desert. The scene of him stepping on thin air as his robes fluttered made him seem as if he was just on a casual stroll.

“He has yet to become a Deity,” the Sorcerer God voiced. “I don’t feel any Deity aura about him.”

“He’s actually forgoing the use of external weapons and just rushing out like this?” The Great Demonic God was similarly astonished. “Does he actually plan on relying on his strength alone to match the might of the battleship straight-on?”

“Perhaps there are treasures he has not yet taken out,” the Sorcerer God judged.

Both of them scrutinized Xue Ying’s every action. To them, he was the only real obstacle that existed in the war.

Xue Ying stepped on the air, moving toward the Battleship B9 at a quick pace. Other than the Star Pagoda, the enemy’s fortress was also a treasure which prevented space undulations from appearing in the surroundings, so as to deter anyone from teleporting.

Once he reached a distance of a few dozen kilometers from the ship, Xue Ying stopped.

“Dong Bo Xue Ying,” a cold voice reverberated throughout the surroundings. “What is this? Do you really think you can defeat me in this state?”

“Cut the rubbish, lackey of the Sorcerer God and the Great Demonic God,” Xue Ying hollered back from his position.

“I am no lackey. In fact, those two spent quite a lot of effort to invite me over. Who would have thought that you, a mere Transcendent, would actually be so overbearing. It seems to me that I’ll be earning some easy Deity crystals this time around.” Elder You Ping stared back from within the Battleship B9. Beneath his silver mask, his eyes shone with a glitter of unhappiness. For Xue Ying to be so arrogant, it truly meant he was seeking his own death. Even then, it would just make it easier on him, so he did not mind.

“They’ve invited you over?” Xue Ying stood there in mid-air. It was not wonder now that he could unleash the Battleship B9 to such an extent. He seemed to be, indeed, an extraordinary expert.

Hong. The Battleship B9 suddenly drew an arc through the air on its way to Xue Ying.

Xue Ying’s eyebrows creased. The battleship had moved very fast, far faster than he could! This was one of the benefits using a war weapon would confer.


A black spear suddenly materialized in Xue Ying’s right hand, its spearhead faintly glowing gold. Holding the spear in a single hand, he intercepted the incoming ship.

“Die!” Elder You Ping growled from within the battleship.


Another huge array image formed underneath the Battleship B9, which emitted a similar dazzling flame. This flare was accompanied by an aura of destruction, which swept across the surroundings alongside it and enveloped a full five hundred kilometers around Xue Ying’s position! When used against the Blood Creeping Flower, this attack had been spread over five thousand kilometers, but now, it was focused on just five hundred kilometers. It was easy to see that the person operating the Battleship B9 had reached a high standard of ability in controlling arrays.

The terrifyingly destructive conflagration came rushing over.

Xue Ying’s figure immediately turned illusory as he entered the Mirage.

Chi chi chi~ The whole surrounding area was being incinerated. A shockwave followed the blazing temperature, the remnants of which leaked into the Mirage and even caused it to distort.

All the while, Xue Ying calmly watched all of this happen from inside the Mirage. The flame, which had breached the Mirage, had a mere one percent of the original’s strength, and it was of absolutely no threat to him with his Time Immemorial Body! Forget the Mirage, even if he had been attacked in the real world, this array strike at the peak of the Deity realm would have still merely injured him even if he received it from a close range. That was how sturdy his Time Immemorial Body was, despite it having only been trained to the first level.

In the Mirage, such an attack was nothing more than a joke to him.

The flames soon dissipated.

Xue Ying’s figure reappeared in the real world, his white robe as clean as ever with not a single speck of dust or dirt tarnishing it.

“Eh?” Inside the Battleship B9, Elder You Ping’s expression paled. From what I’ve heard, he specializes in the True Meanings of Extreme Piercing, Mirage and Star alone. Even if he did hide inside the Mirage, was he really able to withstand the attack using solely his body?

It might’ve been a single percent of a peak Deity’s power, but could it really be so easily taken by a Transcendent?

Time to switch to a different array then. Elder You Ping sneered.

The different Laws of Profound Mysteries would, of course, have varying efficiency when it came to passing into the Mirage.

For instance, a complete Space path would be able to transmit 100% of its power into the Mirage.

God Thunderfire, on the other hand, was a purely offensive explosion which integrated no Laws of Profound Mysteries, so not even a percent of its power could pass freely into the Mirage. Only the core of the explosion, about a hundred meters in diameter,could forcibly breach into the Mirage, while any mention of threat outside that region could be discarded. Its supposed power was incredible, but since it did not contain any Laws of Profound Mysteries, it could be considered a joke.

Was it not true that, if their realm wasn’t enough, one could not even feel the Mirage? How could they then attack someone inside.

But any Battleship B9 was essentially covered in arrays, with each array possessing a different type of offensive Profound Mysteries and thus posing a different threat to the Mirage.


An unseen ripple spread out of the Battleship B9, radiating outward in every direction. Every area the unseen ripple passed through, dust and dirt in the air visibly shattered into nothingness.

Xue Ying’s figure turned illusory and entered the Mirage, and soon after, he simply left it, remaining uninjured. After the unseen ripple crossed into the Mirage, only thirty to forty percent of its original strength was left. Xue Ying’s figure was covered by a layer condensed through a True Meaning, sturdy like the vast earth and slowly revolving over his fleshy body. This layer served to shave off another half of the incoming attack. The final bit that struck his Time Immemorial body was therefore of absolutely no consequence.

By using a domain to extend his senses, he was able to estimate the strength of the incoming ripple. Had it posed any threat, he would not have been so brazen as to try taking it with his body.

This small amount of strength would clearly not be enough.

“What!” Back inside the Battleship B9, Elder You Ping watched Xue Ying’s figure turn illusory and corporeal again and could not help but be startled. “This still had no effect?”

Even with his own true body, he would not necessarily dare to say he could survive that attack head-on.

This invisible ripple simply carried too much destruction force focused on the fleshy body, yet this Transcendent easily take it.

How could he know, however, that Xue Ying had cultivated the World Deity rank secret technique with the best survivability in the entire Crimson Rock Mountain—the Time Immemorial Scriptures.

Terrifying destructive flames, sinister rippling waves, enormous arrays intertwining—together, they sent over a hundred fire dragons to attack Xue Ying.

Each of the four attacks had its own strengths and weaknesses.

Xue Ying remained standing in mid-air. His body would turn illusory occasionally, at other times becoming corporeal again. But no matter what, the attacks did not even hurt a single strand of his hair! In truth, with the exception of the unseen ripple which could ignore all material defenses and thus could be considered slightly dangerous, the other three types of attacks actually had absolutely no effect on him.

But…this is…he could actually withstand them all? Still inside the battleship, Elder You Ping couldn’t believe his eyes. He had personally selected the Battleship B9 back when he had to decide on a request as his down payment. This was exactly why he decided to delay becoming a Deity and wait for close to a hundred years before making his breakthrough. The arrays within the Battleship B9 were a very good fit for the two grade two Deity Heart he had, which was exactly why despite being suppressed by the Star Pagoda, the battleship could still unleash peak Deity realm power!

In spite of all that, the Transcendent in front of his eyes had easily blocked all of those attacks.

There was no way for him to know that the body of this Transcendent in front of his eyes was truly domineering. Its strength allowed him to easily pinch an ordinary Deity to death, and his defense and survivability were even more heaven-shattering. On top of that, he could become one with the Mirage and also had True Meaning secret skills that were defensive in nature. Any hope at killing Xue Ying would be nothing more than a pipe dream for Elder You Ping. Even Senior Ge Bai and Senior He Fei Yu were of the opinion that it was nigh impossible to kill Xue Ying in the mortal world.

“This, this Transcendent…”

The Sorcerer God and the Great Demonic God were greatly shocked.

Such defensive ability was frightening to behold.

“He must have cultivated some World Deity rank secret technique focused on survivability,” the Sorcerer God concluded.

A Transcendent who cultivated World Deity rank secret techniques could even overwhelm Deities, despite not being in that realm.


“He’s already too strong.”

“Practically unparalleled.”

“Xue Ying…when did he become so powerful?”

Previously disconcerted, the Xia Clan Transcendents were now excited beyond words. Their happiness reached such an extent that Palace Head Chen and the others were all flushed red. They saw Xue Ying, one of their Xia Clan, stroll around as if in a park with his body turning sometimes illusory and other times corporeal and all of those attacks affecting him like wind and drizzle would—not a single strand of his hair being hurt; such absolute disregard was something any Xia Clan Transcendent would feel pride and excitement for.

Xue Ying’s combat power was much stronger than they had ever imagined! Clearly, the strongest Transcendent in the history of the Xia Clan had been reborn in Crimson Rock Mountain and was now revealing some of the dazzle he possessed.

“If this is all you’ve got, I suggest you leave and scram as far as possible.” Xue Ying completely disregarded the Battleship B9 and immediately stepped through the void toward the fortress. After all, the battleship could not hurt him, but Xue Ying also knew had had no way of harming the enemy hiding inside it. In truth, other than offensive ability, what was more important about such a battleship was its ability to flee and the survivability it provided.

“Damn it!” An angry growl resounded as a figure exited the Battleship B9. The silver-masked man waved his hand to store the battleship.

“You came out?” Xue Ying turned toward him.

“The attacks of the battleship are limited to those few arrays,” Elder You Ping coldly retorted. “They can’t display all of my combat power. Dong Bo Xue Ying, listen closely: I am You Ping, the personal disciple of the Qi Lan Emperor from the Deity world! Don’t die without knowing who killed you.”

“The personal disciple of the Qi Lan Emperor? That’s a big name you’re throwing around. A pity, though, that in battle, you can only depend on your personal strength.”


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