LXY Book 13: Chapter 7


Book 13: Chapter 7 – Escape to the Deity World

The hearts of the Xia Clan Transcendents watching the battle from within the Star Pagoda clenched. Unable to hear the distant exchange between Elder You Ping and Xue Ying, the most they could see was Xue Ying being blasted into the desert. When he came out, he seemed to have been wounded.”

“He was able to wound Xue Ying?”

“Could it be that he will lose?”

Every single one of them was anxious, but they simply could not interfere in a battle of this level. Not even the the Sorcerer God or Great Demonic God could, in spite of their extremely high cultivation. Under the plane’s unseen suppression, the aid of someone with the mere strength of a Demigod would be limited.


“Having managed to block one of my strikes, you now qualify to be my opponent.” Under the silver mask, Elder You Ping’s eyes shone with madness. He had already decided that this Xue Ying before him was a genuinely great enemy. “Receive my move.”


Elder You Ping immediately disappeared without a trace. His body escaped through a ripple and almost instantly reappeared in front of Xue Ying. An expanse of white then spread between the heavens and earth, followed by an incomparably berserk attack manifested through a sword light.

“Die.” Even then, Xue Ying did not block and instead instantly thrust his spear toward his opponent. Inside that vast expanse of whiteness, a scene of stars appeared, expanding and meteorically collapsing.

Xue Ying had dared to directly block the knife using his body alone, but Elder You Ping wouldn’t be so brazen as to take the incoming spear!

After all, Xue Ying’s Great Chaotic True Force made it so that each and every one of his moves had the power of a late stage Deity. Together with the aid provided by the Star Pagoda’s self-created world, as well as his secret skill, Star Meteor Annihilation, the spear in fact nearly reached the power of a peak stage Deity. The Laws and Profound Mysteries contained by the attack were also frightening.

Elder You Ping clearly understood…that he would certainly die if he were to block this sort of attack directly with his body! After all, the World Deity grade secret technique that he cultivated was focused on offense and lacked severely in defense.

Dang. Elder You Ping’s dagger suddenly changed moves to intercept Xue Ying’s spear.

Upon the collision of these weapons, shockwaves spread in every and all directions. Nothing within a range of a kilometer remained standing, and even a few earth and rocks in the underground were crushed into particles to then turn into nothingness.

Dang Dang Dang!

The weapons unceasingly collided.

Both sides were fighting to the best of their ability.

Elder You Ping displayed his knife technique to its fullest. He might have not held any significant advantage over Xue Ying in most aspects, but when it came to speed, he had an overwhelming edge. Be it his secret skill or his secret technique, they all exceeded in the aspect of speed. This allowed him to very quickly switch between moves—strike after strike, continuous and without pause. While Xue Ying’s spear technique was also quite fast, it was clearly suppressed.

The only thing he could do was trade strikes again and again, even giving up on protecting his body to force his opponent on the defense.

Even then, after both sides exchanged tens of moves, a strike would occasionally land on their bodies.

Hong long long~

Over the course of the battle between both sides, Xue Ying would be hit with a cut every now and then, and every time he would be sent into an explosive retreat to withdraw underground. Elder You Ping would then continue chasing Xue Ying with his astonishing speed at a rate faster than Xue Ying’s own retreat. This made it so that he could never quite catch a break from this Elder You Ping.

Stepping out from underneath the ground, they were once again above the surface.

From a glance, one could only see an explosive wave streak across the vast sky, drilling underground only to return back to the surface. That wave contained precisely Elder You Ping and Xue Ying as they fought.

The Xia Clan Transcendents all watched in rapt attention, yet they simply could not see the situation with any degree of clarity.

With their exceedingly high cultivation bases, the Sorcerer God and Great Demonic God were both well aware of the state of the battle as they watched from a distance. Even Elder You Ping’s unpredictable evasion technique, which allowed him to disappear then once again appear, wasn’t much of a secret in their eyes. After all, to have been able to become a stage one World Deity meant that the Sorcerer God had condensed a grade one Deity Heart. Meanwhile, the Great Demonic God had an even higher cultivation than him.

If his original body had been able to descend, he could have extinguished Xue Ying’s life with a wave of his hand.

Alas, these were the laws! This was the material world, and the laws served to protect the mortals. The Deity World and the Dark Abyss were vast enough worlds for those powerful existences.

“What do you think?” the Sorcerer God inquired. “Can You Ping win?”

“He has the upper hand! At the moment, Xue Ying must rely on his body and forego any real defense to force any attacks.” The Great Demonic God continued, “My assumption is that Xue Ying is piling up another injury every time he gets attacked. Once the number of wounds accumulates too high, with the accumulated small injuries becoming a large injury, those wounds might even end his life. This battle might have to continue for a day or two before Xue Ying dies.”

The Sorcerer God softly nodded.

When two powerful Deities from the Deity world fought, they could hope to kill the other party only after fighting without break for several days. Such things happened very often. Those who had more formidable survival skills would be even harder to kill. This was so true, in fact, that there had once been a few formidable World Deities besieged by an enormous legion of Deities who had to stubbornly attack them for more than a year before managing to kill them.

Before long, the fighting had already lasted for over an hour.

Xue Ying was hit often, so blood had accumulated at the corners of his mouth, causing him to appear wounded.

In truth, this was merely caused by the vibrations of his internal organs, which he took advantage of to spit out blood so as to look wounded. In reality…he had received no real injuries!

This level of speed…it really is formidable, Xue Ying silently exclaimed. This Elder You Ping’s secret skill should be focused on speed, and his World Deity grade secret skill should also lean more towards the aspect of speed. Through them, his speed can actually reach this level. With him moving so fast, he can completely suppress my attacks. It seems I have to reach the Deity Heart level of my Extreme Piercing as quick as possible, or else the speed disparity will simply become too large.

His Extreme Piercing was normally not bad when it came to speed, but his cultivation wasn’t up to par since he had yet to reach the Deity Heart stage.

On top of that, of the two World Deity grade secret techniques he cultivated, one focused on physical defense, and the other, the Great Chaotic True Force, was centred on absolute strength.

That meant he would be completely suppressed when it came to speed.

In any case, I should finish this.

Xue Ying’s bitter fight over the course of an hour was meant as a way to temper his spear skills. After all, life-or-death opponents were hard to find. Xue Ying had now gotten used to his opponent’s to-and-fro fighting style, and continuing this fight would not be of any further help for his spear technique.

“Let’s finish this!”

Xue Ying’s Great Chaotic True Force immediately flowed into the his Blood-Drinking spear and started to infuse the blood-refined Deity weapon.


Indeed, Xue Ying had yet to infuse the Blood-Drinking Spear up to that point in the fight, merely using it as an ordinary weapon instead. Without that infusion, no Deity treasure could display its strength. Even then, the Great Chaotic True Force skyrocketed Xue Ying’s strength to the late stage Deity realm, and with the aid of the Star Pagoda together with his secret skill, he could easily display power similar to a peak Deity’s.

But once he infused the Blood Drinking Spear, his every move and technique would explosively increase in might, be it in terms of power, speed, or any other aspect. The downside was that he would have not managed to temper his skill any.

Xue Ying had very quickly discovered that his opponent couldn’t threaten his life, so it was only natural that he played it a little slower. This would also serve to confuse the Sorcerer God and the Great Demonic God.

“You can die now!”


The Blood-Drinking Spear suddenly waved and swept over at an angle so sharp that even the handle bent. For an instant, the surroundings displayed a dark star slowly rotating, after which the strike’s power suddenly increased. Having suddenly swept from close range, it sent Elder You Ping, who was just moments ago happily attacking, suddenly into a greatly alarmed state. He could sense some sort of threat that might spell his death. He waved his knife to block the attack head-on.


Secret Skill——Chaotic Crush!

This was Xue Ying’s first display of this secret skill, and this skill was also the one he had spent the most time on after learning the Great Chaotic True Force. It only served one purpose—to completely favor strength; to crush any obstacle through sheer might!

The infused Blood-Drinking Spear immediately brought Xue Ying’s strength to the peak of the Deity realm, and the use of the Great Chaotic Crush secret skill raised his power even higher.


Elder You Ping’s knife was immediately whipped back into his chest by the spear handle, and the terrible power which accompanied it as it spun was transmitted into his body, which immediately began to disintegrate. He was forcefully launched flying into the earth below him. The earth boomed, and the surroundings began to unceasingly shatter, turning into countless streams of particles that flowed toward nothingness. These streams looked like boiled congee.

I, I’ve almost… Elder You Ping’s disintegrated body instantly healed, and he exposed a look of fear and shock. He stared at the distant white-clothed youth in alarm. Did I just almost die?

With that single strike from just a moment ago, his body’s remaining life force was diminished by 70%!

Even this result could only be possible since he had a high quality Deity rank armor protecting him. In fact, if the power of Xue Ying’s move had been just a little stronger, he might have been crushed and killed in one move! Evidently his body was relatively frail.

I have to leave! Elder You Ping no longer dared to fight.

Without the slightest hesitation, along the rejection of the mortal world toward him…


In just an instant, he disappeared without a trace. He had disappeared from the Xia Clan world, as well as from the material world.

Where’d he go? Still in mid-air, Xue Ying was somewhat dazed as he looked at the gigantic hole in the distance. How was it that Elder You Ping could suddenly disappear in such a way that even the Star Pagoda was incapable of finding him? Could he have some kind of formidable stealth technique that even the Star Pagoda couldn’t see through? Shouldn’t that be impossible?

“Eh?” The faraway Sorcerer God and Great Demonic God were also in a light daze.

“Damn it! He left! He escaped into the Deity world!” The Sorcerer God was the first to react and couldn’t help but furiously roar, “Trash. He’s utter trash!”


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