LXY Book 13: Chapter 8


Book 13: Chapter 8 – I’ll Deal With Him

Vast and boundless—these were the two words that best describes the Deity World.

Countless planets decorated the starry sky, and somewhere within that sky, a silvery-masked man suddenly appeared. He was none other than the same Elder You Ping who had just been forced out of the material world.

Did I just almost die in a little mortal world? Elder You Ping’s lingering fear surged all at once. He did not dare believe the previous events to be real. Even with the Star Pagoda suppressing me, and its world energy helping Dong Bo Xue Ying, he was still clearly not even a Deity! He should not have grasped hold of a grade two Deity Heart yet, which means there was still a huge gap between my realm and his. He should not have been in a position to nearly kill me.

He had even displayed his secret skill blade technique to intercept the attack. In fact, not only did his blade block the attack, his top grade Deity armor had shaved off even more of the impact. Despite this, the result was that he still almost died in a single strike.


I feel like his spear technique might not be any weaker than my blade technique, Elder You Ping thought. That was despite his secret skill having been created on the foundation of a grade two Deity Heart. As for Xue Ying’s spear technique…he had created it using a foundation of just the peak of the stage three realm, yet their secret skills were comparable. Clearly, Xue Ying was the more formidable one in terms of creating secret skills.

The vast Deity world, the Dark Abyss, and the material world truly contain many formidable Transcendents. Elder You Ping sighed. It’s no wonder that my current innate talent is not quite enough to attract any powerful existences into accepting me as their disciple.

With the exception of the sacred master, Crimson Dust, back when he was willing to accept most Transcendents as disciples…most powerful existences were, in reality, too high and mighty and would at most accept three to five personal disciples! Even those who would accept eighteen inner disciples could be considered generous.

Powerful existences were very picky when it came to choosing disciples.

After all…the less talented would at most become stage one or two World Deities, which was useless to the powerful existences themselves.

That was why the sacred master, Crimson Dust, had a truly good reputation with those of lower status. It was quite a pity that he ended up dying.

I have to continue cultivating. There are, indeed, many people with greater talent than I have. Elder You Ping suffered from a huge mental impact. He waved his hand to take out his Battleship B9 and then entered it. Even though I could not get the 1.5 million Deity crystals, I’m quite fortunate to have earned this Battleship B9. Not that great of a loss, I would say.


This battleship soon tunneled through a pitch black crack in the vast starry sky, disappearing from its original location.

Elder You Ping might have signed an agreement with the Sorcerer God, but that did not mean he would fight to the death. Such an agreement still favored him most. After all, You Ping could have actually become a Deity a hundred years ago, yet he had delayed it for the sake of the war. The Sorcerer God had sent the Battleship B9 from the beginning so as to coerce him to wait for that hundred years. Even if he was not needed in battle, the battleship would have still been handed to him for free!

The agreement stated that should he lose after going out to fight, he would not receive any other benefits, but if he won, he would get an additional 1.5 million Deity crystals!

No matter if he was to lose or win, Elder You Ping would clearly not be losing out. There was no way he would place his life on a platter and hand it to the Sorcerer God. After all, they were merely business partners in this venture.

In the Xia Clan world.

With the towering Star Pagoda illuminating the desert, Xue Ying simply stood there thoroughly searching his surroundings.

Impossible. With the Star Pagoda illuminating this isolated world, You Ping should not have been able to avoid detection. Unless… Xue Ying thought for a moment before arriving at a certain suspicion. Has he escaped to the Deity world?

Xue Ying could not think of any other possibilities; this was the only one.

Anyone who became Deity in the mortal world would suffer from the repulsion of the entire material world. If they followed the feeling of repulsion, they could easily leave for the Deity world! Of course, one could still delay for as many as ten thousand years before being forcibly sent off by the mortal world.

I used my finishing move, yet he still escaped? Xue Ying pondered. It’s still alright though. Having left, he will at least not be an obstacle anymore. This You Ping was still quite close to me in terms of combat power. Only with the help of the Star Pagoda could I suppress him.

With the aid of the Star Pagoda…

Xue Ying’s overall combat power increased by 50%, while Elder You Ping’s combat power was suppressed by 50%! Together, they added up to three times the difference.

Taking into account Xue Ying’s already superior strength and You Ping’s superior speed, with the added difference in strength increased by three times, he had been able to explode with such a formidable attack! Naturally, You Ping was very formidable in terms of his speed, making it so Xue Ying could hardly ward him off, but the Time Immemorial body allowed him to directly take his attacks.

“Where is that Deity assassin?”

“How could he disappear? Is anyone able to find him?”

“Xue Ying won?”

The many Transcendents of the Xia Clan discussed this matter within the Star Pagoda, to which Xue Ying smiled. Having refined the entire Star Pagoda, he was naturally aware of every single movement happening within.

Xue Ying’s voice reverberated throughout the hall of the Star Pagoda. “If I am not mistaken, the Deity assassin must have fled to the Deity world.”

“He escaped?”

“He fled to the Deity world?”

Palace Head Chen, Si Kong Yang, City Lady Bu, and Chi Qiu Bai were all elated.

Xue Ying had already searched for a moment before determining that You Ping had escaped to the Deity world. He then decided to stop his search and continue heading toward the pitch-black fortress instead. His eyes flickered with coldness. Since I’ve already begun to act, there’s no point in wasting any more time. I must take this opportunity to destroy that fortress! I’d like to see if the Sorcerer God and Great Demonic God have any more formidable tactics outside of inviting such a formidable Deity.


He flew off at high speed.

Back inside the pitch-black fortress, the Sorcerer God and Great Demonic God felt distressed.

“Damn it! That personal disciple of the Qi Lan Monarch is truly useless! Even him, a genius Transcendent who created his own secret skill and is already a Deity equipped with top grade Deity weapon and armor…still fled after fighting a losing battle?” Sorcerer God gritted his teeth. “He’s worthless!”

“What do we do now? How should we block off Dong Bo Xue Ying?” growled the flame-covered avatar of Great Demonic God. “We both have significantly higher comprehensions than his, but after being suppressed by the Laws of the material world, our strength is limited to the Demigod realm at most! That Dong Bo Xue Ying’s spear technique’s power has reached the peak of the Deity realm! The gap is truly too big, while our chance of success is truly too low.”

Xue Ying’s spear technique could turn them into ashes just by lightly touching them.

Meanwhile, their attacks would be useless against him!

“What can we even do? Dong Bo Xue Ying’s combat power is much higher than we originally expected. He, a Transcendent, can actually unleash the power of a peak Deity!” The Sorcerer God shook his head. “Even with the Star Pagoda helping him, that is, nonetheless, just too much.”

How could they know, though, that when the Great Chaotic True Force and the blood-refined Deity warrior were used together to form the 《Chaotic Suppression》, his power still reached the peak of Deity realm even without the Star Pagoda’s assistance. With the aid of the Star Pagoda, its prowess had become even greater.

“I wouldn’t need much; even with the power of a middle stage Deity, I could still easily kill him,” the Great Demonic God Avatar growled.

“This is the material world, not the Deity world or the Dark Abyss!” The Sorcerer God shook his head.

“He’s here,” the Great Demonic God Avatar bellowed. He could see the distant Xue Ying rushing over in their direction.

“Are you going, or should I fight him?” the Great Demonic God Avatar asked.

“I’ll handle him,” replied the Sorcerer God. “I’ll try using my hex poison. Who knows, it might just be effective. Great Demonic God, you should think of a way to deal with this Dong Bo Xue Ying in the meanwhile. You’ve lived for a longer period of time and should have witnessed more strange methods of combat after living in the Dark Abyss. If we are to fail now, our losses will be astronomical. We must find a way to defeat him.”

To have encountered a peak Transcendent on some mortal world who unleashed attacks at the peak Deity realm, who had a truly high level spear technique, and who could even bring out a 12 level Star Pagoda…the Sorcerer God and Great Demonic God truly had no words for such a thing.

“Alright. I’ll go ask some friends of mine.” The Great Demonic God nodded. “Try to delay him for as long as possible. Maybe those friends of mine will know of some way to deal with this Transcendent.”

“Rest assured. It won’t be so easy for him to defeat me. Who knows, my hex poison might even manage to kill him.” The Sorcerer God sneered, turned around, and left the fortress.

Making his way toward the pitch-black fortress, Xue Ying had crossed more than twenty-five thousand kilometers in the blink of an eye. The fortress was gradually grew in size in his vision when he suddenly revealed a frown. He saw a passage opening up at the top of that fortress, from which a stream of particles flew out from to head toward him at top speed.


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