LXY Book 14: Chapter 1


Book 14: Chapter 1 – Earth, Fire, Water, Wind

Xue Ying excitedly hugged his wife. On the other hand, Jing Qiu was filled with doubt; however, she sensed Xue Ying’s excitement and decided to not ask anything else, hugging him back.

It was only after a while that the two separated.

Jing Qiu stood up to inspect her surroundings, “Snowrock Castle? Why did you bring me here? Right; Xue Ying, shouldn’t you be telling me how I recovered? I thought my soul had already…”

“Even though you understood how heavy your injuries were…” Xue Ying shook his head. “You actually didn’t tell me anything!”


“You were more important; the continued existence of the Xia Clan was more important.” Jing Qiu smiled.

“You’re really…” Xue Ying understood how his wife thought, so he just moved on. “In truth, your injury was so bad that there was simply no way for us to save you. I brought you over to our home, to the Snowrock Castle, to gaze at it. I was also thinking of bringing you around Crimson Rock Mountain after that. Perhaps, with the slowed flow of time, there would have been chance for you to survive.”

“How was I able to recover then?” Jing Qiu inquired. “On top of that, I actually feel so much better than I used to! My soul now feels very rich and powerful, so much more than it was before I was injured.”

“Fortunately, a powerful senior has come over to help out,” Xue Ying explained. “This expert’s combat power was so high, I could hardly even imagine what realm he was at. He should have been a stage four World Deity at the very least or, quite possibly, a powerful existence.”

Jing Qiu was shocked.

She, a small Transcendent mage, was actually able to induce such a person to help her?

“Alright, alright, let’s not waste any more time here.” Xue Ying smiled. “Right now, Palace Head Chen and the others are still worried over the two of us, and we have yet to carry out the celebratory feast. Let’s quickly hurry over to the Infernal Palace and continue with the celebrations.”

“Mn.” Jing Qiu lightly nodded. She was very happy to have survived. After all, she didn’t have a death wish.

At the Xia Capital of the Infernal World.

“This matter is truly affecting Xue Ying a lot,” Palace Head Chen said. He stood together with Si Kong Yang outside a certain courtyard. “No matter what, we can’t let Xue Ying sink down any further. He has to fix this state he is in! Our best bet is still to find his loved ones, his parents and little brother, and have them accompany him so as to ensure he recovers.”

“Mn.” Si Kong Yang shook his head. “It was truly an unexpected event. Who would have thought such a thing could happen so soon after we won the war.”

Soon, five people came running out from within the courtyard. They were none other than Dong Bo Lie, Mo Yang Yu, Qing Shi and his wife, and Zong Ling.

“Palace Head Chen, Faction Head Si Kong Yang, you should have just directly entered instead of sending a message announcing your arrival,” Dong Bo Lie excitedly said.

Palace Head Chen and Si Kong Yang could only feel guilt at the sight of that.

The Xia Clan had not suffered too many losses during the war. While Chi Qiu Bai had died, his loss had been a fact ever since he had first fallen into the wrong path; no one else could be blamed for such an outcome. Meanwhile, Xue Ying had fought so hard to overcome this desperate crisis, yet in the end, his wife… Knowledge of that made it hard for Palace Head Chen and Si Kong Yang to just barge into their courtyard like they owned the place. Instead, they chose to just politely wait outside.

“There’s a matter with which must trouble you, Dong Bo Lie, your wife, as well as little friend Qing Shi,” Palace Head Chen said.

“Please tell us, Palace Head,” Dong Bo Lie began. “We’ll certainly do our best to carry it out.”

“Alright…” Palace Head Chen was just about to begin explaining when…

“Brother!” Qing Shi joyously shouted. “Sister-in-law!”

Palace Head Chen and Si Kong Yang turned around and stared dumbfounded at the two figures who had appeared not too far away and were now flying side by side like an immortal couple. Of course, the two were none other than Xue Ying and Jing Qiu.

Palace Head Chen blinked once in astonishment and then gave his eyes another rub.

“Stop rubbing them. Your eyes aren’t deceiving you.” Si Kong Yang was just as shocked. “Mage Jing Qiu really is fine now.”

“Palace Head Chen.” Xue Ying and Jing Qiu came flying over from the distance. “Jing Qiu has just recovered. I thought you guys might be worried for us, so we did not loiter any longer and immediately rushed over here, to the Xia Capital. You can all rest easy now; Jing Qiu is fine…so you can go on with hosting the celebratory feast. It has been delayed for far too long.”

“Good, good. Very good.” Palace Head Chen nodded his head repeatedly, yet he could not help but ask, “How did she get well?”

“Luck.” Xue Ying smiled, forgoing any further explanation.

This matter might have involved a powerful existence, so it was better not to spread it about.

“It’s good. As long as she’s fine, it’s all good.” Si Kong Yang laughed out loud. “Preparations for the celebratory feast have long since been finished. It shall begin as soon as afternoon comes!”

The reason they had been delaying was that, during the war, Xue Ying had been so badly impacted despite being the one who contributed the most. How could they ask him to partake in the feast? Neither dared to open their mouth on this matter! They had originally decided to delay anywhere from ten days to half a month before finally hosting the feast.

“Xue Ying, what is he talking about?” Mo Yang Yu quietly asked.

“Jing Qiu has been injured quite heavily during the war, but she is well now.” Xue Ying laughed. “Mother, you should also go prepare yourself. We will be joining the celebratory feast this afternoon. Haha, with this war now won, our Xia Clan will never face any calamities again in the future.”

Despite his having lost half his soul, his three Deity Hearts had imprinted on each other. Once he improved the foundation of his Mirage Deity Heart by just another step, Xue Ying was fully confident he could refine the Realm Heart.

The huge celebratory feast hosted within the Xia Capital soon begun. Other than the many Transcendents who had gathered within the Infernal Palace, countless other people from throughout the Xia Capital, including the Legend rankers and even many weak mortals, had all come to take part in the jubilation! It truly was livelier than any other event throughout the entire history of the Xia Clan.

“From this day onward, our Xia Clan will be different,” Palace Head Chen proclaimed everyone at the feast. “Be it the Sorcerer God, the Great Demonic God, or the Temple of the Earth God, they’ve all been chased away! Never again will the Xia Clan World, home of our Xia Clan, be the target of any machinations from those outsiders. Xue Ying is the most capable Transcendent in the entire history of our Xia Clan, and it won’t be long until he refines the Realm Heart. By then, the Xia Clan world will be as secure as a city protected by a wall of solid metal and surrounded by a moat of boiling water! No longer will the Xia Clan face calamity!”

“We’ll never face calamity again!”

“No more mortal threats!”

The many Transcendents vigorously shouted out in excitement as they raised their wine glasses.

The number of people within the Xia Clan who had been looking forward to this very moment was uncountable… Generation after generation, they would face threats, be it the occasional invasion of a demon army, the retaliation of the Beast Clan, Reincarnators from the Temporal Temple coming over to make a massacre, or invasions of outsiders. There had even been huge wars over faith. Regardless, entire rivers of fresh Xia Clan blood would flow every time such an event occurred!

But now, they could put matters like this in their past! Once the Realm Heart was refined, there would be nobody who would dare threaten the Xia Clan.

The celebratory feast truly marked a joyous occasion.

Glass of wine in hand, Mountain Lord He went over to Xue Ying’s side and muttered to him, “Xue Ying, it won’t be long until you become the one to forever control the entire Xia Clan. All of us feel that you should be building your own empire to rule over—you would be its eternal emperor.”

“There’s no need for that,” Xue Ying promptly declined. “I’ve never enjoyed such things. In the future, there will never be a need for emperors. We can just let the elders of our Xia Clan manage affairs.”

“Mn.” Mountain Lord He nodded.

In truth, building an empire or not building one would not really make a difference. After all, as the territory lord of a mortal world, with Xue Ying’s unparalleled status, he could forcibly control the entire Xia Clan using his power.

The feast continued for a day and a night. Soon, daylight broke on the second day of celebration. At that point, Xue Ying brought his wife away. The Transcendents were truly so happy that they turned somewhat crazy in his eyes.


His wife’s hand in his, Xue Ying crossed over five thousand kilometers in a single penetration. They very quickly arrived back at the Snowrock Castle.

“This place is truly lively.” Xue Ying laughed. The two of them descended onto the peak of the mountain.

“Let’s walk around this place for a bit before we return to the castle,” Jing Qiu said.

“Alright, we’ll do as you say.” Xue Ying nodded.

Jing Qiu smiled. “What should we do in the future?”

“We’ll have to focus on making those babies first, what else?” Xue Ying teased. “After that, once your comprehension reaches a deep enough level, you should cultivate an avatar technique so we can go explore the vast Deity world together. After all, this place we’re in is just one of the many billions of mortal worlds.”

“You say a bunch of babies,” Jing Qiu curled her lips and continued, “and I have no objection to that…but can you do it?”

“What do you mean, ‘can I do it?’” Xue Ying stared back at his wife. “With my Time Immemorial Body…”

“It’s precisely that Time Immemorial Body that I’m talking about. With your bloodline being so powerful, we’ll find it truly difficult to have so many offspring…” Jing Qiu covered her mouth.

“Then we can take it slowly. After all, we have nothing now, but time.” Xue Ying chuckled.

The two, husband and wife, continued chatting as they walked along the many mountain peaks of the Snowrock Mountain. They strolled around, enjoying the scenery.

Xue Ying’s current mood was terribly good.

He had already experienced the celebratory feast, but it still felt rather illusory and hard to believe. Not long passed since his heart had been aching so bad that even death seemed preferable, but, as it went, there would be flowers giving off light at the end of the darkest hour—everything was now fine! Xue Ying looked toward the distant clouds, thinking of how white and fuzzy they were. He watched light being emitted by the sun, so soft and comfortable. He looked at the vegetation all around him and thought of how full of vibrant life it all was.

Everything was so beautiful!

“Mn?” Xue Ying caught a glimpse of a random clump of grass and examined the dewdrops on every single blade.

It absorbs nutrients from the earth, and water nourishes it. Wind spreads the aura of life. The sun’s light gives it energy. Xue Ying could clearly see this process unfold before his eyes. The wind’s aura was inhaled by the grass, and it absorbed the endless sunlight…

Xue Ying looked all around.

There were spirals of smoke rising up from a faraway village, yet his vision let him see through all the haziness and gave him a clear view of an old couple cooking porridge over a fire.

The wind was all around; the wood burned to emit light and heat. The heat served to cook the porridge. Afterwards, the wood became ashes and returned to the earth.

The world, so it really is… Xue Ying looked up toward the sky and saw a bird rushing downward, before landing on duckweed by the lake. There, it lowered its head and began drinking from the lake.

The many birds all absorbed sunlight; their bodies all took in the wind. The endless vegetation and all of the birds were fed by the earth and nourished by the water just like now…

Earth, Fire, Water, and Wind…

Xue Ying mumbled to himself, “Earth, Fire, Water, and Wind. I’ve been always searching—searching for the aura of life! Alongside the aura of life, Earth, Fire, Water, Wind—all of them are flow in a cycle. Together, they shape the Myriad Existences of the world.”

“Earth, Fire, Water, and Wind; they truly are the four frontmost origins of the world. They support one another to move in a cycle. Alongside the aura of life, Earth, Fire, Water, and Wind are all able to endlessly cycle…that is what we call a world!”

Xue Ying overlooked the vast world as it stretched out before him. There were countless Laws circulating in it, and everything he could see felt like a mesmerizing painting.


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