LXY Book 14: Chapter 14


Book 14: Chapter 14 – Five Hundred Years

“I’m going to be a father?” Xue Ying felt slightly dazed. The type of feeling he was experiencing was truly mystical; he had lived for many years and experienced so much, but finding out that he would become a father still left him in a state of vertigo. He wasn’t even able to restrain the ecstasy filling his heart. He looked at Jing Qiu and said, “We’ve tried for so many years, and we’ve finally succeeded. I had even begun considering that, as my strength gets higher, it would become even less probably that we would eventually have offspring. But the heavens are truly favoring me. They truly have eyes.”

Jing Qiu smiled back sweetly; she had also been waiting for this moment for too long. Back then, when Xue Ying was still suffering from the hex poison, it simply couldn’t be helped since his body’s every particle had been permeated by the poison. It was only normal that he couldn’t have a child. But after Xue Ying got rid of the poison, the two of them, husband and wife, had always been looking forward to having their own child. If one were to also count the time spent under time acceleration within Crimson Rock Mountain, it had been more than a thousand years already.

It truly was difficult! However, once a nice surprise finally arrived, it was actually followed by another.

“Jing Qiu, quickly take to resting. From now and until the children are born, you should not spend energy on studying spells,” Xue Ying hurriedly continued.


“Alright, alright. I understand,” Jing Qiu replied with a beaming smile.

Xue Ying began focusing a lot of his effort on his yet-to-be-born children, to the point that he even temporarily slowed down his speed of cultivation and specifically sought out Crimson Rock and his two World Deity senior disciples to ask them about treasures that pregnant women could take that would be helpful for his unborn offspring.

Ge Bai, He Fei Yun, Xi Wei, Crimson Rock, and all the rest were happy and amazed at the same time, and they all went over to congratulate Xue Ying. After all, the stronger one was, the more difficult it would be to leave a heir behind.

It must be stated that, after Xue Ying’s true body became a World Deity, he also proceeded to cultivate it to the fourth layer of the Time Immemorial Body. If even before Xue Ying had found it very difficult to have children, now that his body had continued to improve, it was only normal that a bloodline as strong as that would lower the probability even further. Unexpectedly, however, he had still succeeded. No matter how low the chances were, they still existed. There had even been powerful existences throughout history who could leave behind heirs.

Those two little rascals will be quite formidable. With my Time Immemorial Body now at the fourth layer, just how formidable will their bloodline be once they are born? Xue Ying inwardly thought as he accompanied his wife, Jing Qiu, whose belly was gradually growing. Only he and Crimson Rock knew that he had become a World Deity and that his cultivation of the Time Immemorial Body had reached the fourth layer.

After close to ten months of pregnancy.

On a certain day, Jing Qiu was somewhere inside a building with all doors and windows closed.

Xue Ying was downstairs, sitting on a chair to the side of the room. He was accompanied by his younger brother, Qing Shi.

“Bro, look at you being so anxious. Is this really the great emperor Dong Bo that I’m looking at?” Qing Shi teased him from aside.

“Ai, I can’t settle my heart. I’ve been waiting to have a child for almost a thousand years.” Xue Ying glanced at his little brother. “How could I be like you? Those younger generations of our Dong Bo family have long since passed ten thousand in numbers, but they’re all from your side of the family.”

Qing Shi replied, “With my sons giving birth to my grandsons, them giving birth to my great grandsons, with these endless generations growing larger as time goes on, of course my side of the family would be larger.”

Xue Ying only smiled in response.

His vision darted all around the room as he silently waited. With his wife being a Demigod mage, having a child would prove effortless.

Wa, wa~

Wa, wa, wa~

Two crying voices began to sound one after another, rising and falling in succession as if they were competing on which could be louder.

Xue Ying suddenly got up. “They’re born.”

Very soon, Jing Qiu came out of the room, holding up a well bundled-up child in each hand.

Shua, shua.

Xue Ying and Qing Shi both rushed to the hallway upstairs.

“Let me see them.” Xue Ying reached his hands out.

“Be careful.” Jing Qiu passed over the two children.

“Sister-in-law, there’s no need to worry. This big brother of mine is a Realm Lord! He could hold these two children up without even using his hands.” The nearby Qing Shi could not help but tease when he saw the couple act so nervous.

“You can shut up,” Xue Ying turned his head to berate his brother. He then embraced his two children while carefully examining them.

The two of them slowly opened their eyes, looking muddle-headed at the world all around, and simultaneously vegan crying at the top of their lungs.

In their eyes, everything the world contained was new and odd; be it the sky, the house, or these few adults nearby—they had no knowledge of any of them. After all, despite their innate bloodlines being extraordinary or the auras they emitted also being very much outside the norm, they still had to undergo a growth process. They had just now been born and were still like a sheet of white paper: incomparably simple.

“Little Yu, Little Qing Yao,” Xue Ying called out. These were the names that he and his wife had chosen; the boy’s name would be Dong Bo Yu, and the girl’s Dong Bo Qing Yao.

Next to him, Jing Qiu reached out to touch the soft, tender skin covering the faces of these children. This caused the two children to cry even harder.

After the children came upon the earth, many of Xue Ying’s good friends from the Xia Clan came over to express congratulations. Amongst them were people like Mountain Lord He, Si Kong Yang, Palace Head Chen, City Lord Bu, the Sea Deity Palace Head, Chao Qing, Gong Yu, and various other. By now, many of them were actually nearing the end of their lifespans. The Xia Clan now entered a prosperous era and would never again face danger. Thus, despite Mountain Lord He and Palace Head Chen nearing their limits, they were still very happy to have at last witnessed the birth of Xue Ying’s two children.

The days after that were marked with both suffering and happiness for Xue Ying.

“Haha, hahaha…”

A pants-less child on bare feet stood on a cliff of Snowrock Mountain, peeing directly downward. His stream dropped from the sky to land on a farmland far below, and even hit the body of a villager more than a half a kilometer away with great accuracy!

“Tiny ancestor, you’re causing trouble again.” The white fog ape condensed right next to him to block him from continuing his action.

“Big white, big white,” the child called out.

“Dong Bo Yu!”

An angry voice sounded out, followed by the white-clothed Xue Ying suddenly appearing out of nowhere. Such was the life of having a Realm Lord father…he could naturally appear anywhere and at any time!

The child immediately stopped peeing and turned his head to send a blank look toward Xue Ying.

“Do you understand that you were wrong?” Xue Ying was somewhat angry at his child’s behaviour. At the same time, he said, “White fog, go and give that villager some money.”

“Yes, master,” the white fog ape answered with reverence.

Xue Ying then turned back to stare at his son, who was merely nine months old.

The boy’s two sparkling black eyes stared straight at Xue Ying with a big smile, showing his deep naivety.

“I’m asking you: do you understand that what you did was wrong?” Xue Ying furiously repeated.

“I know, I know… I was wrong,” the child cleverly replied.

Xue Ying was so maddened that he was at a loss as to how to respond. This brat was always randomly making trouble. Just a while ago, he had even intentionally peed on himself. He was simply turning the heavens; trying to control him seemed fruitless.

“Dong Bo Xue Ying.” Jing Qiu suddenly joined them. “Don’t scare the child. Think about how old he is: he’s still only nine months old! Even if you try to instruct him now, he won’t understand. It’s better than you just guide him as best you can while taking your time. Ah, just forget it. I’ll take him with me. You just go ahead and practice your spear technique or whatnot.”

Xue Ying was helpless to reply in any way.

Both son and daughter grew up gradually. In fact, they were actually developing very fast, and they quickly learned knowledge of various sorts. They had also graduated from their naughty and troublesome behaviour to gradually become more obedient. After all, Xue Ying and Jing Qiu had both personally instructed them as role models. As they grew, the two also naturally left Xue Ying feeling more and more proud and happy. Before long, they no longer needed to rely on him at all.

At that point, Xue Ying turned his focus back to his own cultivation. Time passed year by year, and the natural bloodline possessed by Dong Bo Yu and Dong Bo Qing Yao proved very strong. The children quickly reached the Demigod while still in their youths without even having to cultivate. Furthermore, once they matured, the strength they could unleash would become even more valiant. They would be much stronger than any living being since the beginning of history and could easily compare to Deities.

However, they would still need to cultivate properly in order to become Deities. As for the matter of guiding and instructing the son and daughter pair, that was still left mainly up to Jing Qiu.


Mountain Lord He, Si Kong Yang, and various others began to die of old age, all of them having failed to open up their Deity Seas to become true Deities. However, Xue Ying secretly sent their souls into Crimson Rock Mountain, where he reconstructed their bodies and let them make their way once more inside that world covering more than a billion kilometers.

Of course, when it came to guiding and resurrecting souls, he would definitely do it for friends and relatives that he truly valued or made great contributions to the Xia Clan. His heart also held a certain balance, and he silently watched over those Transcendents.

Xue Ying became rather detached from the Xia Clan world. Nowadays, Transcendents would find it practically impossible to meet this legendary personage.

After all, his focus was still on cultivating to prepare for the the upcoming Bloodshed God Palace Myriad Flower Feast. He decided that he absolutely had to attend the event, though of course he would be sending his avatar over. It had already condensed its first Deity Heart using a grade two True Meaning, but it was still only at the Deity stage.

He had decided to attend the Myriad Flower Feast, in the first place, because it was so hard to come by opportunities to temper himself. Secondly, he had heard about the Myriad Flower True Fruit, which was a treasure which could provide benefits even to stage four World Deities and was rather helpful for cultivation. And last of all, he could use the event as a pretext to pay his respects to a powerful existence. Of course, he was going to do his best to become a disciple under as strong a powerful existence as possible. Although he had already met the Forefather, he understood that his future path of cultivation would be that much easier if he had more supporters behind his back. There was no way he would willingly invite trouble upon himself.

In the blink of an eye, five hundred years had already passed since the birth of his children.

“Dong Bo, quickly make your way to the Xia Imperial City.” Chao Qing, who was in charge of the Elder’s Association, sent over a transmission.


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