LXY Book 14: Chapter 15


Book 14: Chapter 15 – Pleading for Help

The Xia Imperial City was now the Xia Clan’s true center of governance.


Xue Ying appeared above the Xia Imperial City and gazed down at the fortified city. It was much larger than the Xia Capital City that had been the Xia Clan’s core in the past, back when they’d had to retreat into the Infernal World again and again. Now that Xue Ying had become a Material Realm Lord, the Xia Clan’s headquarters didn’t need to remain hidden inside of a Transcendent world.

“Chao Qing.” Xue Ying took a step forward and arrived in front of the door to a simple and unadorned temple hall. Next to the hall door stood the bald, wizened Chao Qing.


“Quick, quick, something important has come up.” Chao Qing then said, “Purple Thunder is looking for us.”

According to the Xia Clan’s customs, once one became a Deity, they would refer to each other as if they were from the same generation. After all, they were all different ages. If the entire Xia Clan were to go around calling each other ‘elder’…it would be a bit too unreasonable. After all, they had all already become Deities; it was quite simple for them to just refer to each other as if they were from the same generation.

“Oh?” Xue Ying immediately followed Chao Qing inside.

There were many sculptures within the temple. These sculptures were of the elders that had become Deities throughout the Xia Clan’s history. They’d originally been located inside of the Infernal World, but they had now been transferred here.

One of the sculptures, a kindly old man with two long strands of hair sprouting from his beard, opened its mouth and said, “Dong Bo.”

“Purple Thunder, what do you need help with?” Xue Ying immediately asked.

“This time, there’s something that I must trouble you with.” Purple Thunder said, “I’ve recently learned of this matter and truly couldn’t think of any other solutions; I’ve come to beg for your help.”

“If you have something to say, don’t hesitate to say it. There’s no need to mention begging.” Xue Ying replied. All of the Xia Clan elders had made great contributions to the Xia Clan, and their hearts had remained connected to the Xia Clan ever since they’d become Deities. Xue Ying would be happy to help if he could.

“It’s like this.” Purple Thunder explained, “Recently, I tried to get in contact with Elder Brother Yun Hai, but I was continuously unable to contact him. Thus, I asked someone to investigate his situation only to learn that the Heavenly Sword Sect that he’d been in had been destroyed.”


Xue Ying was shocked to hear this. “Wasn’t the Heavenly Sword Sect founded by a World Deity? It was destroyed just like that?”

“En.” The Purple Thunder Emperor continued, “The Heavenly Sword Sect’s founder was indeed a stage one World Deity, but he was plotted against and killed by the Black Bone Mountain Lord. The Heavenly Sword Sect also suffered countless casualties as a result. Furthermore, many deities were easily captured by the Black Bone Mountain Lord. Elder Brother Yun Hai was one of the many deities captured alive and was taken to a planet to toil in a mine. Elder Brother Yun Hai’s Deity had since been sealed, and he’s now toiling in a mine day in and night out. If we don’t rescue him, I’m afraid that he’ll work until he’s tormented to death.”

Both Xue Ying and Chao Qing’s expressions changed. Chao Qing had known that the matter was grave, but not that it was this grave.

Of the Xia Clan elders in the Deity World, there were only three who’d reached the pinnacle of the Deity stage.

Emperor Yun Hai had been very warm hearted toward the Xia Clan and had helped them out time after time. Yet, now he’d found himself trapped in desperate straits.

“What can we do?” Chao Qing’s voice was incomparably anxious as he said, “Everyone says that Deity World is dangerous; many Deity-realm elders of our Xia Clan have already died in it. However, I didn’t think that Yun Hai, an elder of the Heavenly Sword Sect, would end up…”

“Dong Bo.” Emperor Purple Thunder continued, “I can’t think of a solution right now. Even though I’ve entered the Bloodshed God Palace, I’m still only a member of the lowest rung. Although entering the God Palace has its benefits, one still has to abide by the rules and can’t leave without permission. Furthermore, I’m not strong enough to save Elder Brother Yun Hai. Therefore… after thinking it over, my only choice was to come and beg you, Dong Bo. You’ve already become a Material Realm Lord; thus, your position is out of the norm. So long as you can think of a solution, even if you don’t do so immediately, you can surely save Yun Hai if you spend another hundred thousand years or million years cultivating.”

“I understand.” Xue Ying nodded. “Yun Hai has put an enormous amount of effort into helping our Xia Clan; how could I ignore this? I’d like to ask for Purple Thunder to tell me everything you know about the situation: What planet has he been taken away to? What dangers does that planet have? How strong is Black Bone Mountain?”

“Alright.” Emperor Purple Thunder gratefully said, “This time, I’m truly being troublesome…”

“Purple Thunder, both you and Yun Hai are from the Xia Clan, as am I; there’s no need for you to be so grateful,” Xue Ying said with a smile.

Emperor Purple Thunder nodded and then continued, “Do you have an avatar technique? Material Realm Lords normally all cultivate avatar techniques. Of course, if you don’t have one, you can spend some Deity crystals or treasures in the Deity World to easily obtain one. Even though I can’t buy one with my meager salary as an official, it should still be quite easy for you. As long as you dispatch a Deity avatar to the Deity World to buy it, you shouldn’t have any trouble.”

Xue Ying nodded. “Don’t worry.”

A Deity avatar was similar to a Qi avatar.

One one became a Deity, they could send forth a Deity avatar to move for them. Once its energy ran out, it would dissipate, while the tiny soul-strand embedded within it would as well.

Once Xue Ying had obtained detailed information about the situation, Xue Ying and Chao Qing left the ancient temple hall side by side.

“You really plan on going, Dong Bo?” Chao Qing was somewhat worried.

“Don’t worry, I’ll make sure to cultivate an avatar technique first. I’ll only leave once I’ve finished cultivating it,” Xue Ying replied. Even though he’d already cultivated an avatar technique, it had been kept a secret due to Crimson Rock Mountain’s ‘if a Crimson Rock Disciple doesn’t have a grade one true meaning, or is not a World Deity, they are forbidden from cultivating avatar technique’ rule. If he were to prematurely expose that he’d cultivated an avatar technique, he wouldn’t be able to explain it.

Currently, only Crimson Rock knew that he’d cultivated an avatar technique.

If you cultivate an avatar technique, you’ll have to split your soul in two, which will cause an impact on your cultivation.” Chao Qing sighed. “Ai… Yun Hai has been taken to toil in a mine, yet we can’t save him.”

Chao Qing still thought that it would best for Xue Ying to cultivate until he was stronger.

Cultivating an avatar would lead to his cultivation becoming slower; this made Chao Qing feel extremely indebted to Xue Ying. Emperor Purple Thunder also felt some guilt; it was just that if Yun Hai wasn’t saved, he’d most likely be tormented to death.

“Only my avatar will be going; I’ll be getting an avatar technique first,” Xue Ying said. If he wanted to conceal the fact that he already had an avatar, then he had to conceal it from everyone. He needed to make everyone believe that he was sending a Deity avatar to the Deity World in order to get an avatar technique.

“I still don’t have enough strength… If I was strong enough, I would also cultivate an avatar technique and go with you.” Jing Qiu then said, “Even though I’m not a disciple of Crimson Rock Mountain, I believe that your senior apprentice brothers would be willing to teach me an avatar technique.”

“Jing Qiu, with you strength, it won’t be long until you become a Deity,” Xue Ying replied.

It was true.

Mountain Lord He, Si Kong Yang, and the others were all unable to become Deities, and he’d had to reconstruct bodies for them to continue cultivating within Crimson Rock Mountain. However, Jing Qiu was different. When she’d forcefully controlled the Star Pagoda, despite her soul almost dissipating, her perception had become much, much higher through doing so. Even though she had to be rescued afterward, her perception was still much higher than it had been. She had now cultivated another grade two true meaning to the pinnacle of the stage three realm and even vaguely felt that she’d break through soon.

“En. When I become a Deity, I’ll cultivate an avatar technique so that I can travel the Deity World alongside you.” Jing Qiu nodded and smiled.

The morning sun rose.

A star-blue robed Xue Ying gazed down at the Xia Clan world from high up in the vast sky.

“Going to the deity world?” Xue Ying’s mood was somewhat complex.

Originally, he’d planned to peacefully cultivate until the eve of the God Palace’s Myriad Flower Feast and then set off. However, it seemed that he was setting off three hundred years in advance.

“I’ll take a look then. What exactly is the Deity World like? I’ve heard many legends, but I’ve never actually seen it.” Xue Ying’s heart was moved.


He made the entire Xia Clan World reject his avatar, and a wave instantly enshrouded him. He instantly felt like he was being ejected! This was the entire material world sending him out.

The scenery in front of him fluctuated, and a vast, starry expanse appeared.

“This is the Deity World?” Xue Ying said, standing in the midst of the starry sky as he gazed at the distant stars. The starry sky was boundlessly vast, and only the extremely distant sun shone where he was, albeit through the obstruction of the endless distance between him and it. On the opposite side of him, the Moon Star’s clear yet cold radiance shone.

As he stood by himself in the midst of the starry sky, Xue Ying visually estimated that the closest star was over ten billion meters away. Furthermore, he could tell that it was most likely desolate.

“The Deity world is simply too large.” Xue Ying silently gasped.

There was an uncountable number of stars in every star field, yet the number of them that could bear life was extremely low.  ******


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