LXY Book 14: Chapter 16


Book 14: Chapter 16 – Entering the Deity World

The Deity world was extremely large, such that it could be described as boundless. Yet, the Bloodshed God Palace’s territory encompassed an entire three-tenths of it!

In order to make it easier to govern, the Bloodshed God Palace divided their territory into nineteen prefectures, each of which was much larger that the Wave Feather Empire behind the Temple of the Earth God. As for the Prefecture Lords, their status was extremely high; they were either stage four World Deities or powerful existences.

“It’s too big! A Deity might only explore one prefecture throughout their entire life.” Xue Ying silently sighed as he traversed the void using his Space Deity Heart. Even though the Deity-level ancestors of the Xia Clan have all gone their own separate ways once they entered the Deity World and are generally in different star fields, they’re all still within the Calm Sea Prefecture.

The Calm Sea Prefecture was one of the Bloodshed God Palace’s nineteen prefectures.


Now that he’d left the material world, Xue Ying was in the Calm Sea Prefecture. Emperor Yun Hai was currently imprisoned on Ice Iron Planet, which was in the Celestial Star Field of the Calm Sea Prefecture.

“I should hurry up.”

Hurrying through the Deity World was extremely difficult. This was one of the many reasons that many Deities would find it hard to go beyond the borders of a single province in their lifetime.


Xue Ying spent two days travelling through the starry expanse. Luckily, Crimson Rock had given him a detailed map. He was thus able to find the nearest planet with life, Sorcerer Gate Planet.

“Even finding a planet with life isn’t easy.” Xue Ying’s Deity domain easily encompassed the planet in front of him when he looked at it, as it was only forty thousand kilometers in diameter. Although there were several billion regular humans present, the proportion of Transcendents to mortals was clearly much higher than that of a mortal world. “I’ve found it. The Space Tunnel Formation Array.”

With a step, he arrived at a wasteland on the planet, where an ancient formation array was arranged.

“Go.” Xue Ying willed his fiery Deity energy to pour into the ancient formation array. Its arrays immediately lit up and then began to shake and emit ripples. The ripples covered the entire formation array, as well as Xue Ying, who was standing within the formation array.

Suddenly, both Time and Space twisted.

His body seemed like it had been trapped within a swamp, while the empty space around him seemed to have solidified.

An instant later, the scene before him changed.

“What a huge city!” Xue Ying looked at a faraway, endlessly grand city. It had been constructed amidst the starry expanse. Thus, the stars revolved around it, as if to accentuate its beauty. According to Xue Ying’s visual estimate, this city entirely permeated with lightning and thunder…was at least a hundred million meters in diameter and ten million meters tall!

After all, he was smaller than a speck of dust compared to those stars.

Such an enormous thunderous city simply floating amidst the stars made one feel pressured simply by looking at it.

“Brother, this is our South Thunder Star Field’s capital city—South Thunder City.”

Xue Ying turned his head to see a group of armored soldiers. All of them appeared to be Deities, with the lowest being one at the late stage. Their commander was still rather courteous, however, as Xue Ying carried the aura of a pinnacle-stage Deity. “Where does this brother wish to go? Do you wish to visit South Thunder City, or are you simply stopping by to head to another place?”

“I’m heading to the Celestial Star Field.” Xue Ying smiled as he spoke.

“The distance between the Celestial Star Field and our South Thunder Star Field is quite large. The toll is thirty Deity crystals.” The Deity commander said with a smile, “Please wait a while for us to adjust the formation array.”

Xue Ying smiled and replied, “No worries.” He then waved his hand and sent thirty Deity crystals toward the commander.

Hua. The formation array suddenly flashed as an ordinary grey-robed Deity appeared. He appeared somewhat guarded as he looked at his surroundings.

The commander frowned and then yelled, “This is South Thunder Star Field’s South Thunder City.”

“I am going to South Thunder City; I am going to South Thunder City!” The grey-robed male quickly replied.

“Quickly be on your way then!” The Deity commander continued to yell.

The Deity commander then casually said to Xue Ying, “Considering his guarded appearance, he’s probably a junior that cultivated to the Deity level from some star and then managed to stumble upon a formation array, arriving here.”

Xue Ying casually spoke a bit more with the Deity general. As he had already grasped the World Deity Heart, his scope of comprehension was already very high. He could deduce many of the Profound Mysteries that the enormous Space-Time formation array around South Thunder City held by simply looking it over.


He spent thirty Deity crystals to go from the South Thunder Star Field to the Celestial Star Field. He then purchased detailed information from the Temporal Temple at the Celestial Star Field’s Celestial City. He spent two more Deity crystals to go to the Dark Bent World within the Celestial Star Field. Only after six more days of travel did he finally arrive at his destination, Ice Iron Planet.

“I’ve finally arrive at Ice Iron Planet!

Xue Ying gazed at the distant planet that was emitting an endlessly cold aura. The black planet was merely four hundred thousand kilometers in diameter. A large fort about as half the size of the planet was built on top of it.

“Ice Iron Planet is a mineral planet…” Xue Ying recalled the information that he’d received from Emperor Purple Thunder and the Temporal Temple. “The planet’s gravitational pull is strong enough to crush the bodies of Sky-ranked Transcendents; this extremely strong gravity makes the Ice Iron Ore within the planet rather precious. However, a single chunk of Ice Iron Ore weighs as much as a large mountain underneath that level of gravity, and excavating it is extremely difficult… This Iron Ice Planet has also been entirely occupied by the Black Bone Mountain. The fort had been entirely constructed from the vein of ore, and the miners are located within said fort.

Xue Ying frowned as he looked at it from afar.

His shocking level of eyesight allowed him to make out the doorway of the fort clearly, including the giant humanoid creature covered in fur lying down next to it. This giant creature was about a hundred meters long and, according to the Temporal Temple, was an extremely large Deity stage creature known as a Towering Tapir. It was practically unequalled within the Deity stage once it had matured; ordinary pinnacle-stage Deities wouldn’t even be able to withstand a slap from it.

This Towering Tapir was being used by the Black Bone Mountain to guard their fort’s entrance. No matter what, this Towering Tapir would be the first thing that anybody who came would face.

“I’ve heard that it’s extremely strong, that it’s body is near invulnerable, and that it could smash a pinnacle-stage Deity to death in one hit.” Xue Ying frowned. “And that within the fort are several formation arrays, some of which were personally set down by the Black Bone Mountain’s Mountain Lord.

The Black Bone Mountain’s Mountain Lord was a stage one World Deity!

Of course, he couldn’t personally guard this mineral planet.

The security within the fortress was indeed incomparably tight: There were layers upon layers of guards, checkpoint after checkpoint, and even pinnacle-stage Deities guards guarding the miners.

“Go dig, dig! You need to dig enough each day, else this will be the result,” an ugly six-armed Deity holding a whip said. He proceeded to whip the body of a youth tied to a stand. There were bloodstains all over the youth’s body, and his Deity energy had been sealed. Even though his body was still formidable, he wasn’t able to resist the foreman’s powerful strikes.

Pa, pa, pa! With each crack of the whip, the flowing light of Deity runes flickered, and the youth couldn’t but cry out in pain. “Spare me, spare me! I’ll definitely make it up tomorrow; I’ll definitely make it up!”

“Tomorrow is tomorrow. Today is today.” The ugly six-armed Deity said as he continued to whip him.

All of the miners passed their mined treasures to foremen, who inspected them.



“This one’s missing twelve, drag him over,” one of the foremen suddenly yelled.

Emperor Yun Hai was amongst the miners, his face somewhat numb. The Black Bone Mountain set down individual mining requirements based on their own personal strength, which pushed each of them to their limits. There was practically no time for one to rest, for if one rested even a little bit, it was possible that they wouldn’t finish and would be ruthlessly punished. A whipping punishment was actually a rather light punishment.

The more one owed, the heavier their punishment. If one was truly idle, their soul would pulled out, and they would be eternally tortured.

“There’s no hope…” Emperor Yun Hai felt sorrowful. “The Ice Iron Planet’s fort is under heavy guard; we can’t escape. We’ll be stuck here, forever mining. They said that they’d let us enter the Black Bone Mountain if we manage to excavate all of the ore in the planet… But it’s already been sixty million years since they started excavating the planet; nobody knows how long it will take.

Hopelessness. Powerlessness.

Right now, Emperor Yun Hai felt both hopeless and powerless. However, he didn’t realize that, due to Emperor Purple Thunder’s plea, Xue Ying had already arrived in the starry expanse outside of Ice Iron Mountain.


As he stood in the dark starry expanse, Xue Ying had already ran through the plan several times in his mind.

“I’ll do it like that!” A cold light flashed through his eyes. His body then disappeared as he traversed through the starry skies and landed on the Ice Iron Planet.


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