LXY Book 14: Chapter 17


Book 14: Chapter 17 – Taking Action

Within the castle atop Ice Iron Planet.

The palace hall’s floor was adorned with a snowy-white blanket, atop which a male was currently having fun with two beautiful women.

“Beauties, come here and give me a kiss, wu wu…” Two vague violet scales could be seen on his face. He’d been a huge snake before he became a Deity, thus he was naturally lascivious. Despite their long lifespans, many Deities didn’t have any hope of breaking through into the World Deity realm. As such, many Deities decided to become more rampant in their enjoyment of life. He, both as one of the commanders of the Black Bone Mountain and as one of the people with the highest levels of status on Ice Iron Planet, was naturally someone with an enormous amount of power.

“Commander, commander!” a guard shouted as he rushed over.


“Have you not seen that your commander is busy right now?” The violet-scaled male swept his gaze over the guard, a vague sense of fury present in his gaze.

“Commander, there’s a human intruder.”


The violet-scaled male’s expression immediately changed. He instantly stood up and then waved his hand, causing the scene outside to appear in mid-air in front of him. The only thing they could see was a starry-blue robed teenager rushing toward Ice Iron Planet from the starry expanse.

“Such audacity.” The violet-scaled male snorted. One of the beauties next to him immediately went and grabbed a chair for him while he gazed at the screen. The commander then sat down on the chair, his robe casually left open and thus exposing his bare chest to the public. He coldly sneered. “A Peak-stage Deity? He’s by himself, yet he actually dared to rush into my Black Bone Mountain’s territory? He’s truly seeking death.”

He couldn’t be blamed for being self-confident. Even though the Black Bone Mountain was actually just a small dot in the huge expanse of the Deity world, it was still a power with a World Deity at the helm. Ordinary peak-level Deities were but ants in front of the Black Bone Mountain, and they were able to go wherever they wanted to in the Celestial Star Field.

“I already have over a thousand peak-level Deities, but it seems that another one will be joining them,” the commander sneered.

“Commander, is it possible that this person has some sort of huge background? For him to dare to charge into our territory implies that he must have at least some backing,” the guard hurriedly asked.

“Rest assured.” The commander remained calm.


Xue Ying felt it the moment he was discovered, thus he didn’t conceal himself when he turned into a streamer and landed on the surface of Ice Iron Planet. The surface of the planet, which was enveloped in a endless layer of frost, was extremely hard, though there were still some signs of fracture. As Xue Ying stood there, he gazed up at the huge castle and tapir seated in front of it.

At that moment, the image of a head appeared in mid air above Ice Iron Planet. It was none other than the violet-scaled male’s head.

“I am the 7th Commander of the Black Bone Mountain, and this is the territory of my Black Bone Mountain. I would like to inquire if there’s any reason that this friend has intruded onto this Ice Iron Planet of ours?” the violet-scaled male’s head declared.

“Revenge!” Xue Ying coldly retorted.

“You’re seeking death!” The violet-scaled male’s figure coldly sneered and then dissipated.

He was too lazy to even ask who the male was, as there were simply too many people that wanted vengeance against the Black Bone Mountain.

The Black Bone Mountain’s Mountain Lord had been stuck at a bottleneck ever since he’d become a stage one World Deity, thus he’d obtained a powerful black skeletal body that he transplanted his true Deity Heart into. He was then called the Black Bone Mountain Lord. His black skeletal body was truly formidable, and its tyrannical strength gave him a huge boost in offensive power.

But still…

The Deity World was a cruel one. Slaughtering mortals might cause one to be looked down upon by others, but Deities and World Deities killing each other was a common occurrence.

“It seems he’s just a foolish chap filled with a desire for vengeance.” Within the castle, the violet-scaled male laughed at the scene in front of him. “Does he think that this place can be easily invaded even though the Mountain Lord isn’t present? My Black Bone Mountain is both tyrannical and unparalleled. So many people have tried to seek revenge against us, yet all of them ended up dead.”

“Commander.” One of the beauties hugged his arm and charmingly said, “Don’t pay attention to that foolish chap anymore. How about we continue playing?”

The other beauty leaned against him too.

“Hahaha, watching a bloody battle is quite entertaining too. The tapir that’s protecting Ice Iron Mountain was personally selected and bought by the Mountain Lord in the past from the prefecture capital and then groomed into what it is today. Its combat strength is truly powerful; ordinary Deities aren’t its opponent. Its physique is tyrannical; its defense is formidable… With a single slap, it could easily destroy an ordinary planet! Being able to kill a peak-stage Deity with a single slap is only a matter of time.” The violet-scaled male laughed. “Let’s sit back and watch how the tapir kills this brat. Who knows, he might get eaten in a single bite.”

“Mn.” The two beauties continued to lean against the commander.

The commander watched the scene coldly and confidently.

“It’s awake! The tapir’s awoken!” one of the beauties suddenly shouted.

They were currently watching the scene from within the palace hall. The tapir seated outside the fortress that had seemingly been resting had indeed begun to open its eyes.

“It’s awake! Quick, come and take a look!”

Besides the commander, there were several workers responsible for guarding the Black Bone Mountain within the castle; even a workplace overseer had been called over to spectate the battle.

“Quickly come and watch! An outsider’s come to seek revenge against our Black Bone Mountain and is about to start fighting the tapir. Quick, quick, quick.” Besides several overseers who couldn’t leave their positions, more than half of the fortresses workers had come to spectate the battle.

“This brat actually didn’t escape when he saw the tapir start to wake up?”

“Does he think that he’s a World Deity, and that he can fight against it?”

“Hahaha… I suppose that he’ll probably be eaten by the tapir.”

Many of the Black Bone Mountain’s workers vigilantly observed the scene floating in mid-air. They were truly bored of protecting this Ice Iron Planet for such a long period of time; it was rare that such an interesting thing would occur.

Xue Ying gazed at the enormous beast slowly climbing to its feet in front of the castle. Its entire body was hairy, but it had the figure of both a bear and a human combined. All four of its limbs were on the ground as it coldly look at Xue Ying with its golden eyes.

Hou~ The awoken tapir suddenly let out a bestial roar, turning crazed all of a sudden. Its roar caused the ground to tremble.

Ordinary Deities would most likely be reduced to dust from the force behind the gale it produce, yet Xue Ying calmly stood there, unperturbed.

“Kill him, kill him!” The commander was eagerly looking forward to the intruder’s death from within the castle.

“Eat him, eat him!” one of the beauties happily shouted from his side. All three of them were watching the scene with delight.


Xue Ying extended his right hand and grabbed hold of a fiery red spear. He turned into a stream of light as he charged toward the tapir. Ice Iron Planet had magical arrays suppressing the local space, preventing Xue Ying from piercing through space itself. As such, he could only do his best to move as fast as possible.

The tapir, however, suddenly stood up on its two hind legs like a human! It then raised both of its enormous palms and stared at Xue Ying, its golden eyes full of killing intent. As a Deity World beast that been specially groomed, it was able to display the Laws of Profound Mysteries in its attacks. Even though it couldn’t cultivate, its combat power was still quite frightening.


Xue Ying’s spear was like an avalanche as it arced through the sky toward the tapir. The spear quickly elongated to over a hundred meters long.

The tapir also moved its huge palms, each of which carried a terrifying amount of offensive strength.

Xue Ying’s spear and the tapir’s enormous right palm crashed into each other.

Hong long long long! The terrifying explosion erupted in all directions.

To everyone’s shock, the tapir’s right palm was bent back by the spear, which then continued forward and struck the tapir’s head. The tapir immediately retreated backward while staring at its own palms, its eyes wide in disbelief; its ugly palm had actually been fractured!


As the tapir was retreating, the crimson spear one again struck the tapir’s head. This time, its skull caved in, and it fell to the ground after swaying for a moment.

Within the castle.

Everyone that had been spectating their match became tongue-tied when they saw the tapir actually fall.

The tapir had fallen with just a single move, followed by two continuous strikes?

How could this be possible?

“I need to quickly report this to the Mountain Lord! I have to report this to him!” the commander quickly exclaimed, his expression becoming anxious. He immediately used his communication wristband to contact the Mountain Lord. “Mountain Lord, Mountain Lord! Ice Iron Planet has been invaded by a peak-stage Deity. He’s defeated the tapir in a single move. Right, in merely a single strike, followed by two continuous swings of his spear, the tapir was defeated.”


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