LXY Book 14: Chapter 19


Book 14: Chapter 19 – Eager to Display His Skills

The silvery-white icy dragon showed a clear expression. A twinkle appeared at the tips of its frosted claws as it malevolently pounced Xue Ying.

“It’s good that you’ve appeared.” Despite his primary mission being to rescue people, Xue Ying was also planning to wanted to seize this opportunity to temper himself some more. After all there was already nobody left in the Xia Clan who could match him. Even this tempering he was doing in the Deity world was quite casual.

Xue Ying didn’t even attempt to dodge, instead using his spear to directly swing across in a brazen motion. The spear’s shaft curved, and the scene of black stars revolving reappeared around it; he was once more employing his most power-oriented secret skill, the Chaotic Suppression.



The shaft of his spear collided directly with the dragon’s claw.

Such incredible strength. Xue Ying immediately felt an exceedingly strong impact, such that he could not stop himself from flying backward and smashing firmly into the wall of the corridor. The impact emitted a loud booming sound, and the wall itself immediately collapsed into pieces. It might have seemed like he was hit quite bad, but the Time Immemorial Body still excelled most in toughness. This frost dragon really deserves the name of array-formed organism. It is incredibly powerful and remarkably fast.

Hou~ The silvery-white dragon let out another howl, and its tail once more swung out in an arc all the way across the sky to Xue Ying’s position.

In the palace hall in the depths of the fort.

“Kill, kill, kill.” The purple-scaled man was watching the scene of battle displayed in mid-air with high expectations. “Kill him!”

The other two beautiful servants as well as the three underlings nearby all watched on with nervous looks.

“Commander, this intruder has taken strike after strike. He’s very likely close to death.”

“The ice dragon formed by the formation arrays is clearly holding the absolute upper hand.”

The underlings voiced their thoughts, one after another.

The purple-scaled man gave a slight nod of agreement. “It has the advantage, but it will still probably need quite a bit more time to kill the intruder. Ai, this fight is too fierce; they’ve already leveled such a large area…”

The scene of the battle depicted the ice dragon chasing Xue Ying without rest. A single swipe of the dragon’s claw sent a large chunk of the corridor flying, and some areas had completely collapsed. After all, Xue Ying’s strength had already reached the threshold of a World Deity, while the icy dragon’s was actually slightly higher! The damage caused by a fight between such sides was truly too terrifying and definitely not something the interior of the fort could withstand.

Time passed second by second.

“Why did it not win yet?” The purple-scaled male frowned. He was beginning to feel that something was was out of place. “This intruder has been struck time and time again, so how is it that he can still hold on?”

Hong long~

The corridor collapsed completely, sending splinters flying out in random directions.

However, the splinters were shaken to pieces before reaching anywhere near Xue Ying, who was standing right in the center. They were simply unable to approach his body.

This fight has been going on for quite some time. It’s about time I ended this. Xue Ying stared at that tyrannically strong and overbearing dragon as it attacked him from straight ahead. The fight had excited him so much that he ended up prolonging it. This ice dragon condensed by the formation array is pretty strong, but it’s still just an array creature. It has some clear flaws.


The icy dragon was still in the middle of unleashing an attack when Xue Ying’s spear whirled, bringing into existence a scene depicting stars expanding, exploding, and collapsing into a single point. The spear moved quick as lighting as it stabbed the dragon’s incoming claw.

Secret skill——Star Meteor Annihilation!

His current Star Meteor Annihilation combined Xue Ying’s two Deity Hearts—of Extreme Piercing and of Star—both of which having already reached the peak of the Deity stage. When combined, their strength was actually at the same level as Chaotic Suppression, but its piercing ability as well as various other aspects were much more advanced. Strictly speaking, this was Xue Ying’s most powerful killing move, as long as he didn’t display his World Deity Heart that was.

The spear’s tip collided with the dragon’s claw.

Xue Ying was sent flying just as before, but this time around, a hole formed by his spear’s tip appeared in the dragon’s claw. From that hole, several cracks then began to spread. It was very likely that dragon’s claw would completely break apart from another strike.

At the sight of that, Xue Ying shook his head slightly. All in all, it’s still a dragon formed from ice. That condensed icy form might be fine when faced with a simple frontal attack like the Chaotic Suppression, but the penetrative Star Meteor Annihilation is too much for it to withstand.

Xue Ying had discovered this path to victory a while ago, but he was never in any hurry to actually employ it.


Xue Ying charged forward with great speed and sent out another violent attack.

His spear displayed the signs of Star Meteor Annihilation again and again. Previously, he was displaying strength merely at the threshold of the World Deity stage, but now that he was using a secret skill that combine two great Deity Hearts, many circular holes appeared all over the dragon’s body, covering it in cracks. The Ice Dragon furiously howled. Its level of intelligence was very low, and it was merely an enraged array creature. All it could do was was loyally follow orders by using all its power to kill intruders.


Using his Chaotic Supression once again, Xue Ying’s spear came into contact with the icy dragon, and its body suddenly began to shake in response.

Hong, long, long~

That frontal attack caused the silvery-white icy dragon, who had already been littered with many cracks, to let out a final unwilling howl before loudly exploding into many pieces. Countless cold ice fragments splattered in every direction—fragments which had all been condensed from the formation array and allowed the dragon display a power at the the threshold of a World Deity. Those fragment launched upon the creature shattering were all rather hard and sharp.

With how famous he is, it’s not unexpected that the Black Bone Mountain Lord would have some ability. I was truly not expecting him to have arranged such an array formation, Xue Ying silently exclaimed. Thankfully, he has no way of hurrying over so quickly.

The Deity world was incredibly large, meaning that the distance between any two stars was also incredibly big. Regardless of how quickly the Black Bone Mountain Lord rushed over from his hideout, it would still take him a day or two to arrive.

This was precisely why Xue Ying was very calm in his assault.

Be it the people inside the fort’s palace hall, or the other few guards that were also watching the scene of the battle, everyone was left stunned.

That incredibly powerful icdy dragon…had actually been defeated?

“Another secret skill?” The purple-scaled man gulped. “And it actually seems to be a combination of two secret skills? An existence who could create this many secret skills, and could even combine them…is actually here to assault our Ice Iron Planet?”

“Commander, with how strong this intruder is, he has very likely been accepted as a disciple by those higher existences long ago,” one of those nearby beautiful ladies voiced. “With a status so high, there should have been no reason for him to charge into our Iron Ice Planet by force. It would have likely been enough to just give the word.”

“Hmph.” The purple- scaled man gloomily replied, “He might have cultivated for several tens of thousands or even a million years before finally creating a secret skill! In that case, those higher existences wouldn’t hold him in their eyes.”

“Whatever the case, he is still quite strong.” The purple-scaled man coldly looked on. “Only he was stupid enough to have forcefully broken into our fort. This is an station placed by the Black Bone Mountain for the sake of excavate this Iron Ice Mountain’s minerals. Would it really be so easy to break through? Even a peak Deity is just that—a Deity. It’s nothing more than a joke to try destroying one of the Black Bone Mountain’s external stations with that meager level of power.”

“Commander, could it be that we have to use those array formations from below?” a short and fat subordinate asked in a low tone. “The damage suffered by the fort will be too severe if we were to do that.”

“The damage has already reached a very severe level. That battle between him and the ice dragon has left too many places in shambles. What matters most now is simply to kill this intruder,” the purple-scaled man coldly responded. “The Mountain Lord himself has said that this array formation is formed through the accumulation of his efforts. Anyone weaker than a World Deity will surely die once stuck inside.

Xue Ying advanced with spear in hand. The whole path ahead was left in pieces after the battle. A few parts that were more strangely arranged along the fort’s tunnels had been immediately destroyed by his brute force. No more guards came to obstruct him throughout the rest of his journey. There was no way any more ordinary Deities would be throwing their lives away at his hands.

He had several Deity Hearts of different types and various secret skills, and he even possesed World Deity grade secret techniques…

A peak Deity stage expert like him was absolutely one of the most terrifying experts.

“What?” Xue Ying’s steps gradually slowed down. He looked ahead, only to see an immense but empty cavern which led to three separate tunnels.

“Come now. Just enter any of them, and you’ll be done for.” The purple-scaled man was watching this scene in secret alongside the other guards. They were all filled with anxiety as well as expectation.


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