LXY Book 14: Chapter 2


Book 14: Chapter 2 – Comprehension

Standing atop the peak of Snowrock Castle, Xue Ying raised his head to admire the sky before lowering it to appreciate the earth, observing the Myriad Existences of the world. As of today, he was able to comprehend the inner workings of the Profound Mysteries of Earth, Fire, Water, and Wind.


An unseen undulation surged out.

“Xue Ying, if we were to have children as you’ve said, what names should we give them? What name would our son be given, and what about our daughter?” Jing Qiu turned to face Xue Ying, only to see him in a daze. She had not been able to help but ask him these questions, but just as she finished speaking, she sensed the undulating wave of energy emit from his body. Yet, rather than being harmful, the undulation was quite gentle and soft instead.


Jing Qiu was startled. “Don’t tell me Xue Ying has gained some enlightenment?” This made Jing Qiu reveal a grin. She spoke no more and instead she deliberately walked away so as to not disturb Xue Ying.

At this moment, countless Profound Mysteries floated in Xue Ying’s mind—the Extreme Piercing, Star, and Mirage Deity Hearts that he had cultivated all these years as well as the Profound Mysteries of Earth, Fire, Water, and Wind, which made up these Deity Hearts. At this moment, those base Profound Mysteries were undergoing a transformation.

This is truly known as the essence.

Only by jumping out of a rut can one clearly view the Laws of this World. Xue Ying’s consciousness had already fused completely with the most intrinsic essence of the Laws of Profound Mysteries in this world. His soul was also expanding at this moment. The surrounding mountains with continuously rising peaks and descending valleys; the countless flowers and plants, the birds and beasts of the land living within the mountains; those rapidly flowing, clear azure rivers; the wind gusting high in the sky; the rays of sunlight falling from the sky…

Regardless of whether they were real or illusory…

Regardless of whether they were living or dead…

Regardless of whether it was light or dark…

These Myriad Existences belonged to the sky and the earth, to this very world.


Xue Ying stood at the mountain peak, feeling as if he was the lord of this world.

The invisible undulation, warm and encompassing, began spreading out over the Myriad Existences. It felt as if everything was under his control.

True Meaning of the World? Xue Ying inwardly felt enlightened.

It was the legend amongst the legendary…

The grade one True Meaning—True Meaning of the World!

In Xue Ying’s eyes, the current world concealed no secrets from him, regardless of whether it was the real world, the Mirage, the shadow space, or even the gaps in between the world. He could even wield World Energy! It did not matter where he was—be it the Xia Clan world, the Deity World, or the Dark Abyss; with the True Meaning of the World, he could easily control World Energy.

Even though he had just grasped hold of the first stage realm, the strength accompanied with activating World Energy was truly huge. If he could reach the Deity Heart realm, then the True Meaning of the World would truly reach a grand stage of perfection! By then, he could fully control all the World Energy.

The gap in between a grade two and a grade one True Meaning is truly too immense. Xue Ying sighed inwardly.

Grade five, four, three, two and one True Meanings…the lower the numerical, the more powerful it would be! The gap between a grade two True Meaning and grade one True Meaning was as vast as the heavens and the earth.

The first stage realm of a grade one True Meaning can match the might of a stage three realm of a grade two True Meaning.

Xue Ying pondered this no longer.

He continued perfecting it. He had accumulated a lot of experience during his many years of cultivating in addition to his True Meanings of Mirage, Extreme Piercing and Star, which had reached the Deity Heart realm. They were able to increase his sensitivity toward the Earth, Fire, Water, and Wind, and as of now, this comprehension toward those Profound Mysteries were deepening.

As a teenager, Xue Ying had trained with the spear like a devil. He had spent six years alone down in the valley, trapped. He walked down his own path of cultivation in Scarlet Cloud Mountain World. For a hundred years, he suffered under the torture of the hex poison only to undergo a qualitative change at Crimson Rock Mountain before being pressured by a group of outsiders during the war… All of this, combined with his wife falling into a hopeless state right before his eyes with nothing he could do to help her, ended with a rainbow. Such a drastic change in feelings—from sorrow to exultation…

It led to Xue Ying treasuring his wife so much more and to Xue Ying gaining a greater awareness of the beauty in life. Living was truly a wonderful thing.

At the most pivotal moment, such passion and love toward the Myriad Existences enabled him to fuse the four Profound Mysteries of Earth, Fire, Water, and Wind together—using the aura of life. The aura of life was essentially a link, fusing Earth, Fire, Water and Wind together perfectly as one. Without this aura of life, the world would be a place of desolation, as simple and mundane as machinery.

With the aura of life, everything was be different. This comprehension required a passion coming from one’s soul and, of course, vast experience and knowledge concerning the Profound Mysteries of Earth, Fire, Water and Wind. Otherwise, how else could one comprehend this?

Several reasons had come together to allow Xue Ying to make this final step. At this moment—during the victory celebration of his clan, after his wife’s recovery, with a peaceful state of mind as he passed his days happily with his wife—he finally comprehended this True Meaning right on Snowrock Mountain, his own home!

Everyone who could comprehend a grade one did so due to countless reasons coming together as one, with a single coincidence tying them together! Still, reaching this point required a cultivator to forge their destiny through sheer determination and perseverance. It was like that ordinary Reincarnator from the Temporal Temple in the past. Because a powerful existence had disguised himself as an ‘old woodcutter,’ the powerful existence had genuinely seen beyond common outward appearance of this Reincarnator for the astonishing potential he had hidden. Therefore, he had helped the Reincarnator regain his freedom and even personally guided that Reincarnator to ultimately comprehend the grade one True Meaning of Splitting Heavens.

Of course, most Transcendents who had a grade one True Meaning attained it without being taught. That old woodcutter had found an unpolished jade and took advantage of the lucky opportunity.

Day by day, month by month.

Xue Ying sat there, cross-legged, beside the mountain peak, cultivating. Jing Qiu built a bamboo house at that very location for them. She also continued her cultivation; her focus was devoted to comprehending spell models while she accompanied her husband.

“Palace Head Chen.” Jing Qiu exited the bamboo house and sat across from Palace Head Chen. The two were drinking tea.

“Until when will Xue Ying cultivate?” Palace Head Chen felt slightly anxious.

“This is something hard to determine.” Jing Qiu shook her head. “Oh right, Palace Head Chen, what important matter has brought you over to look for Xue Ying?”

“It’s the Beast Clan.” Palace Head Chen explained, “From the moment we won the war until now, remnants of the Beast Clan have hidden in the Oceanic Forest World. This is fine, as the castle over there is too stable and can’t be broken for the moment. We must wait for Xue Ying to refined the Realm Heart first before it could easily be broken. In the Xia Clan world, however, there are still huge amounts of beasts living in the Desolation Mountain Range and within the ocean. Our Xia Clan Transcendents are in the midst of a heated discussion as to how we should handle the Beast Clan! Several feel that there is no cause for worry and that we should let them live, so as to allow our Xia Clan to train against them. Several others, on the other hand, feel…that the Beast Clan has too deep a hatred with our Xia Clan; there has been too much bloodshed between our clans. They believe it is better to eradicate the Beast Clan as soon as possible. If we can’t, then we should at least exterminate 99% of their clan! At best, we’ll leave a few survivors.

“Such a huge matter is naturally one where we need to consult Xue Ying’s opinion,” Palace Head Chen finished.

Jing Qiu nodded lightly, “Since that’s the case, it is indeed a big matter, for it pertains to how we should handle the Beast Clan. However, we are not in a hurry at this moment, so please do wait! I’ll immediately inform you the moment Xue Ying finishes his cultivation.”

“Naturally, Xue Ying’s cultivation is more important. The earlier he refines the Realm Heart, the better it will be.” Palace Head Chen immediately stood up after finishing his tea. “Then, I shall not disturb you anymore and will be leaving first.”

Jing Qiu sent him off.

Xue Ying’s road of cultivating the True Meaning of the World was smooth.

Even those who lacked in experience but still comprehended a grade one True Meaning would have a smooth road toward a grade one Deity Heart, as grade one True Meanings targeted the core essence of Profound Mysteries. What they needed now was simply more time.

In fact, Xue Ying’s Mirage Deity Heart was part of the World Deity Heart!

The Extreme Piercing Deity Heart and Star Deity Heart also had quite a few parts relating to the World Deity Heart.

With his previous experiences leading him, Xue Ying’s cultivation developed swiftly.

During that moment of enlightenment in his cultivation, he had immediately comprehended the True Meaning of the World.

Fifteen days later, he reached the stage two realm. At this moment, it was more formidable than even an ordinary grade two Deity Heart.

A year and nine months later, he had reached the stage three realm.

“This is…”

Within the Xia Clan world, there was a peculiar existence. It was an unseen existence, yet it was still an existence.

It gave rise to the entire Xia Clan world’s movements; from the flowing river, the survival of plant, the insects and beasts—everything operated according to its laws. Even outsiders and those Deity Avatars that had descended from the Deity world had to follow its orders. It was the Realm Heart, the true core behind the operations of the Xia Clan world. The one who grasped hold of it would grasp hold of the entire Xia Clan world.

“Finally, I can refine it.” When Xue Ying had first grasped hold of the Mirage Deity Heart, he could barely sense it and could only operate a small portion of the World Energy. Now that he had reached the stage three realm of the True Meaning of the World, however, he was able to clearly probe into the most intrinsic qualities of the Realm Heart. Even though it was not an immediate understanding, this portion of comprehension was enough for him to refine it. After all, he had reached quite a deep stage in his understanding of the True Meaning of the World. If he continued comprehending the True Meaning until he reached the World Deity Heart realm, then he would have already become a World Deity. Right now, his realm was absolutely comparable to peak Deities—perfected even further than most peak Deities, in fact.


Xue Ying, who was originally seated on the peak of Snowrock Castle, suddenly disappeared.

“Where is he?” As a Demigod mage in addition to her close presence as she cultivated in the bamboo house, Jing Qiu had immediately been able to discover Xue Ying’s disappearance.

“Where did he suddenly go?” Jing Qiu felt quite uncertain; she did not know that Xue Ying had already entered the Realm Heart of the Xia Clan world.


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