LXY Book 14: Chapter 22


Book 14: Chapter 22 – White Sand City Lord

“Just him?” That white-robed plump male looked over the miners inside the cabin.

“Yes.” Xue Ying nodded.

That white-robed plump male stroke his moustache as he looked at them again. All of a sudden, an unseen wave descended to envelop everyone there. The miners were essentially unable to see what was going on above. They had been overcome by sort of confused anxiety ever since they were teleported over, but they still felt that even death would be preferable to how they were treated previously. They thus did not care much about where they were moved. As such, they remained relatively calm.

An invisible power descended over them without warning, unbinding the seals previously placed on their Deity Seas and true Deity Hearts. Deity energy once again revolved within them, and their true Deity Hearts once more left them with a clear sense of their surroundings. They could even tell that control over World Energy had returned to them.


“We are eternally grateful for your grace in saving us, senior,” the miners began to shout out one after another, their gratitude beyond what they could put in words.

The round man in white robes pat his moustache with a smile as he teleported the workers out of the cabin below. The only one left behind was Emperor Yun Hai.

As he looked around him, Emperor Yun Hai felt himself slip into a daze. A large amount of his comrades has been next to him just moments ago, some from the Heaven Sword Sect while others had been transported over as detainees, but what they all had in common was that they had been forced to become slave miners. No more than a moment had passed since they were released from their seals, yet all his comrades had actually disappeared just like that?

Was he really the only one left behind in that enormous cavern? Such a turn of events caused Emperor Yun Hai’s heart to tighten.

“Senior,” Emperor Yun Hai greeted cordially, but he received no response.

“Senior?” he called out again to no response.

Above, the plump man in white robes was standing with Xue Ying next to the railings.

“I’ve sent them all away.” The man laughed. “Seeing how they’re all Deities, they should be able to take care of themselves.”

“You are really benevolent, senior,” Xue Ying hurriedly blurted in praise.

“Benevolent?” The round man grinned. “There aren’t many who would call me benevolent. It’s just that I’ve been sleeping for a while, and I’ve only woken up recently. My mood is still relatively good. That’s the only reason I’ve decided to help this group of young’uns. Still… your attack on that castle actually made me wake up prematurely from my slumber. I should have slept for a hundred million years more. Do you understand how huge of a blunder you’ve made?”

“This junior is ashamed,” Xue Ying replied. “I was not aware from the beginning that senior was sleeping there.”

He was well aware that any being with a long lifespan, such as World Deities, would slowly turn taciturn over the years, while some even went crazy. Regardless of the manifestation, it was true that their hearts would slowly transform, and there were many who would fail to keep their true Deity Heart together. After all if one’s realm was insufficient, they had no way to obtain that eternal calmness which allowed them to brave the erosion of time. Once the True Deity Heart began to crumble, there was no end other than death.

This led some World Deities to think up of ways such as temporarily sealing their memories, giving up all their strength, and placing themselves back into the the cycle reincarnation. This was considered the most crazy of methods. After all, they had no way of retaining their strength through the process of reincarnation, so they could easily be killed while still weak. It was nothing short of sending themselves to their eternal death.

Another quite commonly used method amongst World Deities was known as ‘deep sleep.’ Very long periods of slumber would allow one’s spirit to slowly regain its clarity.

It was quite obvious by now that the plump man dressed in white robes had entered deep sleep at some point in the past and had set down a timer for when he would wake up. However, the eruption of that array had sent out a huge wave, which had woken him up more than a hundred million years early.

“You’re not even slightly afraid of me, even though you’re aware that you’ve offended me; you have quite the gall, don’t you?” the man began. “When I turned back time just moments ago, I was able to tell that you must have trained in a couple of World Deity rank secret techniques. Are you the disciple of some powerful existence?”

“Had I the backing of a powerful existence, there would have been no need for me to come over and attack this territory,” Xue Ying replied. “I’ve simply had some lucky encounters which gave me the chance to learn some World Deity ranked secret techniques. However, I did not receive any guidance from any powerful existence. I’m actually on my way to participate in the God Palace Myriad Flower Feast. Hopefully, a powerful existence there will take me as a disciple.”

That plump man nodded. “Indeed, I could guess as much. I could tell from a glance that you must have cultivated for only around two thousand years.”

“Yes.” Xue Ying nodded.

It would normally be difficult to tell how long someone cultivated for, but those with deeper comprehensions, and especially the experts who were learned in the aspect of time, could ascertain how long a person lived from a glance.

It was much like how mortals could approximate how long someone lived from the signs of agings that shown up on their appearance. A twenty-year-old person would look very different from a someone aged seventy or eighty.

That was the same logic.

The white-robed man’s vision allowed him to tell apart signs of time’s passage on Xue Ying’s body. In the current case, those signs were rather faint, so he could tell that Xue Ying was around two thousand years old.

Altogether, one look at Xue Ying told him that this Deity had cultivated for only two thousand years, while that scene of the previous battle let him know that he grasped hold of World Deity rank secret techniques, that he had multiple grade two Deity Hearts at the peak of the Deity realm, and even an array of self-created secret skills! He had even fused the secret techniques together! A peak Deity of that level would definitely manage to shine like a beacon during the Bloodshed God Palace Myriad Flower Feast.

“As long as you manage to reach the final test set by the Bloodshed God Palace, so that those powerful existences can see you, with you having cultivated for only two thousand years…your ranking could be quite low and you’d still have a 99% chance of being selected as one of their disciples.” The plump, white-robed man smiled. “In fact, if you succeed in condensing a grade one Deity Heart within ten thousand years, there’s even a chance one of them will take you as a personal disciple.

“I dare not consider the possibility that you’ll become one of those legendary grade one True Meaning Transcendents, but even condensing a grade one Deity Heart within ten thousand years can be considered amazing.” The plump man sighed. “Your Extreme Piercing, Mirage, and Star are all at the peak of the Deity realm, and that self-created secret skill of yours might give you the chance to take that final step. By then, hahaha…brat, I’m sure you’ll have some huge achievements in the future. Perhaps you won’t be any worse than me even.”

“You are overestimating me, senior, ” Xue Ying said.

There was no way he could improve his Mirage anymore. After all, he had long since grasped hold of the World Deity Heart.

However, Extreme Piercing and Star had, indeed, both reached the peak of the Deity realm, and he had spent many years trying to further improve his secret skill. This was among the reasons he was so confident about his participation in the God Palace Myriad Flower Feast. He was eager to fight other peak Deities with incredible innate talent and hopefully gain some comprehension which would allow him to take that final step toward condensing another grade one Deity Heart. By then, he would have become a stage two World Deity.

“There’s no reason to call me senior. You can go ahead and refer to me as big brother.” The white-robed man laughed. With Xue Ying having cultivated to this stage within two thousand years, even if he could not grasp hold of a grade one Deity Heart within ten thousand years, he was still certain to become a World Deity. It was simply was a matter of time. “Ah, I have yet to introduce myself; people refer to me as White Sand. This big brother of yours has taken residence here, in the Calm Sea Prefecture. I’ve founded the White Sand City here, and I am presiding over as its City Lord. You can always come over to my White Sand City to visit in the future. Oh, right, I’m afraid I don’t know your name either?”

“This junior’s surname is Dong Bo,” Xue Ying hurriedly replied. However, an understanding had already formed in his heart. The treasure spirit, Crimson Rock, had given him various pieces of information that he should know about the Deity World before he entered it.

As for the White Sand City Lord…

Within the nineteen prefectures ruled over by the Bloodshed God Palace, the White Sand City Lord was a relatively famous existence from the Calm Sea Prefecture, and he was actually ranked among the top ten. Even the Black Bone Mountain Lord was nothing more than an ant by comparison. However, the White Sand City Lord was particularly well-known; at one point, he was given the chance of becoming a disciple-in-name of the Bloodshed God Emperor, under whom he cultivated to become a stage two World Deity. However, at some point, he actually grabbed a moment of opportunity when the Bloodshed God Emperor was not around to brazenly consume a World Sand Heart Fruit that His Highness received from another powerful existence.

It was only after he finished consuming it that fear caught up with him and led him to stealthily flee.

Afterwards, when His Highness, the Bloodshed God, heard about it…he actually chose not to chase after him, instead deciding to simply cut any ties with him as a disciple!

Even so, consuming the World Sand Heart Fruit had prompted the White Sand City Lord to undergo a breakthrough during his escape, where he became a stage three World Deity. Those events should have happened more than three billion years before.

Despite having been forced to relinquish his discipleship under the Bloodshed God Emperor, the White Sand City Lord still was the type of person who enjoyed making friends. On top of that, his combat power was relatively high. Unless overlords such as stage four World Deities or powerful existences acted, he could actually be said to sit at the very peak. That power allowed him to make quite a few allies.

“Dong Bo, you have heard of me?” White Sand could immediately tell from Xue Ying’s expression that this was the case.

“I’ve indeed heard of you before,” Xue Ying replied. “The reputation of the White Sand City Lord reaches far here, in our Calm Sea Prefecture. It’s only natural that I know about you.”


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