LXY Book 14: Chapter 23


Book 14: Chapter 23 – Entering the Mountain Wu City

“Seems like your source of information is quite good,” the White Sand City Lord laughed and then continued, “considering they know such details about World Deities.”

Ordinary Deities would usually be concerned with the division of powers in the surrounding dozens of starfields at most.

Who would truly try attempt to understand the power ranking scheme of the entire prefecture? It would normally be World Deities who take notice of such things. After all, there was not much of a difference between a stage one and a stage three World Deity in the eyes of any ordinary Deity—either could exterminate countless Deities with casual a flip of their hand.

“Dong Bo,” White Sand City Lord continued, still in a joyous mood. “Only three hundred years are left until the God Palace Myriad Flower Feast begins. Do you have any plans as to where you want to go now? I’ll send you over.”


“Then I will ask you, City Lord, to send me directly over to the capital of any another starfield. That’ll be sufficient,” Xue Ying answered. “My plan is to cultivate there for the next three hundred years and then proceed directly to the preliminary rounds of the Bloodshed God Palace Myriad Flower Feast.”

With how vast and seemingly endless the Deity world was, who knew just how many Deities it housed in total.

Meanwhile, those who were qualified to enter the Blood God Palace—to proceed all the way until the very last test—were few and far between. Because of that, the Starfields and Prefectures would hold preliminary selections to weed out most ordinary Deities.

“We’re very close to Mountain Wu Star Field,” said the White Sand City Lord. “I’ll send you over now.”

“I will have to trouble City Lord then,” Xue Ying said.

“You’re yapping on with City Lord, City Lord—even though I asked you to call me big brother…” White Sand shook his head and pursed his lips. “Alright, I won’t bicker with you. Once it’s time for the Calm Sea Prefecture preliminary selections to begin, I’ll come over to watch the battle. The prefecture selections are known to be extremely bloody…so I suggest you be very careful. I do hope to see you enter Bloodshed God Palace.”

“Definitely.” Xue Ying nodded.

“Go now. I hope to see brother Dong Bo have a place in the Bloodshed God Palace Myriad Flower Feast. A pity I never got to taste the delicious Myriad Flower True Fruit despite having lived for so long.” White Sand City Lord sighed, saliva dripping faintly from his mouth. He waved his hand as he finished, saying his farewell. “Go then, good luck with your cultivation and all other preparations.”


Xue Ying immediately felt the space surrounding him transform, and the scene before his eyes change.


He was now alone, floating in the starry sky. Somewhere in the distance was a towering city which seemed to have been constructed right in the starry sky. This was was none other than Mountain Wu City of Mountain Wu Star Field. As the capital of an entire starfield, the city was truly huge, covering an area of more than hundreds of millions of kilometers. Even so, its walls were truly exquisite, with beautifully crafted sculptures placed magnificently along the whole perimeter.

“Yun Hai.” Xue Ying immediately turned toward a figure by his side. It was Emperor Yun Hai.

The white-robed Yun Hai could not help but blurt out, “Dong Bo?”

“How come you’re here?” He was nothing short of shocked.

“Well, seeing how I was the one who attacked Ice Iron Planet, I think it’s only natural that I’d be here now,” Xue Ying joked around.

“That was you?” Yun Hai found it hard to believe. “That is…but I’ve seen an extremely terrifying existence appear at the very end, who captured all of us and placed us inside a cabin.”

Xue Ying began to explain, “Upon assaulting Ice Iron Planet, I’ve had to face the resistance of all those subordinates of the Black Bone Mountain. In the end, I was even attacked through a terrifying array which sent tremors throughout the entire planet, which woke up Senior White Sand who was in deep sleep within the planet. It was, in fact, he who moved all of you into the cabin and removed those seals binding you all. He knew that we were acquainted, so he sent you over to accompany me.”

By that point, Emperor Yun Hai finally understood what was going on, but he could not stop himself inquiring further. “Dong Bo, you’ve just recently become a Realm Lord, so why would you come to the Deity world? Did you actually come to rescue me? Also, is this an avatar which you cultivated?”

“It is.” Xue Ying nodded.

“Foolish!” Emperor Yun Hai felt his heart grow heavy. “How could you be so foolish? The cultivation of an avatar technique requires you to divide your soul into two. That will leave a huge impact on your comprehension ability. You should have just continued cultivating until your combat power was high enough, and until you were certain of becoming a World Deity, before coming to save me. That would not have taken too long. Alternatively, you could have used your identity as a Realm Lord to ask some superpower to come to my aid. That would have been within your ability. Why was it that you cultivated the avatar technique of all things?”

Every Realm Lord held an extremely special status, and many of the apex superpowers of the Deity world were more than willing to invite them into their organizations. Once he joined one, Xue Ying could have then asked someone for help regarding Yun Hai; it would have been no more than a minor task.

“Brother Yun Hai, there’s no need to be anxious. You can calm down,” Xue Ying hurriedly said.

“How can I not be anxious? My blunder led to you dividing your soul into two. Ai…” Emperor Yun Hai was wracked with guilt. “I’ve lived for such a long time, and I no longer hold any hope to break through, yet you’ve actually impacted your future cultivation just for the sake of saving me.”

“It’s all right.” Xue Ying laughed. “In truth, saving you was actually more of a side thought when it came to cultivating the avatar technique. My primary reason for coming here was to participate in the Bloodshed God Palace Myriad Flower Feast.”

Yun Hai was puzzled. “You are actually participating in the Myriad Flower Feast? Dong Bo, just how long have you even cultivated for? According my knowledge, this event normally attracts countless peak Deities from throughout the entire Deity world, and anyone is eligible to participate as long as they are no older than eleven million years. Taking that into account, of course there would be an immense amount of people who will participate, some of them probably even being disciples of powerful existences. None would shy away from the challenge, all for the sake of the rumored Myriad Flower True Fruit. Haven’t you only cultivated for a bit over a thousand years? How come you’re planning to participate in the Myriad Flower Feast so soon?”

He was well aware that Xue Ying’s talent was quite high…but was it high enough to participate in the Bloodshed God Palace Myriad Flower Feast? He would be matched against the entire Deity world! Had Xue Ying cultivated for several million years or so, Yun Hai would have been quite confident in his chances. But he only cultivated for a bit over a thousand years! Such an amount of time was simply too short.

“You will understand soon enough,” Xue Ying retorted. “In any case, you now understand that, whether I was to save you or not, I would have cultivated the avatar technique either way, just for the sake of participating the God Palace Myriad Flower Feast. There’s no reason for you to blame yourself.”

“Ai.” Yun Hai shook his head.

“Let’s not delay any longer. This is Mountain Wu City of Mountain Wu Star Field. Let’s go have a look around.” Xue Ying laughed. “Three hundred years from now, it’ll be here, at Mountain Wu City, that the starfield preliminary selection for the Bloodshed God Palace Myriad Flower Feast will be conducted.”

A mixture of gratitude and guilt overcame Yun Fei, but the only thing he could do was curb these emotions of his. As he turned around to look at the vast, beautiful city, he could not help but exclaim, “Unless I’m wrong, we were back at Ice Iron Planet of the Celestial Star Field just moments ago, yet now we are already here, in Mountain Wu Star Field! Unless…that ship just now was a Starfield Flying Ship?”

“That was, indeed, a Starfield Flying Ship.” Xue Ying also sighed and nodded.

Usually, travelers of the Deity world would have to depend on Space Teleportation Arrays to reach one of the various inhabited planets before slowly making their way around by foot.

Meanwhile, a Starfield Flying Ship was able to teleport someone over huge distances and bypass many starfields with relative ease.

“From what I know, any Starfield Flying Ship goes for an incredible price—its price is so expensive that it feels exaggerated. Not even World Deities can afford one most of the time,” Yun Hai could not help but comment.

“Even the cheapest costs no less than ten million Deity crystals,” Xue Ying replied. He built an immense knowledge base from his discussion with the treasure spirit, Crimson Rock, so it was only normal that his breadth of knowledge was broader than Yun Hai’s. “No stage two World Deity would be willing to buy one under normal circumstances. The only ones with Starfield Flying Ship are either stage three World Deities and beyond, or those with incredible backgrounds.”

“The cheapest costs ten million Deity crystals?” Yun Hai shook his head in surprise.

These Starfield Flying ships were each handcrafted to be incredibly extravagant and dazzling. The appearance of such a huge ship alone was enough to intimidate the others. It must be stated that even Realm Lords at the World Deity realm, like the Sorcerer God, could still only accumulate ten million Deity crystals after countless adventures over a long period of time. Meanwhile, the Great Demonic God, Da Er Hao, was a stage two World Deity, but even he had also only accumulated such wealth over a long period of time within the Dark Abyss.

To purchase the Starfield Flying Ship for the sake of convenience and luxury alone, while spending all of their life savings in the process? Nobody would be so crazy.

That was why any purchase of a Starfield Flying Ship represented that its buyer was backed by huge combat power!

They either owned that combat power or were supported by a powerful existence!

“Let’s move on to Mountain Wu City.” Xue Ying laughed.

Sou sou.

The two of them were passing through space side-by-side, flying toward the towering Mountain Wu City. Despite being in their range of vision from the start, in addition to Xue Ying having grasped hold of the Star Deity Heart, they still flew for the time it took to brew a cup of tea before finally arriving at the entrance of this city with walls millions of kilometers tall! Not far from the city’s entrance was a planet a bit over a hundred thousand kilometers in diameter. Compared to the gigantic walls, it was clearly unremarkable.

“What do you think, Dong Bo? This city should be big enough, right?” Yun Hai said. “However, you must still remember to keep a low profile. After all, this is still your first time here, in the Deity world.”

“Don’t worry, I understand.” Xue Ying laughed. He was even more knowledgeable than Yun Hai about both matters on a lower level, like those concerning Deities, and those on a higher level, like powerful existences.

“I had almost forgotten that you’ve already been to other places before coming here.” Yun Hai laughed.


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