LXY Book 14: Chapter 25


Book 14: Chapter 25 – The Soaring Cloud Lake’s Young Master

Yun Hai’s expression was grim as he sent a message over to Xue Ying, “Why’d we have to stumble upon such a person. Dong Bo, we should run. Let’s get out of here!”

Xue Ying looked up toward the sky, where the carriage was. The black-robed attendant left the carriage and turned into a cloud of black fog, flying over toward him while radiating killing intent. Xue Ying could infer the reason from a single glance. Apparently, he was angered and irritated because I looked at him. However, don’t you think that’s a bit over the top? A single casual look in his direction, and from such distance. Did that glance alone really anger him so? Such a way of acting truly rendered Xue Ying speechless.

Wasn’t it exaggerated?

Xue Ying grumbled to himself, Had we been at the capital of the Calm Sea Prefecture or the Bloodshed God Palace, he would not have dared act as such. In said places, even those with significant backing might show some attitude, but they would not overreact so much. As long nobody offended them, they would also not take the initiative to create trouble. On top of that, they would not be so petty as to become irritated from a single glance.


After all, those were places where fish and dragons intermingled, and the strong were scattered like clouds. If he so easily provoked and killed anyone just because someone gazed at him…it was quite likely that he would unintentionally offend some personage.

Alas, this is just one of many starfields. There are not many World Deity who would come to this capital, and even fewer people with significant background. This alone allows him to be so domineering. Xue Ying was somewhat helpless. With him being a grade one True Meaning Transcendent, a Realm Lord, and his true body having already become World Deity, how could he be devoid of any pride whatsoever? Would he really be so afraid as to go about flattering anyone who had the slightest backing?

“Don’t try resisting!” the incoming black fog, still up in the air, angrily shouted.

Yun Hai quickly stepped aside, while Xue Ying simply stood still where he was; he didn’t move an inch. Yun Hai instantly turned anxious as he saw that, and he transmitted to Xue Ying while still fleeing to the best of his ability, “Dong Bo, you have to run! If you’re too slow, it’ll all be over!”

The cloud of black fog finally arrived and fully enveloped Xue Ying.

The temperature inside it then lowered rapidly, changing the atmosphere into a chilly cold air. This air wrapped around Xue Ying, turning him into a frozen sculpture. Ka ka ka~ That statue was actually incomparably sturdy. At the same time, the cloud of black fog condensed back into the shape of a human, the same black-robed attendant from before. He looked at the human-shaped ice sculpture and coldly laughed. “Such arrogance, yet you can’t even break free from my magic.”

The black-robed attendant extended his hand, intending to retrieve the ice sculpture when suddenly…ka ka~ It started to crack and move its arms.


The sculpture’s hand moved so fast it almost seemed illusory. It began closing in on the black-robed attendant, its movement accompanied by the profoundness of Extreme Piercing. Being so close nearby, the attendant had no time to react, and his face was instantly slapped by that palm! With a peng, he fell head-first onto the ground, the impact shaking the surroundings and emitting a booming sound.

The body of the black-robed attendant trembled slightly, like fog that was on the verge of dispersing. In the end, it still managed to maintain its solid form.

The human-shaped frozen sculpture looked up, causing the ice covering its face to shatter and reveal Xue Ying’s expression. Some cold air of that level was simply too weak for him; it posed no threat to his Time Immemorial Body.

“This is…” The green-haired man inside the carriage was left stunned, his previously cold gaze now changed into one of shock. He became increasingly angry as he shouted left and right, “Everyone go catch him for me!”

He had just finished voicing those words as another black-robed attendant prepared to go out. However, it was precisely at this time that the attendant saw a figure dressed in starry-blue robes appear inside the carriage. This figure turned out to be Xue Ying, who immediately swung his hand. With speed much like before, he slapped this other black-clothed attendant, without even giving him the chance to dodge. How could he even hope to evade when faced with an attack launched by the Time Immemorial Body and complemented by Extreme Piercing? This slap sent the head of this attendant rumbling, and his body flying into one of the wheels of the the carriage. In spite of his relatively durable body, it still distorted for a moment before restabilizing.

“You, how come you’re…” The green-haired man inside the carriage was stunned at the sight of Xue Ying being both in front of him and back on the street.

Indeed, there were currently two Xue Yings, both of them wearing the same starry-blue garb. The Xue Ying on the street and this other one in his carriage were absolutely identical.

“Hmph!” The young man activated the arrays embedded into the carriage, and a protective membrane suddenly appeared around him. It was only after making sure he was well protected that he sent Xue Ying an icy, sinister gaze. “Quite powerful and arrogant, are we now? However, we’re currently in Mountain Wu City. You would actually dare challenge me here?”

“There’s no need to keep him alive as you arrest him. You can go ahead and kill him!” the green-haired man savagely shouted.




These words arrived in unison in response to the green-haired man’s orders. These replies came from the two black-clothed attendants from before, as well as the nine black-scaled mutated beasts that were pulling the carriage. All nine beasts donned humanoid shapes covered in black armor, their aura at the level on an average peak stage Deity. A single one of the black-scaled mutated beast costed about as much as a Tapir Beast. Altogether, those nine beasts were obviously worth much more than that Tapir Beast from Ice Iron Planet, seeing how each beast was stronger than the tapir.

The eleven figures instantly surrounded the Xue Ying standing in the carriage, seeing how he was closer to their young master. A spear of a flame-red color suddenly appeared in Xue Ying’s hand, and he immediately began to brandish it single-handedly. This weapon gave everyone the feeling of being so powerful that it could completely annihilate any and all enemies. In an instant, what seemed like indistinct dark stars began to spin around it, and as soon as the spear swooped down, everything in its surrounding began to sink. Such a mighty attack caused all nine black-scaled mutated beasts, as well as the the two black-clothed attendants, to go pale, while hurriedly doing their best to dodge.

The spear swept over, emitting peng peng peng sounds all the while. Fortunately for them, the nine black-scaled mutated beasts were quite quick on their feet, so they only received a small portion of the attack. All of them, together with the two black-clothed attendant, created quite some distance in their attempt to evade Xue Ying’s attack.


A single attack was enough to send all eleven of his opponents running in fear. Afterward, Xue Ying directed his spear toward the green-haired man still in the carriage and thrust it straight toward him. He sent another fierce attack using Star Meteor Annihilation. Pu. The carriage might have been a treasure item inlaid with protective arrays, but it was simply not powerful enough to resist Xue Ying’s strike. That one attack pierced the protecting membrane and drained all color from from the green-haired man’s face in the process. He quickly dodged to his right, so that the spear landed straight into the seat beside him. This succession of events scared him silly, so that he currently had no other thought than to flee as quick as possible. Even those two flirtatious women beside him were frightened.

“Trying to run?” A hand instantly stretched out to grab the man’s neck and raise him up into the air.

“Release the young master this very instant.” The two black-clothed attendants, together with the nine black-scaled mutated beasts were all on full alert. They were well aware that if their young master was to die, they would also share the same fate; they would be succinctly killed and buried together with him.

“My father is a World Deity, the Lord of Soaring Cloud Lake,” the green-haired man shouted. “He is also the best friend of the Starfield Patrolling Master. You can’t kill me! I…I have an entry rank position. Kill me, and you will never escape my father and the Starfield Patrolling soldiers. The whole Bloodshed God Palace will be on your tail.”

The green-haired man was in a mad panic. He was too powerful; the opponent this time around was simply too powerful. He had actually destroyed the protective arrays of that treasure carriage with a single attack.

In spite of his shouts, he didn’t dare move his neck even an inch. He was terrified that any movement he made would further offend this mysterious expert.

It might take some time to describe, but the whole sequence—from the arrival of the green-haired man together with his two seductive women, to his attempt to whip Xue Ying using his Heart-Branding Whip, and finally concluding with Xue Ying’s counter—took no more than one breath worth of time to unfold.

“Interesting. That good-for-nothing brat, the Soaring Cloud Young Master, is finally getting his just deserts.” Some of the soldiers of the Bloodshed God Palace stood in mid-air as they watched commotion from a fair distance. They seemed like nothing more than simple passersby.

“The Soaring Cloud Young Master was caught.”

“Quick, take a look.”

Many of the Deities from down the road were beginning to notice what has going on between Xue Ying and the green-haired man up in the air.

Meanwhile, Yun Hai was urgently transmitting, “Dong Bo, he has an entry rank. Let’s just quickly get away from here.”

“What?! You have an entry rank? You’re the Soaring Cloud Lake Young Master? And your dad is a World Deity?” Dressed in his starry-blue robes, Xue Ying was holding onto the green-haired man with a stunned expression.

“That’s right.; my father is the Soaring Cloud Lake Master. He’s a World Deity!” The green-haired man kept pushing. “Just let me go, quickly now.”

Xue Ying was showing an expression of dread as he said, “Oh no, what if your father will look for me to get revenge? What if he kills me? I wonder if I should just drag you to death together with me?”

The green-haired man’s eyes went wide. “Wait, don’t…”


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