LXY Book 14: Chapter 27


Book 14: Chapter 27 – World Deity

“Master Commander, please, quickly save our clan’s young master!” one of the black-robed attendants anxiously shouted.

“Big Brother Zuo!” When the young master, who was currently howling grievously on the ground, saw the golden-armored commander, he immediately shouted for him to save his life.

“Don’t be so anxious, Brother Mei Yang,” the golden-armored commander said as the group of Deity World soldiers flew behind him imposingly. He then coldly glared at Xue Ying, furiosity present in his gaze as he shouted, “Quickly, release him this instant!”

Xue Ying grinned at him and then raised the blood-colored whip again.


“Hold!” The golden-armored commander roared.


The blood-colored whip swept down and struck the Soaring Cloud Lake’s young master’s body again, who immediately howled in pain. His body trembled as he continued to beg, “Mercy, mercy!”

“Go save Brother Mei Yang,” the golden-armored commander immediately ordered.

Sou, sou, sou, sou, sou, sou, sou… The group of Deity World soldiers immediately rushed toward Xue Ying. As they did so, their sets of armor lit up with Deity imprints and linked their strength together. All of their auras became much stronger than an ordinary peak Deity’s when this happened! This was none other than the effect granted by the ‘legion array’ that had been personally created by the Bloodshed God Emperor.

When Xue Ying saw them approaching him, he simply took a step backward in order to dodge the Deity World soldiers’ charge.

The group of soldiers immediately surrounded the Soaring Cloud Lake’s Young Master in order to protect him.

“Brother Mei Yang, are you alright?” the golden-armored commander personally asked the green-haired male.

“Big Brother Zuo.” The green-haired male’s body was still trembling slightly. However, a savage expression expression appeared on his face the moment he saw Xue Ying, and he roared, “Big Brother Zuo, I, Jing Mei Yang, have never been made to suffer this much ever since I was born! That chap…he whipped me with the Heart-Branding Whip more than twenty times! Ah, ah, ah, everything hurts. Damn…damn! You must kill him; no… you have to capture him alive! I want to whip him to death with the Heart-Branding Whip!”

“Rest assured Brother Mei Yang. I’ll definitely capture him alive so that you can vent your anger on him,” the golden armored commander hurriedly said.

“You sure talk a big game.”

The distant Xue Ying casually swung the whip, causing a crisp pa to be emitted from the space where the whip struck. Everyone turned toward him when he did so, afterwich Xue Ying coldly said, “If I haven’t guessed wrongly, you should be one of the Mountain Wu Star Field’s commanders in charge of a patrolling army, right? However, it seems that despite being the commander of a patrolling army and properly doing your job of maintaining the law and order of the entire starfield…you’ve actually become a tyrant.”

“So what if I’m a tyrant? Do you think that it’s something you’re able to control?” The golden-armored commander sneered. “What law is there that says I can’t be a tyrant?”

“Indeed, there’s no law forbidding you from being one. However…after spending so much effort to become a Deity, even managing to become the commander of a patrolling army, you still pick on the weak. Honestly, this makes me despise you.” Xue Ying shook his head.

That golden-armored commander’s gaze instantly turned cold.

The more arrogant the person, the more they would disdain bullying the weak.

And yet, this Jing Mei Yang’s father was the Soaring Cloud Lake’s Master—a World Deity! He had an extremely influential role throughout the entire Mountain Wu Star Field; even the commander of the star field’s patrolling army called him brother! In turn, the commander would naturally have to pamper the Soaring Cloud Lake’s young master. And, if the day ever came that the Soaring Cloud Lake’s Master actually managed to break through and become a stage two World Deity…

The young master would probably be able to increase his status with just a few words.

This foolish brat. The golden-armored commander was actually full of resentment within his mind. I truly wish to be arrogant, but I can’t cross that final step needed to become a World Deity; I’m merely a peak-level Deity! Everyone else is also a peak-level Deity; if I don’t form a good relationship with the local World Deities, how would I be able to increase my status?


“Shut your mouth!”

Many of the Bloodshed God palace’s soldiers shouted in retort.

The golden-armored commander sneered at Xue Ying. “It seems your mouth is quite formidable. However, it’s a pity that you dared to actually touch the soldiers of my patrolling army. You only have yourself to blame for seeking death! Brothers, capture him alive!”

“Yes!” At that moment, the huge group of Deity World soldiers all flipped their hands over, chains appearing in them.

Hu, hu, hu…

The thirty plus Bloodshed God Palace soldiers were all garbed in armor that had Deity imprints. Their auras dramatically increased when they charged toward Xue Ying, becoming streams of light. As they did so, they swung the chains they were holding, and for a moment, all thirty chains perfectly intersected with each other to form an inescapable net. The net flew toward Xue Ying in an effort to bind him.

The chains were a weapon made especially for the army, as the moment they bound someone, their Deity energy and True Deity Heart would immediately be sealed, thus preventing all routes of escape.

I’ve heard that the Bloodshed God Palace’s legions are very formidable. Xue Ying thought, This patrolling army is still considered to be the lowest of them all, as it’s only a third class army. Let’s see how formidable they are.

The Bloodshed God Palace’s legions were divided into three different classes.

The patrolling army was one that nearly every starfield had and was governed by that starfield’s Patrol Master. Each starfield was in charge of handling recruitment themselves!

“Not even my father dares to hit me like this!” The green-haired male gritted his teeth as he watched the Deity World soldiers charge toward Xue Ying. “Capture him, capture him! The moment he’s capture, I’ll definitely…ah!”

“This…” The two black-robed servants and the golden-armored commander were shocked when they saw what happened in front of them.

The only thing they could see was the starry-blue robed teenaged holding onto his spear and continuously displaying spear techniques. He would either sweep, pierce, clash, or thrust. Even though the thirty chains had surrounded him, he was easily able to obstruct them. Furthermore, Xue Ying also rapidly charged toward the Deity World soldier closest to him. The ones that tried to stop him from approaching found that they were unable to hinder him.

“How can this be possible? He’s just a lone ranger, yet he’s able to resist against all thirty of them?” The golden-armored commander was greatly startled when he saw this. He, as a commander, lead a total of three hundred soldiers. However, he couldn’t move all of his soldiers without getting the Patrol Master’s approval. The only thing he could do was bring a small team along, which could be considered his personal team and direct subordinates.

However, this small team only consisted of thirty Deities.



Xue Ying’s spear contained immense power and swept away everything that it struck. The only thing visible was the Deity World soldiers turning into streamers one after another as they were struck back by Xue Ying’s spear. They either flew far away or crashed down into the ground below.

This scene startled everyone that had stopped to watch the battle.

These soldiers are all ordinary peak-level Deities, yet the moment they don their armor, their strength combines to become a single entity, allowing them to showcase power at the peak of the Deity realm. Xue Ying was inwardly stunned. Furthermore, my attacks are being easily directed into the void by the arrays on their armor. I’ve already increased how much strength I’m using to 50%, yet none of them have even spurted any blood. To think that they’re just the lowest ranked legion—and just a small team of the whole division at that. I’m afraid that I can’t even kill a single one of them, even if I use all of my strength.

This was only a small team from the class three legion division of the Bloodshed God Palace, yet it was actually this formidable.

As for the legendary second class legion division, it was meant to deal with World Deities.

Xiu. Xue Ying suddenly rushed toward the green-haired male.

“Quickly, protect me!” The green-haired male felt terror-stricken when he saw Xue Ying charge toward him. The golden-armored commander quickly unsheathed the sword at his waist.


Xue Ying’s spear was akin to a python as it struck the golden-armored commander’s broadsword with a chi. An unseen gravitational force immediately dragged the broadsword toward the spear’s body until it was stuck to it. Immediately afterward, Xue Ying revolved the spear and swung it toward the golden-armored commander’s chest. The golden-armored commander could only watch wide-eyed as he was flung backward from the force. The gap between them was truly too large; he was at a much weaker realm compared to Xue Ying.

“No.” The green-haired male attempted to escape by turning into particles.


The Heart-Branding Whip appeared in Xue Ying’s left hand as the green-haired male was doing so, and Xue Ying instantly struck the male’s body with the whip.

“Ah!” The green-haired male immediately fell to the ground, howling in pain.

“You definitely aren’t repenting for you actions. For you to still think of capturing me despite being saved, and to still thinkof whipping me to death with the Heart-Branding Whip…” Xue Ying shook his head. “It’s such a pity that you thought this team of soldiers could save you, yet it was to no avail.”

The group of soldiers regrouped as he spoke, sending glances at each other. Even though they weren’t willing to admit it, they knew that they weren’t a match for this mysterious starry-blue robed teenager, despite being a team!

“He’s really quite cunning. He definitely knows the Bloodshed God Palace’s laws.” The golden-armored commander frowned when he saw the situation. “Even though he’s acted, he hasn’t killed anyone. Thus, he hasn’t gone against the God Palace’s laws.”


Suddenly, an extraordinarily strong and powerful aura rose from the green-haired male’s body, causing Xue Ying to feel mildly shocked.

The scene of willpower descending was clearly visible and engulfed the entire area around them. A figure began to condense off to the side, his figure that of a tall, sturdy male with a thick, green-colored beard and a pair of golden eyes. Once it had fully condensed, the figure glanced toward Xue Ying.

“Father,” the green-haired male greeted.

“Your combat power isn’t bad.” The green-bearded male smiled at Xue Ying.

“Greetings, World Deity.” Xue Ying was relatively polite with his greeting. The figure in front of him was merely a World Projection that had been sent from a fair distance away. Clearly, his true body was still on its way.

“Father! Hurry up and capture him, capture him! I need to torture him properly,” the green-haired male said.

“Shut your mouth.”

The green-bearded coldly stared at his son as he spoke. The Soaring Cloud Lake’s young master fell speechless, incapable of making even a sound.

“You want me to capture him? His true body entered the Bloodshed region long ago. What’s in front of you is merely a mirage body, yet you still have thoughts of capturing him?” the green-bearded male coldly stated.

“Ah?” The Soaring Cloud Lake’s young master was shocked to hear this, as were the group of soldiers and the golden-armored commander.


This was merely a mirage body?

“No wonder you’re a World Deity.” Xue Ying smiled.


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