LXY Book 14: Chapter 28


Book 14: Chapter 28 – A Meager Reputation

During the previous exchange, Xue Ying’s true body had been using his fastest speed to pull Yun Hai toward the Bloodshed region while inside the Mirage.

Meanwhile, the Mirage body had been fleeing with the Soaring Cloud Lake Young Master in tow, deliberately taking a huge detour. At that point, his speed was slightly faster than that of the black-robed attendants! It must be mentioned that, considering how deep’s Xue Ying’s comprehension was, together with his self-created secret skills as well as the various World Deity rank secret techniques, he could actually employ a speed at least twice as fast as those black-robed attendants.

However, it was only once his true body was safe…that Xue Ying had actually been in any mood to play with them!

“Even so, your combat power is actually quite something, little friend. I might have merely sent a World Projection down, but it is still unlikely to be able to deal with you.” The man with the bushy green beard smiled.


“You are overvaluing me, World Deity,” Xue Ying immediately replied.

The Soaring Cloud Lake Young Master was so angry that he gritted his teeth. He had been whipped so many times, yet his father did not seem to have any interest in helping him vent his anger.

“I really must thank you for teaching my son on this occasion. This will prove to be valuable experience to him. Hmph, this brat has truly been too rampant within Mountain Wu Star Field. If he dares to continue play around like this around the prefecture, he is very likely to drop dead sooner or later!” The thick-bearded man sent his son a gaze and then snorted. “Mei Yang, it was only due to the leniency of this little friend that you were able to survive this encounter. Had he decided to act any more ruthlessly, you would have already been dead.”

“I possess an entry rank. He would not dare kill me,” the Soaring Cloud Lake Young Master blurted out.

“Hmph, you have an entry rank, do you? Then what if you had met some serial criminal of the Bloodshed God Palace?” the bearded man asked.

“How could there be that many criminals like that who dare to enter the capital?” the Young Master countered.

“You still dare to talk back? What if you had killed a good friend of someone, causing him to then seek to take your life?” the green-bearded man roared. “Or what if you had offended someone stronger than me, your father?”

The Young Master of Soaring Cloud Lake did not reply. He was clearly feeling rather unhappy at that moment.

The green-bearded male sighed inwardly.

He truly had no choice.

He had left behind a token on his son’s body; so as long as he willed it, he could track every single movement of his at any time. Once his son truly met any danger, he could then send a World Projection at his position without delay. Despite World Projections not suffering restrictions like they did in the material world, due to the lack of Deity energy and a soul—since they were merely expressions of will descending from afar—their power was quite limited. Without a soul, he could only control a small part of the world, enough to reach the bare minimum of the World Deity level at most.

He was not lying when he said that he was not certain he could deal with Xue Ying.

“Unless I’m mistaken, little friend, you should be preparing to participate in the Myriad Flower Feast that starts in three hundred years or so, am I right?” the green-bearded man asked.

“That is, indeed, correct.” Xue Ying was rather startled. “It is true that I intend to participate in the Myriad Flower Feast.”

He found no particular need to conceal this matter.

“Haha, you’ve taught my son a lesson by choosing to not escape far away and entering the Bloodshed region instead,” the man continued. “The Bloodshed region is a very safe place, but even renting the cheapest place there will cost you one Deity crystal every year. There’s mostly no one who would be willing to stay inside all the time.

“That being said, I could easily capture you alive once you leave the Bloodshed region. That is why I thought that it would be most likely that you were going to participate in the Myriad Flower Feast! There was also another possibility, and that was for you to have owned an entry rank.”

Xue Ying laughed out loud without explaining much.

His plan was to quietly cultivate inside the Bloodshed region of Mountain Wu City for the next three hundred years. Once that time was through, he would then go directly ahead to participate in the Myriad Flower Feast. The starfield selection was going to be held precisely within this safest Bloodshed region.

“It is no wonder you are a World Deity. If there’s nothing else, I’ll be making my move first,” Xue Ying said.

“Mn.” The green-bearded man nodded.

Xue Ying turned to the Young Master of Soaring Cloud Lake and sent a casual grin in his direction as his body dissipated. After all, this was just a mirage body, and he could make it disappear at will.

“It was actually just a mirage body?” the Soaring Cloud Lake Young Master stood there, staring dumbfounded.

“We were actually fighting him, even thinking of capturing him alive? Who would have thought that we had merely been facing his mirage body.” Commander Zuo shook his head in dismay.

Within Mountain Wu City, in the official residence of the starfield patrolling army.

The man with a bushy green beard was walking alongside a thinner man.

“Brother Guan,” the green-bearded man began, while shaking his head, “my son, Mei Yang, has been captured and even suffered multiple lashes from the Heart-Branding Whip, yet you actually didn’t intervene in any way.”

“Intervene? And how was I supposed to do that?” the other man stared back. “That youngster, Dong Bo, actually did not break any rule. I am a member of the starfield patrolling army; how can I ignore my identity to bully some whipper-snapper? Not only that, little brother Jin, that son of yours truly is just too rampant. It’s not so bad for him to suffer a bit.”

“Be honest,” the green-bearded man replied. “I was a bit late to the scene, so I did not get to see Dong Bo’s true body. Just how strong was he, to be precise? Does he seem to have some sort of background?”

The thinner man laughed at the sight before finally replying, “It seems that you’re quite clever. Right, Dong Bo’s true body had already brought his comrade to the Bloodshed region when the two sides first clashed. That brat…I might not have such a good comprehension of time, but I’m still certain that he has not trained for more than five thousand years!”

“He hasn’t trained for more than five thousand years?” The green-bearded man was startled. “Yet he’s that powerful?”

“Exactly. He is just too young! His combat power is incredibly high for that age. On top of that, he also had a World Deity rank secret technique that enhances the body.” The thin man laughed. “With such a comprehension, and at that age, it’s very unlikely that he’s just a disciple of some random fourth stage World Deity. Not only that, seeing how he trained in at least one World Deity ranked secret technique, wouldn’t it be normal to ask just where did he acquire it? There’s no doubt in my mind that he has some incredible backing. Little brother Jin, didn’t you find it rather strange that he would be so polite before you?”

The green-bearded man nodded. “I’ve already guessed as much. With how powerful he is, and how calm he was when talking to me, it’s quite certain that he has some background. How else could he have been so calm in front of me.”

“Hahaha… Old Jin, you should hurry up and teach that son of yours a lesson. He might have only suffered a bit this time around, but he might just pay with his life the next time he makes a blunder.”

“That I am aware of.” The green-bearded man nodded. In fact, he had already placed a strict order to forbid his son from leaving the region of Mountain Wu Star Field!

The chances of his son riling up an existence that should not be provoked within this starfield of his were much lower.

This matter with Xue Ying had actually left his heart in great turmoil.

“I assume that this Dong Bo personage is likely to be the disciple of a powerful existence,” the thinner man said. “He should have come here at this time to participate in the Myriad Flower Feast. With this event on the way, it was likely that many Deities with great talent and deep potential would surface, as well as various disciples of powerful existences.”

“Either way, we will get to see how powerful Dong Bo is once the Myriad Flower Feast begins.” The green-bearded male laughed.

Other than these two World Deities who were focused on Xue Ying, there was another World Deity someplace else that had their eyes on him.

Within the Celestial Capital of Celestial Star Field, within a building belonging to the Temporal Temple.

“Who exactly is he?”

The Black Bone Mountain Mountain Lord entered a palace hall where various scenes were displayed, floating in midair. What they depicted was precisely the battle between Xue Ying and the Tapir Beast from back on Ice Iron Planet.

The Black Bone Mountain Lord was actually quite the handsome teenager. However, this was merely one of his bodies. The other, which trained in the Black Bone Body, was much uglier.

“He would dare to be so reckless as to lay siege to one of my Black Bone Mountain’s territories? Hmph, hmph! I’m not in any position to offend an existence such as the White Sand City Lord, but he is merely a Deity. I’d like to see for myself just what kind of background he has.” The Black Bone Mountain Lord sneered. He had employed some sort of time scrying method to view Xue Ying’s previous battle, but that single short glimpse was not enough to give him any hints regarding Xue Ying’s identity.

There were only a few people who recognized Xue Ying in the entire city.

“Mountain Lord of the Black Bone Mountain,” a cold and mighty voice resounded throughout the palace hall. “The price of a report on this Deity’s identity is 500,000 Deity crystals.”

“500,000 Deity crystals?” The Black Bone Mountain Lord’s voice immediately pitched upward. “Temporal Temple, perhaps you’ve made some mistake? He is just a Deity. How could a report on his identity cost as much as 500,000 Deity crystals?”

What joke was this!

He, as a stage one World Deity, had merely gathered a total of two million or so Deity crystals after saving up for many years. Meanwhile, even the Great Demonic God who was a stage two World Deity, and the Sorcerer God who had the identity of a Material World Lord despite being a stage one World Deity, had merely saved up to a total of ten million Deity crystals.

“Will you purchase the report?” the cold and mighty voice asked, unperturbed.

The Black Bone Mountain Lord simply gritted his teeth in response. The only thing he could do was stand up and walk away.

How in the world could such a report be worth 500,000 of his Deity crystals? That was nearly one-fourth of his whole net worth, and he was to spend it all just to vent his anger? On top of that—

If the price of that intelligence alone is so expensive, it surely means his background must be incredible—perhaps he’s a personal disciple of some powerful existence? Or maybe the heir of a stage four World Deity? A shiver went down the spine of the Black Bone Mountain Lord at the thought. In any case, the cost of his identity sufficed to prove that this person was not any small personage. Why would such a powerful character spend so much effort to attack one of my territories? Would it not have sufficed to just send someone over?

The Black Bone Mountain Lord inwardly shook his head. He decided to just throw this matter into the back of his mind. There was no way for him to deal with it.

The price of a report on that Deity’s identity would cost him 500,000 Deity crystals. That was simply terrifying!

Within the Bloodshed region of Mountain Wu City.

Xue Ying was currently cultivating together with Yun Hai within one of the many caverns.

Gossip had already begun spreading throughout Mountain Wu City about how the Young Master of Soaring Cloud Lake suffered lash after lash from the Heart-Branding Whip. According to the rumors, a team of patrolling army soldiers had also been easily trampled, and the Master of the Soaring Cloud Lake had descended personally to talk with the mysterious expert, Dong Bo. It was also said that this person called Dong Bo would be participating in the Myriad Flower Feast in three hundred years…

Over the years, the Young Master of the Soaring Cloud Lake had gathered a truly smelly reputation. When he was finally smashed onto the street and lashed ruthlessly by the Heart-Branding Whip, everyone was so excited that the name of Dong Bo spread out like wildfire.

Due to that gossip spreading about, Xue Ying had become quite famous throughout Mountain Wu City, and those rumors actually made him out to be some incredible personage. After all, being able to whip the Young Master of Soaring Cloud Lake was a testament to his own combat power.

Year after year passed by, and the time for the Myriad Flower Feast to begin drew close. The entire Mountain Wu City seemed to be rising from its slumber, though such a thing seemed to not be limited to this city alone. Every territory and every single starfield ruled by the Bloodshed God Palace was turning restless.

Because this was the biggest and grandest occasion in the entire Deity world!

This event meant for Deities to compete in, the Myriad Flower Feast, would soon begin!

Finally, only three days were left before the start of the starfield selections for the Myriad Flower Feast.


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