LXY Book 14: Chapter 3


Book 14: Chapter 3 – Realm Heart

This was a special place.

It existed in the most mysterious space within the entire Xia Clan world. It was a mystery within a mystery and was extremely important to the Xia Clan world, just like how the soul was to humans! Even powerful existences who had sent a World Projection down would not be able to enter and would instead be forcibly repelled away. There was only one way to enter this mysterious space—–to achieve a certain realm as a native lifeform!

Hua. Xue Ying appeared within this special space.

Xue Ying stood there with nothing around him but countless circulating Laws of Profound Mysteries. This was the ocean of the Laws of Profound Mysteries, with countless Profound Mysteries coming together to form the huge Laws of the World! The entire Xia Clan world moved according to this Laws of the World. Thus, the native lifeforms of this world would be able to cultivate and comprehend True Meanings by borrowing on this Law.


“This is the Realm Heart?” Xue Ying looked around at his surroundings. His naked eyes could even see the countless unique undulations circulating about.


Xue Ying closed his eyes, putting in his utmost to refine it.

HIs powerful soul borrowed upon the stage three realm of the True Meaning of the World to delve into the Realm Heart.

That was right.

Powerful soul!

The moment Xue Ying comprehended the True Meaning of the World, he finally understood the reason why Sacred Master Crimson Dust set down the rule—Disciples of the Crimson Rock Mountain are forbidden to cultivate in avatar techniques prior to comprehending a grade one True Meaning or becoming a World Deity! Because after comprehending a grade one True Meaning, he could easily recover the losses of his soul due to how mystical a grade one True Meaning was. World Deities who had grasped hold of a grade one Deity Heart would naturally recover even faster.

His soul, which had been halved in order to save his wife, had been rapidly restored after he cultivated a grade one True Meaning! Just a month later after grasping it, he had completely restored it. Furthermore, after recovering, Xue Ying’s soul had even become significantly stronger due to his grasp of a grade one True Meaning!

There was a reason why grade one True Meanings were known as the most perfect and mystical True Meanings. Other than superior offense, defense, and survivability, it also provided tremendous benefits in regards to soul protection, recovery, nourishment, and other aspects.

In just a year or so.

Compared to his previous peak state before saving his wife, Xue Ying’s soul was stronger by at least threefold if not more. This was due to the nourishing effect garnered from grasping a grade one True Meaning.

This is truly too comfortable. Xue Ying felt as if he was back within the embrace of his mother. His soul did not suffer from any obstacles at all; the Realm Heart was even protecting him. Even though the Realm Heart was incomparably mysterious, this was ultimately not about creating another Realm Heart. He was merely refining it, a much easier task. Xue Ying used up about three days’ worth of spiritual energy before finally refining the entire Realm Heart.

The Realm Heart also imprinted on his soul, leaving behind a mark.


The moment he successfully refined it, Xue Ying felt his soul shudder from the roar.

His senses felt completely different compared to before.

This is…

At this moment, he felt like he was the entire Xia Clan world.

Xue Ying was this immense world, with his view extending beyond the confines of this world.

In the endless void outside the world, large mortal worlds slowly moved about, one after another. A single glance revealed to him a dense cloud of countless mortal worlds, all in revolution. Every single mortal world rotated on its own axis and flew on its own path, but they did maintain a certain distance from each other. Even though billions of mortal worlds floated about, none of them actually hit each other.

That is the sun and the moon? Xue Ying could ‘see’ it.

At the two opposing ends in the distance.

A gigantic sun rested in one direction; similarly, the opposite direction held the enormous moon.

These two orbs shone over the entire material world, over the entire Deity world, and over the Dark Abyss; these two were the biggest and most unfathomable stars! According to legend, the spaces where the sun and moon were located were extremely mystical. Despite being able to see the sun and moon from any of the three regions, it was nigh impossible to physically locate them.

The Dark Abyss? Xue Ying could also ‘see’ it. Amongst the billions of mortal worlds flying slowly about, a slice of darkness rested in the center.

That slice of darkness was none other than the Dark Abyss!

Because of the far distance, Xue Ying could only see a vague, circular shape comprised of darkness from his position after refining the Xia Clan world. According to the legend, the Dark Abyss was layers upon layers of worlds piled atop one another. Because of the number of world layers reaching an absurdly high value, the Dark Abyss was also called a ‘bottomless abyss.’

Suddenly, Xue Ying had a thought.


The billions of mortal worlds he originally saw suddenly began to faintly emit countless undulations of Law. In this enormous material world formed from billions of mortal worlds, every single mortal world had its own set of Laws of the World! At this moment, the countless Laws of the World were emitting their own undulations, like how countless droplets formed an ocean.

At this moment, Xue Ying could see this endless ocean of Laws! This—was the Law of the Material World!

It was so much more vast and open.

In front of this, even powerful existences had to lower their heads, as they could not enter this vastness. Even those high above like the Temporal Island Lord who created the Temporal Temple—an organization capable of sending people and items into the material world—could not forcibly send some Deities into the material world. Because when one was at the Temporal Island Lord’s realm, he could, at most, seize every opportunity that did not go against the fundamental Laws cycling behind the material world.

The material world, the Deity world, the Dark Abyss, the sun, and the moon each had their own Laws.

Since the creation of everything till now, even if one became a powerful existence, they still had to obey the Laws.

Anyone will be required to lower their head in front of the Laws of the Material World. Xue Ying was startled.

There would always be a mountain higher.

Even though Xue Ying had refined the Realm Heart, he had barely been able to do so, primarily because he had been a native lifeform from the start. The Laws of the World remained as vast as ever, but now that he had seen this higher levelled Law of the Material World, it was natural that he had become more astonished. In front of the Law of the Material World, Xue Ying, who had grasped a grade one True Meaning, could feel that he was a little ant in front of the starry sky!

He immediately withdrew his spiritual sense, not daring to interact with the humongous material world any longer!

My current realm is too low; I’m not even a World Deity! I’ll wait until my realm is high enough before coming to see the Laws of the World again. By then, the Law of the Material World would feel different to me. Xue Ying restrained his spiritual sense. He thoroughly looked over his hometown as well as the many rivers, the vast ocean, and the many pearl-like islands that made up the world.

The Xia Clan world was truly beautiful.

The seagulls flew high in the sky, while marine beasts lived underneath the sea.

The Beast Clan—there is no need for me to slaughter them all. Otherwise, it will be impossible for us to find any beasts on the Xia Clan world several years later. That is a pity as well. Xue Ying could ‘see’ this beautiful world. Suddenly, his thoughts fell down a new path. With a different combat power and a different realm, his ideology became different too. As for his current self, he had refined the Realm Heart and controlled the entire Xia Clan world.

Within the Xia Clan world, the Laws of the World was under his control! He was unparalleled!

This was completely different from before. Previously, he had merely operated part of the World Energy. Yet now, all the World Energy, including the Laws of the World, was under his control! He was the undisputed territory lord of the Xia Clan world!

One could say that even a stage four World Deity would not be able to threaten him. Only a powerful existence…could display some mystical methods to deal with him, like send down an attack through the many gaps in space! That was also the reason why many powerful existences request for the Bloodshed God Emperor and the Temporal Island Lord to act as witnesses when demanding oaths and pledges with each other.

I never knew that the Xia Clan world to be so beautiful and diverse. Xue Ying could see the many major and minor Transcendent worlds. He could see those from the higher ranks of the Beast Clan hiding within the Oceanic Forest World as well as some demons. He could see the many different reflections and variations of the real world—the shadow space, the Mirage, and the void in between the world.

Crimson Rock Mountain?

Xue Ying looked toward the Crimson Rock Mountain.

Crimson Rock Mountain emitted a might that felt vast and tyrannical. It could even forcibly resist the Laws of the World belonging to the entire Xia Clan World! Many seemingly small dark voids enveloped it. That dark void blocked Xue Ying’s mind the moment he made contact with it.

This led to Xue Ying sighing inwardly. The eden treasure left behind by Teacher is already so powerful. I wonder how strong the true body of a powerful existence is? It is truly unimaginable.

“Mn?” An undulation suddenly extended out from the dark void, interacting with Xue Ying’s spiritual sense. “This is…Xue Ying?”

“Senior Crimson Rock?” Xue Ying immediately replied, also sensing the familiarity of that undulation.

“You, you have refined the Realm Heart?” The treasure spirit Crimson Rock’s undulation suddenly fluctuated, as if he was extremely shocked.


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