LXY Book 14: Chapter 4


Book 14: Chapter 4 – The Order of the Sacred Master, Crimson Dust

“I have.” Xue Ying’s consciousness came into contact with the area of dark void and transmitted a message inside.

“How could you be so fast? Haven’t you only just defeated the Sorcerer God and Great Demonic God? In fact, it has only been a little more than a year since then; not even two years have passed. How did you manage to refine the Realm Heart?” Crimson Rock didn’t dare believe it. “You might have already grasped the three Deity Hearts—of Extreme Piercing, Mirage, and Star—while the Mirage Deity Heart only needs one step to turn into the Realm Heart, but even that one step…you can talk about taking it, but you’d just be wasting time.

That step further…signified condensing a grade one Deity Heart!

Had Xue Ying spent a hundred years or more on it, it would be nothing much, but just a year?


“I have grasped a grade one True Meaning!” Xue Ying once more sent his thoughts over, but he was met with silence—a full moment of deep, endless silence.

After that moment passed, Crimson Rock finally replied, “You aren’t messing with me, right?”

“I have no way of faking a grade one True Meaning,” Xue Ying sent back.

“Quickly, get over here, to Crimson Rock Mountain!” the treasure spirit eagerly urged. “For the moment, you must not publicize this matter of you refining the Realm Heart; don’t tell anyone! As for your grasping a grade one True Meaning, you must be even more certain that nobody finds out! Make your way to Crimson Rock Mountain as fast as possible. I…I…a grade one True Meaning, you’ve actually…anyway, just come here immediately.”

Back inside the the space of the Realm Heart, Xue Ying revealed a faint smile. He had lived at Crimson Dust Island for a long time and had talked plenty with his two senior disciples. How could he not be aware of how important a grade one True Meaning was? However, the matter of comprehending it could not be spread without thought. Even so, Crimson Rock could, indeed, be trusted since he was a treasure spirit who had to obey the commands its original owner left behind.

Furthermore, Xue Ying was now the realm lord of the Xia Clan world, which allowed him to control all of the World Energy and even the Laws of Heaven and Earth. Perhaps an ownerless Eden treasure could tear apart an mortal world without a lord, but it was still fundamentally incapable of shaking up a territory lord’s world!

Atop Snowrock Mountain.

I’ve no clue where Xue Ying went, and he didn’t respond to my transmitted message. As she stood in front of a bamboo tower, Jing Qiu displayed a faint frown which betrayed her worry.

“Jing Qiu.” Just then, Xue Ying returned to the peak of Snowrock Mountain from the Realm Heart space.

Jing Qiu turned her head to stare at her husband and couldn’t help but lowly chastise him in a somewhat angry manner, “Dong Bo Xue Ying, we’ve just returned from the celebratory feast, after which you said we’d work on making a heap of babies. As soon as I turned my head, however, you obtained a flash of enlightenment and started cultivating again. Well, that bit of cultivation was no big deal, but as soon as you finished, you actually disappeared without a trace for more than three whole days. Tell me, what was so important that you could not even tell me before you left? I’ve even transmitted you messages to which you didn’t respond.”

“My bad, my bad. I accept any punishment.” Xue Ying tried to coax his wife.

Jing Qiu nodded in response. “Your punishment shall be to make me some lunch.”

Xue Ying grinned. “Piece of cake.”

While the two of them had walked together everywhere under the heavens for over a hundred years of time, Xue Ying would carve jade, draw pictures, carve wood, and even cook whenever he found some leisure time.

“By the way, Xue Ying, I’ve received multiple messages from Chen Jiu’s side during this past year…” Jing Qiu began talking from the side. At the same time, Xue Ying began to cut up vegetables while listening to her with a smile. He had grasped a grade one True Meaning and was very happy that he reached the stage three realm in it so that he could refine the Realm Heart, but what he treasured even more was the comfort of being together with his wife.

Meanwhile, back at Crimson Rock Mountain.

One of Xue Ying’s Qi Avatars arrived at the dark void, where it was immediately moved inside by the treasure spirit, Crimson Rock.

Why isn’t he here yet? The magnificently dressed Crimson Rock anxiously paced back and forth underneath a huge tree. He should be telling the truth, right? Still, this is a grade one True Meaning we’re talking about. The Sacred Master has lived for a practically endless amount of time, and even he, a powerful existence, only managed to snatch up such Transcendent as a disciple after going through much trouble. Do I really have the luck to come across one while waiting idly in a mortal world?

He’s here.

Crimson Rock opened his eyes, hua, Xue Ying’s Qi avatar appeared right before him.

“Senior Crimson Rock,” Xue Ying said, smiling.

“Have you really grasped a grade one True Meaning? Don’t try to fool me in an attempt to become a direct disciple,” the treasure spirit, Crimson Rock, reminded him in a somewhat nervous manner.

“Senior Crimson Rock, you’re not being the usual you.” Xue Ying faintly smiled, and the surrounding heavens and earth began to faintly vibrate with vigorous power. While seemingly unremarkable at a glance, this power was enough to match the strength of a peak stage Deity. Even when his Qi Avatar alone mobilized the surrounding World Energy, it could still easily match a peak Deity. Even if they had grasped the stage three realm of the True Meaning of Extreme Piercing, it would still most likely be impossible for them to pierce space when it was controlled so firmly.

What the True Meaning of the World excelled at was, of course, controlling the world.

“The True Meaning of the World?” The treasure spirit Crimson Rock instantly recognized it.

“It really is a grade one True Meaning!” His eyes began to shine. “And you’ve only cultivated for how long? Actually, if we don’t count time acceleration, it’s only been two hundred years! In such a short period of time, you’ve actually reached the stage three realm in a grade one True Meaning. This…this speed of comprehension is at the very top even amongst grade one True Meaning transcendents. I wouldn’t even have dared to imagine I would be so unexpectedly lucky. Who would have thought that after the Sacred Master’s death, I would come across a grade one True Meaning Transcendent.”

Xue Ying helplessly smiled. “Senior Crimson Rock, I might have grasped a grade one True Meaning, but there’s no need to be this emotional. You’re the treasure spirit of an Eden treasure, and you’ve followed the Sacred Master for many years.”

“You don’t understand.” Crimson Rock shook his head. “You simply don’t understand what a grade one True Meaning signifies.”

“What is it?” Xue Ying asked.

“Let me tell you.” Crimson Rock looked at Xue Ying. “The appearance of any grade one True Meaning Transcendent is enough to disturb the entire Deity World and Dark Abyss! You might have heard a lot about their worth, but your field of view is still too small, and you have yet to truly become aware of the true significance.

“Can it really cause a disturbance in the Deity World and Dark Abyss?” Xue Ying felt rather doubtful.

Crimson Rock nodded. “I’m not exaggerating the slightest bit. For instance, our Sacred Master, Crimson Dust, has received three direct disciples: one of them was received because the Sacred Master was especially fond of him and made an exception, another grasped a grade one Deity Heart within ten thousand years, while only the final one was a grade one True Meaning Transcendent! He grasped one such True Meaning while still in the Transcendent period; he is my Crimson Rock Mountain’s senior brother—Hui Ming! Elder Brother Hui Ming’s talent is extraordinary. For the moment, he is still a stage four World Deity, but his strength almost matches that of a powerful existence!

“For a grade one True Meaning Transcendents, that’s nothing out of the ordinary.

“When it comes to them, with the exception of those who had bad luck and were assassinated before they matured, even the worst became stage three World Deities! In fact, that level could be considered quite humiliating for them. Normally, all of them become stage four World Deities!” Crimson Rock expounded. “Furthermore, there are a few that manage to take that final step and become powerful existences.

“There’s no need to mention powerful existences, seeing how few there are throughout the entire Deity World and the Dark Abyss, but even stage four World Deities are quite few in number, and they’re all intimidating overlords. So much so, in fact, that if the secret techniques they cultivate are formidable enough, their battle power can even match powerful existences.” Crimson Rock sighed. “In other words, it’s basically pre-established that a grade one True Meaning Transcendent will eventually become an overlord of the Deity world!

“That is why, whenever a grade one True Meaning Transcendent surfaces… powerful existences will immediately rush over to receive them as a disciple! Should they be too slow by even a step, the Transcendent will be snatched away by the other powerful existences.”

Crimson Rock looked at Xue Ying. “You understand why grade one True Meaning Transcendents are formidable now, right? They are basically foreordained to become overlords.”

Xue Ying faintly nodded.

“Even in the Deity world, an endless amount of time has to pass until another one is born. And most would conceal that information from fear that they would be assassinated while still small and weak. That is why grade one True Meaning Transcendents are absolutely legends amongst legends!” Crimson Rock looked at Xue Ying. “According to master’s decrees, any grade one True Meaning Transcendent, or any Transcendent who grasps a grade one Deity heart within ten thousand years, can become a direct disciple. Since a new direct disciple has appeared inside the material world, they will naturally become the new master of my Crimson Rock Mountain. Although you are, for the moment, still unable to refine an Eden treasure, you are nonetheless Crimson Rock Mountain’s owner from this day onward! All the resources of my Crimson Rock Mountain are at your disposal.”

Crimson Rock’s eyes shined expectantly. “Haha, I truly hope that you will quickly rise up in the Deity world to become an overlord. ”


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