LXY Book 14: Chapter 7


Book 14: Chapter 7 – Jian Huang’s Destiny

“As soon as I grasp the World Deity Heart, it will naturally embody the grade two Space Deity Heart.” Xue Ying smiled as he said, “Once that happens, so long as I develop it with the Space Deity Heart as the foundation, there’s a chance that it’ll develop into the Space Time Deity Heart.”

The heavens and earth were both originally one body. All true meanings were inherently related, and there were many overlapping aspects between them.

The True Meaning of the World inherently contained the complete True Meaning of Space, Mirage, and many other similar True Meanings. Once one achieved the Deity Heart level, it would also naturally contain many different grade two Deity Hearts. In fact, the True Meaning of the World even contained a portion of the True Meaning of Star!

As for the Space-Time Deity Heart, it was as it sounded: a combination of space and time.


Both the True Meanings of the World and of Space Time contained Space within them!

When Xue Ying comprehended the World Deity Heart, he’d naturally also grasp the Space Deity Heart. If he used the Space Deity Heart as a foundation, it would be relatively easy for it to advance to the Space Time Deity Heart.

“Clever.” Crimson Rock laughed out loud. “As your cultivation deepens, your comprehension toward time will become sharper. And when Time and Space combine…your chances of achieving the Space Time Deity Heart are indeed quite substantial.”

“En.” Xue Ying nodded. “World, Chaos, Extremity, and Space Time. These are the four grade one Deity Hearts I wish to grasp. Although it’s nice to think about, raising a grade two Deity Heart to a grade one Deity Heart…is truly very hard.”

There were millions upon millions of Deities throughout the vast reaches of the Deity World.

As for World Deities? Raising a grade two Deity heart to a grade one was very, very difficult. The number of World Deities in the Deity World was considerably lower. The number of World Deities present in a vast starfield of the Deity World could be counted on one finger.

“They are difficult, but how could they possibly compare with you, Xue Ying?” Crimson Rock stated, “You’ve managed to comprehend a grade one True Meaning, which will become a grade one Deity Heart before long. Once that happens, comprehending a second or third won’t be a difficult thing to do in comparison. At most, you’ll just take a little longer. Xue Ying, I believe that so long as you work hard and remain diligent, you can become a stage four World Deity. Your foundation is very sturdy right now, and you’ve already laid out a solid roadmap for your four Deity Hearts.”

“I’ll do it bit by bit.” Xue Ying smiled.

He mustn’t rush.

“Even though I’m extremely anxious, you don’t seem to be at all. Perhaps this is the gap between us. After all, I am a treasure spirit; there’s still a huge gap between my temperament and that of you cultivators.” Crimson Rock smiled as he said, “Now then, you should carefully choose a World Deity rank secret technique. Comprehending them will greatly aid your comprehension of grade one Deity Hearts.

“That’s right! Take me over to them so that I can take a look first,” Xue Ying said.

Now that he’d become Crimson Rock Mountain’s new owner, Xue Ying also had the right to impart World Deity grade secret techniques to others. Of course, he could also choose to learn whichever ones he fancied too. However, in order to protect the secret of his grade one True Meaning, he naturally couldn’t impart these techniques as he wished; he couldn’t even speak of it to his senior disciples, He Fei Yun or Ge Bai. Thankfully, Crimson Rock was in control of the entire Crimson Rock Mountain. It was thus impossible for his two senior apprentice brothers to simple ‘come across’ the scene of Xue Ying cultivating his grade one True Meaning.

“This one’s fine,” Xue Ying chose carefully.

They were currently standing inside a cave. A fist-sized ball of purple flames floated in mid air, an incomparably terrifying aura of fire faintly discernible from it. Just looking at it caused Xue Ying to feel as if all of space time as well as the entire world would collapse in on it.

This ball of fire contained the World Deity rank secret technique that Xue Ying had chosen this time.

“Ha ha, the Arcane Stellar Inferno is an extremely fierce flame-based secret technique.” Crimson Rock smiled. “It was created by an existence in the Dark Abyss that even the Sacred Master respected. That existence and Forefather were on friendly terms with one another. Forefather had cultivated on the Sun Star for years, as he excelled the most at flames, and when he and that existence discussed their cultivation with one another, that existence created this Arcane Stellar Inferno technique. He believed that Forefather had contributed quite a bit to it; thus he gifted it to forefather, as well as allowing him to pass it on to others. Later on, Forefather passed it on to the Sacred Master, in turn allowing our Crimson Rock Mountain’s lineage to study this technique.”

Xue Ying nodded.

“The ‘Stellar’ in Arcane Stellar Inferno refers to the Sun Star, while ‘Arcane’ refers to the Dark Abyss. Once this secret technique is genuinely cultivated to perfection, relying on it alone will grant one the power of a powerful existence. If they don’t have a way to defend themselves from it, even stage four World Deities will be burn to ashes from it at that level. Even powerful existences would suffer some.” Crimson Rock explained.

Xue Ying sighed. To cultivate it to perfection…just how hard is it to do that?

Take the Great Chaotic True Force and the Time Immemorial Body for example; they were already extremely difficult to cultivate to perfection. Even stage four World Deities were generally unable to do so, unless they were extremely compatible. And even then, they had to study very, very deeply into the Laws and Profound Mysterious before they’d have even a chance at successfully cultivating it to perfection. Amongst stage four World Deities, those that had actually managed to cultivate a secret technique to perfection had strength equal to that of average powerful existences.

“This one corresponds to the Extremity Deity Heart; for the Space Time Deity Heart…which one do you plan to choose?” Crimson Rock asked.

“There’s no rush in choosing one for my Space Time Deity Heart. Once I’ve successfully cultivated my World Deity Heart and grasped the Space Deity Heart, we’ll carefully choose a secret technique for my it.” Xue Ying replied.

Currently, he’d already chosen three World Deity rank secret techniques.

Comprehending the Great Chaotic True Force was extremely helpful toward comprehending the ‘Chaos Hole’ concept, while the Time Immemorial Body was helpful toward the ‘World’ concept and the Arcane Stellar Inferno to the ‘Extremity’ concept.

He would temporarily put aside the one that corresponded to Space Time, as his current understanding of it was still too low. He’d come back and choose an appropriate secret technique once his comprehension had increased.

When will I be able to grasp these kinds of flames? Xue Ying gazed at the small, floating ball of purple flames. Even though it was small, the pressure it wrought was much larger than the Sun Star. Of course, this was also because the Sun Star was much farther away; if a mortal were to look at the Sun Star, they wouldn’t feel much pressure.

“Let’s go.” Xue Ying said.


He and Crimson Rock both rose and then peacefully walked out onto Crimson Dust Island.

“Oh, right, the one that was attempting to break through the Sky Reaching Vine with me at that time. Is Jian Huang still attempting to do so?” Xue Ying asked.

“That youngster who used a sword?” Crimson Rock nodded in affirmation. “He’s still alive, although he’s in a rather pitiful state. He managed to break through and grasp a grade two Deity Heart in a fit of madness, however he’s still stuck at the third vine leaf world.”

Crimson Rock waved his hand as he spoke.

An image immediately appeared in front of him depicting the scene of Jian Huang fighting in the arena with the fat hunk.  ……

Within the Sky Reaching Vine’s third vine leaf world.

The test for this vine life world was the two arenas. Of them, one held three children, while the other held the fat hunk. In order to pass this vine leaf world’s test, one needed to win against both.

“He’s only lacking a little bit.”


The fat hunk’s palm smacked into Jian Huang’s arm as fast as lightning and immediately sent Jian Huang flying out of the arena.

“Ai… My True Meaning of Sword has already broken through, and I’ve managed to grasp the Sword Deity Heart.” Jian Huang grit his teeth. “Why can’t I beat this fat hunk?”

Back then, Xue Ying had relied on both his exceedingly strong secret skill known as the Star Meteor Annihilation, as well as the assassination capability of the True Meaning of Mirage, in order to win by a fluke.

Chen Jiu had relied on his eight arms and his Only Me Deity Heart in order to directly triumph.

The Meishan Clan Master had relied on his Space Deity Heart to barely win.

“Why is it only me? I’ve already managed to grasp hold of the Sword Deity Heart, yet this fat hunk always manages to find opportunities to clumsily break through. I’m always only lacking just a little bit! Why, why is it like this?” The golden clothed Jian Huang’s eyes were currently tinged with madness. The ‘twenty years’ time limit given to him by the World Deity had long since passed; it was quite possible that the war outside had already begun.

It was entirely possible that the Xia Clan had already been exterminated, and that the Sorcerer God and Great Demonic God had very possibly sealed off and encircled the Crimson Rock Mountain already.

However, so long as he still hadn’t died nor given up, he hadn’t failed the mission! He was still enduring!

Elder Brother Tian Lan, Sister Xue Wei… could it really be that I’ll end up dying before I beat him? Faint tears had appeared inside of Jian Huang’s eyes. No, I’ll definitely win! I have to.  ……

Xue Ying stared at the scene through the floating screen and then softly shook his head.

“Most of the Temporal Temple’s Reincarnators are pitiful people.” Xue Ying softly sighed. “Crimson Rock, is it possible to slightly help him pass through?”

“You’re the Crimson Rock Mountain’s owner. Everything within the Crimson Rock Mountain has to abide to your will.” Crimson Rock smiled.

“Then, help him out a little.” Xue Ying nodded.

“Alright. It’s only a single additional outer disciple.” Crimson Rock said with a smile, “I’ll definitely do it without anyone noticing. Not just Jian Huang, but even Xi Wei will be incapable of noticing even the slightest adjustment.”

The treasure spirit Crimson Rock was unequalled within Crimson Rock Mountain.

Xue Ying nodded.

Dong dong dong~~~ An oval embryo expanded and shrunk again and again in the bloody water as it released sounds similar to that of a heartbeat.

Xue Ying faintly smiled as he gazed at the scene in front of him; this was an embryo. If he wanted to cultivate an avatar technique and cultivate an avatar, he needed a medium for his physical body, which needed to be raised from an embryonic state. As it turned out, it wasn’t much different from raising a Deity Avatar meant for Deities to descend with. The price to raise one originally wasn’t too excessive, but for the Sorcerer God and Great Demonic God who had to transport their avatars through the Temporal Temples, it was naturally very costly.

The number of treasures within Crimson Rock Mountain was nigh endless, however; thus, raising an embryo was much easier.

“An embryo will take two years to mature,” Crimson Rock commented from the sideline.

“Once it matures, I’ll cultivate an avatar technique.” Xue Ying nodded. “When the time comes, it should be the first to become a Deity.”

Using his Star Deity Heart, the avatar would condense its own Deity Heart and become a Deity.  *


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