LXY Book 14: Chapter 9


Book 14: Chapter 9 – Emperor Xue Ying

“The Beast Clan is finished.” Elder Ao Lan overlooked the Transcendents of his clan before him and felt a fit of sorrow resonate in his heart. “The Xia Clan humans have borne Xue Ying, an apex Transcendent. I regret, extremely so, how much not just I, but even the Sorcerer God, had underestimated Xue Ying’s threat level. Now, he has matured, and no one can stop him.”

“He’ll become the Lord of the Xia Clan world! And our Beast Clan… will fall down and even be exterminated.” Elder Ao Lan closed his eyes.




Yet, he understood that this mortal world was destined to be the Xia Clan’s. His Beast Clan had lost—a crushing defeat!

In the distant Dark Abyss, The Great Demonic God Da Er Hao also knew that Xue Ying had become a Deity. After all, within the Xia Clan, many Evil God and Demonic God believers were hidden amongst the countless mortals. Although the Demonic God’s faction had been destroyed, he still secretly had a few believers left.

Xue Ying had now refined the Realm Heart. As the Material Realm Lord, he naturally could appraise everything and extinguish everything.

But, at first, he had been quietly concealing his strength.

Secondly, the threat of those crazy mortal believers was very small. It was enough to have Dragon Mountain Manor deal with them, as it didn’t require him to personally act.

“He became a Deity?” Beneath a pair of huge horns, Da Er Hao’s eyes glimmered with a cold light. “A fifty thousand meter Deity Sea? He has indeed become a Deity with a grade two Deity Heart. Hmph…improving a grade two Deity Heart to a grade one Deity Heart is extremely difficult. Of ten million cultivators attempting such a method, it would be hard to find even one success. Although he has cultivated for only a short time, he has grasped no less than three grade two Deity Hearts in his mere two hundred years, created an entire set of secret skills, and gained the inheritances of Crimson Rock Mountain! I estimate that his hope of becoming a stage one World Deity will come to fruition in ten million years at most—a million years at the very least.

“As for becoming a stage two World Deity? Too challenging.” Da Er Hao smiled coldly.

Becoming a World Deity was very hard.

Da Er Hao had to admit, however, that although Xue Ying was an enemy, he also had a large possibility of becoming a World Deity. But a stage two World Deity? Without a powerful existence to guide him, it was too difficult a task. For example, the Sorcerer God’s talent was rather high, and he had refined the Realm Heart within ten thousand years to become a material realm lord. Nevertheless, wasn’t he only a stage one world deity?

After becoming a Deity—

Xue Ying also hosted a celebratory feast at Snowrock Castle. Chao Qing and many Transcendents all came to participate.

“Xue Ying.” Si Kong Yang nursed a bronze wine cup.

“Faction Head.” Xue Ying smiled.

“Your realm is truly extraordinary. You’ve become a deity, yet I can’t feel the slightest bit of your aura. I can’t even feel the aura of Deity energy,” Si Kong Yang exclaimed.

Xue Ying kept smiling.

His avatar had long since left for Crimson Rock Mountain. His original body, which was hosting the celebratory feast, simply had yet to become a deity. Naturally, there wasn’t an aura of Deity energy. As the material realm lord, however, Xue Ying’s cultivation level would be indecipherable to even World Deities if he vanished it within his own world.

“Congratulations. When I saw you first begin to mature, I had not expected you to become a Deity faster than even me.” Si Kong Yang was filled with endless regrets. “I don’t even know if I’ll be able to open up my Deity Sea within my lifetime.”

Xue Ying didn’t speak. Mountain Lord He, Si Kong Yang, and the others all had similar worries. Becoming a Deity truly was very difficult. Even if he helped and provided them a few precious treasures, the possibility of success was still low.

“Let’s not continue speaking of this. I came to find you to ask—are you sure you truly don’t want to become the Imperial Emperor?” Si Kong Yang blocked off the surrounding sound and carefully said, “You will become the material realm lord in the future. If you become the emperor, you’ll be an Eternal Imperial Emperor. In the endless years of my Xia Clan, eras of empire have replaced one another again and again, yet there’s always been an emperor.”

“It’s not necessary.” Xue Ying shook his head. “I have no heart to take care of these things.”

“There’s no need for you to take care of anything.” Si Kong Yang added, “This is also beneficial toward your Dong Bo Clan.”

“If I become a material realm lord, my clan will have no need to worry in the future.” Xue Ying smiled. “On this matter, giving them too much power really isn’t a good thing.”

“Alright, alright.” Si Kong Yang nodded. “Then I’ll ask you, what would you like to use as a title? Now you’ve become a deity, how can the rest of the world still directly address you as Dong Bo Xue Ying?”

“Title?” Xue Ying froze slightly.

His rise to prominence had been extremely fast. Back then, he had been too young and had not even cultivated for a hundred years. He had not bothered worrying a title. After his quick rise, he had been afflicted with the hex poison soon after and had been tormented by the hex poison for a hundred years. Naturally, he had even less intention to think about a title. He had then disregarded everything and entered Crimson Rock Mountain; after leaving it, the war had broken out… Right up till now, he had been resting. The internal organization of the Xia Clan had begun to gradually change, and Xue Ying, as the one with the highest status, naturally had to get a title, form of address, and so on.

“I truly hadn’t thought of it before.” Xue Ying flashed a helpless smile.

“Calling you by your surname is fine.” Si Kong Yang couldn’t help but add, “Your name is fine too.”

“Then just Dong Bo?” Xue Ying asked.

Si Kong Yang nodded. “How about we call you Emperor Dong Bo? If you don’t have any objections, I’ll speak of it to Palace Head Chen and the others.”

“Alright.” Xue Ying nodded.

“You really are straightforward,” Si Kong Yang said helplessly.

The news spread very fast, and Xue Ying had a similar title to those in history such as the Purple Thunder Emperor, Heavenly Emperor Dragon Mountain, and Heavenly Emperor Scarlet Cloud—Emperor Dong Bo. Of course, in the hearts of the Xia Clan Transcendents, Emperor Dong Bo, who had fought to save them from a desperate crisis and killed three Deity Avatars of World Deities, was destined to be the most dazzling one in the Xia Clan’s history.

In addition, after he became a material realm lord in the future, he would forever shield the Xia Clan.

Within Crimson Rock Mountain.

Xue Ying’s avatar was here, meeting his two World Deity senior disciples. The three of them sat down to drink wine and chat. The avatar and the true body were of the same soul and same body, so it was impossible to see a difference.

“You’ve become a Deity?” The thick-gowned youth, senior disciple Ge Bai, revealed a smile. “Which Deity Heart did you choose as your true body’s Deity Heart?”

“Star,” Xue Ying answered.

“Ah.” The thick-gowned youth Ge Bai and scarlet-cloaked youth He Fei Yun were somewhat surprised. “Why did you choose the Star Deity Heart? Don’t you have to refine the Realm Heart? Choosing the Mirage Deity Heart would be better.”

Xue Ying smiled. “Even if I don’t choose the Mirage Deity Heart, I will certainly be able to refine the Realm Heart! I have three grade two Deity Hearts, and they complement each other. I already have thoughts of breaking the Mirage Deity Heart through to the next step. I have more faith in advancing my Star Deity Heart into a Chaos Deity Heart, so I chose this path.


He had to conceal the matter of grasping the True Meaning of the World. Furthermore, he had to always conceal it. Comprehending a grade one true meaning…not hiding that achievement would be looking for death.

“Ai, you really…before you chose, you should’ve talked a little with us.” The thick-gowned youth shook his head. “The Chaos Deity Heart and the World Deity Heart are both grade one Deity Hearts, and each aspect is very balanced. In the end, however, there are some differences. The World Deity Heart excels at controlling the world, and the condensation of a World True Body provides slightly higher survivability. Although the Chaos Deity Heart is also formidable, it excels more at the aspect of combat… The road of cultivation is very long, and it is better to have your survivability strengthened a bit more.”

“I’m a material realm lord, and my true body will always be left at my hometown. The avatar will make its own path in the world outside. Even if it gets killed, I can cultivate another avatar. My survivability is already very strong.” Xue Ying smiled.

The nearby scarlet-cloaked youth He Fei Yun nodded. “Junior disciple, when do you plan on going to the Deity world?”

“After a thousand years,” Xue Ying stated.

“This early?” The two senior disciples were somewhat startled, and the scarlet-cloaked youth then said, “Why not cultivate into a World Deity before going to the Deity world? With your comprehension, you can probably become a World Deity in about a million years.”

“The Forefather saved my wife.” Xue Ying explained, “Back then, he told me that after a thousand years, the Bloodshed Palace will have a grand occasion, and I can use this to pay respect to the powerful existences. Since the Forefather has said so, I think attending it would be better.”


Ge Bai and He Fei Yun nodded.

Back then, when pleading the Forefather to save Xue Ying’s wife, the two of them had pleaded too.

“Since the Forefather has said so, alright. The God Palace Myriad Flower Feast…brings together countless Deity stage experts of the Deity world. If you go to experience it once, it will be a great help toward you. After paying respects to a powerful existence and having a powerful existence guide you, your improvement will be fast.” The thick-gowned youth had endless regrets. “It’s a pity that master has already died. Although junior disciple is already an inner disciple, you can’t obtain guidance.”

The scarlet-cloaked youth nodded. “The road of cultivation is very challenging. Although the talents of second senior brother and I aren’t bad, if we didn’t have a master guiding us, I’m afraid we’d barely become stage one World Deities. With a master guiding us, our cultivation quickened, and now we’re both stage two World Deities. Junior Brother Xue Ying, you’re talent is a bit higher than ours, but if you don’t have a powerful existence guiding you, you’ll surely become a World Deity in a million years. But to become a stage two World Deity? Such a hope is full of uncertainty, and becoming a stage three World Deity, that would just be a dream! We don’t even need to talk about the aloof and almost-equal-to-powerful-existences stage four World Deities.”

“Stage four World Deity?” There was a trace of envy within the eyes of the thick-gowned youth. “That’s almost on equal footing with a powerful existence. In the eyes of a stage four World Deity, we are simply lackeys, and they could easily exterminate a group of us.”

“Exterminate a group of us! Moreover, they only need a single move.” The scarlet-cloaked youth shook his head.

Stage Four World Deities truly were too terrifying.

In fact, in terms of realm, they were very close to matching powerful existences; simply put, they were stuck at the World Deity level and could not take that final step to cross over.

“I’ve heard about those heaven-defying Transcendents who can comprehend a grade one True Meaning and who can easily grasp a grade one Deity Heart. They’re nearly guaranteed to be able to become a stage four World Deity.” The thick-gowned youth sighed and shook his head. “The gap is too tremendously vast.”

“Who knows how long it takes for one of these absolute grade one True Meaning Transcendents to appear in the entire Deity world and Dark Abyss.” The scarlet-cloaked youth remarked, “I’m afraid that once they crop up, they’ll be stolen away by powerful existences to be a disciple.”

To the side, Xue Ying obediently listened and nodded. “Formidable, truly formidable.”


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