LXY Book 2: Chapter 12


Book 2: Chapter 12 – Assemble

The prefecture city of Azure River County had a population of over ten million. With this number, one could imagine how huge the city was. Although the road inside the city was very broad, the Snowstrider Horse’s speed could only be considered walk for the horse. The distance from the city gate to Dragon Mountain Manor was only around ten miles, but it took him about two hours to arrive there. The sky had already darkened by then.

“I have finally arrived..” Xue Ying looked at the Dragon Mountain Manor in front of him.

Fire crystal lamps illuminated the Dragon Mountain Manor in front of him. Compared to Water Rites Town’s Dragon Mountain Manor, this one even was bigger. The enormous front wall circling it was probably one or two miles long.

The building was also surrounded by a group of guards patrolling around.


“Dismount!” There were two soldiers with black armor standing guard at the main gate. Their imposing auras gave off the feeling that their level was at least Meteor Rank.

Xue Ying dismounted and showed his Black Iron Order with a flip of his hand, saying, “The county should already be informed of my arrival.” One of the surrounding black armored guard soldiers walked over and said with a smile, “ Are you Dong Bo Xue Ying from Water Rites Town?”

“Yes, that’s me.” Xue Ying nodded.

“Indeed, we’ve already been informed about your arrival. Just leave your horse with me. After you go inside, someone will take you to your living quarters.” The black armored guard helped Xue Ying pull the horse.

“Sorry to trouble you.” Xue Ying gave the horse to the black armored guard, and directly entered the Dragon Mountain Manor through the main gate.

The trees, flowers, and grasses located inside the huge Dragon Mountain Manor compound were all very beautiful.

There were fire crystal lamps scattered between the flowers and grasses. Although the sky had already darkened, the whole area inside Dragon Mountain Manor was illuminated by fire crystal lamps.

“Lord Dong Bo, please come with me,” a maid greeted Xue Ying. “All guests from outside reside in the Auspicious Bright Garden. We have already prepared a small courtyard inside the Auspicious Bright Garden for my Lord. My Lord, please don’t wander outside of the Auspicious Bright Garden so you do not get lost and accidentally enter any important restricted areas of Dragon Mountain Manor. Just wait until tomorrow morning and someone will come to guide my Lord to see the Lord of the Manor.”

“Mn.” Xue Ying nodded.

Inside Dragon Mountain Manor, there were paved paths, surrounded by exotic flowers and lush vegetation. Some of the walls were even vaguely lined with magic arrays.

Xue Ying and the maid walked awhile before they arrived in front of a garden’s gate.

“This is the Auspicious Bright Garden.” The maid led the way, “The small courtyard we have provided for My Lord is located inside.”

“It looks like there are many courtyards here.” Xue Ying smiled as he looked around. There were ten small courtyards, divided into two rows. The two rows faced each other and each contained five smaller courtyards.

“This Prefecture City’s missions often require some experts to come over. Today, not many people came. This Auspicious Bright Garden is only half full. Usually, this place is unable to accommodate all the guests,” explained the maid. “This is My Lord’s place for the night,” said the maid while opening the courtyard door.

Suddenly, the door of the opposite small courtyard creaked open.

Xue Ying turned his head to look.

When the opposite courtyard’s door opened, a maid came out while holding a plate. Behind her, a young woman wearing an azure robe prepared to close the door. She saw Xue Ying standing across her courtyard, and realized that this black clothed young man would, from now on, stay at the courtyard across the street.

“Female Mage.” Xue Ying could sense it.

This azure robed young woman’s body exuded a mage’s mysterious aura. This mysterious aura was actually magic power. Moreover, she also faintly emitted a trace of coldness. Xue Ying was familiar with this kind of aura. His own mother and brother were skilled in ice magic. The young woman in front of him obviously was also skilled in the same kind of magic.

“But her aura, I felt that it was even more powerful than Bai Yuan Zhi.” Xue Ying was surprised.

Xue Ying was also amazed by the young appearance of the female mage.

Among all the the men he had met before, his brother was the most handsome. However, this azure robed female mage…. among all the girls he had ever met, she was the fairest one! Her beauty was like a snow lotus on a snowy mountain; she had a very special kind of character. Actually, Water Rites Town also had many beautiful girls. For example You Yue, byr appearance, she could be counted among the ten most beautiful women Xue Ying had ever met.

But this azure robed young woman had instantly made Xue Ying recognize her as the most beautiful one because of her character! A very special kind of character!

“All mages are full of wisdom. The more powerful they are, the more knowledgeable they are. This woman looks so young, but seems stronger than Bai Yuan Zhi.” Xue Ying felt amazed.

But he didn’t know.

While he was feeling amazed by the person in front of him, the azure robed female mage also felt that the youth in front of her was not very simple. Many years spent comprehending the nature of Heaven and Earth made Xue Ying’s appearance more reserved, and his qi more natural and refined. This kind of reserved and refined feeling made the azure robed female mage secretly startled, “He’s obviously not a mage, yet to think he could train his spirit to this level……”

Mages emphasized the training of their spirit, soul, and other similar aspects.


The two people glanced at each other, both nodding and smiling politely.

“Creak.” The azure robed female mage closed her door.

Xue Ying also entered his small courtyard.

“Lord Dong Bo, in a moment, I will send someone to bring you some food. I will not disturb you any longer.” The maid then retreated.


Early morning on the second day.

Not long after Xue Ying finished eating his breakfast, the Dragon Mountain Manor’s maid came to guide Xue Ying. Today was the day when Dragon Mountain Mansion would announce the details about the mission.

Inside a secluded hall.

When Xue Ying entered the hall, he immediately saw a tall, sturdy, white-haired old man. When the old man saw Xue Ying, he also nodded slightly .

“My Lord, feel free to find a place to sit. When everyone has gathered, the Manor Master will come as well,” said the maid.

Xue Ying sat down.

After Xue Ying sipped the tea and put down the teacup, someone entered the hall from outside. This person was the azure robed female mage he met yesterday night. When she glanced around, the mage also saw the tall,sturdy, white-haired old man and Xue Ying. She was a bit surprised. What a coincidence that yesterday, they found out that they stayed adjacent to one another, and today, they immediately met again. She slightly nodded towards Xue Ying and the white haired old man before sitting down as well.

“Is it Mage Jing Qiu?” The old man’s eyes became brighter, then said, “I had never expected to see Mage Jing Qiu here. What a coincidence, I’m Tang Xiong!”

Xue Ying was somewhat surprised.

The Dragon Mountain Book had listed and briefly explained every expert within Azure River County; he himself had already read that list.

Tang Xiong was a 160 year old Silver Moon Knight. At his age, he had no more hope of breaking through to the Legend rank.

As for Mage Jing Qiu…… she was terrific.

As a renowned personage in the entire Azure River County, Yu Jing Qiu, who originally came from an ordinary background, had entered the Eternal Wind Academy to study magic. At the age of twenty, she became a Meteor rank Mage and stayed at the Eternal Wind Academy as a teacher. Moreover, when she was 23 years old, she broke through to the Silver Moon rank! According to  Xue Ying’s calculations, Yu Jing Qiu was only 25 years old now.

She’s 25 years old and already an experienced Silver Moon Mage! Her talent was really frightening! The Eternal Wind Academy’s Transcendent Great Mage also considered her as family. So young… she had more than a 90% possibility of reaching Legend rank.

“So that’s her,” Xue Ying now understood.

“Ha ha ha…” suddenly, from outside, entered two other people.

One was a somber looking youth, the other  was a black haired old man.

The sombre looking youth’s attire was clearly extraordinary and caused changes in the surrounding atmosphere; he wore a sturdy refined armor.

“Jing Qiu, I didn’t think you were here too.” The sombre looking youth became excited. “Ha ha, this time I came out for  some experience and casually picked a task, but I did not expect to encounter Jing Qiu. That’s quite a coincidence, it looks like our fate’s not an ordinary one.”

The azure robed female Mage slightly frowned, “Yes, what a coincidence…”

The somber looking youth glanced around. He saw the white haired old man, and he also saw a black clothed youth who was younger than him. This made his eyes flash with discontentment. He shot a glance at the white haired old man as if to say ‘get out of the way.

“Is it Lord Bai Rong?” asked the white-haired old man, Tang Xiong, who obediently stood at his side, not disturbing the young man and the female mage.

Bai Rong?

Xue Ying also knew the identity of the person , Si Bai Rong!

Si Bai Rong was currently more than 50 years old. He was the top prodigy of Azure River County Si Clan’s younger generation. A Silver Moon Knight could usually live up to 200 years, so at 50 years of age, their appearance still looked like a youngster’s! With his relatively young age, Si Bai Rong had a high possibility of reaching Legend rank. Because of his potential future, his position within the Si Clan was very high.

Si Clan was an omnipresent clan within Azure River County.

If they said you’re guilty, then you’re guilty. No one would dare to refute them! Therefore, even though both of them were  Silver Moon Knights, Tang Xiong would still suck up to him. After all, the Si Clan was not an existence to offend. It was a trivial matter for the Si Clan to catch a Silver Moon Knight. They simply needed to say any random reason to justify their deeds. Only by breaking through to Legend rank could someone have the power to oppose them. A clan established by a Legend rank could have a standing relatively equal with the Si Clan.

The somber looking youth sat down beside the female mage. He leaned closer, “Jing Qiu, why do you always avoid me? I’m so sad that you’re doing this.”


The azure robed female mage stood up and walked away. However, this hall was not that big. She took a glance, then went to the nearby Xue Ying and sat down beside him.

“Jing Qiu.” Si Bai Rong walked over. He suddenly glanced at Xue Ying, obviously feeling that Xue Ying was a hindrance. Si Bai Rong frowned, then coldly said, “Move.”

Xue Ying held his tea cup and took a sip,  paying absolutely no attention to Si Bai Rong.

Si Bai Rong’s face immediately became ugly.

Humph!” he coldly snorted.

Ha ha, is everyone here?” A laugh came from the outside just as a red robed bald old man came in.

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