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Chapter 6.3 – Ice and Snow Goddess’s Sigh

“This… Thisss…” Hua Tian showed an excited expression. He took the Ice and Snow Goddess’s stone and felt the intense cold it emitted. He couldn’t help but exclaim, “This is an extremely high grade ice gemstone! Little Fatty, where did you get this from?”

Nian Bing glanced at Zha Ji before saying, “I have always had it with me, but I don’t know where it comes from.”

Zha Ji looked at him, slightly astonished. “It was always on you? How come I haven’t heard about that from you?”

Nian Bing replied, “Teacher, all I know is that my training speed, while practicing magic, is faster when when I use this gemstone. You also haven’t asked me about it, so I never told you. Senior, is it suitable to be embedded in the knife?”


Hua Tian gradually closed his eyes to sense the surge of spiritual nature emitted by the Ice and Snow Goddess’s stone. His voice wavered a little as he said, “Yes, it is definitely suitable. The fact that they had called out to each other proves that they are suitable. God! Do you really want to help me accomplish my goal by giving me such a good material? I can finally craft a knife that will be able to seize the heavens. To think that I, Hua Tian, am about to craft such a knife. I have long awaited for this day to come. You two, follow me!”

Hua Tian’s body figure flashed as he dashed out of the room. Zha Ji glanced at Nian Bing only to find that Nian Bing was staring at him, at a loss of what to do. “Let’s go! It looks like your luck is not bad.”

When they arrived at the courtyard, they had found that the furnace that was sitting at the corner had been moved to the center of the courtyard. It was unclear of where Hua Tian had taken out a bellow from, but that was now connected to the furnace. He held a bag that contained some powder like substance, adding it to the furnace. Hua Tian looked at Nian Bing and said, “Fatty, you come and help me pull the bellows. Even though the Nine Heavenly Flames is unable to smelt the ice knife, it is still able to soften it and that will be the time to embed the gemstone in it. Nine Flames Dou Qi, arise!” Hua Tian’s entire body emitted a very strong heat energy. It was lucky that Nian Bing was at the opposite side of the furnace. So, he was unable to feel the heat flowing from Hua Tian’s body which radiated a subtle red aura. He pointed in front of him and a red light ray instantly shot into the furnace. A blinding white flame erupted, and covered the entire courtyard.

“Pull the bellows!” Hua Tian shouted as he held the blade of the knife in his left hand while placing the knife’s handle into the furnace. His right hand remained opposite of the furnace, at a distance, and was inserting the scorching hot Nine Flames Dou Qi into the furnace continuously.  

This was the first time that Nian Bing saw Dou Qi. His interest in it increased drastically. As he used his strength to pull the bellows, he watched Hua Tian’s actions.

The working of that furnace was a mystery, as even though the flame in the furnace was extremely high in temperature, the surroundings didn’t heat up too much. The white flame then gradually changed into a green flame. The ice knife’s handle however retained its original colour and looked as though it hadn’t been changed at all. Beads of perspiration appeared on Hua Tian’s forehead. The red aura that surrounded his body also gradually turned green. The flame in the furnace became increasingly green as time passed. When the Dou Qi surrounding Hua Tian’s body became thoroughly green, the flame had darkened further. As the odd, dark green flames licked along the ice knife, it began to slowly change, gradually turning red. The flame moved from the end of the knife’s handle to the hole in the handle. Even the heat surrounding the hole was under the control of Hua Tian.  

“As blood is its essence, Nine Heavenly Fires!” Hua Tian spat a mouthful of fresh blood into the furnace. The dark green flame abruptly became a moderate red flame before the fire rose up again. At that moment, the entire handle of the knife had similarly become as red as the flames. When Hua Tian’s hand trembled a little, the Ice and Snow Goddess’s stone shot out like lightning and neatly entered the hole. A ‘Pu’ sound was emitted from the softened handle of the knife as steam was released from it. The entire flame in the furnace instantly dimmed and emitted a teal coloured flame while a dense cloud of smoke rose up towards the sky.  

Hua Tian held the tip of the knife and suddenly moved to Nian Bing’s side using his left hand to pull Nian Bing up. His body’s Nine Flames Dou Qi had already been withdrawn. He used his left hand to pull Nian Bing up who was on the ground. Nian Bing only felt a strong power and his wrist warmed up as though something was flowing out of it. Zha Ji had clearly seen from the side how  Hua Tian had cut open a vein on Nian Bing’s wrist with his nails and shot his blood into the Ice and Snow Goddess’s stone which was rapidly being absorbed as the stone was perfectly embedded into the handle of the knife. The red tint of the handle disappeared. The ice knife changed into a teal colour from its original black colour. The colour was elegant, like water. Coldness emitted from it. The ray from the knife shot towards the sky until it reached the nine heavens. At that moment, the sky lit up. Though it was only for a short period of time, it had represented the birth of a peerless treasured knife.


At the Ice Snow City’s Warrior Association Branch, a magnificently dressed old man was standing upside down on his hands while his body was as stable as a boulder.  A sword hung from his waist but his eyes looked like two cold stars as he gazed into the far distance, as though he was in deep thought. At that moment, he was astonished to see a teal coloured ray shooting into the sky. He was alarmed as that teal ray, containing a faint red line, gave off an ice-cold aura. When he scouted around to try and spot the light ray again, he found that it had disappeared. He took in a mouthful of cool air and said, “The blood light ray signifying the birth of a legendary weapon? It can’t be that the entire continent will become chaotic?”   

The green shark leather sheath of the long sword at his waist buzzed a little before it calmed down again. The magnificently dressed old man patted his sword, “Old partner, it seems like you are scared of something. Is that really the birth of a legendary weapon? It could actually frighten you. With you and I together, as a Martial Saint, it can’t be that even we should be fearful of a legendary weapon, right? Even if it is a legendary weapon, we still need to see who is the one wielding it is!”   


Ice God Tower.

With a ten meter blue hexagram as its center, a blue light rose up. A woman with snow white hair abruptly opened her eyes. Even though her hair was as white as snow, her exquisitely beautiful face looked like a girl of sixteen years old. A cold aura emitted from her blue eyes. She wore a white, ridged long gown that showed her honorable position. As she waved her right hand, a transparent crystal ball appeared in her hand. “This is the goddess’s cry. Could it be that the pagoda’s gemstone had not been lost in the Azure River? Using the name of the Ice and Snow Goddess, draw the goddess’s life force!

White light emitted from the crystal ball and it showed a mist that suddenly became teal in colour. ‘Ting’, the woman’s hand trembled and the crystal ball unexpectedly broke to pieces in front of her. “Such a strong life force, it is definitely the Ice and Snow Goddess’s stone. Humph, attend to me!” Although her voice wasn’t loud, it had a terrifying fluctuation that could petrify others. The enormous door was pushed open and two women wearing long white robes walked in. They looked to be sixty to seventy years of age and their faces were lined with wrinkles.

“Honorable high priestess of the Ice and Snow Goddess, what orders do you have?”

The white haired maiden’s body levitated as she flatly said, “I felt the position of the Ice and Snow Goddess’s stone. Immediately send out the twelve other priests to retrieve the gemstone and the team must be personally led by you two. The dignity of the goddess must not be blasphemed by humans.”

“We understand, honorable high priestess of the Ice and Snow Goddess.” The two old women bowed and withdrew from the room. A cold aura emitted from the eyes of the high priestess of the Ice and Snow Goddess and her entire body gave off a blue aura. “Ling Er, was it worth the trouble? Was love really that important to you? With your capability, if you had accepted my tutelage, within twenty years, the Descended God Master position would have been yours. Was it really worth the trouble?” She sighed and the surrounding atmosphere seemed to have moved. A thick thirty three centimetre ice was actually formed on the surface of the inner walls of the room.


At the Shui Huo weapon shop, Hua Tian sat on the ground and inhaled deeply to regain his breath. His face was deathly white and was obviously very exhausted, but his turbid old eyes showed excitement and happiness as he looked at the white mist surrounding  the short knife that had formed droplets. His voice quivered as he said, “Success! I have  succeeded! White dew of the limpid autumn waters. It’s a peerless treasured knife. I had never thought that the ice stone’s power will be this strong. I have finally crafted a peerless treasured knife. I have finally caught up with the legendary blacksmiths of the past. Hahahahahaha!”

Nian Bing rubbed his wrist and muttered, “Gentle water, please use your gentle smile to cure the injury, recovery spell!” A faint blue light caressed and healed the wound on his wrist. Even though there was still a scar, the bleeding had stopped. The recovery spell that required water wasn’t difficult for Nian Bing as ice and water came from the same source.

Hua Tian shuddered as he stood up and looked at the knife in his hand and looked at Nian Bing. “Fatty, I had used your blood as the source to radiate the first light of the knife. You will be the only one who can use its full power from today onwards. You must treat this knife kindly. To be honest, I really can’t bear to give this knife to you. To use this godly knife as a kitchen knife, really covers the pearl in dirt.”  

Zha Ji laughed, “To be covered in dirt? Isn’t the gemstone from my disciple? Without the gemstone, no matter how capable you are, you won’t be able to create such a good knife. Stop talking nonsense! It’s a hundred purple gold coin, right? I will give you that!” As he said that, he took out a coin purse and tossed it at Hua Tian.

Hua Tian sighed, but returned the coin purse to Zha Ji. “How can the birth of such a precious knife be tainted by the stinky copper. This time, you have really gotten it cheap. However, I should suggest that your disciple cover the handle of the knife so that the gemstone won’t be exposed. An ignorant man is innocent, but treasuring a jade ring will become a crime. If someone steals the knife, then I would have worked so hard for nothing.”

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