LXY Book 2: Chapter 19


Book 2: Chapter 19 – The Great Battle

Jing Qiu was drowning in despair. Yet, hearing what Xue Ying said, she was surprised.

Before this, Xue Ying had been hiding his breath. The many years of effort put into understanding the laws of nature had already allowed him to change complexity into simplicity. Thus, nobody had given a second thought to this ordinary black-haired young man. At this moment, however, with everyone being in a life or death situation, he did not hold back his power any longer. Xue Ying’s entire demeanor became many times more frightening than before, as sharp as a blade and ready to unleash his power unto the enemy at a moment’s notice.

This normally hidden sharpness automatically made others feel jittery when released.

“This Xue Ying actually dared to say such words. Unless… has he fought against a Legend ranker before?” Jing Qiu could not believe this. “I’ve heard that he is only 22 years old, even younger than me by 3 years! How could he possibly have fought against a Legend ranker? Furthermore, this Xue Ying doesn’t give off the feeling that he would have enough power to shake heaven and earth.”


The atmosphere within the Great Hall changed instantly.

The unseen force was still being pressed onto the group of experts, proving the monster-looking man’s understanding of the laws of nature. From what Jing Qiu could see, if Xue Ying was also a Legend ranked Knight, then he ought to have the capability to overcome this unseen force and fight back against that monster-looking man.

“This Xue Ying must have gone crazy.” Bai Rong was completely submerged in a sea of despair when he looked towards Xue Ying and saw an unbelievable. “He even dares to challenge a Legend ranker. Could he be one himself? Nah… I think he is just trying to comfort his ego before he dies. But this would make his death even more miserable…”


The monster-looking man observed Xue Ying’s actions, laughing out loud, “So interesting… This brat actually wants to die this badly—”

“Stop uttering nonsense!” Xue Ying was blazing with energy. “Come! Let’s see how strong you are. If you are weaker than me, then just die!”

“A person more arrogant than me?”

The monster-looking man gave a cold look at him.


The unseen force immediately pressed down on Xue Ying just as it had pressed down on Tang Xiong moments ago.

“Just this minuscule amount of force?” Xue Ying chuckled. Ultimately, there was a limit to utilising the forces of nature in suppressing the opponent. A Meteor Knight would find this amount unbearable. Using it against a Silver Moon Knight, his strength would decrease tremendously. When using it against a peak Legend ranker like Xue Ying, the effects of suppressing would be dramatically reduced. By now, it was merely a five thousand or so newtons of force.

One standing beneath the throne, the other sitting on top of it. The collision between their intents was vicious.

“Let me see just how long you can last.” That monster-looking man took out a black-coloured curved dart. This was actually his primary weapon used in battle! Before, he had used a mere metal piece from before to deal with Tang Xiong only because there was such the large difference in strength and there had been no need to bring out his primary weapon.


He swung his arm, fiercely throwing out the curved dart towards Xue Ying.

Xiu Xiu Xiu!!!

Within his hands, many more curved darts appeared, and he instantly threw them towards his target.

The curved darts were extremely fast in speed, breaking through the sound barrier. Furthermore, given their curved shape, it was hard to identify which direction the darts were coming from once they had been launched.

“Flying darts? You should also taste a few of my moves!” Xue Ying was filled with aggressiveness. This was his first time fighting against a Legend ranker. Taking out a short spear with his right hand, he threw it explosively towards the monster-looking man.


The the short spear was quite heavy. Feeling the way it tore through the air, the monster-looking man could sense the terror of the powerful spear. He turned pale instantly. The spear flying towards him was so fast that he could not take out his other weapon in time to block it. With a turn of his body, he dodged it.

“Peng!” The short spear hit the throne directly, causing the metal-cast throne to break apart immediately. Without stopping, the spear continued to penetrate the wall behind the throne.

Similarly, Xue Ying was dodging those weirdly-shaped curved darts. Occasionally, he would be unable to dodge, so he would block the darts with his Flying Snow God Spear. In the end, defending against these darts was too easy with him being a Great Spear Master.

Hong! Hong! Hong!

Xue Ying took out even more short spears with his right hand. After all, within his own storage treasure there were numerous amounts of spears waiting to be used! One by one, he threw them full-force towards the monster-looking man. The spears tore through the air with such a force that even the suppression force based on the man’s understanding of the laws of nature were completely useless.

One short spear flew past the side of the monster-looking man. Hong! It penetrated into the walls.

Similarly, Xue Ying was dodging those strange black-coloured curved darts, leaving them to be entrenched into the walls around him.

“This… This…:” Bai Rong was shocked.

“Are you a Legend ranker?”Jing Qiu, too, felt the oppressiveness of Xue Ying’s performance.

Currently, these two big powers were merely throwing out their hidden weapons, but everyone could feel the frighteningly oppressive atmosphere they created. The monster-looking man’s evasive manoeuvres were so fast that he became a blur, making it difficult for one to see him clearly.

As for Xue Ying, although his range of movement was small, he also became a blurred image.

These were simply just dodging motions, and yet they could not see them clearly any longer!

As for the hidden weapons?

No matter whether it was the frightening short-spears, or those strange-looking, fearsome curved darts, there was no way the others could even dodge a single one of those.

“How… How could he be so strong?” Lu Huai Ru was aghast. He had already hidden himself behind one of the sculptures within the Great Hall. After all, when two Legend rankers battled, the surroundings would be affected as well. With him being a Meteor rank mage? He certainly did not want to become a collateral victim.


As the monster-looking man continued dodging, he suddenly took out a pair of axes.

The pair of axes axe could be considered to be one of the most savage weapons. With the huge surface of the axe itself, it could even act as a small shield. With it in his hands, he parried each of the short spears flying towards him with a loud, resounding Bang!

“Who would have thought that after escaping from the Infernal World back to the mortal world, I would meet such a powerful junior. And furthermore, this junior is a genius with such innate talent that he could attain the strength of a Legend ranker at such a young age!” The monster-looking man grinned viciously. “But killing this type of talented juniors is precisely one of my favourite hobbies! Come! Show me how strong you are!”

“Watch my Spear!” Xue Ying knew that his short spears did not have enough penetrative power to kill his opponent, so he charged towards the monster-looking man with his spear.


Like a flying arrow, Xue Ying covered the distance of a hundred metres in the blink of an eye. He held his spear with both his hands, and once it reached the highest point, Xue Ying put the entirety of his strength into smashing down the spear. Hong! The power instilled into the spear was focused in its tip, as ferocious as ever.

“Let’s see just how strong you are!” The monster-looking man laughed savagely. He held his two axes by his side, ready to defend against the incoming attack.


The long spear struck the two axes.

The monster-looking man instantly turned pale. He was initially very confident in defending against this attack and didn’t bother to put in all his strength, so now he was at a disadvantage. Without caring about his reputation, he immediately retreated, trying to mitigate the force of the spear. Dong Dong Dong! Every single step he took left deep footprints behind by him, cracking the ground underneath. It was only after retreating a dozen steps that he could alleviate the force of the spear.


After hacking, Xue Ying instantly charged forward, this time, stabbing his spear with the momentum he had built upon previously.

Just like lightning, the long spear stabbed directly towards the monster-looking man’s face.

“Scatter.”He changed his mind and gave up on attempting to suppress Xue Ying through his control over the forces of nature. The change had an instant effect. Suddenly, Xue Ying felt so much lighter. Most people’s bodies  would require some time to react and acclimatise to the change, but for Xue Ying’s thoroughly conditioned body, the contrast didn’t have much of an effect.

Being a Great Spear Master and having achieved the realm Power Perfectly as One, Xue Ying was definitely not someone who could be messed with easily.

“Damn. Power Perfectly as One? He is so young, and yet his spear techniques are so frightening.” The monster-looking man realised that even releasing the force suppression hadn’t affected Xue Ying by much, which clearly implied that his opponent was definitely a Great Spear Master. One must know that even though a person managed to attain the Legend rank, being able to become a Great Master in certain battle techniques was not an easy feat. After all, there were those who could become ‘One with the World’ just by smithing, while some could attain that state just by drawing. Being ‘One with the World’ purely represented a state of the mind.

This did not mean that he would be a Great Master in battle techniques!

To become a Great Master, one would have to spend an enormous amount of time and effort on rigorous training.

“<Blood Axe Reincarnation>” The monster-looking man finally decided to treat Xue Ying as a foe.


The long spear came, piercing the space right next to him as he dodged the attack. Although it didn’t pierce through anything, the spear’s piercing power was transmitted through the air, drilling a deep hole in the distant wall.

“Die.” Having dodged the strike, the monster-looking man immediately made the most of this opportunity, and swung his pair of axes towards Xue Ying. Once his Blood Axe Reincarnation technique was launched, it would attack the enemy successively without the chance of interruption. Should the enemy lose their concentration for even a second, it would mark the end of his life.

“Open for me!” Xue Ying’s spear that had stabbed the the empty space a moment before was suddenly brought to a swing with the rotation power of his powerful waist muscles.

He sweeped with his spear.

With the power of his spear, he annihilate a thousand man army!

So what if it was a dual axe technique? Xue Ying would just use his spear to fight back against it.


The long spear directly met with the axe’s blade, making it resound with a terrifying echo. An unseen pressure was released in every single direction, causing Bai Rong to be so afraid that he used his Qi to protect himself from the force. As for Jing Qiu, her expression was still as cold as always. Hong~~~ Under the pressure, Bai Rong staggered backwards one step, while Jing Qiu used her frost armor to dissipate the impact.

The Great Hall was in chaos. It was as if a hurricane had just passed through, causing the surface of the stones to be smashed into pieces.

The monster-looking man was forced to retreat all the way until his back was against the wall.

Xue Ying also, staggered backwards one a single step from the clash.

The two opponents were brimming with killing intent. No one was ready to give in to the other.

“Hahaha…” The monster-looking man suddenly laughed. His voice was deep and vigorous, sweeping across the Great Hall like a tsunami, and causing Jing Qiu, Bai Rong and Lu Huai Ru to instinctively cover their ears.

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  1. “A person more arrogant than me?”

    The monster-looking man gave a cold look at him.

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    Thank you for the chapter

  2. thanks for the chap, but why does it say “When using it against a peak Legend ranker like Xue Ying,” when did he break through i thought he was still at metor rank.

    1. No, he broke through to the Silver Moon level a while back, but using his spear techniques and bloodline power, he’s equal to a peak Legend ranker. That’s why it says that.

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