LXY Book 2: Chapter 21


Book 2: Chapter 21 – A Part of Life and Death

“Ha ha ha, die for me!” Having the upper hand, The Demon Emissary didn’t give Xue Ying any chance to react. He quickly followed up with a chop, rushing forward with the twin axes in his hands.

Xue Ying twisted his body in the air, his spear thrusting out like a viper!


Xue Ying single-handedly thrust his spear mid-air. Due to its speed and length, the spear quickly arrived in front of the Demon Emissary.


“So ruthless, so fast!” The Demon Emissary was startled. He had initially cornered Xue Ying, but now he was faced with a life threatening spear attack! “How is his spear technique so fast? It wasn’t this fast a moment before!”

His pair of Blood Axes instinctively folded up, completely sealing the spear’s attack options, just like a two-hinged door.


The spear tip and axe met head to head. Although this kind of one-handed throw focused on a quick and sudden attack, and its power was far less than a stab, sweep or strike, the Demon Emissary still felt his axe shaking.

“You deserved to die.” Xue Ying landed immediately, then rushed again towards the Demon Emissary. Snowflakes fluttered, Xue Ying’s spear became a mirage and started to attacked.

Clang, clang, clang…

In a moment, the spear’s after images appeared everywhere, with a much faster speed than before.

The Demon Emissary was stunned. He panicked and instinctively defended, not daring to strike back, because this time Xue Ying’s spear attack was too fast. It made the Demon Emissary feel if he tried attacking, then he wouldn’t be able to defend against the spear. “How could the speed of his spear attack increase this much? Did he hide his full power before? Damn! Such a young brat, how could he be this strong?”


A moment later, the spear thrust hundreds of times towards the Demon Emissary, whirling furiously on its way.

With his pair of Blood Axes, the Demon Emissary took a defence stance. With a peng sound, the Demon Emissary felt a violent power passed through the Blood Axe. He automatically stumbled back.

Peng peng peng.

Xue Ying furiously thrust, stabbed and sweeped with his spear.

Xue Ying and his weapon merged together like a dragon, again and again, attacking frantically with a fascinating speed.

The Demon Emissary constantly retreated. His movements were partially distorted, cold sweat flowing on his forehead.


The sound of air being ripped apart rang aloud. The spear-head instantly broke in through the gap where the two Blood Axes crossed.


The Demon Emissary stared wide eyed, the Blood Axes in his hands fell down with a clang sound, resounding throughout the Great Hall.


Hu. Xue Ying retracted his spear. There was a big bloody hole in Demon Emissary’s throat. Blood gushed out while the Demon Emissary tried to cover the hole while he kept on staring. He unwillingly stared at Black-clothed youngster with a fierce spirit in front of him. As a person, he had come from a big clan’s protector family, step by step climbing up, infamous for his viciousness, and honored as the Blood Axe Legend Knight……

He had done anything for strength.

He had slaughtered a big clan’s young master and his troops for a top grade Dou Qi technique. He had been able to get ahold of the complete Dou Qi technique after a few rounds of torture and interrogation.

He had annihilated an innocent clan for a godly weapon, the Blood Axe.

After being banished to the Infernal World, he had looked for a Demon God to help him escape from the Infernal World. The other party agreed to help him, and even gifted him a forbidden technique. He eventually gritted his teeth and chose to abandon the Xia Clan, relying on the Demon God and becoming a Demon God Emissary.

He managed to escaped to the Mortal World with great difficulty. He had barely recovered half of his strength, when he suddenly died in the hands of a young and fameless Great Spear Master.

“You… you…” the Demon God’s Emissary stared at Xue Ying, when suddenly he saw a faint blood colored Qi flowing around Xue Ying.

“Pri… primor… “ his eyes were wide open, but they had already dulled out, blood gushing out when he tried to speak. He stared at Xue Ying, “Remember… my… name… Xue…”

The Demon God Emissary’s body twitched for a moment, and then with a pu sound, he fell to his knees, his body powerlessly falling to the ground. Fresh blood slowly began spreading from his body, drenching the ground.

Just like that, an ambitious and ruthless person in the eyes of mortals, the Blood Axe Knight, ‘Qiu Fan’, had met his demise.

The other people in the hall didn’t know this Demon God Emissary’s name. Even Lu Huai Ru, the protector of the holy ground didn’t know his origin. After he had escaped from the Infernal World, the Xia Clan still wanted to kill him, so he hadn’t dared to leak any information related to his identity.

The only one who recognized him just had been Tang Xiong, who had lived for more than 160 years. Unfortunately, Tang Xiong was now already dead.

As for Xue Ying, Jing Qiu and Si Bai Rong, they had no idea, since he was an expert from olden times.

“You’re called Xue?” Xue Ying hadn’t heard it clearly. He slightly shook his head while looking at the Demon God Emissary’s corpse, “No matter who you are, you are the first Legend ranker I’ve fought with. I will surely remember you.”

While speaking, Xue Ying also took off two magical storage rings from the Demon God Emissary and bound them with his qi.

“So spacious!”

Xue Ying was surprised.

These two rings’ storage space was really spacious. One of them was three meters in width, length and height, and the other one also had a similar capacity. This magical storage item’s capacity could be considered huge. Previously, Xue Ying had always carried his weapon box on his back because he had no magical storage item big enough to store it in his possessions. Moreover, it also took time to assemble and disassemble the spear, which could be detrimental at a crucial moment.

“Now there’s no need to disassemble it, I can conveniently use it at anytime. I can also store several short spears.” He was very pleased, so he smiled slightly. Xue Ying also checked the two storage rings’ contents.

Gold notes, darts, shield, axe, some bottles, food, alcohol, … …

A lot of food filled the storage space, just like a small warehouse.


The hall was quiet.

Jing Qiu and Si Bai Rong, holding their breath while looking at the scene from behind pillars in the corner of the hall. Countless snowflakes were fluttering around the vile Demon God Emissary who was now impaled with a spear, right through his throat. Xue Ying went to his side and pulled out his spear.

“Dong Bo Xue Ying won?” Si Bai Rong held his breath. Actually, after the Demon God Emissary had cast the forbidden technique and after Xue Ying’s Primordial Bloodline had activated, Jing Qiu and Si Bai Rong couldn’t follow their battle anymore.

It was simply too fast!

For Legend rankers, people with power levels beneath them were no different from insects.

Only when one reaches the Legend rank can one embark on their own path. There was even some who stood at the peak of Legend rank and yet was not inferior to a Transcendent.

“So powerful. This Dong Bo Xue Ying is this powerful and he’s just 22 years old?” Jing Qiu felt shocked. She had met many young talents at the Eternal Wind Academy. She herself was also praised as a peerless talent, but she now discovered… that this Dong Bo Xue Ying was the greatest genius she had ever come across. An incredible 22 year old Legend Ranker.

And just now, he had killed another powerful Legend ranker.

Jing Qiu started to admire Xue Ying, while also feeling grateful to him, because it could be said that she had been saved by Xue Ying.


“Demon God Emissary, the great Demon God Emissary lost? He died?” Lu Huai Ru, who was hiding in the distance, was completely stunned. He looked at the distant corpse of the Demon God Emissary, fresh blood still flowing. His heart turned cold.

The three huge gates of the Great Hall had enclosed them. The Great Hall was completely sealed in order to prevent intruders from escaping.

It would take a long time to open the gates. These powerful assassins sent by the Dragon Mountain Manor, especially that Dong Bo Xue Ying, could kill him instantly.

“I’m finished… ”

Lu Huai Ru had no intention to beg for mercy.

He knew that, with his identity of a demon cult leader within the holy grounds of Azure River County, no one would dare to let him go.

“Damn it! Damn the wretched Dragon Mountain Manor!” He bitterly glanced at the three persons before him. A strange disk appeared in his hand, and he suddenly started laughing maniacally. His laugh echoed inside the Great Hall, “Ha Ha Ha… Let’s die together! Oh, Great Demon God, here I come!”

At the same time, he suddenly rotated the disk in his hand.

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