LXY Book 2: Chapter 26


Book 2: Chapter 26 – The thoughts of Qing Shi

“Being one of the successors of the Dong Bo Clan, it’s fine not receiving a share of the inheritance, but at the very least, you should know how much your parents left behind!” Ji Rong shook her head, “Yet you don’t even know a single thing… Maybe i’m just a villain, but knowing how to protect yourself from harm  is certainly the right thing to do!”

“Stop. Don’t say anymore.” Qing Shi was  furious, “You don’t even know a single thing between me and my brother!”

“Wait until your brother kicks you out of the clan, then you’ll only be dumbfounded.” Ji Rong continued shaking her head.

“You! Woman, shut up!” Qing Shi’s eyes were red with fury. There were even some tears. “He is my big brother, the most important person in my life! Do you even know this?”


Ji Rong was appalled.

Seeing Qing Shi with his eyes turn red, she could not help but lower her head while grabbing his hands, “I’m sorry. I was wrong.”

“You don’t know anything about the relationship between me and my brother. So next time, don’t spout all these nonsense. I feel agitated after hearing it.” Qing Shi said with a shaky voice .

“Mn. Mn.” Ji Rong nodded, softly comforted him, “Do you know, that year when my father was swept out by my uncle from home, we did not even have a place to stay? We could only temporarily stay at my mother’s family home. Me, my father, my mother… were all looked down upon by them. It is the most miserable part of my life, and something which I’ll never forget. Fortunately, my father had the gall to start another business again. Otherwise, I would not be here, having a chance to learn magic…”

“I understand.” Qing Shi replied, “However, your family and mine are totally different. Alright. Go back and rest. I’ll be going back as well.”

Saying that, Qing Shi promptly turned tail and headed back towards the castle.

Ji Rong silently stood there, looking at Qing Shi walking away.

“Who would have thought that his brother was put on such a high pedestal in his heart.” Ji Rong frowned. “Learning magic with this Dong Bo Qing Shi, and being his girlfriend for over half a year, this is my first time having the chance to explain to him about his circumstances! Of course, whatever I’ve said certainly make sense logically, yet he became so agitated after hearing it.”

“How exactly did this Dong Bo Clan become so wealthy?”

“If only I could find out…”

Ji Rong laughed softly, her expression showing evil intent. “Even though he is so close with his brother, after today, I’ve finally put a seed of doubt in his mind which I believe will sprout soon in the near future. This Dong Bo Qing Shi is too innocent already. I guess his brother sheltered him far too much. Such a brat, if I could not conquer him, then that would be hilarious.”


Along the way back to the castle, Qing Shi kicked a piece of rock furiously. “My brother has never ever deceived me before.”

“That time when I was accepted as a disciple, I heard from teacher that his condition of accepting me was either 50,000 gold or a Silver Moon Wolf King’s heart.” Qing Shi’s eyes brightened up. “My brother then told me to wait for a month for his news. After which, he went off with Uncle Zong to the Mountain Range of Desolation… with one sweep, eradicated the Bent Blade Union, successfully killed the Silver Moon Wolf King, before becoming an expert of Water Rites Town.”

“Yes, I still remembered…”

“That time when I went with my brother to buy the Flying God Snow Spear, my brother had even owed  the shopkeeper 10,000 gold!”

Qing Shi’s eyes became brighter and brighter, “Yes, I definitely remembered correctly. If father and mother really left behind a huge inheritance, then I doubt my brother would enter the Mountain Range. He should instead just give up the 50,000 gold! And if we were rich, then why would he even write a debt payable of 10,000 gold?”

When he grew up, he finally understand how dangerous the Mountain Range of Desolation was.

He also finally understood teacher’s condition for accepting him as a disciple – either 50,000 gold or the heart of a Silver Moon Wolf King. Even though Xue Ying did not dwell much on it, it was not some big secret. Furthermore, being the personal disciple of the Great Mage, he would definitely know of the matter sooner or later. This coupled with the memory of his brother killing a Silver Moon Wolf King, Qing Shi could easily deduce the answer.

Thus, deep within his heart, he was extremely grateful to his brother.

He felt that…

His brother was like a huge mountain, always by his side, protecting him.

As the saying goes, a father’s love is akin to that of a mountain.

Yet no matter how hard he tried, he did not have a clear memory of his parents. He only remembered of how much effort his brother put in over the years in taking care of him.

“What ‘having protection against harm from others’? I know that my brother will never harm me.”

“A man’s intent is always hidden? Even if my brother really did something outrageous, like kicking me out of  the castle, I would still be willing to accept it.”

Dong Bo Qing Shi gritted his teeth.

However, it was an undeniable truth that whatever Ji Rong said about having defenses against external harm by others, had subconsciously affected Qing Shi, letting him know that he would still have to depend on himself in the future. After all, following his brother and depending on him forever would be meaningless.

“Damn it! Damn it! I’m so agitated!” Qing Shi was very uncomfortable within his heart. For so long, he had been living in such a carefree manner. Yet, after hearing Ji Rong’s words, his mind was a mess.


Snowrock Castle, within the study room.

Xue Ying was smiling as he sat on the side, looking towards his two uncles testing out all the refined armor, boots, and other equipment.

“Xue Ying, you have surely splurged a lot on these…” Hong Ling could no longer control his curiosity. “How much did you actually spend on all this  equipment?”

“Hahaha… It isn’t much.” Xue ying bellowed out, “This time when I went out on the mission, there were some twists in the end. I actually met a Legend-ranker.”

“Legend ranker?”

Zong Ling and Tong San were both aghast.


Legend rankers to them were considered to be akin to that of the boundless skies, a rank which they would never touch upon. Thus, when Xue Ying finally attained the strength of a Legend ranker, they were extremely excited about it. Still, they felt that Xue Ying was still too young, and that was because he had not comprehend the state of being ‘One with the World’, he would lose out to the older and more experienced Legend rankers.

Who would have thought otherwise that during this mission, Xue Ying actually met a Legend ranker!

“Even though he was really strong, and that he has some powerful techniques, I still manage to dispose off him.” Xue Ying joyful whenever he thought back. “He died and I live on! I obtained his storage treasure rings, and within it were a filthy vast amount of treasures! Haha… Buying all these is considered nothing much!”

Zong Ling and Tong San both felt proud at this.

“Xue Ying ah…” Zong Ling felt a little worried still. “You have met such an accident while partaking in a Black Iron Order mission. You say you want to accumulate 20,000 merit points to save Dong Bo and Ah Yu… Yet these 20,000 merit points… let’s say you accept an easier Bronze Order mission, you will only attain 1000 merit points at most. But those dangerous Bronze Order mission that gives 10,000 merit points in one go…”

“All Black Iron Order missions already have the risk of escalating  its danger level. If we consider the Bronze Order mission that has a danger level way beyond that of the Black Iron Order missions… and you have to complete two of the missions?” Hong Ling felt disturbed at this, “It’s extremely unsafe! How about you wait a while more, become stronger before accepting these missions?”“Do not worry, Uncle Zong. I’m able to take care of myself.” Xue Ying was touched by his worry.

Still, even after hearing his words, Zong Ling was still uneasy.

How could one take care of himself against the unknowns?

A simple Black Iron Order mission escalated up to it having a Legend ranker enemy. If we consider those harder Bronze Order mission, would it suddenly escalate up to the presence of a Transcendent within? Even though the Dragon Mountain Manor’s missions were not suicidal, accidents could always happen.

“Brother.” Outside the room came Qing Shi’s voice.

“Qing Shi, you came.” Xue Ying smiled at his brother. Qing Shi pushed open the door to the study room. He was already jumping with excitement. “Brother, I thought you said you are going to be giving me something? What is it? Uwahh! Uncle Zong, Uncle Tong, how come you’ve changed? The armour you are wearing looks really extraordinary! What about your boots? I’ve never seen them before?”

“This time when I went out on the mission, I’ve actually gained something. Thus, I decided to buy you guys some gifts.” Xue Ying grinned. “I’ve also bought many things for you.”

Saying that, with a wave of his hand…

Hu Hu Hu …

Beside them appeared many treasures. All of them were Heaven’s grade mage equipment.

“This robe contains a complete ‘Ice armour’ spell matrix within. Regardless of whether it is the frost armour or Water ripple spell, with this inbuilt matrix, you could instantaneously cast them! It has half the power of a Meteor mage.” Xue Ying slightly introduced the equipment. “This wristband contains a small-scale Frost domain spell matrix within. It has a third of the power of a Meteor mage. This ring…”

Xue Ying introduced one item by one item.

Qing Shi was shocked and excited at the same time.

He finally understood why his brother gave You Yue such an extravagant gift – the staff and the robe – even though he did not give her anything the past few years. It was after all a huge gain during this mission that allowed him to become so wealthy, that even refined equipment worn currently by Uncle Zong and Uncle Tong were worth even more than what was given to You Yue. As for his gifts? Needless to say, it costs much more.

All of these equipment are actually Heaven’s grade Mage equipment, which were things he dared not even think of having in the past.


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    1. It was a bit disappointing. Turns all the characters rather one dimensional. I really won’t mind an “evil” character that was so traumatized that she has a “siege” “us vs them” mentality, not because she was “inherently evil” but because she lost too much to feel safe again.

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