LXY Book 3: Chapter 1


Book 3: Chapter 1 – Blood Rain of Dark Ice Spear Technique

Snowrock Castle, martial fields.


The moment the Flying Snow God Spear was displayed, snow flakes began fluttering everywhere.

Within the surroundings of fluttering snowflakes, a single thread like flash could be vaguely seen! A black-robed Xue Ying was fully concentrating on his spear techniques. At that moment, the spear technique he was utilising was completely different from that of the Drifting Snow of Dark Ice Spear Technique. Drifting Snow would instead have spear-flowers blooming when utilised! Xue Ying’s extent of withdrawal for every movement he executed was relatively small.


The rotational force though was immense! Furthermore, there were large amounts of the energy from the world aggregating at the spearhead.

With a powerful rotational force and a great amount of borrowed world energy, the moment the long spear withdrew a little, a second spear attack would immediately burst out explosively! Within the shadow of the two attacks in a single motion, a thin thread could faintly be seen by the naked eye.

Countless spear shadows, countless threads.

It was as if they were formed by continuously pouring rain.

This was precisely the second stage of the 《Dark Ice Spear Technique》 – Blood Rain!

“With this single move, I’m able to utilise almost the entirety of the energy of the world and reach an incredible realm. Borrowing the strength from nature, I can speed up my spear techniques even more.” Xue Ying was startled. The person who created this technique, ancestor ‘Gu Yuan Han’ had indeed reached an otherworldly stage with his pursuit of speed incorporated into his arts of the spear. Even though Xue Ying himself had already comprehended One with the World, merely learning this technique still took six days.

If he attempted to create such a technique himself, one that fully utilises a body’s full strength to create a rotational force when using a spear and the energy from the world, it would be entirely impossible.

Of course, that Frost Knight, Gu Yuan Han, decided to pass down this spear technique only after he stood at the highest point of all Transcendents.

“After comprehending the Blood Rain of the Dark Ice Spear Technique, I feel that my spear techniques are even faster now. If I were to meet with that Demonic God Emissary, killing him would be so much easier.” Xue Ying grinned. With such fast spear techniques, the enemy would have a hard time defending, which increased the chances of them revealing a flaw which Xue Ying could fully utilise to kill!

“Xue Ying.” A person came into the martial field – Zong Ling. Zong Ling sighed, “Your spear techniques have already reached the realm of perfection, and yet you still practice it relentless every single day. You are making me feel ashamed of myself, thus I’ve come to ,at the very least, train my strength.”

“The more I train in the arts of spear, the smaller I feel in this big world outside.” Xue Ying looked up at the sky, “The great natural world has so many mysteries! We are all merely mortals. Sometimes, after training my spear arts for a while, I feel how tiny I am. Even if my spear technique is profound… compared to the nature of the world, there’s a world of difference and it’s something which can not be compared at all.”

“Haha, that’s enough. That nature of the world you are talking about is something that we cannot even feel. Isn’t that more pitiful?” Zong Long teased at him.

Xue Ying laughed.

He only began feeling this way after comprehending One with the World. Knowing that his spirit could fly with the winds, ascend with the flames, understand the massive world and the earth, and flow together with the river… It was precisely because of how clear these feelings were that he felt how mysterious nature was, and how his heart began feeling reverence towards it.

For instance, there was his spear technique. The moment he utilised it, he could feel the wonders of how water flowed as part of nature. But when his spirit melded with water fully, he began feeling how natural the water flowed… and how simple and crude his spear technique was! It was like a small child trying to draw out the wonders of nature.

Of course, only when one enters the realm of ‘One with the World’ could they feel such a distinct and strong feeling.

“Uncle Zong,” Xue Ying asked curiously, “Why did I not see Qing Shi today? Did he even come back in the afternoon?”

“From what I heard, Qing Shi and his little girlfriend brought several soldiers down the mountain early to Water Rites Town to play.” Zong Ling began displaying his sword arts as a warm up with the six scimitars wielded by his six arms. “Being young sure is good!”

“Oh?” Xue Ying nodded. Qing Shi and his little girlfriend had an extremely good relationship. Going to the Water Rites Town to play together actually happened quite frequently – once every few days, thus he did not feel surprised.



There was a team of soldiers waiting by side of the road. Beside the road were  a couple of teenagers, leisurely strolling while appreciating the beautiful flowers and scenery.

This couple of teenagers in a relationship were  Qing Shi and Ji Rong.

“This little flower is really beautiful. Here, it’s only summer that we get to see grass and flowers. Other than that, the other three seasons are extremely cold, even to the point of snow covering the entire place.” Ji Rong picked down a small yellow flower, inserting it into her hair. Turning around, she laughed, smiling beautifully  at Qing Shi, “Am I beautiful?”

“Beautiful! Within this entire Water Rites Town, there’s no one else as beautiful as you.” Qing Shi laughed.

Even though they had an argument a few days ago, Ji Rong did not mention anything about that matter since, thus allowing their relationship to recover gradually. This time when they went out to play in Water Rites Town, there relationship was certainly good.

“You are so sweet!” Ji Rong said, “I didn’t even know you were this sweet in the past! Though speaking about beautiful girls, there’s only sister You Yue who is more beautiful than me. Oh yeah, speaking of that, I realised that sister You Yue has not been in the castle grounds these past few days? What happened? Did she fall out with your brother?”

“Mn.” Qing Shi nodded, “I noticed that too. I’ve asked my brother before, but he told me not to ask anymore. He said that sister You Yue will never set foot again into the castle, and even asked me to keep some distance away from her.”

“It seems they broke up.” Ji Rong commented.

“Maybe,” Qing Shi laughed, “Actually, my brother hadn’t even started dating sister You Yue before.”

Ji Rong laughed.

She was feeling proud and joyful after hearing that. Amongst the disciples under Bai Yuan Zhi, even though she was full of confidence in regards to her looks and temperament, with You Yue around, she could not even reveal her beauty! Actually, if one were to judge based on appearance, You Yue was quite beautiful. Her eyes were captivating. It was just that Ji Rong’s stature was quite small, but still, her figure was relatively good for a petite girl. Kong You Yue was slimmer and taller than Ji Rong. Adding on You Yue’s good relation with everyone, many disciples actually liked her a lot. Coupled with the relationship she had with Dong Bo Xue Ying, it was obvious she had become famous among the disciples.

Da da da! Sounds of horse hooves were heard hitting heavily on the road beside them.

A crimson-armoured knight was advancing.

At the head of the riders, there was a triangled-eyed 1 youngster wearing luxuriant clothes. Looking around, he seemed to be spirited.

“Brother Zhao, this Water Rites town is really a remote and small place. Compared to our County City, this place is lacking. Though the two beauties sent by the mayor are actually quite satisfying.” The white-robed triangled-eyed teenager laughed. Beside him was a cold-looking grey-robed rider, “Young master, you have played enough. When we enter the army, you must remember to follow the rules obediently. If it was elsewhere, the Lord could leverage upon his power to give you protection! Though you could not mess around in the army.”

“Do not worry. The moment I enter the army, I’d definitely not mess around.” The white-robed triangle-eyed teenager said.

Suddenly, his eyes lit up. Looking at the distant Dong Bo Qing Shi with Ji Rong, he began salivating, “Brother Zhao, look at that! A beautiful lady in front of us, full of flavour.”

Ji Rong was only 16 this year, yet her figure was quite well-developed. Being a female mage, her temperament could not be compared with an ordinary female. With that small yellow flower on her head… it made this white-robed triangle-eyed teenager’s heart itch even more. Even though female mages were rare, beautiful female mages were even harder to find. It was precisely this combination of rarity that resulted in wealthy aristocrats going crazy over after them.

“Hey, this lady over here.” The white-robed triangle-eyed teenager shouted out, the Snowstrider horse beneath him immediately went out of the road, heading towards the couple. He grinned, “This brother will bring you around to play, alright? That silly brat beside you is too young, and still does not know how to relish in a beautiful girl’s taste. Let this brother show you.”


Qing Shi and Ji Rong’s expression turned soured slightly. The soldiers beside them were even more furious after hearing that, with most of them taking out their Star Breaking Crossbow.

“Who are you?” Qing Shi coldly answered. At least within the Water Rites Town, nobody dared to provoke him.

“Young master.” That grey-robed rider recognised the marking on the armours worn by these soldiers. He came closer to the white-robed rider, saying softly, “This is Water Rites Town Snow Eagle Territory’s soldier. Snow Eagle Territory’s Lord is Dong Bo Xue Ying. At 15, he killed a Silver Moon Wolf King in the Mountain Range of Desolation. Right now, he should be a Silver Moon Knight! We are quite close to the legion currently, so let’s not invite trouble alright?”

“Snow Eagle Territory, Dong Bo Xue Ying?” The white-robed triangle-eyed teenager frowned. If he was within the Azure River County, why would he care about this Dong Bo Xue Ying? His clan in the county had immense power and the news of how Si Clan had the most power was heard everywhere! They were obviously still quite a big and powerful clan, that could look down upon such a remote clan within this remote small town.

However, he only had a team of escorts with him currently, with the head of the escort team being a Meteor Knight. Facing Lord Xue Ying was still quite a difficult task for him.

Even though his heart already backed down, that white-robed triangled eyed teenager still arrogantly said out, “Who am I? Humph, humph, you people belonging to a lowly clan in this small remote town do not have the qualifications to know me!”

“You listen to this carefully.” Ji Rong, who was standing beside Qing Shi, furiously exclaimed, “He is Snow Eagle Territory’s Dong Bo Qing Shi! His brother is the lord of Snow Eagle Territory’s Lord Dong Bo Xue Ying! You dare to have your liberties with me… Qing Shi, why are you not reacting to what he said, letting him have his liberties with me?”

“Apologise to her.” In front of his girlfriend, Qing Shi did not dare to lose face, instantly thundered out, “If not, you don’t have to think about escaping this Water Rites Town!”

“You… Outrageous,” Initially, that white-robed triangle-eyed teenager wanted to back down, yet because of his habit of being arrogant, became furious immediately. He had a cold glint in his eyes, “Merely a clan of this remote land, yet you dare to be arrogant in front of me? Totally unknowing of your own status! Go, kill all the men while leaving that beauty for me to take away.”

Making his decision, after killing them, he would immediately join up with the army before Dong Bo Xue Ying finds out about this matter.

“As you command.” Those soldiers with him were already used to his command of slaughter.

“You dare!” Qing Shi was startled. Recognising a person wrongly would mean slaughter?


The grey-robed rider frowned at that, even though he still listened to the orders, jumping down from his horse, before displaying a green-coloured protective Qi. With a lightning speed, he came killing towards them. Looking at such a scene, the soldiers of Snow Eagle Territory were all shocked. A Meteor Knight? The soldiers from Snow Eagle’s Territory were all panicking even though their Star Breaking Crossbow could kill a Meteor knight.

However, only when over a hundred Star Breaking Crossbow simultaneously surround a Silver Moon Knight could he be taken down. Otherwise, with his speed, it was extremely hard to aim at him.

“Quick, dodge! Everyone aim at that white-robed teenager.” The soldiers were experienced, immediately separating out to avoid being slaughtered easily by their enemy.


The crimson-armoured soldiers came charging towards them.

Yet the distant white-robed triangled teenager actually took out a shield in front of him. Even with a shield, he still went hiding at a far distance away. He was obviously not afraid of the Star Breaking Crossbow, coldly stating, “This brat, you dare to act arrogant in front of me? You are definitely seeking death.”

“Ah.” The Meteor Knight was having an easy time slaughtering these ordinary soldiers. Within a moment, a soldier from Snow Eagle’s territory who vainly tried to dodge his attack was killed in one blade.

Even more crimson-armoured soldiers came pouring in, charging towards Dong Bo Qing Shi.

Qing Shi had never encountered such a situation before, and thus, began panicking immediately. The spell matrix in his mages equipment could obviously not hold up against so many people, especially in the presence of a Meteor Knight.

With a flip of his hand, a spell scroll appeared in his hand. This was precisely what Xue Ying gave him amongst the many spell scrolls. It was a grade five spell scroll.

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  1.   Someone with eyes shaped in a triangle instead of oval. (Upturned protruding hooded monolid)

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