LXY Book 3: Chapter 4


Book 3: Chapter 4 – Assassins

Cui Jin Peng scowled, showing an ugly expression.

Nobody could act arrogant in front of the Bloodshed Tavern, no matter who they were! Even if they were the incredible emperor who united the world and established Dragon Mountain Empire or a deity, they would still have to uphold the status of both the Bloodshed Tavern and Temple of the Earth God.

But three million gold pieces was something he could not part with!

What if he could not have his revenge?


He would rather die!

“I, I want to change the mission details!” Cui Jin Peng gritted his teeth, “As long as the murderer, Dong Bo Qing Shi, dies, I could care less about the rest!”

“Murderer?” The purple-robed female frowned as she scrutinized Cui Jin Peng. Still, according to the regulations of Bloodshed Tavern, she would not follow up with the investigations nor leak out information about it.

“Yes, murderer,” Cui Jin Peng trusted the credibility of Bloodshed Tavern, he sharply said, “I want this damnable murderer to die! He’s called Dong Bo Qing Shi. Tell me, how much does it cost to kill this mage? Oh right, time is of the essence. I’m afraid that Dong Bo Xue Ying will discover what actually happened during that day. By then, I’m afraid this mission would not be so simple any longer.”

“Please trust in the efficiency of our Bloodshed Tavern,” Purple-robed female smiled, “Please wait for a moment. The price for killing murderer Dong Bo Qing Shi would be out in just a moment.”

She stared at the crystal ball placed in front of her on the table.

“Killing the murderer Dong Bo Qing Shi within a day, requires one million gold!” She stated.

“One million gold? He is merely an ordinary mage, not even reaching that of an Earth Mage!” Cui Jin Peng’s eyes widened, “You only need to send a single powerful assassin to assassinate him in the dark. A very simple task.”

“By now, the entire Snowrock Castle would certainly be heavily guarded. I believe that Dong Bo Qing Shi will not leave the castle for even a short period of time,” The purple-robed female said, “If you are willing to increase the period of time for undertaking the mission, the price will be 100,000 gold instead! But since you required this to be done under a day, and the fact that we need to pass on the mission to the assassin accepting it, and that the assassin will need to rush over to that location, it is simply too short a duration… and what’s worse, he would have to face up against any obstacles within the castle.”

The purple-robed female gently smiled at him.

Cui Jin Peng could only grit his teeth.

The prices in Bloodshed Tavern were non-negotiable. Either you provided the amount, or you left.

“I accept!” Cui Jin Peng pursed his lips in a frown, “Act quickly and resolve this as fast as possible.”

“Please pay up,” She demanded of him.

Even though Cui Jin Peng felt pain in his heart at this, the bereavement caused by the death of his son had already made him crazy. He could care less about everything else.

With a turn of his hand, he brought up a large sum of gold notes. This pile of gold notes was exactly one million. In the past, he would always take out this sum of money to count, bringing him large bouts of pleasure! This was after all, the amount he saved after years of struggles within the underworld.

“A pleasure doing business with you,” She smiled gently, “We’ll immediately contact and send out an appropriate assassin!”


Cui Jin Peng nodded. His eyes radiated of hatred.

It was as if he could already see the death of that Dong Bo Qing Shi. He fully trusted the strength of the Bloodshed Tavern! The missions accepted by the Bloodshed Tavern had a high degree of completion rate. Unless some unforeseen circumstances happened, like for instance, if the mission stated the target being a Legend ranker, and yet after acting, he was actually a Transcendent! Bloodshed Tavern would temporarily revocate the mission before asking for an increase in price! And this was not refundable!

If one could not accept such a regulation of Bloodshed Tavern, then one should not come here.

In reality, Bloodshed Tavern’s reputation was already impeccable.


That same night.

Within Bloodshed Tavern’s own secret channels, a message was sent at that instant to three frightening assassins within Azure River County. As the mission had a very tight time duration, only an hour was given for the reply! If they did not wish to accept… Bloodshed Tavern would immediately send the request to another bunch of top-ranked assassins.

This mission had a danger – Dong bo Xue Ying was possibly a Legend ranker.

Thus, those who received the request for the mission were all of the very least, Legend-ranked in combat power!

Because of the fact that the mission did not require Dong Bo Xue Ying to die, it was only priced at one million gold. If there was a need to kill Dong Bo Xue Ying, then within the entire Azure River County, only one assassin fit the criteria – Xiang Pang Yun! Within the entire Azure River County, he was the strongest, most absolute power with the capability of killing any ordinary Legend ranker with just one move.

His formidability made others, even among the Legend rank, tremor.

Even that very  person who had lived for hundreds of years, and had transformed his own body into a demonic one, Si Liang Hong, was ranked behind Xiang Pang Yun on the Dragon Mountain Book! And the rankings within the Dragon Mountain Book were extremely accurate.

Very quickly, the various assassins were notified of their mission.

And the person who accepted it was a formidable assassin, codenamed Wind Devil.


Within an ordinary-looking, albeit spacious inner courtyard of the county, five people gathered together under the brightly-lit area to speak with one another.

“Big brother, it’s fine if I just bring third brother over,” The person bore silvery-grey armour with a strange-looking bronze heart-protective gear on his chest. His body was lean, and half of his face was covered with a silvery-grey facemask. He continued, “This kind of small assassination task is too simple. Even though the intelligence gathered described of the possibility that Dong Bo Xue Ying as possibly being a Legend ranker, Haha, he is just 22 years old. A 22 years old Legend ranker? How is it believable?”

“Even if he really is one, he would not be my match in power!” The lean male laughed haughtily, “Big brother, there’s no need for you to be present.”

He was in fact the assassin Wind Devil!

An assassin with Legend-ranked combat power!

“That’s right big brother, there’s also the assistance from the three of us here,” A white-haired mage added on. Being a Silver Moon mage was something he was proud of. But in front of his big brother, nobody dared to boast.

Sitting at the head of the table was a man wearing a loose dark-red robe. His loosely-worn robe exposed part of his chest. He was about 1.9 meters tall. Even though he was considered muscular… compared to the Demonic God Emissary met by Xue Ying, this person was not nearly as large. After all, that Demonic God Emissary had a monstrous fleshy-body. But if one were to compare the pressure emitted, this strong man had a pressure much stronger even than that of the Demonic God Emissary.

That Demonic God Emissary was like a small kitten in front of this peerless fierce beast.

His ferocious Qi was even heavier.

This ferocious Qi of his was formed after killing numerous victims! Usually, assassins would hide their identity, yet he did not care about showing who he was. This was because those whom he slaughtered were all targets given by the Bloodshed Tavern, and nobody else could find fault with him for that!

Wind Devil could be considered as a very powerful expert, yet in front of his big brother, he did not even dare breathe loudly. Likewise, he was extremely obedient.

“Si Liang Hong that that old witch has been hiding for so long, that even when I want to ask her about a simple matter, she refuses to answer. It has been a while since I’ve last moved my bones. I’m now itching for some action. This time, I’ll go with you to take a look. If the mission is simple, you guys can complete it. If that Dong Bo Xue Ying is really a Legend ranker, then he’ll be my plaything,” That strong man laughed. His eyes were blood-red as a result of the cultivation method he trained in.

He was actually the number one expert of Azure River County, and the most frightening murderer. He was Xiang Pang Yun!

“Alright. Since big brother wants to go, then let’s go. The mission this time seems quite simple, and I doubt big brother would need to even act,” Wind Devil smiled teasingly.

“Since we’ve accepted the mission, we’ll leave tomorrow at dawn towards Water Rites Town, Snowrock Castle,” Xiang Pang Yun stood up, motioning to his commands to do likewise.


Wind Devil and the other three replied.

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  1. Well… guess he’ll kill em’ all and become even more famous 😛

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    1. If I recall correctly, legend is something like rank 9 warriors (right before saint), and transcendent is like half-step into saint. So it goes legend (= rank 9) –> Transcendent –> saint –> demigod –> god…
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  2. Bloodshed Tavern seems dangerous if someone is after your life. Xue Ying should become strong enough to get rid of Bloodshed Tavern, because people from Bloodshed Tavern will try to kill him, and his family with the right amount of money..

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