LXY Book 3: Chapter 6

Book 3: Chapter 6 – Break up

Although she was afraid, Ji Rong still hastily explained, “Brother Xue Ying, you’ve misunderstood. It was my family’s servant who  killed that little beggar. I didn’t learn about this deed until after it was done.”

“You don’t have to explain this to me,” Xue Ying coldly said, “I want you to leave my brother’s side. This is an order!”

He only looked at the facts.

No need to listen to empty words. The Dragon Mountain Manor report was evidence enough to show that this Ji Wu Hai and Ji Rong, in fact their entire family, were very adept at deception.

“I… “ Ji Rong paused, there were tears in her eyes.

“You have three days’ time.” Xue Ying turned away, “If you have not broken up after three days, I can help you! But my method… will be more direct!”

Xue Ying started practicing frantically with his spear when he was eight. During this period of practice, he was hurt and had cried numerous time, yet he persevered. Such intense training also tempered his will. What incredible unwavering will did he now possess after enduring such training? How could just a few words from Ji Rong fool him? Even with Kong You Yue, he just felt angry because she betrayed his trust for her. After that he quickly and resolutely cut off any ties with her, discarding any feelings he had previously had for her.

Xue Ying’s approach was always very simple when handling any matter – strict with himself and stricter with his enemy!

“I understand.” Ji Rong could only agree while looking at Xue Ying’s back.

Step by step, Ji Rong approached Qing Shi’s residence.

She was wondering, what should she do?

“Dong Bo Xue Ying really cherishes his brother. I have to try to make Qing Shi stand on my side, to make Dong Bo Xue Ying feel some fear?” Ji Rong pondered, “No! This Dong Bo Xue Ying is very determined. He will not be easily persuaded by my little trick. I’m afraid that he might easily deceive his little brother and secretly destroy my Ji Clan!”

“What should I do?”

“I’ve still not found out how much inheritance their parents left behind! I’ve still haven’t achieved anything!”

Depend on Qing Shi?

But surely the bond between Qing Shi and his brother was extremely closer. Even if Qing Shi currently stood at her side, he would eventually still stand with his brother in the future.

“Damn, damn…!” No matter what, Ji Rong couldn’t think of a way to continue to stay beside Qing Shi.

Because Xue Ying was the kind of person who directly used power to subdue others.

Who would dare to disobey him?

Xue Ying would immediately kill them! Every noble clan within Water Rites town was previously afraid of the Bent Blade Union, but Xue Ying? He exterminated them when he was  just 15 years old. His power now was definitely even more frightening than before.

“I can only give up.”

Ji Rong quickly decided. 


“Ji Rong, I’m really happy you’ve come to see me. Did you know? When we went out yesterday and provoked a disaster, my brother grounded me for three days. That’s why during these three days, I couldn’t see you.” Qing Shi went out from the castle’s main building and walk side by side with Ji Rong on the pavement inside the castle’s area. “I can’t blame my brother. That dead nobleman looks like he is from some big family. That time, I didn’t mean to kill him, but the area of effect and power of my spell were too powerful. I didn’t have any way to control it. Who knows that young master was so unlucky to directly be struck by the lightning.”

“It’s not your fault.” assured Ji Rong, “At that time, you would’ve been killed if we hadn’t fought back. I also couldn’t imagine how tragic my life would’ve become if they had managed to ravish me…”

“No one can hurt you.” Qing Shi firmly held Ji Rong’s hand, “I promise.”

Ji Rong just smiled without speaking.

“What’s wrong? Are you in a bad mood?” Qing Shi could feel his girlfriend’s mood, “Is it because I killed that nobleman? Rest assured, my brother can deal with it. With him taking care of it, everything will be fine.”

“It’s not about that,” Said Ji Rong.

“What’s the problem?” Asked Qing Shi, “Tell me. If you tell me, maybe I can help you with it.”

“Qing Shi, let’s break up,” Ji Rong suddenly said.

Qing Shi was dumbfounded.

It was like a bucket of cold water poured over his head, completely drenching him.

“You’re joking.” Qing Shi smiled, “This kind of joke isn’t funny at all.”

“No, it’s real. Let’s break up.” Ji Rong looked at Qing Shi.

Qing Shi looked at Ji Rong’s eyes. He saw she was serious… she really wants to break up!

“Why?” Qing Shi couldn’t accept it, “Yesterday we were so happy, and everything was fine. Although there was a conflict with that nobleman, it wasn’t related to our relationship. Why do you want to break up so suddenly?”

“I love someone else. Is this reason good enough?” Said Ji Rong.

“What is the real reason? Say it, tell me…” Qing Shi anxiously looked at Ji Rong.

Ji Rong lowered her head.


“Say it.” Qing Shi was very apprehensive He felt like he would go crazy.

“Your brother is your most important family member, right?” uttered Ji Rong

Qing Shi frowned.

He suddenly had a premonition…

“Your brother had my past investigated,” explained Ji Rong, “He thinks that I’m not a good girl and do not deserve to be together with you. He already gave me an ultimatum to leave you.”

Qing Shi froze.

“With your brother opposing our relationship. Could you defy him?” Ji Rong looked at Qing Shi.

“I, I…” Qing Shi gritted his teeth, “ Whom I like, my brother can’t meddle with.”

“Don’t lie. Do you think I know what kind of relationship you and your brother have? Who you like, you still have to get your brother approval and blessings.”

Qing Shi panicked.

If his brother was really completely against their relationship, what he could do?

“There must be some misunderstanding, why would he want to separate us? You said that he investigated you. Does he think that you are not a good girl? How come?” Qing Shi asked, “There must be some misunderstanding.”

Ji Rong sneered, “When I was ten,  I played with my servants in Water Rites Town. We bumped into a little beggar. The incident soiled my clothes. Of course I was angry and upset that my clothes were dirty so I despondently went home. After I left the location where the beggar was, one of my servants returned there and beat the little beggar until they died. I only learned of this later on. Of course, I was very upset about what my servant had done, but the deed was already accomplished.”

“But your brother thinks that I ordered the servant to beat the beggar. He thinks that the ten year old me was very cruel and not a good person.” There were tears in Ji Rong’s eyes. “What could I do? I came to Snowrock Mountain to become Great Mage Bai Yuan Zhi’s apprentice when I was eleven. For so many years, I’ve been living in Snowrock Mountain. Do you still not know what kind of person I am?

“But your brother thinks I’m not a good girl, and he ordered me to leave you,” whispered Ji Rong, “When he was young, your brother had already become the number one expert within Water Rites Town. He’s now even more untouchable. I do not dare to oppose your brother, and neither does my Ji Clan. So… we can only break up.”

Qing Shi was extremely distressed and said, “How… how can my brother be like this?”

If Xue Ying opposed, the Ji Clan would definitely back down.

“You stay here, I will look for my brother!” said Qing Shi, “You wait for me, I will definitely persuade my brother.”

“It’s futile.” Ji Rong shook her head.

“You wait for me here.”

Qing Shi turned around and left. He immediately ran to the martial grounds.


Inside the martial grounds.

Qing Shi directly entered the martial ground. Xue Ying, dressed in black, was practicing his spear technique inside the martial ground.  The fluttering snowflakes around the the spears looked ethereal. There was no excessive violent force, and the spear even seems to become one with the heavens.

“Brother!” Qing Shi couldn’t wait and immediately shouted.


Xue Ying stopped his practice. The spear’s shadow disappeared when he retracted his spear. He turned around and smiled when he saw his brother, “Oh, Qing Shi, what’s wrong?”

In front of his brother, Qing Shi was somewhat restrained. He hesitated for a moment then gritted his teeth, “Did you order Ji Rong to separate from me?”

Xue Ying was surprised.

Looks like this Ji Rong still did not want to give up. Xue Ying had given her three days of time to break up, yet he hadn’t expected her to do it so soon.

“Yes, it was me.” Xue Ying nodded.

“Why, why are you doing this?” Qing Shi was suppressing his anger, he wanted to hear his brother’s explanation.

“She’s not suitable for you,” replied Xue Ying.

“Not suitable? Just because she involved with the death of a beggar child when she was a little girl?” retorted Qing Shi.

Xue Ying frowned, “Just because a minor bump, she ordered her servant to secretly torture a little beggar to death. At that time, how old was she? With this kind of temperament, how could she suitable for you?”

“Haha, ridiculous. Brother, at that time, she was only ten years old. That was six years ago. Brother, are you sure what was written in the report is the truth?” snapped Qing Shi, “The one who killed the beggar was her servant. Moreover, you also said ‘secretly tortured a little beggar’! How could you be sure that it was done under Ji Rong’s order and not the servant’s initiative?”

“Of course there were other evidences.” Xue Ying frowned and then flipped his hand. A dossier appear on his palm. He skimmed through it before pulling out a piece of paper from the dossier.

This piece of paper contained the conclusion based on all the evidence uncovered.

On this sheet was written that Dragon Mountain Manor suspected that the Ji Clan was believer of Demon God. This kind of evidence couldn’t be revealed to his brother now. Qing Shi right now was too hot headed. If he leaked it to Ji Rong, then the Ji Clan would be alerted!

“You see, this is Dragon Mountain Manor investigation report about Ji Clan. You read it, and then you decide by yourself whether she suitable to became your wife.” Xue Ying gave the dossier to his brother.

Qing Shi suppressed his anger and took the dossier.

He carefully read the report.

Some of the content was like Ji Rong had previously said. It stated how her uncle had kicked her family out of their home and how they had to temporarily reside at her mother’s family house. It also stated how she was bullied and looked down when she was a child and so on. But some of the content was new to Qing Shi, like how Ji Rong’s father Ji Wu Hai was behind the destruction of her uncle’s family and her mother’s Yan Clan. All the many deaths in her uncle’s family and Yan Clan were directly related to Ji Wu Hai!

Reading the report, Qing Shi also felt disgust towards Ji Wu Hai.

“I’ve finished read it.” Qing Shi closed the dossier.

“And?” asked Xue Ying.

“There was nothing,” snapped Qing Shi, “The report was very detailed, but can you trust this report completely? And if it is real, the person in the wrong was Ji Rong’s father, Ji Wu Hai! What does this have anything to do with Ji Rong? She always being bullied when she stayed at Yan Clan.”

“Moreover… ”

“Ji Rong was really pitiable. Before she ten years old, her life had become miserable. After her father acquired wealth, she only had less than a year to live as a young noble lady before she came to master’s door,” raged Qing Shi, “She only had less than a year lived in luxury, while all the other times, she was always being bullied.  When she studied under master’s tutelage, she lived pitifully as well. Such a pitiable person, how could you accuse her as a vicious person?”

Xue Ying looked grim.

Based on Dragon Mountain Manor analysis…

It isn’t that easy for one to become wealthy. The Dragon Mountain Manor believed that Ji Wu Hai became a Demon God believer when he was scorned by Yan Clan. Their family was so miserable so they became believers of a Demon God. Furthermore, there was some possibility that they were fanatics. After receiving some sort of high-level trust from the holy ground of the Demon God, coupled with Ji Wu Hai’s trading capability, he started to utilize the Demon God influence in accumulating enough wealth to make a comeback.

But this was analysed only based on the clues discovered by the Dragon Mountain Manor Intelligence experts.

There wasn’t enough evidence!

“She’s always together with me at Great Mage’s building. I know what kind of person she is. Even if her father is a wicked person, what significance does he have? Don’t say that our Dong Bo Clan is afraid of this one merchant?” Qing Shi continued, “Brother, I do not know her father, but Ji Rong is innocent! She is the first girl I like, and maybe also the last one. Can’t you be more lenient?”

Xue Ying’s expression slightly changed.

‘Maybe also the last one’, this Ji Rong really made his brother fall for her madly.

Xue Ying solemnly said, “Qing Shi, the Dragon Mountain Manor report’s has high credibility. They have sufficient evidence so they dare to write it down.”

“She has lived in the Grand Mage’s building since she was young. Do you think I don’t know what kind of person she is?” roared Qing Shi.

“Every mage is intelligent. Even though they might be  a youngster, you cannot underestimate them,” reasoned Xue Ying. He knew this as he was just recently tricked by Kong You Yue.

“I believe her,” replied Qing Shi.

“Fine!” Said Xue Ying coldly, “Both of you have to break up, but I will only give you three years time. During these three years, you must break up with her. I can ask Grand Mage Bai Yuan Zhi to send this Ji Rong back to her home. Three years, see clearly Ji Clan’s disposition. If she really is a good girl, I will not forbid you to be together with her. But if she exposes her true colors, at that time you will understand why I’m doing this.”

Knowing Dragon Mountain Manor capability, Xue Ying was also suspicious of Ji Wu Hai. Three years time was enough to find out the truth.

He gave them three years because he didn’t want his brother to oppose him too much.

Looking at how much affection his brother had towards Ji Rong, Xue Ying was afraid if he completely cut his brother’s hope, Qing Shi would go crazy.

“Three years?” Qing Shi glared, “Three years is too long. You also want to drive her out? Brother… You, how could you be so cruel? To be like this to her? This is between Ji Rong and me. You say break up then we must break?”

“Definitely have to break up!” Xue Ying didn’t expect that Qing Shi couldn’t endure for three years. He became angered; he was absolutely unable to tolerate his brother being together with a Demon God believer. If she was really a Demon God believer, it would be like pushing his brother to an abyss. Who knows what a Demon God believer dared to do to his brother? If it really happens, then it will be too late for regrets.

“Both of you must break up.” Xue Ying coldly said.

“No!” raged Qing Shi

“No one can oppose it. You know, with just one sentence from me, Bai Yuan Zhi can expel Ji Rong. I also could throw The Ji Clan out of Water Rites Town,” Xue Ying said coldly, “Even if you do not want to listen, you still have to obey. This matter, is not for you to decide.”

“You, you…”

Qing Shi felt his blood rising to his head, his eyes were red and his heart was pounding.

His elder brother really had such capabilities to destroy the relationship between him and Ji Rong and he was powerless to resist it.

Qing Shi looked at Xue Ying, his eyes made Xue Ying’s heart quiver.  Qing Shi’s voice trembled and he hoarsely shouted, “Brother, you are my brother! I grew up with a proud feeling towards you! Although I couldn’t remember our parents, but I always felt you were the best brother! But I was wrong. I never imagined you could be like this. You let me down. You really, really make me disappointed. I never imagined my brother was this kind of person.”

“You’re arrogant!”

“You let me down!”

When it came to the lives of his family, he was willing to use his life to protect them. This philosophy was his words.

Xue Ying felt his heart clenched.

His brother was disappointed in him?

“I never expected you were this kind of person! My brother is actually a man like this!” From the beginning, tears were streaming down his face. Qing Shi turned his body and ran out from the ground. Zong Ling was standing outside the gate. He apparently came because he heard the two brothers quarrel.

With a face full of tears, Qing Shi ran past Zong Ling.


Xue Ying’s heart was in pain. His usually steady hand were trembling slightly as they twitched in torment.

His heart really ached.


“I grew up feeling so proud of you!”

“But I was wrong!”

“I never expected you were this kind of person! My brother is actually a man like this!”

His brother’s voice echoed in his ears.

Xue Ying’s breath was chaotic. At this time, Zong Ling approached and asked, “Xue Ying?”

“Help me watch Qing Shi. Remember, for these next three days, he can’t leave the castle. If you are unable to stop him and he insists to go out, just report it to me. I will stop him!” Said Xue Ying.

Zong Ling looked at Xue Ying.

Before, when he stood up, Xue Ying gave the impression he was like a tall mountain, steady as a spear. Such steadiness inspiring fear. Xue Ying exuded a strong and grandiose aura.

But this Xue Ying, his back seemed bent, his unshakeable grandeur all but gone. When did he become so fragile?

“Xue Ying?” Zong Ling examined Xue Ying’s face.

Xue Ying’s face seemed pale, his eyes… were there tears?

“Just now, I heard the conversation. Don’t be sad, Qing Shi, this child, never experienced any setback. Wait until he grows up, he will understand your heart.” Zong Ling consoled him, “You treasured him since he was a child. For him to get a good teacher, you disregarded your life and entered the Mountain Range of Desolation. He will later understand how good you are to him. It is fine, don’t be sad.”

“I’m okay, look after Qing Shi.”

Xue Ying turned around and left.


On the castle’s roof.

Xue Ying sat alone, drinking wine and watching the vast surrounding.

His brother was very sad. Since his childhood, this was the first time his brother had ever been so sad.

Qing Shi’s piercing words earlier really hurt his feelings, But now, he was worried about his brother.

“After this is over, everything will be fine,” Xue Ying faintly said. He felt the moisture in his eyes when he rubbed them, “Ha Ha… After so many years, I never expected to be able to still cry.”

He drank the wine.

A mountain breeze blew.

Xue Ying didn’t know what was in his mind. He just sat there and drank the wine.

The sky gradually became dark, the night was falling.

When it was time, Xue Ying went to eat dinner. He hoped he might see his brother at dinner, but… his brother didn’t attend dinner. After eating, he went to the study alone to read books.


At nightfall, the moonlight hung high, pouring its light over the earth.

Among the clouds high in the sky.


A black refiner flying ship already arrived in the sky above Snowrock Castle.

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