LXY Book 3: Chapter 7


Book 3: Chapter 7 – Sneaking In

Aboard the flying refiner ship, one of the crew members respectfully said, “Master, we have arrived at Snowrock Castle.”

Xiang Pang Yun, who sat meditatively, opened his eyes. Wind Devil and the three others who were sitting beside him stood up.

“Big Brother, we’ll go down,” cheered Wind Devil

“En.” Xiang Pang Yun faintly nodded.


Wind Devil and the three others quickly exited the cabin to the deck. One of them, a white haired mage with a purple staff, started casting some spells.

A burst of light shot from the staff and landed on the bodies of Wind Devil and the other two.

After several blessing spells.

The air around Wind Devil and others suddenly became completely isolated. An invisible barrier encircled them, and the light around them seemed distorted. Back when Xue Ying and company had snuck in into the Lu Clan’s castle, they were too quick to be discovered by that castle’s guard. Relatively speaking, this flock of assassins were much more proficient, because this was their bread and butter.

“Let’s go,” stated Wind Devil.

Swish, swish, swish, swish.

Four people jumped down from the flying ship in unison.

Their mage’s magic power encircled them and significantly slowed their falling speed. The descent of several hundred meters took a while, and the group quietly landed in a vacant lot next to the castle’s main building. These assassins knew that they would easily be found out if they directly landed at the main building. It was because the main building was usually heavily guarded and even had several spells and magic arrays guarding it.

As for the vacant lot, with just a glance, anyone could see that it was empty.

“Third brother, you stay here while three of us will sneak inside,” ordered Wind Devil. “Be careful! Immediately retreat if either of you encounter an alarm array. I will finish the mission.”

“Rest assured, second brother.” The two male and female Silver Moon knights nodded. Both of them were already accustomed to this kind of mission.

Swish, swish, swish.

The three of them quickly moved closer to the main building, their bodies surrounded with magic. Even if someone stood beside these three people, it would be hard for an ordinary person to see these assassins  on this kind of dark night. As for day time, ordinary people could only see their blurry image.


Inside the study.

Xue Ying was trying to read a book, but his heart was unsettled. He just flipped through the book.

“Eh?” Xue Ying suddenly frowned.

An expert who already achieve One with the World state…

Normally, their spiritual energy was linked with the world, and they could detect every slight movement within a certain distance. If they intentionally focused their spiritual energy to assimilate with the world, they could sense the vast area around them. Maybe such an expert could even detect that refiner flying ship high in the sky. But ordinary people couldn’t always assimilate their spiritual energy with the world.

Because they needed to focused their spiritual energy to completely unite with the world.

“Indeed, there are people coming. That noble clan’s revenge is coming so fast!” There was a glint of coldness in Xue Ying’s eyes. Since his parents had been taken away when he was a child, many years had passed before any outsider dared to invade Snowrock Castle. The mysterious young master had just died not that long ago, and now some people were already invading his castle. Xue Ying didn’t believe these intruders had no connection with that noble young master.


Xue Ying open the door and exited the library.


Wind Devil quietly snuck through the castle’s main building corridor.



The castle and several hundred meters surrounding it were enveloped by a terrifying force. Whether the Silver Moon Mage who was waiting at the vacant lot or the other two knights, and even Wind Devil, all of them were surrounded and completely suppressed by the World Energy. This kind of complete suppression made everyone’s face frightened.

Once he was suppressed, the Silver Moon Mage was unable to move the world energy. He basically was trampled upon and unable to cast any powerful spell.

“To hell with it! That Dong Bo Xue Ying is only 22 years old and is already a Legend rank who is able to enter the realm of One with the World?” The other two male and female Silver Moon knights were also so frightened that  their legs became soft. There was a huge difference in strength difference between them and a Legend ranker. Moreover they also suppressed by the World Energy. As long as Xue Ying want to deal with them, it was possible they would die with just with a blink of his eye.

Both of them panicked and felt their legs weaken.

“Flee, flee.”

“Hope he didn’t intend to deal with us and instead went to deal with Wind Devil. Wind Devil is strong enough to hold him for a moment until big brother comes. When big brother arrives, we can preserve our lives.” The two male and female Silver Moon knights rapidly withdrew.

The three of them panicked.

As for the Wind Devil, although he didn’t fear, he was surprised.

One with the World? It had been many years before a single 22 years old Legend ranker had ever appeared from Tranquil Sun Province. This kind of abnormal thing really did happen.” Suppressed by the World Energy, Wind Devil was completely stunned. Having stepped into Legend rank at 22 years old, not to mention being from Tranquil Sun Province, even when you looked the entire Dragon Mountain Empire, this accomplishment was still something extremely abnormal.

Actually, the Bloodshed Tavern only had their suspicion. Dragon Mountain Manor had more information, but they didn’t directly see the battle. They also wondered if perhaps there was another cause for those scars left by fighting inside the Lu clan’s castle. So they only estimated that there was 50% probability for Xue Ying to be a Legend Ranker. Even if Xue Ying really had Legend rank combat ability, it was more likely that he had some powerful refiner armor or something similar.

They didn’t dare to believe that a remote place like this Water Rites Town could produce a 22 years old Legend rank. Depending on one owns ability to reached Legend rank? It was too hard!

One with the World? It was so hard to achieve!

Awakened Primordial bloodline? It was also so hard to awaken! 

Even for the Dragon Mountain Empire, even if one were to be trained by a supreme level peak Transcendent, it was really, really hard to cultivate to the Legend rank at the age of 22 years.

“I already practiced so many years and still couldn’t reach One with the World! After my body went through a transformation and I was bestowed a refiner treasure by big brother, then I could posses a combat ability comparable to a Legend rank.” Wind Devil was shocked, “But this Dong Bo Xue Ying actually relied on his own strength to reach One with the World?

There were several people who relied on external strength and were barely able to reach Legend rank.

Like Xue Ying’s foe, Mo Yang Cheng Bai or this Wind Devil who used this kind of method.

But Wind Devil was strict with himself. After his body was transformed by a Grand Master Refiner and he got refiner treasure, he also tempered himself with many life and death situations over a long period of time, so his strength was more powerful than Mo Yang Cheng Bai’s. So when fighting, there’s hardly any difference between him and a real Legend ranker.

“Hu hu…”

Oppressed by the World Energy, the air became twisted. Illuminated by a fire crystal lamp, a black clothed youth figure appear in the corridor.

Wind Devil looked at the person in front of him.

The air was twisted so the other person’s appearance was blurred. But looking at the other person’s rough figure and age, Wind Devil knew that he precisely was Dong Bo Xue Ying!

“Who ordered you to come?” the black clothed youngster asked them.


Wind Devil didn’t want to fight.

This was because he didn’t have any chance of killing a true Legend ranker! He just needed to buy enough time until his big brother came.

“Oh?” The black clothed youngster coldly said when he saw that the opponent wanted to escape.

“Not saying? Then just die.”


Out of nowhere, a spear appeared in the black clothed youngster’s hand. The whole spear turned into an arc. When one saw the curved spear, one could see how powerful his strength was.

“So fast!” Wind Devil was startled. He turned around and swung his bent blade to resist. He couldn’t completely block the spear, and could only depend on his instinct to cross his bent blade to block.


The spear’s tip with frightening strength and rotating force made both of Wind Devil’s hand feel numb. He couldn’t help but fall back, and it made him display a frightened expression.

Yes, that was right.

Although it was only a short time after Xue Ying reached One with the World, but during this short period of time he was always absorbing World Energy to strengthen his body. His qi had already reached Silver Moon rank and his physical strength and speed had increased by 50%. Having One with the World to suppress his opponents and also perfecting the second stage of the Dark Ice Spear Technique, ‘Blood Rain’, even under normal conditions, his combat ability was more powerful than the last time when he activated his primordial bloodline and battled with the Demon God Emissary.

With this kind of power, even the Demon God Emissary would have been killed, even if he had used his forbidden technique.

How could this Wind Devil stop it?

“Too strong, how could it be like this…” His two blades hurriedly tried to blocked the second spear attack.

He could block the first spear attack, but the attack forced him to fall back.

Through sheer luck, Wind Devil could block the second attack. However, it made both of his hands go completely numb and his bent blade movement became disordered.

The third spear attack…


Fast like lightning, the spear passed through the bent blade that was too slow in defending. In a flash, the spear, was thrust into and then withdrawn from Wind Devil’s throat. The motion seemed like a light kiss given to him.

“I… I… “ Wind Devil covered his throat with both hands in an attempt to stop the flowing blood, hoping to keep his life.

He never expected, that he would die so fast when he encountered a Legend ranker!

Xue Ying looked at the masked assassin who clutched his neck, “Still barely able to block two spear attacks. Looks like he had Legend rank power.”

“Three ants left.” Xue Ying spread out the World Energy. Every movement of the other three assassins was under his observation. He could kill them any time he wanted.

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