LXY Book 7: Chapter 34


Book 7: Chapter 34 – Dream On!

Without hesitation, Cheng Ling Shu used the life-saving spell scroll she kept on her body at all times, releasing a layer of rippling light which shrouded her figure.

Chi chi chi — The crimson-horned demon attacked with his claws, leaving behind dense cracks in space. The moment his claws touched the light layer around Cheng Ling Shu, the protective cover trembled viciously as it lost a tremendous amount of its magical power.

“You are actually a Transcendent mage?” The crimson-horned demon’s Demonic Avatar attacked once again with his claws.

Immediately, Cheng Ling Shu used another life-saving scroll.


An undulating wave swept along her body as she tried to forcibly penetrate through the void to escape from her enemy!

“You still wish to escape even in front of me?” The crimson-horned demon sneered. Originally, he had planned on clawing Cheng Ling Shu with his right hand, but instead, his claws suddenly opened wide apart before grasping onto the void!


The surrounding space within a hundred meters of the area immediately shattered! The space and everything within the radius—the walkways, the people bypassing the area, and the shops—were all completely destroyed…! The already weakened protective spell covering Cheng Ling Shu also broke apart completely. Unable to withstand this terrifying power, her figure broke into pieces.

This was the might of the grade three True Meaning—Shattered Space!

“Am I dead?” Even though her fleshly body had shattered into pieces, her soul still survived.

“Transcendent mages are always very troublesome to deal with. Just a single misstep, and you would have escaped.” The crimson-horned demon once again extended his hand. The Demonic Energy on his claws coerced and captured Cheng Ling Shu’s soul. After all, this was just a Demonic Avatar, and it could not swallow the soul into its body.

“I had originally thought that I’d experience battle after battle, killing several demons before dying with honour. Who would have thought that I’d be unable to kill a single demon before dying.” Cheng Ling Shu did not feel too remorseful. As a Transcendent, she had trained in many life and death situations, so she had already mentally prepared herself and accepted the fact that death would come one day.

“It’s just that I am really unwilling to die like this!”

“Still, my life has been quite a splendid journey already, haha!”

“However, demon, for you to wish to capture this big beauty’s soul so easily? Dream on!” Cheng Ling Shu’s transparent soul smiled, before it suddenly exploded.

“Ah ah ah! Damn, I really hate mages!” The crimson-horned demon became furious. A Transcendent mage’s soul actually self-destructed?

Transcendent knights and mages were quite different.

Transcendent knights did not have a great understanding of the soul, so it would be quite easy for their souls to be captured after being killed.

But mages were different. Usually, they would begin studying the soul and fleshly body at the Legend rank! Thus, most Transcendent mages…would be quite experienced in matters concerning the soul.

“So close!” The crimson-horned demon was unable to accept that he had lost a Transcendent mage’s soul. His actions were extremely fast, and as long as he had grasped hold of the soul, his opponent would have been unable to self-destruct. However, this female Transcendent mage of the Xia Clan did not have any hesitation! Any other ordinary Transcendent would have at least some hesitation before self-destructing their souls.

“Hmph!” Picking up the storage treasure left behind, the crimson-horned demon’s Demonic Avatar immediately tore through space before leaving the scene.


From the moment of his arrival, with just a few attacks with his claws, the battle had quickly ended! 

With Cheng Ling Shu’s combat capabilities, she had been unable to resist the attacks at all, and at most, she could only depend on the life-saving magic scrolls. Unfortunately, she had not been able to escape.

The space within the domain had been completely shattered, and a large gouge could be seen on the path, completely devoid of anything. All of the bystanders in the distance who had not been affected were startled by this.

Soon after.

Hu. Old man Chao Qing tore through the void before appearing in this location. Following that, Chi Qiu Bai arrived through the space as well.

“Ling Shu.” Chi Qiu Bai’s expression turned pale. The relationship between Transcendents of the Tranquil Sun Province was quite good. Cheng Ling Shu had been one of the youngest among them with quite a refreshing and carefree personality. But who would have thought that she would die in the hands of a demon.

“Cheng Ling Shu was a Transcendent mage, and most Transcendent mages carry life-saving scrolls that allow them to escape from any peak stage Saint realm Transcendents. However, she did not escape successfully this time around?” Old man Chao Qing felt heartbroken. Compared to mortals, Cheng Ling Shu had been old, but when comparing her lifespan with the other Transcendents, she had still been quite young!



Xue Ying was currently riding a Snowstrider Horse on the official road as if he were a lone traveler.

As he traveled, he used the World Energy to examine the surrounding hundred meters in diameter around him to monitor for any disturbances.

Recently, two Transcendents have been assassinated at the hands of demons, Xue Ying thought as he frowned. The Infernal Palace had sent down the orders, warning all Transcendents of the Xia Clan to be extremely careful—even when searching for demons, they had to disguise themselves as mortals! Other than using the World Energy to monitor for activities, they were forbidden from using any Transcendent power, in order to maintain their anonymity. Thus, he had to ride on a horse to travel to his destination.

But even when being prudent…

There were  times when these Transcendents would reveal themselves carelessly. After all, most Transcendents had lived for over hundreds to thousands of years, and their disposition to act as such had long become a habit! Thus, in a moment of negligence, their daily actions could easily reveal traces of their identity as Transcendents.

Furthermore, in a dangerous environment, they would be forced to utilise their Transcendent power.

Thus, it was honestly very difficult to conceal one’s identity.

“Transcendent Cheng Ling Shu has been killed by the demons!” The news was transmitted down by the Infernal Palace to all Transcendents of the Xia Clan.

Xue Ying who was currently riding on his horse suddenly became stunned.

He stared blankly into space while seated on the horse. As the horse did not receive any directions from him, it slowed down from a gallop to a canter. Eventually, it ambled to the side of the road, stopped and started to graze on the grass.

Sister Ling Shu? Xue Ying felt pain aching through his heart.

“I am called Cheng Ling Shu. Next time, just call me sister Ling Shu. Calling me big sister feels weird for me.”

He could still remember clearly Ling Shu’s first words to him.

“Sister Ling Shu.”

That time, Xue Ying had obediently greeted her as she had requested.

He could still remember that time when she had won big from gambling during his Transcendent Battle of Life and Death, causing her to be very excited.

After that, during Yuan Qing’s battle, she had once again won big, practically becoming a gambling god.

When Xue Ying had first met with the Transcendents from the Tranquil Sun Province, Cheng Ling Shu had actually been the youngest amongst all of them.

“Why… why…” Xue Ying did not dare to believe his ears. This extremely cheerful and carefree sister of his was actually the first one to die during the war against the demons—and so soon. He knew there would certainly be many Transcendents dying during the war against the demons, but he had not thought that sister Ling Shu would actually die just as the war began. She was a mage, and usually, mages had plenty of methods to survive, with most of them being able to successfully escape with their lives.

Some time had passed before Xue Ying awoke from his daze.

“Big brother Eternal Wind, where did sister Ling Shu die?” Xue Ying asked through his communication wristband.

“In a small city—Maple City,” Chi Qiu Bai replied.


Xue Ying immediately shot up into the skies. His speed accelerated to the limits as he rushed towards the given location.

Even though the Infernal Palace had advised them to hide their movements in order to conceal their identities, Xue Ying could not care at this moment. So what if his identity was revealed? Rank four demons were not his match. And even rank five demons would not be able to kill him during the time taken for a breath. Furthermore, he had a protective treasure of the Xia Clan, giving him the ability to survive even against Demigod demons!

Maybe his current actions were quite impudent, but Xue Ying truly wanted to reach the location where his sister Ling Shu had died.

In just a short moment, he flew over 10,000 kilometers of distance.

I’m here. Xue Ying could see the small city below him. It was actually quite a beautiful city, with many maple trees growing within it. These maple trees had long become the icon of this city.


Descending from the sky, he immediately arrived beside the conspicuous gouge within this small city. The area of a hundred meters in diameter around the gouge was currently being locked down. Chi Qiu Bai, old man Chao Qing and Si Kong Yang had already arrived.

“Xue Ying, you came.” Chi Qiu Bai looked over.

“You flew over?” Old man Chao Qing’s eyes widened before bellowing in anger, “Do you not know that the demons are all over, observing your every action? And yet, you flew over in such a pompous manner? Even if you flew at a high altitude and the possibility of them discovering you was low, does that mean it’s impossible to be discovered? Do you want to die under the attacks of the demons, too?”

“Faction Vice Head,” Xue Ying answered. “I have a protective treasure with me that can resist against Demigods.”

Old man Chao Qing was startled. He turned towards Si Kong Yang who nodded in affirmation.

Only then did Chao Qing stop with his reprimand. He guessed that Xue Ying had used the contribution points obtained from turning in the Devil’s Well to exchange for the protective treasure.

“Even still, you must be prudent.” Old man Chao Qing sighed. “Ai, if this old man had died, then it would not have been such a big matter. But instead, it was this child Ling Shu who died. She is still so young…”

“Is there nothing left behind?” Xue Ying looked over the big gouge and the shattered surrounding space.

“The space is completely demolished.” Old man Chao Qing shook his head. “Not even her body was left behind. It was only because she reported to the Infernal Palace through her communication wristband before her death that we know she was here.”

“Did you find the demons who did this?” Xue Ying was doing his utmost to control his anger.

They had been very good friends for over thirty years.

Since the moment they had met in the Xia Capital, they had known each other for thirty years! And yet, she left the world with her body turning into ashes!

“I followed the traces left behind by the ripples of space, yet it ended in the layer between the realms.” Chi Qiu Bai shook his head, his eyes full of killing intent. “Damn! I’ll definitely find out who this damnable demon is. I’ll definitely find out!”

Chi Qiu Bai’s grievance in his heart was no less than Xue Ying’s.

After all, he had watched Cheng Ling Shu grow up from a young and talented mage, so he considered this pure-hearted female mage as a little sister of his.


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