LXY Book 7: Chapter 40


Book 7: Chapter 40 – I Need a Half Year’s Time

Hu! Palace Head Chen suddenly stood up in front of the desk. He was so excited, he was unable to control his whole body’s aura. The atmosphere in the library was stirred up.

“You comprehended it?” Palace Head Chen was incomparably excited. Throughout his entire life, he had never been so excited, not even when he became a Transcendent. “A complete True Meaning of Extreme Piercing? Ha ha ha, in the Xia Clan’s history, only one other person has been able to comprehend a grade two True Meaning. I never thought that in my generation, during a demon invasion, another exceptional Transcendent who is able to comprehend a grade two True Meaning would appear! Ha ha ha, it’s a divine intervention for our Xia Clan, divine intervention!”

“It took several more years than what I initially predicted,” transmitted Xue Ying.

Every year, with every Xia Clan’s Transcendent that fell, Xue Ying became more anxious, but there was nothing he could do! With the current realm of spirit Xue Ying was at, he could throw his anxieties to the back of his mind and fish without a care in the world. He knew clearly that his anxious state would hinder rather than help his cultivation. Only in an absolutely peaceful state would he progress quickly, allowing him to fully immerse himself in his spearmanship.


“Ha ha, spending several more years to comprehend it means nothing! A grade two True Meaning! Previously, you had only comprehended its embryonic form, generally ensuring you would one day grasp the complete True Meaning. Still, I couldn’t fully rest easy, afraid you would encounter a setback. Ha ha, now that you’ve made a breakthrough, I can finally be at ease.” Palace Head Chen continued, “There’s salvation after all for our Xia Clan’s Transcendents below the Demigod level!”

As long as they were able to pluck those rank five demons from their lair in the Minor Transcendent World, even if the Demon Generals still concealed themselves in the mortal worlds, their threat would be greatly reduced! The Demonic Avatars of those unrestrained rank five demons were truly a nuisance, after all. Even when annihilated, they only needed two to three years to rest and restore their damaged souls before leaving to attack again.

“Oh, how is the might of your True Meaning of Extreme Piercing?” asked Palace Head Chen. “Is it able to cut open the demon lair’s array?”

“This is an extremely offensive True Meaning. How could the attack be weak,” said Xue Ying. “Its might is comparable to a senior Demigod’s.”

Demigod attack power.

He had compared his current strength with the descriptions of demigod attack power in the files he had read through and determined that his attack power was roughly equal now.

“Good, very good! With this kind of strength, even a frontal attack is sufficient to break the array! By the way, are you sure you can resist the demons’ attacks? Those rank five demons are no joke. Based on our investigation so far, the most powerful one, Ji Er Luo, is more powerful than Eternal Wind when he was still a Saint Transcendent!” Palace Head Chen became worried. “And there are other rank five demons that have comprehended their own True Meanings.”

“Rest assured, Palace Head Chen. You should know that my True Meaning of Extreme Piercing can make long distance attacks. I need not be near them,” replied Xue Ying. He continued, “Moreover, I’m also able to penetrate through space and other obstructions. They can’t block me if I wish to escape.”

When he had comprehended only the embryonic form, Xue Ying was able to penetrate through space when engaged in combat. The complete True Meaning was definitely more heaven-defying. Even if the space was blocked or sealed, he would be able to pierce through it! Instead of being limited to the rules of space-type True Meanings, his True Meaning of Extreme Piercing could theoretically pierce through time, space, and other types of boundaries or limitations!

“This is good.” Palace Head Chen relaxed. “I’m being too anxious.”

This war already involved the lives of more than half of the Xia Clan’s Transcendents! Now, it also implicated Xue Ying, who had comprehended a grade two True Meaning! Palace Head Chen couldn’t help but to feel nervous.

“Don’t worry, I’ll be careful,” said Xue Ying with confidence.

“Oh, when will you be ready to attack the Minor Transcendent World where those demons are based?” asked Palace Head Chen.

“Give me another half year’s time,” replied Xue Ying. “I need that time to make preparations.”

“Ha ha, okay. It’s already been nearly twenty years since the arrival of the demons. What difference does half a year make?” said Palace Head Chen. “Moreover, you just recently grasped the True Meaning, so you need to familiarize yourself with it and consolidate your foundation! Take your time to prepare. Just inform me whenever you’re ready. I will ask three Demigods, Faction Head Si Kong, Eternal Wind and Mountain Lord He, to help you.”

“Okay.” Xue Ying nodded.

They ended their communication.

Xue Ying took a deep breath then looked at the mirror-like lake surface. Half a year is not a long time.

The main reason he asked for six months was not only to consolidate his comprehension, but to comprehend the other grade two True Meanings!

Extreme Piercing was the one he had cultivated the longest and also the first one he had comprehended.

As for the True Meaning of Star, its cultivation was going smoothly. He estimated that in order to completely grasp the True Meaning, he needed 35 days at the least and one or two months at most.

The True Meaning of Mirage, however, Xue Ying was uncertain of. At the earliest, he would only need several months to comprehend it, but at the latest, it would take several years.

It should be known…

Every year, the Xia Clan’s Transcendents died one after another! Since the beginning of the demon invasion, more than two-tenths of the Xia Clan’s Transcendents have fallen! At first, the Transcendents who died were inexperienced with war, careless and easily caught. As time went on, the ones who survived became more cautious, gradually reducing the death rate.

Yet if this continued for a thousand years, eight-tenths of the Xia Clan’s Transcendents would be lost!

I definitely need to completely comprehend True Meaning of Star in this half year’s time, thought Xue Ying. These two grade two True Meanings, the True Meaning of Star and the True Meaning of Extreme Piercing, I have 100% certainty of comprehending. As for the True Meaning of Mirage, it depends on my luck. It doesn’t matter if I need several years to comprehend it. My Xia Clan can’t wait several more years for me to practice.


Xue Ying sat beside the lake, fishing. Suddenly, his expression changed.


His body penetrated through space and appeared at a remote village situated more than 25 kilometers from the lake.

“Ha ha ha, really pleasurable. I never felt this good in the Abyss. Wow, this Material World human spirit is really delicious. Boo hoo, in the Abyss, only Demonic Gods have the privilege to taste it. Ha ha, this Xia Clan’s world is so huge, while the number of Transcendents is so small. My probability of being found while hunting is low. Go hunting and then immediately escape. Ze ze, too cool, too cool!” said a small, ugly man. The man’s hand changed into thick demon talons. His body also emitted a violent, demonic aura.

Judging from the demonic energy he emitted, he was merely a rank one or two lesser demon.


Xue Ying’s palm cut through the void and smacked down. His whole body was protected by a layer of True Meaning. One needed to be alert when facing a demon. Who knew if another powerful demon lurked in the dark? The True Meaning of Extreme Piercing covered his palm as he swung it onto the puny demon’s head. Pu. Without a sound, the puny demon’s body completely disintegrated.

The True Meaning’s might instantly shattered the puny demon’s body into particles, completely dissipating it until it was unable to be seen any longer by the naked eye.

The weapon and treasures on the demon’s body were also completely crushed under the True Meaning’s might. Only some that were made from extraordinarily hard materials were left behind.

Peng. The demon’s storage treasure trembled and then shattered open, its contents also fractured into pieces. Xue Ying looked at what seemed like a bubble and a crystal ball that had also broken apart. The crystal ball contained numerous, shrieking human souls.

With the crystal ball broken, those human souls regained its freedom and disappeared into the world.

“Damned demon!” A cold glint flashed through Xue Ying’s eyes. The crystal ball contained human souls that had been hunted by the lesser demon. They were collected to be handed to Demon Generals, rank five demons, and other high rank demons! Like those five demons who nestled in Minor Transcendent Worlds, their bodies were similarly unable to go out and hunt human souls, so instead they assigned some lesser demons to hunt for them.

But what the puny demon said is true. Xue Ying looked at the village that had turned into a ghost town. My Xia Clan has too few Transcendents, and the probability of finding demons while they’re out hunting is too low. The mortals can only wait for their demise.

Xue Ying was filled with wrath.

According to history, with the passage of time, the number of the Xia Clan’s Transcendents could only become fewer and fewer. The area able to be guarded by the Xia Clan would shrink while the demons would become more unrestrained. Of course, those who stood on the river bank couldn’t always have dry shoes. As long as the demons were found when hunting, their death was a certain thing. This cruel process, however, would need to last for a thousand years.

“Six months.”

“Another six months.” Xue Ying immediately transmitted his coordinates to the Infernal Palace. “I found a demon here and already eliminated it.”

He believed that in a moment, people from the Dragon Mountain Manor would come to clear the area.

Xue Ying turned and left.


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    1. I know? Right?

      Though for SOTR, he actually had the over all same enemies since the beginning in a sense…

      And for ATG, he had the super powerful enemies early on, he just didn’t quality to face them (he knew he had to face the Sacred Grounds from the start)….

      But ya… they usually meet way too many enemies (though to be fair, everyone ends up becoming immortal (or at least have thousands of years of lifespan) much easier in his worlds, so they could have more breaks while still being young, cause their “youth” would lasts thousands of years….

  2. Thanks for the chapter Luna, Ruze, Kiseki, Spud, and Hafoza! So the time limit for those demons’ lives is half a year eh. Woe to them if Xue Ying manages to comprehend all three. Maybe he’ll be able to kill their Demigods as well.

  3. woahh I knew that one could learn multiple embryonic true meanings but I didn’t know one could learn multiple full True Meanings o.O how come no one’s done this before??

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  4. I binged this over the past week, and finally caught up! I’m glad I found it, its now one of my favourite xanxia, along with ISSTH. Too bad its only on a 3 chapter per week release schedule… oh well, looking forward to more!

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