LXY Book 7: Chapter 41


Book 7: Chapter 41 – A Bitter Encounter

Two months after Xue Ying grasped hold of the complete True Meaning of Extreme Piercing.

A group of people from a large clan was currently travelling on the official road. In one of the spacious carriages, a pallid and fat man was reclining with four beautiful maidservants by his side. A pair were massaging his head and shoulders, another was massaging his thigh, and the last was feeding him fruits… this big fatty clearly knew how to enjoy life.

Such a comfortable life. Even if I do not eat these delicious human souls, just living here in the mortal world is much more enjoyable than living in that Dark Abyss! The big fatty thought. My luck is so good. Danger after danger, I came into this world through that spatial passageway before it disappeared. I’m lucky enough not to have been killed by that terrifying female Demigod of the Xia Clan.

When he entered this world, the Xia Clan Transcendent City Lady Bu was wielding her Deity weapon, sweeping through all the demons that came in. Large amounts of demonic ashes blew through the air. He was quite lucky to survive.


Dong dong dong. Suddenly, there was a knock on the door followed by a voice. “Master!”

“Enter,” the big fatty replied.

Hua! The carriage door was pulled wide open, and a gold-robed teenager entered the carriage. He sat down carefully.

The big fatty glanced at him. “What’s the matter?”

“Master, it seems that there’s a minor issue.” The gold-robed teenager chose his words carefully. It was clear to him that this big fatty came from a sizeable organisation and had a high status. Even his own clan’s patriarch had to be polite with him, so he would certainly not dare to act arrogantly in front of him. Furthermore, this big fatty’s combat power was so high that he could not gauge its level.

“What issue cropped up that you have to come and bother me?” The big fatty frowned. Being a demon from the Dark Abyss, he naturally loved to enjoy himself and did not like any troublesome matters.

“We have caught up with that female slave who ran away. However, she actually came under the protection of an expert—a Silver Moon Knight—and he even killed two of our men. They are all being cautious now,” the gold-robed teenager softly reported. “That Silver Moon Knight will certainly kill a large number of our people if we let the entire team surround and kill him. Master, what should we do now?”

“Where is the female slave?” The big fatty frowned.

“She’s located ahead by about five kilometers,” the gold-robed teenager replied. “A team of our men is currently following them.”

“Hmph, a group of rubbish. Follow them closely. I’ll deal with this,” the big fatty declared.

“Yes.” The gold-robed teenager was elated. He immediately urged his team on, “Quick, quick, quick!”

The team rushed ahead with a relatively fast speed.

The big fatty sneered before reassuming his comfortable lying position. He did not hold the mortal experts in his eyes. Despite his human appearance, he did not dare to use any Demonic Energy! Still, with just his physical strength, he would be able to kill a Legend ranker quite easily! But if there was no point in doing that, he would not act.

As a demon, bullying these mortals has no meaning at all. But there’s no choice. I need to hide my Demonic Energy, the big fatty thought to himself. If he didn’t need to hide his power, he’d be able to fully release his potential and even slaughter a million mortals. The most painful fact was that that he did not dare use his Demonic Energy, so all his secret techniques could not be displayed. He could not eat any human souls either. At the most, he could only use his fundamental physical prowess like strength and speed. He could not even display the grade seven True Meaning he grasped hold of! The moment his True Meaning was discovered, he would certainly be suspected of being a demon!

Hong long long!

The horses galloped onwards on the plains. The extravagant clan’s group traveled five kilometers within the blink of an eye.

“Surround him!” Atop his horse, the gold-robed teenager furiously pointed ahead.

Lu lu lu~ Immediately, the team of cavalry surrounded them. The mages behind the cavalry were well-prepared to cast their spells at any time.

By the side of the official road.

Two people astride a Snowstrider Horse were surrounded.

The two travelers were a beautiful, young lady and a teenager carrying a sword on his back. The young lady was extremely nervous as she looked at the large number of cavalry surrounding them. These knights were all of the Heaven and Meteor ranks, making the young lady uneasy. Her delicate body could not help but shiver. She looked at the teenager by her side.

“Don’t be so nervous. Just be at ease and eat something. You’ve not eaten for days.” The teenager calmed her down with a smile.

“But uncle, they’re all here already and have surrounded us!” The young lady gritted her teeth. “If there’s no choice, then uncle, you should just leave me. Run for your life.”

“This knight.”

That gold-robed teenager shouted out, “That female slave’s family has committed a grievous crime. She has been demoted to being a slave. Today, she is actually a slave of our Gui Clan. You better not meddle in our affairs, or else we will report to the higher-ups that you stole our female slave. That’s violating the laws of the Empire. By then, if the Dragon Mountain Manor captures you, you will stay in prison for a few years.”

“So now that you, the young master of the Gui Clan, failed in chasing after her, you decided to turn falsehood into truth, destroy her entire family and even make her a female slave?” The teenager’s eyes were cold. “Your methods are quite cruel!”

“Hmph.” The gold-robed teenager snorted before coming down from his horse. He went to the side of the carriage and respectfully said, “Master.”


A cold snort was heard.

A big fatty came out of the carriage. His eyes were full of killing intent as he looked at the teenager. “You dare to go against our Gui Clan… so arrogant! Since you seek death, I’ll certainly grant you your wish!” After saying that, all the mages started chanting their spells.

“Uncle,” the young lady hurriedly said. “Uncle, you should quickly leave this place. I don’t want you to be killed by them.”

The teenager was none other than Xue Ying. He smiled. “Don’t be afraid. They can’t kill me.” These days, he had been engrossed in cultivation. On the ninth day after grasping hold of the True Meaning of Extreme Piercing, he had successfully completed controlling the True Meaning of Star! He achieved this sooner than he had predicted.Now, Xue Ying was focusing on completing the True Meaning of Mirage and was always deeply pondering on it.

“Kill!” Big fatty shouted as he pointed at Xue Ying.


Those spells prepared by the mages shot out almost simultaneously. The strongest mage amongst them was just a Meteor rank Mage. This group of nine mages displayed a fusion spell! It was a spell that could reach grade five and could even injure Silver Moon Knights.

Hu hu hu ~

Under the joint forces of the nine mages, gusts of wind appeared around Xue Ying and that young lady. This spell was known as Destructive Wind Hurricane! It would form into a hurricane filled with countless black-coloured wind blades. Its prowess was extraordinary! Even a Silver Moon Knight with his Qi protecting his body would be hard-pressed to survive against it. The typical response to this spell was to escape its area of effect.

“Hmph.” Xue Ying snorted. He instantly used World Energy to destroy this spell. The gusts of wind that appeared dissipated into nothingness!

“This, this is…”

“The spell did not complete!”

“That’s One with the World!”

All the knights and mages were startled.

The big fatty had a huge change in expression. That gold-robed teenager’s face became even paler.

“This great sir.” The big fatty hurriedly bowed down. However, due to his stomach being too big, he had great trouble even bending down. He was so frightened that his entire forehead was full of sweat. “It is I who offended this great sir. However you wish to punish me or any compensation you require, great sir, please just say.”

At the same time, he reported upwards through his communication wristband—

“Discovered someone that appears to be a Transcendent!” The big fatty immediately transmitted the message with the accurate position of their location and Xue Ying’s current appearance.

Another possible Transcendent has been discovered by me. Hei hei, even if it’s merely a Legend ranker, it would still represent a huge contribution. The big fatty was full of excitement in his heart. Foolish human. I’ll let you revel in it for a moment. In a breath of time… a rank five demon’s Demonic Avatar will be here.

He disguised himself as a human extremely prudently.

All these mages were arranged by him. Through the Destructive Wind Hurricane spell, he could clearly determine his enemy’s true combat power! That was because the countless black-colored wind blades were difficult to defend against, even for a Legend ranker. Therefore, if he defended himself easily against the spell while depending on the World Energy, then that person must be a Transcendent.

The dependance on World Energy also meant that he was at least a Legend ranker! One must know that even Legend rankers were hiding their strength, borrowing World Energy to search for traces of demons. Although their area of observation was smaller, they would still discover demons sometimes.

“Mn?” Xue Ying did not hold these people in his eyes. Suddenly, he frowned as he turned towards the distant void.

With his True Meaning of Star and his control over the Laws of Profound Mysteries of the World…

He could easily discover that there was a terrifying force nearing him in that distant void! And that power did not feel like the Saint realm, but instead, the Demigod realm!


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