LXY Book 7: Chapter 42


Book 7: Chapter 42 – Clan Protection Treasure?

Inside the passageway, within the tear in space.

The thin, small-sized demon covered in purple scales was currently penetrating through space with great speed. He was none other than the highest commander amongst the demons of the five northern provinces — Demon General Yan Ze!

General Yan Ze had been wanting to kill Xue Ying ever since Demonic God Wu Yun Huo determined him to be a huge threat. However… whenever Xue Ying was not hiding his identity, he would be in the Snowrock Castle that had long since been covered with arrays that could resist his attacks for quite a while. And if he changed his appearance and hid his aura, Xue Ying would not be so easy to find!

These ten years.


They had met two cases similar to that of Xue Ying’s. Both times, he sent out his Demonic Avatar! One must know that every time he moved, it was an action wrought with potential danger, and that was because he was in the mortal world! Using his Demonic Avatar would easily reveal himself.

But he felt… this was worth it!

Every time his Demonic Avatar was sent out, he would tunnel with his battleship! After the battle, his Demonic Avatar would then return to the middle layer of the void in between space, travel for half an hour in a random direction… anything as long as he could reduce the amount of danger.

The demons under me and those of the Demonic Faction have undertaken many investigations of Dong Bo Xue Ying’s personality. Furthermore, three of the Transcendents of the Tranquil Sun Province have already died. Thus, only a few Transcendents currently remain, General Yan Ze thought. According to our investigations and by process of elimination, there is at least a 30% chance that this is Dong Bo Xue Ying! This person, who is even more of a genius than Chi Qiu Bai, must be eliminated while he is still weak and young!


Tunneling through the passageway in space, he flew with his full strength. Due to the large distance, he was forced to tunnel for a breath’s worth of time to reach the location.

I hope that this time, it’s Dong Bo Xue Ying! The previous two times were wrong. Each time will have about a 30% to 40% chance of being the right one.. Thus, I believe that the third time will not be wrong! As long as I succeed, that calamity will be eliminated, General Yan Ze thought. The five Demon Generals had differing personalities. Of the group, he was the most calm and calculated.


By the official road.

The Gui Clan’s knights and mages were rapidly retreating. They did not dare to surround them any longer. As nobody dared to offend a Legend ranking expert, they were all respectful. That big fatty and gold-robed teenager were also respectfully flattering them.

“Uncle, are you actually a Legend Knight?” The young woman was excited. Her tears were about to flow down from her eyes as she finally saw hope in getting her revenge. “Uncle, my parents and my little sister died from injustice, I…”

“A moment.” Xue Ying raised his hands and frowned.

That young woman was startled. She suddenly realized that… she might be ‘asking for a foot when she got an inch?’ This Legend ranking uncle had saved her, and now, she wanted him to help her even more?

Such a powerful aura.

A Demigod?

Xue Ying frowned. He turned towards the distant void.

The True Meaning of Star’s Gravity Domain had a huge influence on space. With his body as the nucleus, anything in a radius of 50 kilometers was his Gravity Domain’s area of influence! And this terrifying Gravity Domain… had such an extremely formidable might that even space itself was affected. In the future, when his comprehension of the Realms deepened, the powerful gravity could even affect the flow of time, thus any small motion in space itself would be known by Xue Ying.

There’s a Demigod existence currently tunnelling through space towards this location? Xue YIng thought.

The moment he finished thinking this… 

Si la

In the distant void, an unseen power instantly tore through space, revealing an ugly crack. At the same time, a thin, small demon covered in purple scales who emitted a terrifying aura walked out!

One of the five Demon Generals, General Yan Ze? Xue Ying’s expression changed slightly. He immediately reported to the Infernal Palace, “General Yan Ze has appeared. It should be his Demonic Avatar at my location.”

“Xue Ying, the information has been reported to Eternal Wind, Chao Qing and Si Kong Yang. They will immediately rush over to your location!” Palace Head Chen immediately replied.

“What is that!”



The bypassers on the official road, the knights and mages, the weak and small young girl, and that big fatty all had terrified expressions. That big fatty was indeed wrought by extreme terror. He had not thought that the Demonic Avatar to arrive would not belong to a rank five Demon but instead to the high and mighty General Yan Ze!

General Yan Ze’s Demonic Avatar appeared, without hiding his his mighty Demonic Energy at all. His great strength caused the surrounding space to tremble and signs of scars to appear. He looked downwards at Xue Ying’s figure.

“Dong Bo Xue Ying?” General Yan Ze’s voice was great and mighty. “Die!”

Mn? Xue Ying was startled.

He was discovered?

How did he get discovered? He had hidden himself quite well though.

What he did not know was that General Yan Ze only had a certainty of 30% to 40%. If it were for any other Transcendent, General Yan Ze would not be willing to take the risk. But against Xue Ying, General Yan Ze felt that it was worth the danger!

Hong! Xue Ying immediately shot up to the sky as quick as lightning. He did not want to turn those mortals into collateral damage.

“Do you think you can escape?” General Yan Ze immediately teleported, appearing beside Xue Ying.

“Xue Ying, you don’t have to do anything. Leave this to me.”  A voice suddenly resounded in Xue Ying’s ears.


Xue Ying was shocked.

He was of course not afraid of this General Yan Ze. He could survive easily with his True Meaning of Star or True Meaning of Extreme Piercing. Even if he were to hide his own combat power, by borrowing the Gravity Domain radius of control on the surrounding 50 kilometers of space, he could easily teleport away. Along with his deepening comprehension of the Realms, his combat power similarly increased. Thus, even if he did not study the Profound Mystery of Space, he could teleport and tear through space.

Demigods, for example, could all teleport and tear through space!

Deities could even control time to a certain extent even if they did not study time itself, as long as their comprehension of the Realms reached a certain extent.

Xue Ying’s Extreme Piercing could be considered too overbearing.

But the True Meaning of Star was an extremely balanced True Meaning. He had control over the surrounding space using the Gravity Domain, allowing Xue Ying to have a greater control of space than many Demigods! Even during battles, he could teleport, unless the space had been sealed. In such a moment, however, he could indeed still forcibly penetrate through space with his Extreme Piercing.

For Xue Ying, ordinary teleportation was too simple! However, General Yan Ze would think of Xue Ying as being too slippery, and would operate with those rank five demons who could seal off space the next time.


As of now, however, Xue Ying didn’t need to reveal his combat power in order to escape.

He had a helper!

Si— General Yan Ze’s demonic claws turned into a stream of particles that directly attacked Xue Ying.

“Demon! Such audacious behaviour!”

A resounding voice shouted!

The green-gray coloured wristband on Xue Ying’s hand surged into a stream of endless green and gray, covering and trapping General Yan Ze!

Clan Protection Treasure? Xue Ying was startled. That green-gray coloured wristband of his was indeed one of the two protection treasures given to him by Palace Head Chen. The other was a piece refined by the Purple Thunder Emperor. This ordinary-looking, murky green wristband had been called a Clan Protection Treasure by Palace Head Chen.

A Deity warrior? General Yan Ze’s Demonic Avatar cried out in alarm. Deep in his heart, he was cursing. A Transcendent actually has the protection of Xia Clan’s Deity warrior? Even Demigods wouldn’t carry any Deity warriors on them! It seems that this Dong Bo Xue Ying is indeed Xia Clan’s utmost talent. The Xia Clan has looked upon him greatly, and even allowed him to bring a Deity warrior with him at all times. It seems trouble has arrived. This Demonic Avatar of mine isn’t my true body after all! It doesn’t have any physical strength, and furthermore, its Demonic Energy is rapidly being consumed.

One could only see a stream of green and gray shrouding the Demonic Avatar, turning into a big green-grayed sphere of about 100 meters in radius.

General Yan Ze struggled.

His moves and techniques had a power that could crumble the world.

Yet every time he tried to penetrate the stream of green and gray with his claws, the stream of green and gray would once again cover him.


A furious snarl left his mouth.

Turning into a stream of purple-coloured particles, he penetrated through the stream of green and gray, tunnelling into space itself and into the middle layer of the void. Despite his efforts, the stream followed after him into the middle layer of the void.

Deity warrior? Xue Ying stared in shock.

“Palace Head Chen, the Clan Protection Treasure that you gave me is in fact, a Deity warrior?” Xue Ying transmitted over. He had always thought that it was merely some unique protection treasure.

“Haha, I did not tell you previously because I was worried that you would become arrogant and relax in your cultivation,” Palace Head Chen replied. “Furthermore, how could an ordinary treasure forewarn you of the danger in the surroundings? All Deity warriors are extremely powerful, sentient warriors with intelligence. They are also extremely loyal and would be able to sense any dangers in the surrounding area. That’s precisely why it could provide you with well-rounded protection! Also, I did not name it wrongly since we only have very few Deity warriors with us. All of them could be said to be Clan Protection Treasures.”

Xue Ying was speechless.


No wonder Palace Head Chen was so relaxed. Indeed, he had left a Deity warrior by his side. This Deity warrior came from the Deity World and was extremely mystical. Like the one he fought during the Transcendent Battle of Life and Death… it was actually in the form of a water droplet! Just an ordinary looking water droplet. If nobody pointed it out, the Xia Clan Demigods would not even consider it as anything exceptional.

And the one currently protecting him was a similar case— an ordinary looking wristband.

Hong long long~ In the middle layer of the void, Chi Qiu Bai and Chao Qing had arrived, and they were jointly attacking the Demonic Avatar of General Yan Ze, who was under attack from the Deity warrior.


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