LXY Book 7: Chapter 43


Book 7: Chapter 43 – Flicking His Fingers

On the official road, all the passers-by, the knights and mages were dazed by the spectacle which completely transcended their imaginations!

As for the big fatty who was situated amongst the people, he was indeed truly terrified and panicking. I’m dead; I’m so dead. General Yan Ze’s Demonic Avatar actually met a Deity warrior! I had heard that the Xia Clan owned several Deity warriors… but the number of Deity warriors was always so low. How could it appear here?

The Xia Clan must suspect that there should be a demon hiding amongst us. Right now, they have surrounded the General and are jointly attacking him. I’m afraid they would next filter all the mortals within the scene one by one! The big fatty was feeling extremely anxious.

Under ordinary circumstances… 


When the demon hiding among mortals discovered a possible Transcendent and reported to the top, the rank five demon’s Demonic Avatar would assassinate the human Transcendent instantly! And with the assassination taking place, the covert demon could make use of that opportunity to escape and hide in places where large groups of humans gathered.

This Dong Bo Xue Ying is currently right there, and he must be borrowing World Energy to investigate the surroundings. The moment I try to escape, he will immediately discover me. The big fatty was really very nervous. But if I don’t take the chance, once the Demigods arrive, the approximate hundred people situated on this official road will be easily filtered through, and by then, my identity will be leaked!

One could forcibly use Transcendent Qi to permeate through the inner body of a mortal to check if he was a demon! Without care, however, the Transcendent Qi used could be too powerful and they might easily shatter the mortal himself!

But it would be fine as long as one was careful enough.

Within any city, finding a demon hiding amongst the population of more than a million people was extremely difficult. But currently, in this location, there were only an approximate of a hundred people. Half an hour would suffice in checking the body of everyone here!

If I don’t escape, I’ll die. If I escape… I’ll still have some glimmer of hope. This Dong Bo Xue Ying is merely at the Saint realm! He probably won’t be able to chase after me! The big fatty’s heart was in turmoil, though he gritted his teeth before making his decision. If the Demigods arrive, I’ll have absolutely no chance of survival. Run!


The big fatty, who was originally situated amongst the knights and mages, suddenly turned into a stream of light that shot up into the sky. His speed was so fast that it shocked the surrounding people—it was even faster than the speed Xue Ying previously used in his escape! Of course, Xue Ying had deliberately hidden his actual combat power earlier. If he displayed his true power, his speed would be extremely terrifying and might cause suspicion in General Yan Ze. Right now, since this big fatty was trying his utmost in escaping, his Demonic Energy had been fully released.

“Ah!” Those knights and mages were all startled. The golden-robed teenager of the Gui Clan was even more astonished.

Flying in the sky?

Who was he? A Transcendent? Or a demon?

“Escape?” Situated in mid-air, Xue Ying, who was still pondering over General Yan Ze, immediately turned toward the quickly escaping stream of light which had already traveled into the horizon. Clearly, he was trying to escape from Xue Ying’s area of observation. By then, he would be able to randomly find a village and transform into another person while hiding his aura. With the Xia Clan’s size, it would be akin to finding a needle in a haystack. How could one find him by then?

Xue Ying flicked his finger.


A strand of Transcendent Qi infused with the True Meaning of Extreme Piercing immediately penetrated through space. Following that, it appeared at the location of that stream of light. As the big fatty was currently trying his utmost to escape, he had turned his body into particles.

Si la— The Transcendent Qi infused with the might of a True Meaning clashed with the stream of light. Under the influence of the Laws of Profound Mysteries of the True Meaning, that stream of light immediately started crumbling apart. His body’s most fundamental particles began to shatter, before the weapons and treasures on his body followed suit. Even the storage treasure shattered into pieces. Everything not up to the required standard would not survive under the power of the Laws of a True Meaning.

Ah! Feeling his body crumbling apart, the big fatty tried his utmost to put his body back together. His demonic face was full of malevolence and regret. Dong Bo Xue Ying, he…


His body immediately disappeared from the sky, with only very few treasures of unique composition falling from his position.

Mortals had a limited range of sight. That demon had already traveled more than five kilometers away, and his speed was so fast that the mortals could not see clearly. Even those falling treasures could not be seen clearly by the mortals.

So weak, Xue Ying thought. I don’t know if he was a rank three or four demon.

There was no difference between a rank three and a rank four demon before him. They would both be slaughtered.

Rank five demons might possibly struggle for a moment.

Only Demigods could truly battle against him. If a rank five demon wished to fight him, only the strongest might be able to exchange a move or two with him. For instance, that rank five demon Ji Er Luo was stronger than the previous Chi Qiu Bai when he was a Saint. He had grasped hold of two different grade three True Meanings, with one of them attaining the stage two Realm. Xue Ying would have to be wary of him.

After a few breaths of time passed.

Si la~

Suddenly, a black crack in space appeared in the sky above him. Three figures flew out from it—they were none other than Chi Qiu Bai, Chao Qin and Si Kong Yang. Their combat powers were currently in the top ten of the Demigod rankings! Of course, Chi Qiu Bai had become a Demigod only recently, coinciding with the war with the demons. Therefore, in order to hide information from their enemies, the Xia Clan temporarily held off on adding him to the rankings.

In reality, after Chi Qiu Bai gained control of a Deity weapon, he had truly attained the combat power comparable to those in the Demigod ranking list! Once his True Meaning of Void Cleavage attained the stage three Realm, he would certainly become first or second in the rankings!

“Xue Ying.” Chi Qiu Bai, Chao Qing and Si Kong Yang all flew over.

“How is it?” Xue Ying immediately asked.

“The moment he discovered our presence, he stopped escaping.” Chi Qiu Bai shook his head. “We had initially wanted to follow his path of escape, chasing him to where his true body was! But this General Yan Ze’s combat power is indeed extremely terrifying. His comprehension of the Realms is extremely high. Even though I’m considered to be a genius in the area of space, the moment I tried to sense his position, he had long since discovered us. Thus, he decided not to escape anymore, and instead started attacking frantically trying to kill us! Even with my Deity weapon, and the aid of the Deity warrior, I could only fight him to a standstill! Without the Deity warrior, I would certainly be at a disadvantage.”

“This General Yan Ze’s combat power is indeed really formidable.” Chao Qing nodded. “His Demonic Avatar is already stronger than us. I estimate that his true body… should be comparable to that of Mountain Lord He when he is using his Deity weapon.”

“That’s right.” Si Kong Yang frowned. “I hadn’t thought that this Demon General who hid himself the deepest would actually be that powerful. He grasped hold of the grade three True Meaning of Particles, and I feel that he should have reached stage three Realm!”


Chi Qiu Bai and Chao Qing were similarly worried.

Currently, the Xia Clan had discovered that there were five Demon Generals in total! Their combat powers were different, but all of them could match the Demigods within the Demigod rankings! And that was when the Deity weapons of these top ten Demigods were included in their combat powers!

And today, the number of Demon Generals that could match the might of Mountain Lord He had been increased by one, to a total of two!

“Oh yes, for this General Yan Ze to suddenly attack you, Xue Ying, you must have been discovered by some demon which reported it.” Si Kong Yang looked down. “During this period of time, were there any mortals or wild beasts or animals who tried to escaping?”

“There was.” Xue Ying smiled. “That demon was afraid that you would come, so he tried his best to escape. But he was killed by me.”

“Oh, and what was the rank of this demon?” Si Kong Yang asked.

“Rank three,” Xue Ying replied.

He was not certain whether it was a rank three or four demon. But since it was inconclusive, he would rather report the lower rank! Actually, ever since Xue Ying fully grasped the complete grade two True Meaning, if Palace Head Chen saw that Xue Ying truly needed something, he would certainly provide him with various treasures! The Xia Clan originally had the rule that they would groom talents—for instance, when Chi Qiu Bai became a Demigod, he immediately received a Deity weapon without much delay. It was directly given to him! Of course… in the future when he became a Deity, before flying off to the Deity World, he would have to leave behind his weapon.

These Deity weapons were given by the ancestors of Xia Clan who paid a huge price to send them back. Thus, they could only be temporarily used by the Xia Clan! 

Unless it was a Deity weapon earned by himself.

“A rank three demon?” Si Kong Yang did not follow up, though he frowned and said in a low voice. “Why were you so careless that you slipped up in front of a demon? You have been quite prudent in the past.” He felt that since Xue Ying had grasped hold of the embryonic form of a grade two True Meaning, he should have been even more careful. In the past, Xue Ying had never encountered this problem.

“My bad, my bad.” Xue Ying did not elaborate.

In the past, he would absolutely not have been able to break through that spell using World Energy.

It was merely after grasping hold of two different grade two True Meanings that made filled him with confidence. Thus, whenever he went about his business, he would occasionally make a slip in his behaviour. And even if he did, and a demon discovered him, what was the worse that could happen? A Demigod coming to kill him? He could certainly kill that demon then!


Chi Qiu Bai, Si Kong Yang and Chao Qing chatted briefly with Xue Ying before leaving the scene.

Of course, the matter about him grasping hold of the grade two True Meaning was kept a secret by Xue Ying! Even though the matter of invading the minor Transcendent World where the demons were hiding required the help of Faction Head Si Kong Yang and the others, he would still wait until that particular moment before telling them… After all, this kind of information had to be kept absolutely secret. The influence it would bring to the world was enormous! Palace Head Chen did not tell them, and neither would he take the initiative in doing so.

Hu. Xue Ying descended from the sky in front of that young girl.

“Uncle.” The young girl was excited, but she also filled with a complex sensation. “My, my parents…”

“Little miss Yan Han.” Xue Ying smiled, “You can rest assured. I’ve already told the Dragon Mountain Manor about this matter. With their speed, they will arrive here soon. As for the Gui Clan… since they dare to collaborate with the demons, the Dragon Mountain Manor has started to investigate this business and long since caught everyone within.”


That golden-robed teenager and the other knights and mages were all stumped. The Gui Clan was doomed! Collaborating with the demons?

This green-robed male in front of him was actually the legendary character of the Tranquil Sun Province—Transcendent Dong Bo Xue Ying? As he was the one who ordered to attack him, there would be no way they could bribe those members of Dragon Mountain Manor.

“Sir Dong Bo Xue Ying, my Gui Clan is innocent. We were being maligned. We did not know that he is a demon either,” the golden-robed teenager hurriedly shouted out.

“Maybe you are right in the sense that he had hidden his identity within the Gui Clan, and that your Gui Clan is innocent.” Xue Ying glanced at him. “But be rest assured. The matter that I arranged for will not be messed up by Dragon Mountain Manor. If you all are truly innocent, we will let you off. If you aren’t… then nobody will be able to escape.”

“We’re doomed!” The golden-robed teenager lost his energy and fell to the ground in dismay.

Their Gui Clan truly did not know there was a demon amongst them. But if the Dragon Mountain Manor started interrogating each and every one of them, their most hidden secret would be revealed.

Xue Ying was not in a rush to leave. Instead, he spent a while more with this pitiful little miss until a flying ship belonging to Dragon Mountain Manor arrived. Xue Ying then left the matters in their hands and left the scene.


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