LXY Book 7: Chapter 44


Book 7: Chapter 44 – Mission begins!

In a certain area hidden deep underground, there was an exotic looking battleship. Inside  the battleship, within the main hall, General Yan Ze was holding onto his head in pain.

Damn. General Yan Ze felt the pain of his soul being torn apart as his Demonic Avatar got destroyed. That strand of soul had similarly been extinguished as a result. This led to a damage of his soul at a  fundamental level. Currently, his expression was unbelievably malevolent. Just that bit more, just that bit! The person I found this time was Dong Bo Xue Ying! But I would not have thought that the Xia Clan would actually dispatch a Deity warrior to protect him!

Because of the strict limitations imposed by the Laws of the World, the ancestors of the Xia Clan could only send down a Deity warrior with the combat power of a peak Demigod, and not that of the Deity realm.

Even so, they were still Deity warriors! All of them were made of extraordinary materials. Much less to say Demigods, even if a true Deity attacked the Deity warrior, destroying it would be an arduous task. This time, the Deity warrior dispatched by the Xia Clan to protect Xue Ying was one with an exceptional ability to defend. If it was to focus entirely on defending, no Demon General would be able to kill Xue Ying.


Unless several other Demon Generals team up with me, there isn’t much hope of killing him. General Yan Ze’s figure was currently trembling. The pain caused by the destruction of a part of his soul was extreme. However, since the Xia Clan has already given him a Deity warrior, I doubt that the Xia Clan will give him other protective treasures, right? If that’s the case, all I need is a breath’s worth of time.

The more he pondered over it, the more General Yan Ze feel that killing Xue Ying was extremely difficult.

The Xia Clan had really not spared anything in protecting Xue Ying. As such, they would have a really hard time to assassinate him!

If there was no Deity warrior, I believe that this time, I would have  just killed him off. General Yan Ze did not hold Xue Ying in his eyes. Maybe in the future, Xue Ying might become really powerful, but right now? General Yan Ze felt that one move would be enough to kill him!

Whatever. I’ll forget about it.

Since the Xia Clan regards him so highly, I will not have any chance of getting rid of him. If that’s the case, I’ll just forgo this. Even if he becomes stronger… he will still require about 200 to 300 years in order to become a top ten Demigod ranker. Becoming the first or second Demigod ranker would then require about 500 years. But who knows, he might get stuck in certain pathways for a longer period of time, General Yan Ze thought to himself.

With combat prowess on the level of Chao Qing or Chi Qiu Bai, even if Xue Ying was added to the equation, there wouldn’t be any complications.

Naturally, when the lice became quite numerous, one would not be afraid of the itch anymore! The peak combat strength of the Xia Clan had all along been so high that it held advantage over all else! Every single Deity warrior was terrifying in its own aspect. One more or one less Demigod in the top ten ranking would not change the final conclusion of the war that much! Unless, however, another Demigod with the power of ‘Mountain Lord He’ appeared, which would have a huge impact.

But that’ll happen hundreds of years later. Borrowing the souls of these humans, I’ll try to improve my combat power as fast as possible. The moment I condense my Demonic Heart… hmph, hmph. General Yan Ze was looking forward to that fateful day.


Xue Ying was instead continuing with his search for traces of demons. Nine months later, he finally returned to the Snowrock Castle.

He had been cultivating and refining his spear techniques, trying to figure out the True Meaning of Mirage. An estimated half a year would be needed before he would succeed in grasping hold of the complete version.

Dragon Mountain Calendar, Year 9680, December.

“The matters of the world do not always follow the desires of one’s heart completely.” Xue Ying and Jing Qiu were sitting on top of the peak of Snowrock Castle side by side as a couple. They were looking down at part of the silvery world—the undulating curves of the terrain, the tall and magnificent mountains and the many villages sprinkled with light.

“Jing Qiu, I’ll be leaving the province soon,” Xue Ying said.

“Going away?” Jing Qiu was startled. “Is it very important?”

“When I get back, you will understand.” Xue Ying smiled. “Right now, it must be kept a secret.”

Jing Qiu did not continue her inquiry. She held onto Xue Ying’s hand and murmured, “You must be careful.”

“Mn.” Xue Ying nodded.

At the same time, Xue Ying sent a message to Palace Head Chen—“Palace Head Chen, I’m ready to leave!”

“Haha, I’d been waiting for this piece of news from you. Good. I’ve already arranged the meeting point for you all. Faction Head Si Kong Yang, Mountain Lord He and Eternal Wind will rush over. You should wait for about the time it takes to brew a cup of tea before setting off,” Palace Head Chen immediately replied. At the same time, he sent over a map with the accurate location plotted.

The moment he saw it, Xue Ying understood. It was the peak of an unnamed mountain about 900 kilometers away from the Eternal Wind Academy.

After the time taken to brew a cup of tea.

Xue Ying bade farewell to Jing Qiu.


He first teleported himself to a valley 50 kilometers away, before waving his hand and displaying the True Meaning of Extreme Piercing, forcibly tearing through a passageway through the space! With the might of the True Meaning of Extreme Piercing, he could tear a complete passageway for him to move through space, something that even Demigods weaker than him could accomplish.

The reason why he did not display such an ability before Jing Qiu was because he did not want it to be revealed. Even though he had absolute trust in her, this matter would implicate the entire Xia Clan! Thus, every single step he took had to be taken with extreme caution. Furthermore, there were many eyes all around the Snowrock Castle. Tearing through the space would create a disturbance in the surroundings.

Hu. Xue Ying immediately flew through the space crack.

This was a grotesque and variegated pathway.

Xue Ying followed through the space path with his utmost ability, flying through it while the Transcendent Qi protected his body by imbuing it with the True Meaning of Extreme Piercing and using the True Meaning to tear through the obstacles of space.

Following down the road all the way.

After a breath of time, si la— The Transcendent Qi imbued with the True Meaning of Extreme Piercing immediately tore through the space membrane, allowing him to enter the mortal world once again.


On the peak of a mountain.

Mountain Lord He’s aura felt extremely distant. Faction Head Si Kong Yang’s aura contained the overbearingness of a sun. As for Chi Qiu Bai, his white hair fluttered, filled with some emotional evocation, but his aura felt so nimble that it could vaguely create terror in other people’s hearts.

“Palace Head Chen requested for us to come here, and asked me to conceal the area and not let others discover any disturbances over here?” Chi Qiu Bai was puzzled. “What is he thinking of doing?”

“We’ll know soon.” Mountain Lord He was extremely calm.

“I feel that this should be an extremely important matter,” Si Kong Yang said.

Chi Qiu Bai’s mouth twitched. “Of course it’s important. The two of you are the strongest of our Xia Clan. For the two of you to take action… how could it not be important?”

After a moment.

Chi Qiu Bai, Mountain Lord He and Si Kong Yang looked towards the distant space. They could feel a power nearing them at rapid speed.

Si la

In the sky, the space was torn apart before a black-robed teenager came flying out.

“Ah!” Chi Qiu Bai and Si Kong Yang were left stunned, their eyes wide opened.

“Dong Bo Xue Ying?” Mountain Lord He was shocked too, though he was adorned with a grin.

“Xue Ying, you, you could tear through space to make a passageway?” Chi Qiu Bai was staring at him. Usually, only Demigods could do such a thing! Of course, some Transcendents below the Demigod realm might also be able to… if they were specialised in space. But Xue Ying did not specialise in the Profound Mystery of Space.

“You?” Si Kong Yang started becoming anxious. “Have you?”

“I’ve already grasped hold of a grade two True Meaning.” Xue Ying arrived at the peak of the mountain, nodding with a smile.

“Grade two True Meaning?” Mountain Lord He’s eyes brightened. He laughed as he saw the reactions of Si Kong Yang and Chi Qiu Bai. “It seems that you have been hiding a lot of things from me.”

“Haha, I’ve been expecting the coming of this day ever since you grasped hold of the embryonic form of the True Meaning. Haha, our Xia Clan finally got its second Transcendent in history to have grasped hold of a grade two True Meaning.” Chi Qiu Bai was extremely excited. “Since you’ve grasped hold of a grade two True Meaning, are you thinking of attacking now?”

“That’s right! For the sake of preventing any leak of this mission, I did not tell anyone else,” Xue Ying explained. “I’m sure you all know this. The Elites of the demons have taken over those five minor Transcendent Worlds, causing endless problems for us! Attacking these five minor Transcendent Worlds has a huge implication for everyone. Thus, I had to keep it a secret, an absolute secret! Until today, that is.”

“Haha, that’s terrific.” Chi Qiu Bai was unbelievably delighted.

“Our Xia Clan is really being cared for, since a talent like you, Xue Ying, has emerged,” Mountain Lord He congratulated him. “Solving this disaster will allow our days thereafter to be much better. We don’t have to be worried of the Demonic Avatars of rank five demons assassinating us anymore.”

“Old Chen is really strict at keeping secrets. My Water Daoist Faction’s Transcendent has grasped hold of a grade two True Meaning and yet, he did not tell me. I’ve even sent a message to him just now, and he replied… it’s all for the Xia Clan! And he’s not wrong at that!” Si Kong Yang continued, “After this business with those minor Transcendent Worlds is over, I’ll definitely beat him up.”

“I’ll support you. Do invite me when the time comes.” Mountain Lord He smiled widely.

Xue Ying gave a laugh before deciding to talk about the main topic. “This time, the mission is extremely simple. I’ll enter those five minor Transcendent Worlds one by one, and attack them! The three of you can remain guard at the void layer in between space outside the minor Transcendent World’s space membrane! If any demons escape, chase down and kill them! The more demon elites we kill, the better it will be!”

He was absolutely confident in succeeding with his attack! But he did not have a certainty in killing every single demon!

“When you attack the first minor Transcendent World, I’m afraid that the other four worlds will be notified as well. There are some weak Heart-Linking Demons amongst them who could communicate across worlds.” Chi Qiu Bai frowned.

“Rest assured, I’ll try my best to get rid of these Heart-Linking Demons first,” Xue Ying answered.

“Under the protection of the arrays, would you not alarm all the other demons as well when you kill those Heart-Linking Demons?” Mountain Lord He asked. “Furthermore, you can’t really determine which of them are the Heart-Linking Demons from the outside.”

“I’ll try my best.” Xue Ying smiled.

Mountain Lord He, Si Kong Yang, Chi Qiu Bai and Xue Ying discussed briefly amongst themselves.

“Time to set off! We’ll first go to the first minor Transcendent World!” Mountain Lord He took the initiative. With a wave of his hand, the space was soundlessly torn apart in a gentle manner. Thereafter, the four of them entered and flew through the void in between space.

Travelling through the void layer in between space, they arrived at their destination very quickly.

Hu hu hu~

Right in front of their eyes there was a huge world membrane surrounding the minor Transcendent World situated in the chaotic void layer.

“After I discover the bases of those demons, I’ll inform you of their positions using my Qi Avatar. You can guard these positions from inside the void layer,” Xue Ying said. The minor Transcendent World was too big, so it would be impossible to guard the entire place.

They could not communicate from the minor Transcendent World to those located in the void layer.

But since they had their Qi Avatar in the mortal world, they could naturally still exchange information!

Si la! Xue Ying took a step, carrying the True Meaning of Extreme Piercing on his body. Sou, he immediately tore through the world membrane. After entering, the world membrane rapidly started healing itself.

“We’ll wait for Xue Ying’s news outside then.” Mountain Lord He, Si Kong Yang and Chi Qiu Bai were all waiting in the chaotic void layer in between space.

And Xue Ying himself had started taking action within the minor Transcendent World!



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